Dragon Ball: 30 Crazy Facts About Vegeta’s Body

Vegeta Explodes

Even though Dragon Ball is a series that centers around Goku, Vegeta has largely become the show’s mascot in many circles.

The character is the perfect anti-hero and his complicated motivations and reckless attitude are exactly why he’s grown to be such a popular character amongst fans (although curiously he’s one of creator Akira Toriyama’s least favorite characters).

Vegeta’s struggles with whether he’s a good person or a villain also give the character an arc that’s arguably richer than what Goku experiences in the series, too.

Dragon Ball may be comfortable with the fact that Vegeta seems to always be the runner-up to Goku, but that doesn’t mean that he’s in any danger of running out of screen time.

The character constantly rises to the occasion when a new fight breaks out, and he’s sure to feature a bunch of exceptional, noteworthy moments that make all of his fights particularly memorable.

Vegeta has slowly raised the ranks to become a fan-favorite character, but he can still sometimes be a mystery to the show’s audience.

As Dragon Ball goes on, a more full-fleshed out image of who Vegeta really is begins to form, but he still isn’t exactly forthcoming when it comes to his feelings.

He grows older, but he’s still the egocentric, prideful Saiyan who’s got more than a bit of a rage problem.

In spite of how well fans may think they know Vegeta, there’s still a lot more out there about the Saiyan prince.

With that said, here are 30 Crazy Facts About Vegeta From Dragon Ball’s Body!

30 He Looks Identical To The First Super Saiyan God

Dragon Ball Super Original Super Saiyan God

The original Super Saiyan God doesn’t really get explored to great detail in Dragon Ball Super.

In fact, the character’s appearance is reserved to a single picture and a lengthy exposition dump that’s meant to prepare Goku for the transformation that he’s about to go through in his fight against Beerus.

That being said, it's unknown whether the original Super Saiyan God shares a bloodline with Vegeta or not, but the two strangely look alike. 

We guess the same can be said for Vegeta's resemblance to Cabba, too, so maybe he's just got one of those faces.

29 He's God Of Destruction Material

Dragon Ball Vegeta Goku Fight Whis

Beerus’ introduction in Dragon Ball Super opened up the series’ universe in many ways, as it added multiple universes into the mix.

The characters learn to fear and respect the power of Gods of Destruction.

However, considering how strong Vegeta and Goku are, many fans have naturally started to wonder whether they could become the next in line.

Interestingly enough, in Dragon Ball Super’s manga, Whis continues to train Vegeta and remarks that he has the power and endurance that’s necessary to become a fine God of Destruction replacement.

It’s unclear if Vegeta wants such an opportunity, but he’d probably be great at the gig.

28 He Can Survive The Effects Of The Demon Containment Wave

Dragon Ball Vegeta Caught In Mafuba Wave

Master Roshi’s sacred Demon Containment Wave technique (otherwise known as Mafuba) charts all the way back to the fight against Demon King Piccolo in the original Dragon Ball.

The capture method makes its surprise return in Dragon Ball Super, both in the fight against Zamasu and the Tournament of Power.

During the Tournament of Power, Master Roshi attempts to use the Mafuba on Frost, but it goes awry and accidentally captures Vegeta in the process.

Very few characters experience Mafuba capture and actually survive, yet Vegeta lives to tell the tale, even if it does make for a cramped few minutes.

27 He Has His Own Exclusive Super Saiyan Blue Level

Dragon Ball Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Advanced

The Tournament of Power is certainly an exciting arc that makes for a satisfying way to cap off Dragon Ball Super.

Many fans anticipated that the colossal tournament would show off some new transformations from either Goku or Vegeta, and thankfully, the show doesn’t disappoint on that front.

As soon as Goku starts flirting with the idea of unlocking Ultra Instinct, Vegeta also becomes determined to do the same.

Vegeta may not reach such a plateau, but what he does accomplish is a new grade of Super Saiyan Blue that seems specifically reserved for him.

Super Saiyan Blue Advanced is a bulkier, brighter take on the transformation and it appears to be as strong as Goku’s Kaio-Ken Blue power level.

