Dragon Ball: 15 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi is Goku’s wife, the only person that the Saiyan warrior ever feared. Goku and the rest of the Z fighters cower in fear when Chi-Chi bursts into Kiai mode.

She is the queen of practicality, and sometimes her perspective is skewed and unrealistic, as she believes that saving the world is less important than education. Being the wife of a Saiyan who doesn’t have an educational background is no easy task, though. It’s understandable that Goku, savior of Earth, is oblivious, and the never ending contest to balance saving the world and being a husband and father can be difficult.

The same goes for Chi-Chi. She gave up being a a fighter in order to become a stay at home mom and provide Gohan and Goten with a proper education.

In the end, Chi-Chi had to deal with the possibility that Goku may die during a tournament and that her son Gohan may get dragged into saving the world like his father. Some of the worst things that have happened to her were losing Goku, nearly losing her son, and attacked by outside invaders.

No parent would want to lose their kid in a war, even if it was an honorable sacrifice. In Dragon Ball, Chi-Chi has faced a lot of tragedies.

Here are the 15 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Chi-Chi on Dragon Ball.

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15 She Was Turned Into An Egg By Super Buu

Chi-Chi takes matter to her own hands and confronts the world’s most deadliest foe with a grand smack on the face. Fed up with having to lose her family members and compromising her parenting skills so that she could have a happy family, Chi-Chi’s last act is the last straw she has.

After facing villains who tried to conquer her home planet and losing everyone, Chi-Chi’s red to face Super Buu. Witnesses are shocked when she slaps him. After all, this is the guy who turned people into chocolate before consuming them.

Of course, Super Buu does attack her, but instead of vaporizing her, he turns her into an egg and crushes her. Goten witnesses his mother’s death and is driven to kill Super Buu. Piccolo stops him and orders him and Trunks to get into the hyperbolic chamber to train if they wish to stop Super Buu and revive his mother.

14 She Lost Her Village And Fortune Due to A Fire

Early in the Dragon Ball series, we see Chi-Chi out to find the Bansho Fan that would quell the fires in her homeland. Chi-Chi and the Ox-King were rulers of the former Pleasant mountain.

The Ox-King wanted to start a fire in order to keep intruders out, but it ended up setting their Kingdom ablaze, which made it impossible for anyone to enter. The Ox-King enlists his daughter to find Master Roshi and recover the Bansho Fan. Master Roshi agrees to put out the fire, which in turn destroys the mountain and their former castle.

While they loose their old castle, Chi-Chi and the Ox-King rebuild their castle and their former residence is Ox-Village. However, their treasure buried in the fire is never recovered, which forces Goku and her family members to become radish farmers in the newer series.

The village is attacked again later by a fire from Furnace of Eight Division’s Annin, but Goku manages to defeat her in a battle, thus saving the village. During both occasions, Chi-Chi nearly lost her village... and her dream wedding was delayed.

13 Piccolo Kidnapped Her Son

Well, technically, Piccolo doesn't kidnap her son Gohan because of their past history as enemies. Instead, Piccolo sees that her son had potential to become a greater Saiyan warrior than his father. Piccolo decides to train Gohan in preparation for an invasion of Earth. Gohan even befriends Piccolo.

Chi-Chi doesn’t take this well at all and traverses around the world, searching for her son. What’s more, she’s shocked that Piccolo is training her son, since Piccolo was the former archnemesis in Dragon Ball.

She lands on Kame’s house in a fit of rage, furious that her only son is dragged into a war when she has already lost her husband. Though Piccolo is the one who kidnapped her son to battle, Chi-Chi blames the newly revived Goku, since he and Gohan were almost killed for the second time in a world invasion.

12 Goku Wrecked Her House

Prior to the house’s destruction, Chi-Chi encouraged Goku to go and see King Kai since Goku wasn’t feeling well. (He couldn’t eat his normal full course meal.) Goku learns that his ki is off-balance, which in turn affected his movements, such as his flying capabilities.

While he was away, Chi-Chi thought about making Goku lots of food when he returns back from his trip. She’d never guessed how he would return, though... by crashing into the house.

In a shonen anime, it’s mandatory for the protagonist’s home to destroyed at least once. In Goku’s case, Chi-Chi berates her husband after he crashed their house, leaving it in a glorious wreck.

Chi-Chi orders Goku to find a job. Goku tells her that they still have Mr. Satan’s money, so they use the money to repair the house. We later learn that Chi-Chi lied to Goku, however, and that the remainder of Mr. Satan’s money was stored for Goten’s education fund. Chi-Chi tells Goten that she lied so it would encourage Goku to find a job.

11 She Lost Her Husband Twice

After giving half of your life to looking after the family household and still being unable to prevent your husband from dying twice, you might be subject to one or more mental breakdowns.

