20Vegeta's Prejudice Against Half-Saiyans

Why would Vegeta ever choose to have a half-human child?

One of the most notable things about Vegeta and Bulma's relationship is the fact that they had a very important son - Trunks. This might have been the one thing which really kept Vegeta and Bulma together, causing them to bond over their child.

This is the same guy who completely

shot Nappa down when he suggested rebuilding the Saiyan race with half-human hybrids on Earth. Not only did he reject Nappa's suggestion of breeding with humans, but he seemed utterly disgusted. Some might even say that he was horrified, and even frightened by the possibility of creating life forms which could be even more powerful than pure Saiyans. It seemed almost like a taboo in Saiyan culture never to breed with other races. Why would he suddenly go back on that?

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