Dragon Ball: 8 Reasons Why Gogeta Is Stronger Than Vegito (And 7 Reasons He's Weaker)

Fusions are one of the Dragon Ball franchise's most intriguing and popular elements, which is surprising considering how late into Dragon Ball Z they were introduced. During the final major arc, the Buu Saga, two methods of fusion were thrust into the mythos: First was the “Fusion Dance,” which was pioneered by the Metamorans in Other World. Here, two fighters with similar power levels and height perform a small-but-precise dance to merge into one superior being (and if performed incorrectly, leads to inferior beings, such as far too fat or skinny.) The second method is through the use of Potara Earrings, which are held by the Supreme Kais of the many universes. The participants each need to wear one of the pair but on opposite ears and they’ll become one.

After their debut, Fusions became incredibly popular and even inspired their own own video game, Dragon Ball Fusions, where a device allowed any and all characters to combine into one, meaning perilous new foes in the form of a fused Frieza and Cell, among others.

But when it comes to fusions, there’s one major debate: Is Gogeta, the danced-together form of Goku and Vegeta the ultimate warrior or is the pair’s Potara-earring form, Vegito?

For years the battle has waged and we’ve decided to step into the ring and join the fray to show that Gogeta is clearly the strongest. However, we’re not afraid to show both of sides of the argument, which you’ll get in our list of 8 Reasons Gogeta Is Stronger Than Vegito (And Y Reasons He’s Weaker)!

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15 Stronger: He Looks Cooler

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a reason why Gogeta is stronger than Vegito, but it should be. Vegito is cool in his own right and we don’t deny his fancy earrings, but come on, take a look at the truly supreme being: That sick jacket (which only appears on those who successfully pulled off the fusion dance, by the way) that extra spiky hair, and that stoic look. That’s just in his base form, too. When Gogeta goes Super Saiyan 4, he easily claims the title of not just the most stylish fusion in the series, but also the most stylish character, period. His wild hair, primal red fur and tail and aesthetically pleasing color scheme are incredible on their own, but his animalistic, yellow eyes seal the deal.

This is the look of someone who is ready to rumble and look good doing it. He’s iconic and distinct.

Vegito, on the other hand, is not. Without his earrings (or the knowledge that he’s a fusion) he could be almost any other Saiyan in the series, with a generally dull design. It’s by no means the worst ever, or even the worst of the often-regurgitated character designs (Hit and Frieza, we’re looking at you) but just compared to the jacket-wearing, furry, red-haired Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, even blue hair won’t cut it.

14 Weaker: Vegito Is Far Easier To Pull Off

DBZ Vegito Potara Earrings Fusion

One of Gogeta’s greatest faults is the method needed to summon him, which is the Fusion Dance and the requirements to even do it in the first place. First of all, you’re going to need to candidates who are roughly the same height, and of similar power levels. This isn’t an exact science, but imagine if Goku and Vegeta hadn’t have been nearly the same size (disregarding the fact that Vegeta mysteriously grew a few feet by the Buu Saga) or been at similar plateaus? Earth wouldn’t have had Gogeta and we’d be destroyed. That's not a world we'd like to live in!

Then there’s the dance itself, which requires nearly perfect precision or else your “ultimate fusion” will end up as a skinny wimp or an obese fool that farts instead of fights.

For Vegito, the two Saiyans only needed Potara Earrings. Now, it’s not exactly easy to get the earrings from deities, but with that hurdle out of the way, Goku and Vegeta merely needed to put them on in order to become Vegito. No dances to screw up and no height requirements, it's really that simple.

13 Stronger: His Base Form Is Super, Unlike Vegito

When we’re first introduced to Vegito in the Buu Saga, he looks pretty much like any other Saiyan, with dark, naturally spiky hair and a scowl. He later goes Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 when engaged with the pink blob, but, to us, that’s a sign of weakness, not strength. This guy is so lame that he actually needs to power up from a standard form. Not so for the true fused warrior and champion, Gogeta.