Goku dies on two occasions-- one happens when he is slain by Raiditz, and the other time happens when he sacrifices himself to prevent Cell from destroying Earth. Both times happen when his and Chi-Chi's sons are still young. Goten was born shortly after his father died, leaving Chi-Chi as a widow once again.

This took a toll on Chi-Chi, who believed that it was her fault that Goku had died. She believed that she was being too hard on him and Gohan, and if she had been more compromising then things would have been different.

Goku’s second death changed her-- she becomes much more lenient on their second son Goten. Unlike Gohan’s strict childhood, Goten’s upbringing is a lot calmer than his older brother's. However, when he unlocks his Saiyan powers, Chi-Chi goes back to her old ways and yells out loud: “Not another delinquent again!”

10 She Was Hit By Chi-Chi

Not long after he finished his training on Namek, Goku brought a couple of former antagonists home in preparation for their next training. Chi-Chi is furious that Goku wants Gohan to train with the rest of them since she’d prefer Gohan to focus on his studies.

At a young age, Gohan is proven to be a prodigy.  Chi-Chi intends to ensure that her son has a strong educational background at a young age so that he wouldn’t fall behind in school and would go on to have a bright future.

Goku tries to convince her that it’s only one major battle that Gohan would fight in. He tells her this while patting her back, but doesn't realize that his power increased tenfold and the small gesture sent Chi-Chi flying out from the house to a giant boulder. Horrified, Goku immediately apologizes, and the next scene, we see Chi-Chi covered up in bandages and is still adamant about Gohan’s study.

She compromises and lets Gohan go training but under the condition that he must study in order to keep up with his grades. We guess Goku’s powerful hit knocked some sense in Chi-Chi’s mind.

9 She Had To Put Up With Master Roshi

Although she is Goku’s wife, it doesn’t stop Roshi and his lecherous ways. Master Roshi is the king of martial arts and the oldest playboy on Earth. He always tries to get some fan-service, regardless of the situation. Like Android 18, who kicked Roshi after he inappropriately touched her, Chi-Chi became familiar with old man Roshi’s antics and quickly put him in his place.

One time he tried to stop Chi-Chi from strangling a professor, which ended with him being the victim of Chi-Chi’s powerful punch. The same happened when they were at Kame’s house and Roshi was admiring Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi smacked a table on Roshi’s head in a full frontal assault. The only time he wasn’t kicked over was when the Kame residents had to hold Chi-Chi back from killing Maron in episode 109 after Roshi rested on her chest.

8 She Was Infected By Black Water

While Chi-Chi stayed at Kame’s house, the black water virus infected everyone, and Chi-Chi turned into one of the Demon Clan’s minions along with the rest of the gang.

It’s later revealed that Garlic Jr., the son of Garlic, uncovered the jar and decided to use it against the Z fighters. Chi-Chi and the gang are the first to be infected. Pretty soon everyone on the planet is under the influence and begins worshipping Garlic Jr., with the exception of Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Maron, Icarus, Korin, Yajirobe, Kami, and Mr. Popo.

Gohan fights his mother and believes that she’s still mad that he ran off to train again. However, fighting her son is not something Chi-Chi would ever do-- at most, she would nag her son and force him to homework.

The group later learns that they had been infected. With the help of Piccolo and a few fellow warriors, Kami and Popo cure all of them with the Sacred Water. Chi-Chi returns back to normal, and in return, she tightens security to prevent Gohan from playing hooky.

7 Goku Almost Forgot Her Marriage Proposal

Chi-Chi developed a one-sided crush on Goku early in the series. Due to him saving her and her village, Chi-Chi starts having a crush on him, even asks him if he would marry her in the future. Naïve, Goku promises her that he’ll marry her, unaware what it entails and believing that it was some kind of food. Goku does meet her again, but he doesn’t recognize her at all.

This turns into a fight. Chi-Chi, under the assumption that Goku has forgotten about his promised, unleashes her rage and attacks Goku. Goku eventually comes to his senses and realizes who she is. (This made clear in the manga series-- the moment he sees Chi-Chi he leaves her to continue training. The next time he sees her is during the tournament arc when she enters anonymously.)

Goku remembers the proposal, and tells her the truth-- that he thought that a bride was a food. Chi-Chi accepts Goku’s naïveté and kisses his cheek when he asks her what is love. In the dub version, they cut to the chase and Goku proposes to Chi-Chi then and there.

6 She Didn’t Get to Train With Goku

If Chi-Chi and Goku trained together and had adventures together, then maybe their misunderstandings would have been resolved. It would also be cool to see Chi-Chi become one of the best fighters out there, fighting alongside Goku.

