17"The Evil of Men" (Episode 254)

Mr Satan and Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z

In this episode, we find Mr. Satan and Majin Buu becoming fast friends after Buu swears off killing anyone ever again. Their newfound peace shatters when two serial killers, Van Zant and Smitty, try to kill Buu but shoot Bee the puppy instead. Furious, Buu hurls them over a cliff

and heals Bee's wound.

Now, this is where the episode gets all Little House on the Prairie. After rebuilding Buu’s home into the shape of a puppy, Mr. Satan cooks dinner for everyone and shares a bath with Buu and Bee. And we're feeling very uncomfortable over here.

The highlight of this episode is the emergence of a new iteration of Majin Buu. Van Zant returns and takes his revenge on the new BFFs by shooting Mr. Satan. Buu loses control and steam billows from his head. Even after healing Mr. Satan, he still can't seem to calm down. He then produces Evil Buu, the physical manifestation of his fury.

Beyond contributing to the next stage of Buu’s transformations, this episode was a waste of time.We certainly could have done without family bath time.

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