Dragon Ball: 20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Vegeta

The Prince of all Saiyans is many fans' favorite Dragon Ball character, but he's also really misunderstood.

There's something about Vegeta that Dragon Ball fans can't help but love. He's the underdog, the antihero, the guy that we're all supposed to hate, but for whatever reason, everyone secretly wants Vegeta to succeed. Despite the fact that he's an alien from another planet, there's something about him that just feels very human. Yes, he's a superpowered space pirate who can destroy entire planets with his insane power, but at the end of the day, Vegeta is more relatable than any other character in the show.

He goes through some truly tragic moments in his life. He gets knocked down, again and again. After each defeat, Vegeta gets back up with that iconic grin on his face. Not only that, but he rises up stronger than ever before. If that's not inspiring, then what is? In many ways, there's a little piece of Vegeta in all of us. That being said, there's a lot of things people just don't understand about the Prince of all Saiyans. Many of us view him as our favorite character, but how well does the average person know him?

Even if you consider yourself the biggest Dragon Ball Z fan in the universe, you probably don't fully understand Vegeta-- and that's okay. You won't be making those same mistakes for much longer. We've created an article that explains all of those common misconceptions about this famous Saiyan warrior, from his powers to his family.

Here are 20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Vegeta From Dragon Ball.

20 Even Though His Father Passed Away, Vegeta Still Isn't A King

One of the biggest misconceptions about Vegeta is that he's actually the king of all Saiyans. Many fans repeat this fact. The logic behind this is that his father passed away, meaning Vegeta automatically inherits his father's place a king. It's not that simple.

Vegeta is still, in fact, a prince, for a number of reasons. First of all, Vegeta was never actually crowned. Those who know anything about monarchies will tell you that traditions and ceremonies must be followed for a ruler to be seen as legitimate. There was no ceremony for Vegeta, and therefore there is not a legitimate ruler. Second of all, the Saiyan empire no longer exists. Vegeta cannot be king of a race and empire that has been wiped out. The entire planet is gone, and with it the royal traditions of planet Vegeta.

19 Majin Vegeta Was Not Fully Evil

One of the most memorable moments in Vegeta's amazing story was when he became Majin Vegeta. This was after a successful spell cast by the evil sorcerer Babidi. It may have seemed like Vegeta changed into something completely different than what we were used to. but for true fans, Vegeta simply returned to his natural state.

In other words, Vegeta's Majin form simply unleashed all of the evil that he had been suppressing. How evil was he? Many fans assume that Vegeta was completely overcome by Babidi's spell, and that he was 100% evil. But that's just not true. Vegeta's strength of will and power allowed him to resist the spell to some extent, preserving some of his goodness deep inside. Vegeta was not completely evil during this time.

18 Vegeta Is Not The Dominant Personality In The Vegito Fusion

One of the most awesome characters we've ever seen in Dragon Ball Z is Vegito. This transformation is actually a fusion, and it's probably the most powerful form Vegeta has ever taken. As many fans know, this is a fusion between Vegeta and Goku. It's made possible not by a fusion dance, but by the Portara earrings. The resulting character is simply devastating.

Most people assume that Vegeta is the dominant personality in Vegito. It's understandable why they would think that. The name of this character is literally one letter away from being Vegeta. The "o" at the end of "Vegito" seems to suggest that Goku only represents a small part of this overall form. But that's just not true. The truth is that there is no dominant personality present here, and that both Goku and Vegito are equals in this form.

17 Vegeta Was Actually Less Powerful Than Piccolo On Namek

Piccolo is a fan favorite of the series, and he's been around since the very beginning. He might not be the most powerful anymore, but he's proved himself worthy time and time again. A wise fighter, Piccolo always seems to make the right decisions, and he helps out whenever he can. Piccolo and Vegeta go way back, and nowadays they seem pretty close.

Back during the Namek saga, Vegeta was trying desperately to find the Dragon Balls in order to wish for immortality. He did a lot of fighting, and most people assume that by the end of his journey on this planet, Vegeta was one of the most powerful fighters on Namek. The reality of the situation is that Piccolo was actually stronger than Vegeta - even right at the end. Fans will remember the fact that Vegeta couldn't even scratch Frieza, whereas Piccolo was able to land a few decent kicks.

16 Vegeta Is Objectively A Better Father Than Goku

Most people assume that Vegeta is a bad father, and whenever he's with Bulma and his children, he seems a little uncomfortable and awkward. We all remember those early days when Vegeta actually rejected Trunks and his family entirely. He even left his new family when they were in danger once.

Somewhere along the line, something changed for Vegeta. He started to take his family life much more seriously, and he even hugged his son. He's also seen constantly spending time with his family, going to amusement parks and cooking. Even though being a father might not feel natural to Vegeta, he makes an effort. Can the same be said for Goku? It seems like Goku is always off fighting somewhere, and he's never actually there for his family.