Had she gone with him to defeat the Red Ribbon army, who knows what her strength would be. When she and Goku meet at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, we learn that she managed to fight her way through the quarterfinals.

The anime series expanded her role and we see her more on screen than her manga counterpart. She’s seen defending her hometown from Piccolo’s minions, though Goku arrives in time to save them from King Furry’s soldiers. She also matures much faster than Goku, which would go on to become a running gag in the show.

5 She Had To Put Up With Goku

Chi-Chi Mad at Goku

No marriage is perfect, and both Chi-Chi and Goku are not the very definition of a perfect couple. Goku and Chi-Chi seem to constantly be at odds with one another. Whether it be convincing Goku that Gohan's education is important or stopping Goku from training for another battle of Earth, she plants her foot on the ground and goes out of her way to convince her husband of the practical reality.

Since Goku's life has always been about training and becoming the best fighter, Chi-Chi had to try hard to get her point across. For that, Chi-Chi had to give Goku some time to understand where she was coming from.

Every fight they had is an uphill battle. It's not always pretty, but Goku never fights back and does try to understand Chi-Chi. She eventually mellows out too, accepting that Goku will always live life as a warrior.

There are few times that Goku even agreed with Chi-Chi. One example was when Gohan refused to study, Goku told him thst he should. Both Chi-Chi and Krillin were in shock.

4 She Was Possessed By Baby

In one arc, Baby becomes the villain, and like all other Dragonball antagonists, he intends to take over Earth with some overtly complicated scheme for world domination. Baby brainwashes everyone, including Chi-Chi. This didn’t initially happened, however.

Baby first takes over Goten and Gohan’s mind but is confronted by an angry Chi-Chi. Realizing that Goten had gotten into a brawl, Chi-Chi gives him a hard slap that sends him flying across the room to the other side of the wall. The same happens to Gohan when he becomes possessed.

Baby sees that possessing Chi-Chi is a better investment after he reads her sons' thoughts and memories, which confirm that she’s the most terrifying person to ever live. Chi-Chi later fights Goku again, who is unaware of Baby’s takeover.

3 She Was Chased By A T-Rex

When we first encountered Chi-Chi we see her running away from a giant T-Rex. Out of fear, she throws her helmet at it and its blade decapitates the poor dinosaur. Chi-Chi is horrified and accidentally attacks Yamcha after, as she’s still in shock from killing the lizard.

Yamcha instantly knocks her out, without realizing that she’s the Ox-King’s daughter. When she wakes up, she’s about to attack Yamcha again, but he lies to her and tells her that he loves her. This gives him just enough time to slip away and avoid getting punished.

Chi-Chi is able to take down the T-Rex with ease. Heck, she even spliced Master Roshi’s forehead in one scene of the show without a second's thought.

2 She Thought Gohan Was Dead

If losing her husband was bad enough, Chi-Chi would later lose her son again because of Super Buu. During this arc, the Earth is once again attacked by an new villain Majin Buu, who fights against Gohan.

His ultimate blast, Vaporize, destroys Gohan, and Chi-Chi is led to believe that Gohan is dead. In reality Gohan is still alive and survives Majin Buu’s Vaporize Attack, though Chi-Chi does not know this.

Kibito heals Shin and the two bring Gohan to Supreme Kai Planet for the Z sword that is used to defeat Majin Buu. While Gohan is away training on Planet Kai, Chi-Chi is under the impression that Gohan is dead.

Majin Buu eventually transforms into his final form Super Buu, the final form of Evil Buu’s consumption of Good Buu. Super Buu proceeds to exterminate everyone on the Planet, knowing full well that they can be revived later thanks to the Dragon Balls.

1 She Became A Designated Housewife

Dragon Ball Z had some missed opportunities, one of them being that Chi-Chi stopped being a fighter. While it’s true that Dragon Ball franchise is a shonen series, the ladies in the series came from different backgrounds, all with different powers and motivations.

However, once DBZ rolled over, Chi-Chi, Bulma, and Android 18 stopped being solo fighters and became housewives.

Before she became a housewife, Chi-Chi was a martial artist and a capable fighter at a young age. Post-Dragon Ball, Chi-Chi fought all her family members, including Goku. As the designated housewife, Chi-Chi tries to be the best mother, looking after her sons’ well-being, maintaining the household, and cooking as much as possible, so it’s not surprising that she berates Goku when he goads his son into fighting.

Also, the income required to feed a grown Saiyan isn't chump change. Thus, it makes sense for her to blame Goku for ruining her son's future. However, despite her limited role, she tries her best to compromise.


Can you think of any other awful things that have happened to Chi-Chi throughout the Dragon Ball series? Let us know in the comments!

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