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How Is Broly So Strong?

That brings us to how Broly was so strong and where Goku might turn to find that new strength. In the early minutes of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we see Broly’s initial arrival on Planet Vampa and he has a tail. Tails are very important to the Saiyan species and having one allows them to access a werewolf-like transformation to become an Oozaru, a colossal ape-like creature. In that form, their strength increases exponentially. However, when we see Broly later in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he has lost his tail, likely due to an intervention by his father, Paragus. Despite that loss, Broly remains a formidable fighter in part because he happens to be one of the strongest Saiyans by fluke of his genetics, but more importantly because he has learned to channel the Oozaru powers within himself to exponentially increase his own fighting potential.

Can Goku or Vegeta also harness their inner Oozaru to fight? Interestingly, the answer to this might lie in the largely retconned Dragon Ball GT and the Super Saiyan 4 transformation. Originally introduced in Dragon Ball GT, the only way to access the fourth level of Super Saiyan power is to transform into a golden Oozaru and maintain conscious control over the typically berserk form. However, since the characters in Dragon Ball have largely lacked their tails since midway through the Dragon Ball Z series, it was thought that the form has become inaccessible or had been relegated to the non-canonical Dragon Ball video games and spin-offs. However, Dragon Ball Super: Broly offers a new path forward for a reworked version of the transformation if other Saiyans can find a way to master the technique Broly developed after a lifetime of fighting for survival on Vampa.

The rift in space-time that Broly and Goku create could be a hint at where things might go for future films or future additions to the anime series. We know there’s a multiverse out there from Dragon Ball Super, but we also know that the multiverse used to be bigger than it is now until several were wiped out at the will of Zenos, the Omni-King. It’s quite possible that there are vast parts of the multiverse that could harbor dire threats against Dragon Ball’s home universe, Universe 7. We also know from past story arcs that there are beings out there capable of killing Dragon Ball gods, which could very well disturb the balance of the universe. To throw a truly crazy idea out there, it’s possible that the universes erased by Zenos remain in some form and who knows what that could mean? Whether it comes down to other dimensions or plain old Universe 7 space, Dragon Ball’s future seems to be waiting out among the stars.

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What Lies In Store For Dragon Ball Super

Planet-Eater Moro Dragon Ball Super Manga

The ongoing Dragon Ball manga from Toriyama backs up everything. Following the section of the manga that deals with the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku and Vegeta dragged into an operation by the Galactic Patrol, an organization dedicated to keeping the galaxy safe from those who might harm or destroy it. For the past 10 million years, they have guarded an extremely potent sorcerer known for consuming the life force of entire planets named Planet-Eater Moro. Moro stands as a fairly formidable fighter on his own after having absorbed the lives of vast swaths of the galaxy. He also happens to be able to wield magic more potent than many of the gods that oversee the workings of the universe. To put it more plainly: Moro is so powerful that the gods sentenced him to death but no one had enough power to kill him. It’s very possible that Moro and the exploits of the Galactic Patrol will be where the next film or anime series takes viewers.

One of the biggest changes made to the character of Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly is his relationship with Goku by the end of the film. Instead of being an enemy that Goku believes has been destroyed, Broly and Goku see one another as equals and friends. This opens up a number of interesting possibilities going forward. If we take the manga as an indication of where things will go in the potential continuation of Super or the beginning of a new Dragon Ball series altogether, Broly coming back as a recurring member of the cast as either a trainer or an ally in battle could be really interesting. While most fans are accustomed to only seeing Broly only in films, his canonization by Toriyama in both the manga and film leaves his appearance in a future anime adaptation a very real possibility.

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