15 Vegeta Actually Cares About Gohan

Most fans of the series remember Vegeta's history with Gohan. On Namek, the Saiyan warrior absolutely tormented Goku's son, continually beating him and stealing his Dragon Balls. Crucially, Vegeta never seriously injured the young boy. A lot of people assume that Vegeta dislikes Gohan because of his rivalry with Goku, but that's just not the case.

In reality, Vegeta has shown affection for Gohan many times. He's even protected the young fighter, and Gohan has returned the favor. In the end, these two have a serious mutual respect for one another. Vegeta is actually pretty encouraging of Gohan, and he knows how powerful the half-Saiyan can be if he puts his mind to it.

14 Toriyama Doesn't Actually Hate Vegeta

One of the most persistent rumors about Dragon Ball Z is that Vegeta is one of Toriyama's least favorite characters. Indeed, many fans think that Toriyama actually hates the prince of all Saiyans! This comes from a few quotes of Toriyama when he was interviewed. While Vegeta might not be Toriyama's most favorite character, it's a bit of a stretch to say that the anime legend actually hates him.

Just look at how much time and energy Toriyama has put into developing Vegeta's character. Vegeta was once just an interesting villain-- now he's a multi-faceted, complex antihero with a truly tragic backstory. If we look at how Vegeta has been portrayed over the last few seasons, it's safe to say that Toriyama has warmed up to the Saiyan significantly.

13 Vegeta Isn't Actually Proud of The Saiyan Race

Vegeta might speak a lot about Saiyan superiority and his amazing bloodline, but his actions actually tell a completely different story. The truth is that he's probably a big conflicted about his views on Saiyans in general. That being said, there are plenty of times when Vegeta shows a blatant lack of pride in the Saiyan race.

Vegeta is a fighter who can't stand weakness. Part of him believes that the Saiyan race just wasn't strong enough to survive, and part of him hates his people for allowing themselves to be destroyed. He also shows no real ambitions to rebuild the Saiyan race, even when Nappa suggest breeding with humans to repopulate their species. He even eliminates Nappa, who was one of the last surviving Saiyans.

12 Wishing For Immortality Wouldn't Have Made Vegeta A Better Fighter

In the first few seasons of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta seems fixated on one thing, and one thing only: collecting all of the Dragon Balls. Obviously he wanted to collect them all so that he could wish for immortality. This is the same reason most villains want to find the Dragon Balls, and the benefits of immortality are pretty obvious. But would Vegeta actually benefit from immortality?

Think about how Saiyans become more powerful. They need to be beaten within an inch of their lives. Obviously, this wouldn't even be possible if Vegeta successfully obtained immortality. He wouldn't have been able to get stronger after getting his wish granted. He would never reach the level of a super Saiyan, or anything beyond that.

11 Vegeta Has More Natural Talent Than Goku

The rivalry between Vegeta and Goku never fails to keep the show interesting. They are completely different characters, and each have their own unique skills and talents. We rarely get to see these two Saiyans face off against one another these days. Most people have their own thoughts about who's actually stronger.

When it comes to natural talent, though, Vegeta wins by a landslide. It seems that Vegeta's noble bloodline really does make a difference, and it's something that can be seen right from birth. Vegeta was born with innate powers and abilities that Goku actually had to learn through months of rigorous training. Vegeta himself is amazed that a "low class" Saiyan managed to reach such a high power level. Training is what makes Goku stronger, not natural talent.

10 The Portara Fusion Isn't Actually The Strongest Fusion Of Vegeta And Goku

We talked earlier about the Portara fusion between Goku and Vegeta, which results in the insanely powerful Vegito. True fans know that there's actually another fusion between these two characters, and that one is called Gogeta. Instead of using the Portara Earrings, Gogeta is created through a fusion dance. There's a lot of debate over which fusion is stronger: Vegito or Gogeta.

Gogeta is much more powerful. This is because both Vegeta and Goku have reached insanely high power levels since the Portara Fusion came about, and a fusion of these characters today would result in a character almost too powerful to even imagine.

9 Vegeta Fights Way More Often Than Goku

We all know that Goku is the main character in Dragon Ball Z. Sure, there were long stretches where Goku was recovering or running around in the afterlife, and Gohan became the main character, but at the end of the day, we all know who the main attraction is: Goku. Knowing this, you might assume that Goku sees the most action in the show.

That's just not the case. In reality, Vegeta fights way more often than Goku. If we count the number of fights both characters have been in, Vegeta has clearly racked up way more experience. Vegeta is always willing to jump into a fight, no matter what. Goku, on the other hand, seems to hang back and wait for the right moment to step into the ring. Goku is usually the "grand finale" after Vegeta is defeated.

8 "It's Over 9000!" Was Actually A Translation Error

Vegeta will forever be linked with this iconic line. It might just be the most famous line in the entire show, and it's been repeated countless times. We constantly see it referenced in pop culture, memes, and everything else you can think of. However, the original line was actually "It's over 8000!"

