Dragon Ball: 15 Things About Vegeta That Make No Sense

Since his first appearance in Dragon Ball in 1988, Vegeta has become one of the series' most beloved characters. Whether he was in a hero's role or a villain's role, Vegeta always got the viewers to keep coming back. Today, he has become essentially the second most important character of the show, appearing just about as much as Goku himself.

As great and beloved as the character Vegeta may be, he is not without his flaws. In fact, when taking an in-depth look at his character, it becomes more and more apparent that different aspects of his character don't make much sense at all.

While these issues could just be attributed to bad writing, they could also be attributed to the fact that Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama really never cared for Vegeta. It goes without saying that the characters that the head writers don't like won't get nearly as much development or focus as the characters that they prefer will.

Regardless of the reason, there have been a number of issues regarding Vegeta over the years. While some of these issues are more subtle than others, many of them have irritated true fans of the anime and manga. While Vegeta is a great character in essence, he is far from perfect and still isn't as in-depth as we'd like him to be.

With that being said, here are the 15 Things About Dragon Ball's Vegeta That Make No Sense.

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Vegeta vs Frieza
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15 Betraying Frieza And Destroying His Entire Army

Vegeta vs Frieza

During the Namek Saga, Vegeta did something that shocked almost everyone: he betrayed his mentor Frieza and single-handedly took down his entire personal army.

This was after he had a long character arc, seemingly following Frieza as a new father figure. Not only that, but having his own personal Galactic Army would seemingly have been everything Vegeta ever wanted.

When Vegeta turned against Frieza and took down his entire army, it really didn't make much sense. It certainly had some shock value to it and brought things back to normal for the writers, but it just didn't fit for his character.

Had he pulled a Kylo Ren and just struck down Frieza while still leading his army, it would've been a lot more logical and fitting, but that's not what happened. This is just another example of the Dragon Ball writers trying to make Vegeta a hero at all costs.

14 He Didn't Receive A Zenkai Boost After Exploding

Vegeta Explodes

While the abilities and ways to increase strength in the Dragon Ball universe are usually well defined, sometimes they break their own rules and create inconsistencies.

A prime example of this has to do with the character Cell. At one point in the series, Cell received an enormous Zenkai boost after exploding, which seriously increased the strength of his character in all of his proceeding appearances.

However, Vegeta went on to experience an almost identical explosion himself after fighting cyborgs, but received absolutely no Zenkai boost.

While it is likely that the writers simply didn't boost him in order to keep him at the same power level for story-telling purposes, they created a major inconsistency for their universe, making Vegeta's lack of a power boost a plot hole for his character.

13 He Has No Problem Being Second To Goku

Vegeta Behind Goku

When Vegeta first became a hero, he briefly had an issue following Goku as second-in-command. However, this motivation quickly died, and for whatever reason, Vegeta had no issues being number two.

While this helps the story progress without conflict, it goes against Vegeta's entire character. In actuality, Vegeta would never have come to terms with being second-in-command, and would've consistently looked for ways to put himself on top, considering how much he calls himself the "Prince of All Saiyans."

While the common argument for Vegeta's content is that Goku is stronger than him, there's actually been no evidence of Vegeta being inferior. In fact, there's a point where Goku had to fight a copy of Vegeta where neither of them won.

If they were truly equal in strength and fighting-skills, nothing would've stopped Vegeta's pride from plotting against his supposed ally.

12 His Sudden Super Saiyan Transformation

Vegeta Becomes Super Saiyan

Vegeta's transformation into a Super Saiyan should've been the biggest historical moment for his character, creating a major emotional change for him in addition to an ability change.

This was certainly true for Goku, whose iconic transformation was stimulated during his biggest moment of grief over the death of Krillin. While Goku's transformation was awe-inspiring, Vegeta's transformation was rather underwhelming.

Instead of being stimulated by grief, a reawakening, or something cool, Vegeta's transformation was triggered when he was told that he wasn't as strong as Goku.

This is something that Vegeta has been told time and time again throughout the series, so it was pretty shocking to see that be the causation of his major change. While his transformation was long overdue, it would've been nice to have seen it go down in a better way.