26 He's Strong Enough to Fully Resist Babidi's Powers

It’s truly a pivotal moment in Dragon Ball Z when Vegeta decides to succumb to Babidi’s crooked offer and throw himself over to the dark side.

It looked like Vegeta had finally become comfortable with the idea of being a good guy, but he suddenly throws all of that away in order to get an easy power boost and perhaps finally beat Goku.

Yes, Vegeta submits to Babidi's possession and turns into Majin Vegeta as a result, but Babidi is never able to fully wield control of the Saiyan.

Vegeta’s will is strong enough to resist the dark magic, maintain his sanity, and ultimately rebel and attempt to destroy Buu.

25 He Can Generate A Spirit Sword

Dragon Ball Vegito Blue Spirit Sword on Fused Zamasu

One of the amazing new abilities that the fused Vegito pulls out of his arsenal is a powerful spirit sword that’s made entirely of energy.

It makes for a strong weapon that he puts to good use against both Majin Buu and Fused Zamasu, but what’s even more fascinating here is that Vegeta seems to have retained this technique.

During the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super’s manga, Vegeta utilizes the spirit sword in order to avoid falling off the stage and being eliminated by Kale.

It comes as a real surprise.

Many fans have wondered whether this also mean that Goku is technically able to use this skill under the right circumstances?

24 He Can Access Rage Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Vegeta Rage Super Saiyan 2

Dragon Ball features plenty of official transformations, but oddly enough, there are nearly just as many mid-level and one-off transformations that exist solely to muddle up theories and power levels.

In Dragon Ball Super, when Beerus insults Bulma by slapping her, Vegeta’s power skyrockets to crazy levels.

Even though he’s still technically at Super Saiyan 2 when he hits this boost, it makes for a considerable power-up that allows him to go toe-to-toe with Beerus, which not even Goku can do.

It also seems like this may be hereditary to some degree, since Trunks has a variant of this skill, too.

23 He'll Likely Lose his Body In The Afterlife

A rare facet of Dragon Ball's afterlife that doesn't get explored too often is that most souls don't get to keep their bodies.

The majority of people in the afterlife become nondescript amorphous souls.

The reason that this doesn’t happen to Goku is due to his friendship with Kami, as well as his many selfless actions.

However, unfortunately Vegeta doesn't have such a close relationship with Kami.

Even after all of the good that Vegeta’s done on Earth, it's fair to say that his stay in the afterlife would result in reincarnation and that he'd wind up without his body.

22 He's The Series' Deadpool

Dragon Ball Vegeta Gag Iris Ending

Vegeta certainly comes across as one of Dragon Ball’s more serious characters, but it’s because of this that he’s been put into a number of increasingly ridiculous situations.

What’s funnier than someone like Vegeta caught up in a comedy of errors?

For this reason, Vegeta is consistently the character that becomes self-aware and is able to break the fourth wall and comment on the fact that he's a character in a manga.

In happens in Toriyama's Neko Majin Z, an episode of Dr. Slump, and it's especially egregious in Dragon Ball Superˆ crossover episode with Dr. Slump.

He's the only character in the series capable of such clarity.

21 He Has More Transformations Than You'd Think

Dragon Ball Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta Dokkan Battle

Vegeta is the sort of person who's very public about the transformations that he does achieve, but the Saiyan actually has quite a few more tricks up his sleeve than the ones that he shows off within the Dragon Ball anime.

Vegeta’s biggest hits like Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan Blue are well known, but he’s got a lot more power than that.

In Dragon Ball Super’s manga, Vegeta also obtains Super Saiyan God status, as well as the elusive Completed Super Saiyan Blue stage.

Additionally, the Dragon Ball video games also throw Vegeta a bone and let him become Super Saiyan 3, too.

20 He Has Control Over His Great Ape Form

Dragon Ball Great Ape Vegeta Fights Goku

Before Super Saiyans and fusing became all the rage, there was no power-up more substantial than the Great Ape form of Saiyans.

Even though Great Apes wield immense strength, they lack rational thought and basically become loose cannons. This means that the transformation is highly volatile and is  just as much of a risk as it is an asset.

That being said, Saiyan Elites possess the ability to actually control their Great Ape forms.

