Dragon Ball: 10 Things Fans Need To Know About Super Saiyan Blue

The Dragon Ball universe is one that is filled with various transformations, with many people being drawn to the series for this exact reason. We decided that we wanted to take a look at one of the most powerful transformations in the Dragon Ball universe, one that only a select few characters have managed to master in the past.

Super Saiyan Blue is a special transformation, so we thought it would be great to go through the ten different things about the transformation that everyone should know if they want to continue to enjoying either the manga or the anime. Let's take a look!

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10 It's A Mixture Of Two Super Saiyan Forms


Unlike a lot of transformations in the Dragon Ball universe, Super Saiyan Blue is actually a combined form, one that takes the power of both a Super Saiyan God and the power seen in the first Super Saiyan form that has been in the universe for a very long time at this point!

Amazing to think that a fairly standard transformation at this point, one that has been written into both the manga and anime for years, the iconic transformation that everyone thinks of when they hear the name Dragon Ball, plays a part in creating one of the strongest transformations of all time.

9 It Can Be Accessed Through Two Different Methods

Dragon Ball Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Advanced First Time


One of the methods that can be utilized in an attempt to create Super Saiyan Blue is to start by absorbing the powers of a God into a Saiyan who then activates them, before going Super Saiyan while in that godlike form, creating Super Saiyan Blue.

Another way of achieving this form is to do some intense ki training with godlike power, before then absorbing that deity's power for oneself when the Saiyan is able to properly control it, which is how Vegeta ended up achieving the Super Saiyan Blue form in the Super chapter of the anime.

8 Super Saiyan Blue Is Stronger Than Super Saiyan God

When characters in the Dragon Ball universe were able to achieve the power of a God, most people assumed that this would be the end of the transformation scale, that once a Saiyan had managed to take on the power of a God there was no way that they'd then be able to continue building on that.

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However, when Super Saiyan Blue was first written into the manga and the anime, it was a chance for the writers to show that they still had a few tricks up their sleeve, especially when it came to combining already well-known Saiyan transformations. Who knows how many other transformations they've got planned!

7 Goku Black Has His Own Version

Anybody that has watched or read about the Dragon Ball world will know that Goku Black is different to the other Saiyans in the franchise, as he is an actual Saiyan God. Goku Black showed the audience that, rather than going Super Saiyan Blue when he turns Super Saiyan, thereby combining it with his already obtained godlike powers, he goes Super Saiyan Rose, affecting his hair and aura in a completely different way.

The writers clearly wanted to show that this was merely a cosmetic difference by making it pretty much identical to the Super Saiyan Blue transformation but with a different color.

6 The Blue Hair Represents Tranquility

It's easy to forget that the people in charge of writing about these characters and drawing them will think about every little thing, not just throwing anything onto the page or the screen. The creator of Dragon Ball has stated that the reason he gave blue hair to Goku when he achieved this transformation is because he wanted the audience to understand that this transformation is about more than just power.

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This is about noticing that the transformation allows the Saiyan not only a huge amount of power but the ability to control the power and stay calm, not losing it due to the insane power involved.

5 There's A Little Gold In The Aura

While this is something that has never been talked about by the makers of Dragon Ball, many people have noticed that a little gold flourish and sparks can be seen around the blue aura that surrounds the Saiyan that has achieved this transformation.

Fans have debated what this may or may not mean, why the artists would put that little bit of gold in with the blue, and they have come to the conclusion that it probably represents the underlying power of the Super Saiyan form. Some had argued that it was wasted ki from the the Super Saiyan form but we know now that isn't true.

4 It Wasn't Always Called Super Saiyan Blue

In shows like this where the writers are always coming up with different forms of power and levels of transformation, it can be difficult to keep a hang on what every stage of power if called, which is why many people probably won't remember there was time when this particular transformation wasn't actually called Super Saiyan Blue! Yes, before it was given this more concise name, it was actually known as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. We think that everyone should be able to agree that this isn't the most snappy name of all time, and yet some forms of Dragon Ball media still choose to use that name!

3 The Main Advantage Is The Control It Allows

Anybody that has been watching the show for a long time will know that the struggle with pushing forward to stronger transformations is that the main characters don't know just how powerful the transformation will become, or how much destruction it will cause. Super Saiyan Blue gets around that by offering the Saiyan a huge amount of control over the power that they gain.

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There's no chance that this strength will overwhelm the Saiyan, allowing them to keep their head and charge forward towards their objective without getting distracted.

2 The Form Allows Saiyan's To Retain Ki

Super Saiyan Blue is a transformation that pushes the Saiyan form beyond any level of power or strength that had been seen before in the Dragon Ball universe, but it comes with a difference that makes it much more efficient than any other transformation as well.

The problem with other forms such as Super Saiyan 3 is that there is too much ki for the Saiyan to control, with Goku and Vegeta leaking out ki rather than fully utilizing it all. This is no problem in Super Saiyan Blue, meaning that they can retain more ki to use on attacks against their enemies.

1 It Takes A Lot Of Experience To Control

Any fan of the universe will know that it took a lot of training and experience for Goku and Vegeta to be able to properly control the power of Super Saiyan Blue.

Due to the huge amount of stamina that it takes to fully become Super Saiyan Blue, it drains the Saiyan like no other transformation, and while they can technically use the technique more than once, the second time will now allow the Saiyan to achieve the full level of power that they had the first time around. This low level of stamina ability is essentially the only downside to going Super Saiyan Blue.

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