20 Unresolved Mysteries And Plotholes Dragon Ball Super Left Hanging

Dragon Ball Super is over, and fans are asking themselves what's next. But before we move on to the next grand adventure, we should probably take a few moments to reflect on this interesting series. There's a lot of questions that need answering. While Dragon Ball Super certainly cast light on things we've always wondered about, it also brought up a lot of new concepts. And some of these concepts just weren't explored enough. Maybe these secrets and mysteries were left intentionally open. After all, we need new things to explore in future series. But in many cases, we feel like we were left high and dry. We need more information about this stuff!

Who is Zalama? Are the angels really bad? Who destroyed Jiren's village? Will we ever learn more about Planet Salada? What's going to happen to Broly now? There's a lot to explore. And right now, all we can do is speculate. Fans around the world have been theorizing and wondering what's going to happen next with everything that Super has introduced. All we can say is that the next series is going to be a very interesting one. We just hope at least some of these questions get answered.

Here are 20 of the biggest plotholes and mysteries Dragon Ball Super left hanging...

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20 Who Is Zalama?

One of the biggest mysteries that was introduced by Dragon Ball Super was Zalama. We haven't really heard too much about him - only that it was he who created the Dragon Balls. This is a massive mystery and one that we would really like to hear more about. Obviously, this character was a Namekian, but what else do we know about him besides that?

We know that he lived many, many years ago. But could he still be alive? Will we learn more about him one day? This is something that we really hope gets explored in future Dragon Ball series. Zalama might be mysterious, but something tells us that he's crucial to the overall story that this series revolves around.

19 Who Destroyed Jiren's Village?

One of the most interesting characters that was introduced to Dragon Ball Super was Jiren. One of the toughest and strongest characters we've ever seen, this warrior definitely made his mark on the series. And yet, there's a lot we don't know about Jiren. We saw a little bit of his backstory, but there are some huge things that were left unanswered.

And probably the biggest question we're asking is simple. Who destroyed his village all those years ago? We get the feeling that this will be revealed sometime in the future, but right now it's a big mystery. Whoever it was must have been quite powerful. Will Jiren get his revenge one day?

18  Could One Of The Angels Be Evil?

This is a theory that every Dragon Ball Super fan has heard at least once in their life. Indeed, it's one of the most popular fan theories out there. We read about it all the time on the internet, and most of us are pretty skeptical. After all, there's no real evidence that any of the angels could be evil.

However, we have seen little signs and glimpses that reveal that the angels aren't exactly what they seem. Could they be hiding some dark secret? It's one of those mysteries that Dragon Ball Super left uncovered. The angels were never really explained in great detail, either. Are they some form of deity? Or are they an alien species? Only time will tell...

17 What Will Happen To Broly?

The newest movie in the series, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, takes place within the universe of Dragon Ball Super (obviously). And it was very interesting to see how Broly was handled in this "re-imagined" universe. In this incarnation, Broly is a lot more innocent than we previously saw. We won't give anything away, but Broly ends things on a positive note with Goku and his friends.

So what's next for Broly? This is one of the most important questions in the entire series. Since the movies are not considered Canon, we'll have to see whether Broly makes the jump to the main series. But we'll say this - the stage seems to be set for Broly to become a main character in the series. Who knows where he'll go from here...

16 What's Going On With Planet Sadala?

Another big new addition in Dragon Ball Super is Planet Sadala. This is the original home planet of the Saiyans in Goku's universe, but it was destroyed many years ago. But in universe 6, Planet Sadala never got destroyed. And this means that it's populated with an entire society of Saiyans. While this is certainly a cool idea, it's not really explored in-depth during the series.

We only really know about the characters that come from Planet Sadala, and not the actual planet itself. There's almost no information about the planet, and that's a big loose end that Dragon Ball Super never wrapped up. It's such a cool idea, and plenty of fans out there really want to learn more about the planet. Perhaps we'll get a closer look in the future...

15  Will Jiren And Goku Get A Rematch?

There's definitely a score left to settle between these two. Jiren was an absolute beast in the tournament, and Goku never really got the opportunity to really finish things. Jiren is probably one of the toughest opponents Goku has ever faced. But the tournament ended in a way that left Jiren feeling a little cheated. After all, Frieza teamed up with Goku and 17 just to get Jiren out of the ring.

It was anything but a fair fight. But will Goku and Jiren ever get the chance to duke it out once again? That's one of the biggest questions fans are asking right now. In many ways, Goku needs to beat Jiren in order to truly prove himself. And in the future, Goku could grow even stronger after he defeats Jiren. But right now, we just don't know whether that will ever happen.