Vegeta fits into this bracket, but he’s also the only main Saiyan in the series who has this skill, which is significant.

19 He Fathers Two Children

Dragon Ball likes to focus on the end of the world battles that so often occupy the series, but around all of the violence, there’s a lot of life that gets brought into the world, too.

One of the benefits of the long span of time that the Dragon Ball series covers is that characters get to grow old and have children.

Dragon Ball Z even poignantly introduces Goku’s son, Gohan.

Most fans know of Vegeta's son, Trunks, but Vegeta also has a daughter in the later portion of Dragon Ball Z and Super named Bulla. '

In Dragon Ball GT, Bulla gets to grow into a ditzy teenager, but she never really gets much focus.

18 He Has An Inconsistent Height

Dragon Ball Vegeta Holds Bulma Head

Vegeta is often thought of as one of the more intimidating characters in the Dragon Ball series, so it’s easy to overlook the fact that the guy is actually pretty short.

There’s definitely a reason why the character chooses to style his hair in such a tall fashion - he wants to convey the illusion that he’s not so tiny.

Vegeta is actually revealed to be 5’3 when he’s introduced in Dragon Ball Z, but this was quickly changed to 5’5.

Even still, he's almost the size of Krillin.

Furthermore, in Dragon Ball Z, he’s routinely shorter than Bulma. However, in Dragon Ball Super, he’s depicted as taller than her.

His height has continued to get bumped up as the series continues.

17 He Grows A Mustache And Goes Through An Unfortunate Hair Period

Header Dragon Ball GT Vegeta Mustache

Anime series in general tend to be full of extravagant, unbelievable hairstyles, but it’s funny to think that one of the strangest moves that Dragon Ball ever pulls off is the decision to give Vegeta a mustache.

Dragon Ball GT is all about framing classic characters in new light, but the sequel series goes a little overboard when it comes to Vegeta’s new look (which Toriyama is responsible for, by the way).

The beginning of GT not only gives Vegeta an out of place mustache, which does not look good, but he’s also chopped off his iconic hair.

16 His Family Has Good Cooking Genes

Dragon Ball Vegeta Cooks Egg

Vegeta’s ancestors were some formidable fighters, but behind all of the pride and brute strength, there’s actually another skill that lies dormant in Vegeta’s lineage.

Dragon Ball Super really plays into the idea that Vegeta can be quite the proficient cook when he wants to be.

Vegeta is shown on a number of occasions to frantically be cooking for Beerus in order to appease the God of Destruction and keep him at bay.

In spite of all of the culinary work that Vegeta performs, in one of these situations, Vegeta even makes reference to one of his grandmother’s famous recipes, confirming that a history of cooking runs in the family.

15 He Has A Younger Brother

Dragon Ball Vegeta Tarble Trunks Gure

Family is something that’s important to all of the characters in Dragon Ball, but even though Vegeta wears a tough demeanor, he arguably cares about family more than anyone else.

The destruction of Vegeta’s home planet and his race is a major factor in Vegeta’s development and he is extremely attached to his children - much more so than someone like Goku.

That being said, Vegeta also has a younger brother named Tarble who he never talks about.

Tarble debuts in Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! and is also briefly mentioned in Battle of Gods, but it’s unusual that this character barely comes up since he's Vegeta's only surviving family.

14 He Has An Irrational Fear Of Worms

Dragon Ball Buu Round Worms With Vegeta Goku

Vegeta has faced some of the most terrifying threats from all twelve universes, and while the warrior won’t hesitate to jump into battle, he actually has one fear: worms.

In Dragon Ball Z’s Buu Saga, after Vegito gets absorbed by the tyrant, the fusion separates and Vegeta and Goku find themselves trapped inside of Buu.

Upon their arrival, some roundworms that live inside Buu greet the fighters and we soon find out these they seriously creep out Vegeta.

He shamefully hides behind Goku. It's hard to imagine that even someone as powerful and self-assured as Vegeta suffers from irrational human phobias.

13 He's Capable Of Being Both Good And Evil

Dragon Ball Majin Vegeta Blasts Crowd

Vegeta enters Dragon Ball Z as a menacing villain, but it’s no secret that, as the series continues, he gradually becomes one of the good guys.