After fusing together, Gogeta’s born powered up, as if it’s his natural state. Now, we’re not sure if he’s Super Saiyan or even Super Saiyan 2, but he’s often simply referred to as “Super.” Is there a form lower than this? Possibly, but as far as we know, Gogeta is constantly at a superior level due to his raw power. In fact, the only time he’s been shown to power up was against the apocalyptically strong Shadow Dragons (and final adversaries) of Dragon Ball GT.

Harnessing the power of his Saiyan lineage, Gogeta can transcend from his seemingly-super base form into Super Saiyan 4, which is a gargantuan level of strength that the measly Super-Saiyan-whatever form of Vegito is hardly comparable to, at least in Z.

12 Weaker: It's A Safer, More Permanent Force

Vegito - Dragon Ball Super

Okay, let’s say you’re Earth’s last chance, and you’ve somehow found someone who is of a similar height and power level. Then let’s say you’ve mastered a dance that requires absolute precision to work, and you and your partner become one super being in order to defeat your foe. And then, thirty minutes later, an arbitrary timer runs out, you and your partner split up, and the villain takes out the both of you, dooming the Earth. Welcome to what it’s theoretically like to be Gogeta.

Vegito, on the other hand, simply needs to divine earrings, and he’s good to go for more-or-less forever.

Sure, if his earrings are destroyed and he is not a divine fusion, he’ll split up, but with only one exposed weakness, he knows exactly what to protect. This lets him fight his heart out as long as necessary, protecting the targets on his ears, but also dishing out major punishment to whatever he is up against. In other words, where Gogeta’s dominance is impressive, it’s only fleeting. Vegito is here to stay, and he can be relied upon to get the job done no matter the cost.

And, in the end, that’s what we ask of our Dragon Ball heroes: reliability and an assurance of victory.

11 Stronger: He Has A Cool And Calm Personality... With A Hint Of Smugness

Gogeta elbows Omega Shenron in the face in Dragon Ball GT

In the Dragon Ball Z film Fusion Reborn, we’re given our first ever taste of Gogeta’s grandeur.

The movie is about a lazy, teenage demon tasked with cleaning the tanks that extract the evil from souls going to Hell. While he jams away listening obnoxious music on his tape player, the tanks overflow and explode, with the pollution infesting the youth and transforming him into the child-like Janemba, an amalgamation of the concentrated evil. The being is so powerful that he is able to completely alter the laws of the afterlife, bringing the dead (including Dracula and others) back to life to cause chaos in the world of the living, and also imprisoning King Yemma and the rest of the realm.

Against Goku, Janemba transforms himself into an ultra-powerful, sleek new form that the Saiyan is no match for, and the only way to beat him is through fusion with Vegeta. Gogeta doesn’t say much. Actually, he says nothing at all, but that doesn’t matter. Within seconds, he tactically outthinks his opponent and counters his every move, disposing of Janemba like it was nothing.

The same can generally be said about his Super Saiyan 4 appearance in GT, except here he decides to talk and talk he does! Nearly every line that erupts from his mouth is beyond epic and there’s an element of smugness as he taunts his opponent in a calculated and cruel manner.

In short, when Gogeta smiles, you better run.

10 Weaker: Vegito Improvises And Adapts

Vegito Vs Super Buu

Gogeta is incredibly calm, cold, collective and cunning. He rarely speaks and when he does, it’s epic and often laden with taunts that psychologically weigh down upon his opponents. His speed is incalculable and his tactical mind outthinks and overwhelms whatever he is up against, and he’s got enough raw power to obliterate the foolhardy villains who dare stand against his grandeur, typically with little-to-no effort. Vegito doesn’t have the same reserves of readily available strength, but that’s okay.

Where Gogeta is crippled with a time-limit for his godly transformation, Vegito has all the time in the world to analyze his enemies and thoroughly destroy them.

