What To Expect From Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2

Broly and Moro in Dragon Ball Super

Here's everything fans can look forward to in Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2. Historically, Dragon Ball movies have been deemed non-canon side stories to the TV anime but since the release of Battle of Gods in 2013, Dragon Ball's cinematic output has had a distinctly "event" feel and has revived the ongoing popularity of the franchise. This successful streak culminated with the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which went on to achieve unprecedented box office success and attract a host of positive reviews.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly took heavy cues from the title character's original appearance in 1993's The Legendary Super Saiyan, but finally added the character to official canon. The movie pitted Goku and Vegeta against Broly in a beautifully animated brawl for the ages and featured appearances from the likes of Frieza, Bulma and Beerus, as well as the fusion character Gogeta.

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Earlier this month, Toei Animation's Akiyo Iyoku revealed that preparations are being made for the next movie in the Dragon Ball series and, likely as a result of this, the Dragon Ball Super TV anime currently remains on hiatus. Here's everything that has been revealed about Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2 so far.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2 Expected Release Date

With the project currently in the early stages of development, there's no official release date confirmed for the next Dragon Ball movie at the time of writing. The release is also tricky to predict, as there was a two-year gap between Battle of Gods and its sequel, Resurrection F but almost four years passed before Dragon Ball Super: Broly arrived. However, this extended gap was caused by the existence of the Dragon Ball Super anime series, which is currently not an issue.

In the recent series of Dragon Ball movies, the finished products have consistently premiered roughly a year after being officially announced. Iyoku's comments don't quite count as an official unveiling and Toei tend to wait until the animation process is well underway before properly announcing a project.

On the other hand, Toei will undoubtedly want to capitalize on the success of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and therefore won't want too much of a delay on the follow-up. As such, the earliest fans can expect Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2 is during the second half of 2020, with a 2021 release perhaps more likely.

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In more encouraging news, the increasing success of recent Dragon Ball movies has resulted in increased distribution outside of Japan and Dragon Ball Super: Broly was shown in more U.S. theaters than ever before. Despite these higher expectations, Dragon Ball Super: Broly still performed better than hoped, and the next movie will be rewarded with the widest international release yet. For the same reason, fans in the West should only have to wait a month longer than their Japanese counterparts for the next Dragon Ball movie to premiere.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2 Story

In Iyoku's interview, it was confirmed that the next Dragon Ball movie will go in a distinctly different direction to Dragon Ball Super: Broly, following the pattern of each film comprising of a mostly self-contained story arc. A direct sequel to the 2018 movie and a second round against the Legendary Super Saiyan is, therefore, unlikely.

While it's possible that Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2 will offer a completely new adventure for Goku and Vegeta, Toei may turn to the manga for inspiration. In the Dragon Ball Super manga, the Broly fight is followed by a new arc and new villain: the Planet-Eater Moro. This portion of the manga has been well-received thus far and since Dragon Ball Super: Broly drew from the Dragon Ball Minus one-shot, it wouldn't be at all surprising to see at least some of the Moro story adapted for the big screen.

Having said that, Broly remained alive at the end of Dragon Ball Super: Broly and given how positively the character was received, there's a strong possibility that the Legendary Super Saiyan will return in a smaller capacity in Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2.

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