He even eventually sacrifices himself for the greater good to prove just how far along he’s come.

Not many individuals can enter such a dark place and return from it.

Additionally, Vegeta’s tenure as Majin Vegeta, Baby Vegeta, and Demigra’s pawn in Xenoverse still show that he has a strong capacity for evil within him.

However, Vegeta also contributes to Goku’s Spirit Bomb in the Buu Saga, which is officially reserved for the pure of heart.

12 He Can Create A Fake Moon

Dragon Ball Vegeta Artificial Power Ball Moon

So what if someone like Piccolo can destroy the moon? The real skill here is in the ability to create a new moon.

In the earlier days of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, the Great Ape transformation of the Saiyans was a crucial component of the series.

As things went on, more and more tails were removed and the transformation was eventually phased out.

That being said, Vegeta still possesses a powerful technique that works great in tandem with Great Apes.

Vegeta can create a ball of energy that is able to simulate the effects of the moon. Not only is this highly powerful, but it can also trigger a Saiyan to transform in an instant.

11 He’s A Strong Candidate For Fusion

Vegito Dragon Ball Z Goku Vegeta fusion

As characters continue to get increasingly powerful in the Dragon Ball universe, the concept of fusion was slowly introduced as a sly way to not only gain new reservoirs of power, but also to create some bizarre character mash-ups in the process.

Naturally, the first two characters who audiences wanted to combine were Vegeta and Goku, but Vegeta actually indulges in various varieties of fusion.

Vegeta not only masters the fusion dance, but he’s also worn the Potara Earrings and experienced fusion that way, too.

However, the video games get a little more creative and throw EX-Fusions and five-way Ultra Fusions into Vegeta’s repertoire as well.

10 He's The Show's Oldest Main Character

Dragon Ball Vegeta Goku Beards Post Training

Obviously Vegeta isn’t giving Master Roshi or Fortuneteller Baba a run for their money, but as far as the main Dragon Ball cast is concerned, Vegeta is surprisingly the oldest of the lot.

Even though Piccolo is a weird demon reincarnation of his father, he’s still technically younger than Vegeta.

Vegeta’s 29 when Dragon Ball Z begins, which is already older than Goku.

However, Vegeta also severely abuses the Room of Spirit and Time in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, which adds a considerable amount of extra years to his age.

He could technically even be in his sixties.

9 He Has The Capacity To Become Vegecell

Dragon Ball SS Vegeta Punches Semi-Perfect Cell

The licensed Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game from North America tends to stick to the show’s canon and not get too crazy, whereas Japanese alternatives like Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle intentionally embrace unbelievable fusions and “What If?” scenarios.

In spite of how the Dragon Ball Z CCG keeps things relatively restrained, their one attempt to color outside of the lines comes in their “Fusion Frenzy” series of cards.

The rare “Fusion Frenzy” cards experiment with the combination of two unexpected characters, such as Broly and Goku, or in this case, Vegeta and Semi-Perfect Cell.

Unfortunately the trading card doesn’t actually show a fused version of these characters, but the mind runs wild.

8 His Body Can Withstand Over 500 Times Of Earth's Gravity

Dragon Ball Vegeta Gravity Training

During Dragon Ball’s more humble days, one of the earliest ways in which the series could show that characters were upping their training game and getting stronger was by messing with the Earth’s gravity.

The Room of Spirit and Time sort of spoiled everyone on hardcore training, but before that, Vegeta really takes to the idea of increasing the weight of his surroundings.

During Vegeta’s preparation for the attack of the Androids, he’s shown training at 500 times Earth’s gravity.

Vegeta only gets stronger after this, but it’s crazier to think that the minor gravity difference on King Kai’s planet was once a challenge.

7 He Has The Highest Body Count Out Of All Of The Good Guys

Majin Vegeta Kills Civilians

It’s fairly common knowledge that Goku is the pacifistic hero and doesn’t resort to irreversible violence if it can be avoided.

Vegeta, on the other hand, has his roots in villainy and comes from a family that took many victims in their wake.