14 Why Are There Still Dinosaurs On Earth?

This is a mystery that fans love to talk about, and it's a plothole that has been around long before Dragon Ball Super. Nevertheless, the new series made the existence of dinosaurs even stranger than before. Beerus admits that he was the one who made the dinosaurs extinct all those years ago... But our cold-blooded friends are quite obviously still around.

So why would he say such a thing? We know, we know... Dragon Ball definitely has its weird additions, and random dinosaurs roaming the Earth is actually relatively tame compared to the other quirky additions. Their president is a dog, for crying out loud. But still, it's one of those plotholes that really doesn't make any sense, especially with Beerus bragging about wiping out the dinosaurs.

13 Trunks And Goten Do Not Seem To Age

Another thing which is never explained has to do with Goten and Trunks. We all know that Trunks and Goten are two of the most exciting new characters in the series. They'll probably end up being the new generation of Z-Fighters as we move into the next series. But for the longest time, these two characters have remained at pretty much the same age.

Seriously, it's been years now, and these "kids" show no sign of aging. Gohan was pretty much the same story - although that's another matter. It's even stranger when you consider how quickly kids grow. They typically shoot up like bean sprouts, growing a couple inches even in a few months. Sure, it might have something to do with their Sayian blood... But that's never explicitly explained.

12 How Did Roshi Suddenly Get So Strong?

Roshi's strength is another major talking point. During the events of Dragon Ball Super, Roshi plays a much more active role than we're used to. This old man finally steps into the ring and starts showing off his true power. When the Frieza force arrives, he suddenly becomes way stronger than we've ever seen. So what gives?

Later in the series, Roshi fights in the tournament, impressing even Beerus. But if he was always this strong, then why couldn't he help during the other situations when Earth was in danger? After all, with that kind of strength, he could have dealt with Raditz with one simple strike. And that's just one example. Dragon Ball Super never explains how Roshi got so strong, so suddenly.

11 Who Are The Powerful Warriors From The Other Universes?

Jiren might be a tricky opponent, but the strongest characters out there are those that we haven't even seen fight. No, we're not talking about Grand Priest or Zeno. We're talking about warriors that we haven't even seen yet. These are the warriors that were deemed too powerful to even compete in the tournament.

Dragon Ball Super revealed that in certain universes, there are warriors that are far stronger than Goku or even Jiren. These characters (and their universes) have never been explored in detail by the series, and it's a major mystery that we're all trying to wrap our heads around. When Goku gets stronger, perhaps he'll meet some of these characters...

10 What Secrets Could The Namekian Book Of Legends Hold?

Another mystery revolves around the Namekian Book Of Legends. We've only heard about this book in passing, as it was mentioned by Shenron. In Dragon Ball Super, Shenron mentions that this book contains the secret to creating a super Saiyan god, using a special ritual. It proved to be a crucial technique and one that saved the day.

But a lot of fans are asking themselves what other secrets might exist within this Namekian Book of Legends. After all, what is this book, anyway? Does it exist in some form in the physical world? Or has it been lost to the sands of time, like the Library of Alexandria? What if the Z-Fighters find this book in the future, and learn new techniques from reading its pages?

9 Who Is Android 17's Family?

Android 17 is hardly a new character, but he reached new heights in Dragon Ball Super. We know all about Android 18's life after the Cell saga, as she married Krillin and continued to train. But Android 17 sort of fell off the radar. That is, until he was entered into the tournament as a shock contestant. He certainly showed a lot of skill, and in the end he was the last one standing. To say he had a major role in the series would be a bit of an understatement.

But the real mystery revolves around his family. Android 17 mentioned his family quite often, but we never got to see them or hear any details. His family is certainly important to Android 17 - but fans are left wondering what they look like, and how Android 17 met his wife. These little details leave plenty of exposition for a later date. Maybe his children will even become fighters one day.

8  Why Did Zeno Erase So Many Universes?

Zeno is probably one of the most interesting characters introduced in Dragon Ball Super... And one of the most intimidating. He seems pretty benevolent at first glance, treating Goku relatively well. He also has a very cartoonish appearance and behavior. But appearances can be deceiving. After all, this guy is capable of completely erasing entire universes. And he has done so many times in the past.

During Dragon Ball Super, it is revealed that Zeno erased a handful of universes long ago. Why? It's never revealed, and this is one of the biggest mysteries in the show. Perhaps those universes contained warriors that were just too strong for their own good? Perhaps Zeno just got bored? Maybe we'll never know... But something tells us that he probably had a good reason for his decision.