This pseudo-permanent fusion allows Vegito as much time as he needs to figure out an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and devise ways to overcome them. In the process, he might also reach new power levels or develop new techniques to use against his adversary, which is something Gogeta simply could not afford. Vegito proves his ability to overcome whether it’s against Buu, or against the heinous Goku Black and Zamasu. We’re not saying that Gogeta isn’t capable of developing new techniques or would fail to improvise adequately, but he just doesn’t have the time to do so.

9 Stronger: The Thirty Minute Time-Limit

Fusion Dance Goten Trunks Dragon Ball Z

At first, only being able to be fused for thirty minutes seems like a pretty awful Achilles’ heel. Of course, thirty minutes is apparently a long time in the Dragon Ball universe, since “five minutes” seems to be around at least three hours if we consider the finale of the Frieza Saga, and the long-winded fight between Goku and Frieza on the exploding Namek…

All kidding aside, Gogeta has consistently proven that thirty minutes is all this form needs to come out on top, which shows us just how unbelievably powerful he is, especially when compared to his stunted relative, Vegito.

The total, actual fight between Janemba and Gogeta in the Dragon Ball Z film, Fusion Reborn, is around a minute long. Throughout the film we see that Janemba is, by far, the strongest adversary to the Z Fighters, even strong enough to alter entire dimensions. Yet, one minute into Gogeta’s thirty minute limit and Janemba has been turned into stardust.

Sure, Omega Shenron outlasted Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta long enough for their time limit to expend, but Omega Shenron was the ultimate villain of the franchise at the time and, if we’re being totally honest, he was a moment away from being blown to smithereens, so it wasn’t even a real victory on his end.

8 Weaker: "The Strongest Piece Of Candy There Is"

Candy Vegito attacks Super Buu in Dragon Ball Z

If there’s one area where Vegito cleanly and concisely gains total victory over Gogeta, it’s when he was turned into a candy. The “strongest piece of candy there is,” to be precise. During the last major story arc in Dragon Ball Z, the Buu Saga, Goku and Vegeta fused together with the Potara Earrings to form Vegito in order to combat the increasingly-strong Buu. While they put up a good fight, Buu was able to catch them with his deadly signature technique: a beam that turned his enemies into candy. And being turned into candy wasn’t just for show, either; Buu would proceed to eat his chocolate opponents.

Buu would end up disappointed, however, as Vegito was so powerful that even in the form of candy, he was strong enough to not only fight back against Buu, but actually beat the tar out of him. We assume that Gogeta would retain the same level of power as Vegito, but when his unfortunate time-limit would eventually hit, he’d be Buu’s dessert. Vegito, on the other hand, was a case of food poisoning.

To really put things into perspective, Vegito’s brutality in the form of a jaw-breaker was so devastating that Buu actually hit the fused warrior with the chocolate beam one more time to reverse the effects!

7 Stronger: There Are Too Many Variables With Potara

The Potara are actually really cool artifacts in the mythos of the ever-expanding Dragon Ball franchise. Divine items, these earrings belong to the Kais, which are generally the highest ranked deities in the many Universes of the Dragon Ball series, second only to Zeno himself. These earrings allow for many unique affects and abilities, such as being able to use a Time Ring in order to travel through time and space without consequence (such as creating alternate realities.) Of course, the Potara also allow two unique beings to be fuse into one, whether they be divine, living, dead, mortal or what have you.

Yet, despite this awesome power and seeming ease of use, there’re a lot of variables involved that make the Potara efficient, but somewhat questionable. For example, a dead person can fuse with someone who is alive, and the result will be a living entity. That’s cool, but if the fused warrior is destroyed, they’ll remain fused, which seems to be a rather unpleasant consequence to the act in the first place, since the individuals will now cease to exist as unique beings. If the earrings are destroyed, the fusion will end, which paints a big target on the fused fighter. Though this isn’t the case for beings who are permanently fused (such as Gods), Vegito would be eliminated.

For that reason alone, Gogeta and his lack of obvious weaknesses comes out on top.