Vegeta is responsible for taking down many notable villains, as well as the entire Ginyu Force at one point.

Vegeta may now technically be a hero, but when it comes to handling the dirty work, he never hesitates.

He is able to go through with what many other individuals, such as Goku, can't handle, sometimes to their detriment.

6 His First On-Screen Transformation Isn’t Until Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Advanced First Time

Once Vegeta achieves Super Saiyan status, he never hesitates to show off his fancy new form, but Dragon Ball Z surprisingly shows some restraint when it comes to Vegeta.

Even though the character achieves various stages of power, they tend to be moments that happen off screen and he’s left filling the audience in on what’s happened.

This is typically done so that Vegeta can pull off the element of surprise and swoop in with some new skill.

Finally, in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Blue Advanced.

One could also argue that Vegeta’s Rage Super Saiyan transformation against Beerus could qualify too, but that still takes place in Super.

5 He's The Only Character To Defeat A God Of Destruction

Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Beats God Of Destruction Toppo

In Dragon Ball Super’s epic Tournament of Power, Vegeta makes some good use of his new, impressive Super Saiyan Blue Advanced form.

Vegeta doesn’t let his power boost go to waste and it’s how he’s able to eliminate Toppo from the tournament.

Toppo begins the tournament as a tough competitor, but Vegeta defeats him after he unlocks his God of Destruction powers, which makes it even more impressive.

Vegeta’s victory surprises most of the tournament’s spectators.

Even though Goku arguably ties Beerus in their battle, Beerus just falls asleep and only fights him at a fraction of his full strength, which means it’s not exactly a true win.

4 He’s Never Technically Been Defeated By Goku

Dragon Ball Vegeta Versus Goku Baseball

The Dragon Ball series sees Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of their super powered friends defending the Earth against villainous threats. While that is the show’s larger vision, a smaller storyline that’s consistently been present through the show is Vegeta’s rivalry with Goku. Ever since these two characters met they’ve been in competition with each other.

Popular opinion dictates that Goku is stronger than Vegeta, but in spite of this, he’s actually never beaten Vegeta before.

Granted, this doesn’t mean that he couldn’t beat Vegeta, but it’s rather telling that someone else has always intervened to help or Vegeta has ended things on his own terms.

3 He Once Promises To Never Put His Body Through Another Fight

Dragon Ball Vegeta Sucks Pacifier

Dragon Ball’s rivalry between Vegeta and Goku is one of the show’s main driving forces, but the same can be said about the friendship between these two characters, even if Vegeta would hate to admit it.

However, one of the most touching Vegeta moments takes places after Goku’s sacrifice against Cell.

Vegeta actually vows to never fight again in the absence of Goku (although training is technically okay).

To be fair, though, Vegeta probably didn't think that anyone stronger than Cell would ever come along.

What's the point in fighting if Vegeta can't fight against Goku?

2 He's Fashion Forward

Animated series have a tendency to stay relatively stagnant when it comes to characters’ outfits.

In Dragon Ball, the majority of the characters, like Goku for instance, typically wear the same outfit through the entire series.

Other characters, like Gohan, receive updates to their wardrobe as they grow older.

However, Vegeta has a wide variety of outfits because he grows tired of the past, evolves, and emphasizes practicality.

As the series progresses Vegeta’s Saiyan armor continually gets sleeker and he later switches to a more laid back outfit on Earth.

Vegeta later dons a tank top during the Buu Saga, and mixes things up again throughout Super.

1 He's Never Stepped Inside The Kame House

Vegeta’s gone on plenty of adventures throughout Dragon Ball’s run.

He’s a character who has travelled the wide expanse of space and he's even been to the afterlife and back.

In spite of the extravagant places that Vegeta has visited, one locale that’s strangely been off of his radar is the Kame House.

Master Roshi’s Kame House is frequently seen as a hangout spot or training ground for Dragon Ball’s cast. Somehow after all of these years, Vegeta has never made a visit even though he’s friends with all of these guys.

He must be more of a Capsule Corp kind of person.


Can you think of any other interesting facts about Dragon Ball's Vegeta and his body? Sound off in the comments!

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