7 Why Doesn't Goku Teach Ultra Instinct To Anyone Else?

Ultra Instinct is another interesting concept that was introduced in Dragon Ball Super. In fact, it's probably one of the best transformations we've seen in a while. Whis explained it in a very insightful way - it's the act of making decisions without actually thinking... You just follow your instincts and DO, rather than TRY. Everything happens on a subconscious level.

So far, Goku is the only one who has achieved Ultra Instinct. But why can't he teach anyone else? The most obvious student would be Vegeta, but some might say he doesn't have the right mindset. Even then, there are others who could potentially learn this transformation. He could teach it to several Z-Fighters who have the potential. But once again, Goku keeps this transformation for himself.

6 What's With The Weird Inconsistencies Surrounding Trunks?

This still hasn't really been explained fully. Anyone who knows anything about this series knows that talking about Trunks is like opening a can of worms. As soon as you have a character traveling through time, you're opening yourself up to all kinds of inconsistencies, plot holes, and things that make absolutely no sense. At this point, most of us aren't really sure which version of Trunks is which, and how many versions of Trunks there are out there. It takes a quantum physics degree just to wrap your head around it.

But some of the more obvious inconsistencies with Trunks are pretty obvious even for the average person to spot. At one point, the two versions of Trunks come into contact with each other. One has blue hair, while the other has purple. What's the deal with this? How could they possibly have different hair colors? It's a mystery that still hasn't really been explained.

5 Why Doesn't Goku Teach Kaioken To Anyone Else?

Just like a lot of Goku's techniques, Kaioken really helps to set this hero apart. It's one of the first techniques that really makes him a step above the rest, and it's still pretty powerful to this day. It multiplies his power level significantly and comes with all kinds of advantages. He first learns this technique from King Kai, and eventually uses it to achieve victory on Planet Namek.

So why doesn't he teach this technique to others? Think about how big of an advantage it would be, even to weaker characters such as Piccolo or Krillin. Sure, their bodies might not be able to handle the harsh demands of the transformation. But we're sure that the technique would be pretty helpful in the right hands. It's just another "signature" technique that Goku seems to keep for himself.

4 Will Goten Have A Bigger Role In The Future?

Goten is a character that a lot of fans really love, but it's hard to really get behind this character. Why? Because we just don't see much of him. Like young Trunks, he doesn't get a whole lot of screen time. There's also the fact that he looks pretty much identical to Gohan and Goku, so he seems a little unoriginal at times.

Some fans say that Goten only exists to give Trunks someone to fuse with. Is that really true? Is Goten destined to be a side character who fades into the background? Or will Goten finally start to play a bigger role in future series? It seems like he's meant to be part of a new generation of Z-Fighters, alongside Trunks and a few others. Only time will tell...

3 Will Bulla Become A Fighter?

And which other Z-Fighters will join Trunks and Goten as part of this "new generation?" Well, one name that fans are throwing around might surprise some of our readers. That's right, it's Bulla - Vegeta's youngest child and daughter. So far, it seems like this character has no business learning how to fight. After all, she's just a little girl, and she takes after her mother.

But if you examine the established lore and science behind Saiyans, it's obvious that Bulla has mind-blowing potential. Why? Because of Vegeta's power level when he conceived her. Saiyan children actually inherit the power level of their parents at the time of conception - which means Bulla has the potential to be even more powerful than Trunks. Will we ever see her reach that potential? We'll have to wait and see...

2 Gohan Gets Very Weak After Only A Short Period Of Not Training

Gohan has been a major part of the series from the very beginning. He's fought some seriously powerful opponents, and he's grown insanely strong over the years. But lately, it seems as though Gohan has grown very weak. Dragon Ball Super explains this as Gohan not training enough, but does this really make sense?

After all, it's not like Gohan is a "little rusty" or slightly slower than normal. His strength has taken such a dip that he was legitimately stronger when he was little more than a toddler. We all know that training is necessary to keep up strength. But Gohan should be able to at least go a few rounds at full strength before getting tired.

1 The Pilaf Gang's Young Age Is Never Actually Explained In Super

Okay, so we all know why the Pilaf Gang is young in Dragon Ball Super. This is no great mystery. It's because of a Dragon Ball wish gone wrong. BUT only those who have actually watched all the movies will know this. It's never explained in Dragon Ball Super. Didn't watch the movies? Then you probably were a little weirded out by this childish gang from the start.

Again, this isn't some grand conspiracy or secret. It's just something that Dragon Ball Super completely failed to explain. You'd think that they'd include some kind of flashback or expository conversation. It only needed to take a few seconds, after all. Also, the movies are not considered canon, so it would make sense to "reinforce" that event in the series.

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