The line was changed in the Funimation dub, and this is the version that most fans are familiar with. Why did they change the line? Apparently, "9000" fit the shape of Vegeta's mouth better for dubbing purposes. Additionally, the voice actor apparently felt that more rage could be expressed with the word "Nine Thousand" as opposed to "Eight Thousand."

7 His Attack Names Are English In The Japan Versions

Everyone who's ever watched Dragon Ball Z knows that the names of the various attacks can get a little weird. Most of the attacks we hear are actually translated from their original language, although not literally. If the literal translations were used, we'd get things like "Circle Energy Slash" instead of "Destructo Disc." Some attack names were kept the same, such as "Kamehameha" and "Kaioken."

Interestingly, all of Vegeta's attack names are English in both the original version from Japan and the Dubbed versions. Attacks such as "Galick Gun," Big Bang Attack," and "Final Flash" are all English, no matter what version it is. This is because even in the original versions, Vegeta was supposed to appear as a foreigner. The fact that he used a different language for his attacks made him seem more alien.

6 Goku Has Never Actually Beaten Vegeta

When it comes to the famous rivalry between Goku and Vegeta, there can only ever be one winner. We all know that Goku always seems to have an edge on Vegeta. Sometimes it's a hidden power or ability, and other times it's just better training methods. Whatever the case, Goku seems to maintain his spot as the top dog.

What a lot of fans fail to realize is that Goku hasn't actually beaten Vegeta, ever. They may have fought before in the past, but Vegeta has never had to suffer the shame of being bested by his long-time rival. These two don't actually fight much, but it always seems to end in a stalemate. Maybe we'll see that change at some point in the future.

5 Vegeta Retained His Majin Power

Fans of the series know that Vegeta enjoyed a major power boost when he went through his Majin transformation. It seemed like his full potential was unleashed, and he was able to channel his rage into the unyielding power of his attacks. If there's one thing that's true about Vegeta, it's that he becomes way more powerful when he's angry. We've seen it happen multiple times. His eyes go completely white, and suddenly he's more powerful than anyone could have ever imagined.

What a lot of people don't understand is that he never lost this boosted level of power. He was able to retain and absorb this power boost, and he still carries it today. Babidi might have wanted to control Vegeta with his spell, but in the end he just made the Saiyan stronger.

4 He Always Loses To The Main Antagonists

If you're a big fan of Vegeta, you probably want to see him rise up and save the day-- at least once. He's never one to shy away from a major battle, and we've seen him defeat some seriously strong enemies over the years. When it comes to the main antagonists such as Cell and Frieza, Vegeta always loses. It's a tough pill to swallow, but Vegeta simply wasn't meant to be that kind of a hero.

Why not? The answer is quite simple. He's not the main characters of the show. Goku is the one who's meant to defeat the main antagonist of the series, and the show just wouldn't feel right any other way. Still, Vegeta usually wrecks opponents leading up to the "final boss." He just can't seem to win that final battle.

3 Vegeta Is Probably The Most Popular Character

Pretty much all of the characters from Dragon Ball Z are widely beloved. From Goku all the way down to Yajirobe, each character has a special place in our hearts. They're all totally unique in their own way, and that's what makes the show interesting. But in terms of overall popularity, there are a few characters out there that everyone seems to choose.

Oddly enough, Goku isn't actually the most popular character. On most of the online polls and forums, the main character actually seems to be one of the least popular characters. On the other hand, Vegeta is probably the most common choice fan favorite. It's interesting, because Vegeta is supposed to be an anti-hero.

2 He Hasn't Redeemed Himself Enough

Vegeta has done a lot to redeem himself over the years. Although he started his life as a space pirate who would destroy entire planets and species, he's changed a lot. Nowadays, he's more concerned with protecting his family, and those early aspirations of world domination are just a distant memory. Has he really done enough to be redeemed?

Some people would say that we should always give people a second chance, no matter how evil they once were. We would love to see Vegeta get a second chance, but in many ways his fate has already been sealed. Unlike Goku, Vegeta will not keep his body in the afterlife. This honor is reserved for only the best and most honorable fighters. Vegeta has simply caused too much destruction in the past to enjoy this honor.

1 Vegeta Has Probably Accepted He'll Always Be Second To Goku

Even in the most recent seasons, Vegeta talks at length about how important his rivalry is with Goku. He admits that it's the secret to his quest to always get stronger. He needs Goku, and he knows it. Is that rivalry even a realistic goal for Vegeta? Will he ever be as strong as Goku? The answer is no, and this is something that Vegeta probably accepts now.

There will always be a deep, primal urge which drives Vegeta to beat Goku one day, but realistically, Vegeta knows that he never had a chance. Why is this impossible? The most obvious answer is that it wouldn't make sense in the context of the show. For a more immersive answer, we need only look at Goku's training. Goku is simply more intelligent in his training methods. He always seems to get maximum results from even a short training session. Vegeta just can't match this.


What else do people misunderstand about Vegeta in Dragon Ball? Let us know in the comments!

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