6 Weaker: Super Saiyan Blue

Blue Vegito

When it comes to pure power, it seems as though Gogeta almost assuredly takes the cake from Vegito. In combat, whether he’s in his basic “super” form or his Super Saiyan 4 stage, Gogeta can barely be touched by his opponents, if at all, and makes almost no tactical errors. Adversaries that are the literal embodiments of hell's evil or the supreme forces of destruction merely bounce off this perfect warrior and it’s been shown that he can eliminate opponents within seconds with almost no effort. Unfortunately for Gogeta, though, he was designed way before “Super Saiyan Gods” came into the picture.

While we’ll maintain that Super Saiyan 4’s aesthetics reflect what we think a Super Saiyan God should actually look like, we really don’t know how it measures up to Super Saiyan Blue. The ascended form of the ancient Super Saiyan God, this blue-haired form is shown to be immensely powerful and imbued with genuinely divine energies that allow him to go toe-to-toe with literal Gods, even ones who are apparently invincible, like Zamasu.

Gogeta is confirmed to be absurdly powerful and the enemies he has gone up against are so ridiculously powerful that it’s not even worth discussing, but there’s one thing we know for sure: they’re not Gods and Super Saiyan Blue Vegito’s enemies are. That’s gotta count for something.

5 Stronger: He Is Impossibly Fast

Gogeta Defeat Janemba

We already mentioned the Dragon Ball Z movie, Fusion Reborn, but here’s a quick refresher: In the afterlife, a young demon is possessed by the concentrated negative energy of the countless souls in hell, and he becomes a giant, gelatinous, babyish fiend named Janemba. Goku confronts him and goes Super Saiyan 3 to end his threat, but Janemba has another trick up his sleeve: a transformation that renders him smaller and much more powerful. In this form, Janemba is able to teleport and warp dimensions in the blink of an eye, and outclasses Goku (and even Vegeta) at every turn. Our heroes’ only option is to fuse into Gogeta and when they do, the power scales tip violently in the fused fighter’s favor.

Many who see the film complain that Gogeta’s screen time is extremely limited and the fight between he and Janemba is over far too fast, and there are certainly merits to those complaints. Then again, Gogeta only needed a minute to totally wreck Janemba. Janemba may be able to dissolve and reassemble himself or travel through wormholes, but Gogeta is so fast that he’s able to punch the red-face demon countless times, denting him in the process, without even moving his arms.

In other words, Janemba is absolutely incapable of grappling with Gogeta’s unparalleled speed and that’s his downfall.

4 Weaker: Gogeta's Wimpy Time-Limit

Omega Shenron

When we were discussing reasons why Gogeta is the superior fusion when compared to Vegito, we mentioned his time limit. We said that while it was short, he’s demonstrated that he doesn’t need it and often eliminates his opponents swiftly. In the case of Janemba, Gogeta achieved total victory in a literal minute, leaving twenty-nine other minutes to just goof off.

Despite this display of supreme might, the time-limit failed Gogeta in Dragon Ball GT, where he split up before delivering the coup de grace on Omega Shenron. So, while we’ve hinted at the downsides in some previous entries, it’s time we directly address the major issues with the time-limit

. Sure, it’s super-cool that you’re ridiculously powerful and can wipe out an enemy within sixty seconds, but it’s also ridiculously lame and possibly fatal.

Despite the impossibility of the scenario, if Vegito and Gogeta went toe-to-toe, we have no doubts that Gogeta would easily pummel Vegito to near-total submission, but Vegito would adapt and persevere, and this is where the tables would turn. Without question, Vegito would be able to survive long enough against Gogeta for the fusion dance’s effects to wear off, leaving Goku and Vegeta open to attack from the wildly more powerful Vegito, ending the battle once and for all.

So while Vegito might not win out due to raw strength, he’d be able to fight long enough to let the time-limit kick in and effectively end the fight for him.