11 He's Technically The King Of All Saiyans, Not The Prince

Prince and King Vegeta

One of Vegeta's biggest boasts, and probably the greatest attribute to his pride, is that he proclaims himself as the "Prince of All Saiyans." This is due to the fact that he was the son of King Vegeta, who was the Saiyan King for a great amount of time.

The thing is, King Vegeta was actually killed quite a while ago by Frieza. With Vegeta himself being the first-born of the deceased King, he would technically now be King. For whatever reason, however, he never refers to himself as the King.

The only reasonable explanation for this is that Vegeta was already so glued to his nickname "Prince of All Saiyans" that he didn't want to change it. It still doesn't make sense, though, because being the "King of All Saiyans" sounds a lot more boastful and important than just being the Prince.

10 His Relationship With Bulma

Vegeta's Relationship with Bulma

While Vegeta and Bulma may seem like relationship goals to some, their romance just doesn't make much sense. Bulma is very soft-mannered and scared of conflict, whereas Vegeta is violent and has had plenty of blood on his hands.

Vegeta's villainous history should've terrified Bulma at the start of their romance, but it didn't seem to bother her in the slightest. On top of that, something that strangely didn't bother her was that Vegeta played a part in ending the lives of her friends and ex-boyfriend Yamcha.

The common theory about this plot hole is that Bulma was supposed to be a long-term romantic interest for Yamcha, but in order for the writers to introduce a new half-Saiyan character, they hooked her up with Vegeta instead so that they could have a child together.

This saved them the trouble of writing in and developing a new female character, while still opening the doors to new opportunities. It took care of their issues, but looking back, it really shouldn't have worked.

9 Ending The Life Of Nappa

One of Vegeta's most notable qualities is his pride. Specifically, Vegetta is proud of being one of the last Saiyans in existence. He holds a lot of anger in his heart at Frieza for wiping out most of his race, and works on countless occasions to protect his fellow Saiyans. Of course, there was one unexplained exception to this.

At one dark point in the series, Vegeta ended the life of one of his fellow Saiyans-- Nappa. It should also be noted that he planned to harm Goku around this time as well.

While arguments could be made for Vegeta's decision to end Nappa, the fact that he did it without any remorse or hesitation was a bit nonsensical.

Protecting and honoring the last of his kind is one of Vegeta's largest motivations, so at least some hesitation before drawing the fatal blow would've been necessary to make this Dragon Ball moment truly believable.

8 His Tail (Or Lack Thereof)

Vegeta's Tail

Saiyans have a rather peculiar feature to their genetic makeup-- a re-growable tail. Characters like Goku and Gohan have tails that they regularly lose, but always grow back within a short period of time. This is simply part of their species that, for whatever reason, doesn't apply to Vegeta.

When Vegeta did have his tail, he held a lot of pride in it, just as he holds pride in being a Saiyan. However, at one point he loses the tail, and for unexplained reasons, it never grows back.

The most nonsensical part of this, though, is that Vegeta didn't care that his tail was gone forever, and there was never any discussion as to why it never regrew. This is a major part of Vegeta that inexplicably disappeared with absolutely no effects on his character or the rest of the series.

7 His Growth In Strength Doesn't Match Goku's

Vegeta on Namek

There's a period of time in the series when Goku and Vegeta travel to the planet Namek, where they each increase their strength in great amounts. The issue is that despite going through the same circumstances on the planet, Goku's strength increases far greater than Vegeta's.

When Goku arrived, he had a 90k Power Level, whereas Vegeta had 30k. By the time they left Namek, Goku's Power Level increased all the way to 3 million, while Vegeta's power level only increased to 1.4 million.

While these are huge spikes for both characters, they simply aren't proportional. Goku's Power Level increase was over double Vegeta's increase, which is illogical. It's almost as if the writers of the Dragon Ball series have something against increasing Vegeta's Power Level at the same rate as the other characters.

6 That Time He Danced On A Stage

Vegeta Dancing

It's no secret how massive Vegeta's ego is. The pride that he holds for himself is unlike almost any other, and there's nothing that he wouldn't do to maintain that... except for the time that he pretty much forgot about his ego and pride with zero hesitation.

