Dragon Ball Super Episode 100: Recap & Ending Explained

Dragon Ball Super episode 100 marked a milestone for the anime series, which can only mean epic fights and Kale unleashing her inner power.

It was a landmark episode for the show so, of course, Dragon Ball Super episode 100 was going to be action-packed - here's how the story played out. The Dragon Ball franchise began with a 1984 manga created by Akira Toriyama. The story followed a young warrior named Goku on his epic quest to find the Dragon Balls. An anime spinoff followed soon after, and a mega-franchise was born.

Dragon Ball has been adapted into just about every medium possible, including video games like Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Xenoverse, in addition to a legendarily awful movie called Dragonball: Evolution. Evolution starred Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum (Shameless) and was lambasted by fans and critics alike for mangling the source material. Screenwriter Ben Ramsey issued an apology for his involvement with the project years later.

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Dragon Ball Super is the latest anime series from the franchise, which debuted in 2015. The new show follows Goku after the defeat of Majin Buu, and he now works as a farmer. Naturally, a new enemy appears to threaten peace on Earth and Goku must assemble his old friends to fight this threat. The series ran for 131 episodes in all and came to an end in 2018. Dragon Ball Super episode 100 marked an important milestone for the series, so here's how the story played out.

Berserker Kale Grabs Goku

Dragon Ball Super episode 100 is essentially wall to wall action, with numerous characters facing off against one another in the Tournament Of Power. Following Krillin's defeat, Master Roshi gathers the Universe 7 team - consisting of members like Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo - for a quick pep talk. Vegeta ends up facing off against Cabba from Universe 6, who transforms into a Super Saiyan, while Hit uses his time skip ability to knock Narirama out of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Universe 6's Kale battles a couple of warriors from Universe 10, who easily overpower her. Caulifia saves her skin, fighting off the Universe 10 attackers and telling Kale she's stronger than anyone knows. Kale and Caulifla team up against Goku, with Caulifla goading him into turning into his Super Saiyan Blue form. She transforms into her Super Saiyan 2 form and the two battle. Kale, feeling useless and weak, becomes angry and transforms into a powerful Super Saiyan Berserker. This grabs the attention of everyone else in the arena, with Kale focusing her fury on defeating Goku. Even the almighty Goku can't hurt Kale following her transformation.

Since Dragon Ball Super episode 100 already set it up, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue to make the odds more even. Even after unleashing a Kamehameha does little to slow Kale down, and her rage means she has little control over her power. She fires ki blasts at everything but is eventually knocked out by Jiren from Universe 11 to stop her from killing somebody. The episode ends as Goku and Jiren prepare to face off once more.

Dragon Ball Super episode 100 was an exciting, fast-paced episode that was a tad light on character but made up for that with relentless action. Kale's surprise transformation also added an interesting wrinkle to the story,

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