3 Stronger: The Stardust Breaker

Dragon Ball Gogeta Prepares Attack

The heroes and villains of Dragon Ball have an arsenal of flashy special moves and techniques that are iconic in their own ways. Everyone loves the Turtle School’s Kamehameha Wave and its distinct, blue tint. The Spirit Bomb is also beloved, with the destructive bomb almost always delivering a satisfying explosion after a dramatic build up of gathering the necessary energy.

Then there’s Vegeta, who has given us some of the greatest moves and moments in the franchise. His familiar Galick Gun and its purple burst is a favorite, and even his son, Trunks, has picked up the technique. There’s also the Big Bang Attack, but for many (us included) we’ll always a have a special place in our hearts for Final Flash, an attack that, when it debuted, took a full five minutes to fully charge up against Cell, and it was totally worth it!

Sadly, Vegito lacks anything too iconic or distinctive in his move set, minus an energy sword some fusion-based combinations of Vegata and Goku’s attacks like “Big Bang Kamehameha.”

Enter Gogeta, and the ultimate special move: Stardust Breaker. Taking a form unlike any other move in the entire franchise, the Stardust Breaker is comprised of a rainbow sphere that changes into heavenly, glittering sparkles that shimmer brilliantly. It doesn’t look too devastating, but a single hit from this finishing move goes right through Janemba and causes him to turn into the titular stardust, dissolving so thoroughly that he might as well never have existed.

2 Weaker: Gogeta Isn't Canon

Vegito Dragon Ball Z Goku Vegeta fusion

So Gogeta looks the coolest. And he’s probably the strongest when compared to Vegito, just by judging his fighting style and his opponents. Even with that awful hindrance in the form of the thirty minute time-limit, he’s still an adversary that everyone aligned with the forces of evil should fear, and he’s never gotten truly and decisively beaten like Vegito has. But there’s one problem: None of that matters, because Gogeta isn’t canon, and Vegito is.

That’s it. Case closed. Argue about who is better all you want, but in the end, Gogeta is glorified fan fiction.

Gogeta made his debut in a Dragon Ball Z film, all of which are notoriously non-canon (despite some of them having awesome elements that tie into the main series, like how Trunks gets his sword) and his second appearance was in Dragon Ball GT which, after the advent of Super, is, at best, in dubious standing with canon or, at worst, totally non-canon. And, for the record, it’s almost assuredly the latter.

Also, for whatever reason, Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, just doesn’t seem to care for the Fusion-Danced fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Sure, we’ve got Gotenks and he’s alright, but Vegito seems to be the favorite fusion of the franchise father and there’s nothing that we lowly fans can do about it.

1 Stronger: Super Saiyan 4

Gogeta Big Bang Kamehameha

If there is one thing that truly separates Gogeta from Vegito in terms of raw power, it’s the Super Saiyan 4 transformation. When Gogeta debuted in the movie Fusion Reborn, he seemed to be from a shimmering galaxy rather than a benign dance and he radiated pure power, with his apparently basic form already being “Super.” Even in that state, he was incalculably powerful, eliminating the dimensional threat of Janemba in literally a single minute. It’s important to note that Janemba, at this point, was seemingly a far greater threat than even Buu, who was the ultimate adversary of the series.

After Z concluded, we got the follow-up series, GT, which was met with mixed reviews. While the series is truly flawed, there was also Omega Shenron, who acted as the supreme adversary for the series finale. The only chance to defeat him was Gogeta in his Super Saiyan 4 form. This primal, ultimate evolution, should be the true “Super Saiyan God,” and it makes that puny form (and its blue evolution) appear as cheap imitations.

Embodying everything the Saiyans represent, SSJ4 Gogeta made short work of Omega Shenron, whose own power was so absurdly high that Gogeta’s exponential advantage clearly shows the supremacy of this form. Though SSJ4 was not able to beat Shenron, it was merely due to the time-limit technicality of the fusion, as he was a mere moment away from wiping out the dragon for good.


Where do you land on this one? Gogeta or Vegito? Let us know in the comments!

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