During the Frieza Saga, there was a point where Vegeta, for complicated reasons, needed to dance poorly and perform on stage in front of a number of people.

The fact that he went through with this embarrassing act willingly, without any hesitation, was simply not in his character at all. Vegeta does so much to protect his name and his pride that it just wouldn't make any sense for him to throw it all out of the window in such an embarrassing feat.

5 He's Still Considered A Hero

Evil Vegeta

Noticing the popularity in Vegeta when he was a villain, the writers of Dragon Ball drastically decided to turn him into a hero. There really wasn't much of a transition period for his character during this turn. During one arc, he's a villain, and almost suddenly he's one of the main heroes.

The bigger issue here isn't as much his transition as it is the fact that everyone quickly started accepting him as a hero. This is a character who has destroyed not only civilizations, but entire worlds.

His death count is at least in the thousands, and he was even the one responsible for destroying the entire Ginyu Force. Despite this, after he became a hero, no one seemed to care about this. It goes to show that in the Dragon Ball universe, if you end the lives of9 thousands upon thousands of people, it can all be forgiven if you save the day just once.

4 His Height Is Inconsistent

Vegeta's Height

Just about every character in the Dragon Ball series has had their appearance incidentally changed at one point or another, but the greatest victim to this is arguably Vegeta.

Early versions of the character actually portrayed him being rather short, around the same height as his lover Bulma. However, his height has changed constantly, at times even being taller than Goku.

This isn't necessarily the fault of any particular group of animators, as the only thing consistent about his height over the years has been that it's been inconsistent.

Some days, he is one of the smallest on the team, and other days he is one the tallest, standing possibly inches over Goku. There's never been an explanation for this, but fortunately it is an easily overlooked flaw of the character.

3 His Sudden Super Saiyan Blue Transformation

Vegeta Becomes Super Saiyan Blue

The rules of the Dragon Ball universe have always declared that in order to become a Super Saiyan Blue, you must have the spirits of six righteous Saiyans. In order to achieve this level of power, Goku had to follow numerous steps to gain the spirits. It was a great arc that certainly helped improve his character as a whole.

Shortly after, without any explanation, Vegeta also became a Super Saiyan Blue. There was no evidence that Vegeta had also followed this path and absolutely no build up to this twist.

The only possible explanation for this sudden change in character for Vegeta is that the writers were desperate to keep him at the same power level as Goku. While it worked for the purposes of their story-telling, it was not played out right and didn't do much except confuse Dragon Ball fans.

2 He Was Supposed To Disappear After The Saiyan Saga

Saiyan Saga Vegeta

Vegeta was originally intended to be the main villain of the Saiyan Saga. This was the first time that he was taken under Frieza's wing, and it was also intended to be the last. The entire Saga was written and set up to be the swan song of Vegeta's character, bringing his villainous arc to a close in a truly epic and fitting manner.

This was drastically changed, however, when Toriyama realized how much people liked the character. In order to keep the character alive and his viewers interested, the second half of the Saiyan Saga was rewritten to put Frieza back into the spotlight of main villain.

While this change paid off down the road, it maid the entire finale of the Saiyan Saga feel choppy, and the proceeding parts of Vegeta's journey feel confusing and forced.

1 It's Not Actually "Over 9,000"

It's Over 9,000!

One of the most iconic lines from Dragon Ball Z, for whatever reason, is Vegeta's line, "It's over 9,000!" For those who saw the episode, this was about Goku's rising power level supposedly crossing the 9,000 mark. Since then, it has actually become an iconic meme and has been quoted by the Internet time and time again.

The issue is that Goku's power level wasn't actually over 9,000-- it was over 8,000. For all of these years, Vegeta's most iconic line has been misquoted.

This is a line that people who weren't even Dragon Ball Z fans knew, so the fact that the line has been incorrect after all of these years feels somewhat of an injustice to his character. Fortunately, this is one instance of nonsense that we can't blame the writers for.


Can you think of any other things about Dragon Ball's Vegeta that make absolutely no sense? Let us know in the comments!

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