Dragon Ball Super: 15 Most Powerful New Characters, Ranked

Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rose from Dragon Ball Super

The newest entry in the Dragon Ball saga, Dragon Ball Super, carries over from Dragon Ball Z in the sense that it doesn’t hold back in further developing the already-ridiculous power scale introduced in the previous series. With the release of Battle of Gods in 2013, actual deities were introduced to the series as antagonists, and so began Goku and Vegeta’s infinite pursuit to reach the level of the Gods. On their way, the pair have sparred and battled with a whole host of new and powerful characters.

Some we have yet to see in action, and at time of writing we are in the midst of the warm-ups for the Universe Survival tournament, so things could very well change even within the next few episodes. Beerus and Whis, introduced before Dragon Ball Super but post-Dragon Ball Z, are up for inclusion, while Frieza, despite debuting his new Golden form in Resurrection ‘F’, is excluded for obvious reasons.

Let’s take a look at the 15 Most Powerful Characters Introduced In Dragon Ball Super.

15 Monaka

Monaka Dragon Ball Super

Monaka is the hero of planet Wagashi, the strongest fighter Beerus has ever faced, and the God of Destruction’s ace in the hole at the Multiverse Tournament. Beerus drafts Monaka in to represent Universe 7, even suggesting that he fight after Goku and Vegeta so as to pick up the pieces after the Saiyans’ inevitable defeats against their Universe 6 opponents.

Of course, it happens that all of this is entirely made up by Beerus as an elaborate scheme to motivate Goku and Vegeta into getting stronger. Monaka, as noted by Whis, is not a fighter at all, but a galactic deliveryman. That said, he does take a punch to the face from Goku, when the latter tries to goad Monaka into showing off his incredible power.

He is also indirectly responsible for both Universe 7’s victory at the tournament and Vegeta’s survival on planet Potaufeu. Goku is convinced to this day that Monaka is the strongest in the universe, but the chances of a sparring match between the two are fairly slim.

14 Botamo

Botamo Dragon Ball Super

The Multiverse Tournament was an early introduction to plenty of new characters, and Botamo is the first in a string of Universe 6 fighters on this list. Botamo faces Goku in the first match of the tournament, and actually gains the upper hand in the opening stages, although it is revealed soon after that Goku has eaten too much and needs time to work it off.

At this stage, Botamo is more powerful than Goku, but as Goku settles down, Botamo finds it more and more difficult to land a hit on the speedy Saiyan due to his large size. He just about hangs in there on raw power alone, taking several blows and a Kamehameha to the chest before he is eventually caught off balance and thrown from the ring. Despite his immense physical strength, Botamo barely provides a challenge to Goku, who never even turns Super Saiyan as he gains a comfortable victory.

13 Frost

Frost Dragon Ball Super

In turn, Frost is at least powerful enough to force Goku into transforming. The pair go more or less blow-for-blow in their base forms, but Frost’s final form proves to be no match for Goku at Super Saiyan 1. Frost actually gets the win by poisoning his opponent, which goes undiscovered until deeper into the tournament, and he faces off against Piccolo in his second match.

Frost is seriously tested by Piccolo, whose power is nowhere near Goku’s at this point, but through a vast array of tactical moves, he is able to keep Frost at bay for long enough to fully charge a Special Beam Cannon. Frost also defeats Piccolo with poison, later claiming that he would have been taken out by Piccolo’s technique.

In his next match with Vegeta, Frost is knocked from the ring in a single punch. Frost provides Goku with a decent fight, but would ultimately have lost to Piccolo had he not cheated.

12 Magetta

Magetta Dragon Ball Super

In the manga, Vados states that Frost is Universe 6’s most powerful fighter. In fairness, this is before she has seen the extent of Hit’s power and Cabba’s Super Saiyan form, but on the evidence of Magetta’s battle with Vegeta, the Metalman also far outranks Frost. Magetta is unable to fly, and while he never manages to land a hit on Vegeta in close combat, he pushes a Super Saiyan Vegeta to the very edge (literally), while Frost was defeated by base Vegeta in a single blow.

Magetta’s Lava Spit technique makes him a dangerous opponent even from the ground; he blocks and solidifies a Galick Gun with a stream of magma, and its force is almost enough to knock Vegeta out of bounds. He is eventually unsettled by a full-power Final Flash, though even that is not enough to actually end the match. After being pushed to the edge of the ring by the attack, he only loses the will to fight when a frustrated Vegeta labels him “a piece of junk”. As a member of the sensitive Metalman race, Magetta is upset by the insult, and falls from the ring himself.

11 Cabba

Cabba from Dragon Ball

The last of the Mutliverse Tournament entries (for now) is Cabba, the Saiyan from Universe 6. Cabba is Vegeta’s equal in the early stages of their match, and not just in power. The Saiyan pair share exactly the same stance, and fire off dual Galick Guns that are evenly matched. Cabba is completely overwhelmed when Vegeta returns to his Super Saiyan state, having never seen the form in his universe, but rather than end the match there and then, the Prince decides to teach his multiverse compatriot a thing or two about his race.

With a few more choice insults, Vegeta goads the Super Saiyan out of Cabba, and the pair are even once more. An enraged Cabba lands multiple blows on Vegeta, before the latter decides that enough is enough, and introduces Super Saiyan Blue to the tournament for the first time. The Saiyan Prince is unmoved by a blow to the face, and Cabba too is beaten with one punch, though he is the first to face the might of Super Saiyan Blue.

10 Basil

Basil Dragon Ball Super

The build-up to the Tournament of Power is underway, and all 12 universes are gathered to participate in a warm-up match at The King of All’s request. Universe 7 is currently facing off against Universe 9, whose fighters are essentially a trio of wolf brothers. As Bergamo and Lavenda prepare to enter the ring, Basil has been battling Majin Buu in the first head-to-head between the universes, and we’ve seen the results of that match within the last week.

Basil’s true power is difficult to determine, and made no easier by the fact that we haven’t seen Buu in action since Dragon Ball Z. Buu is weaker now that his inner evil has been released, but he still holds his own against Kid Buu, at least more so than Vegeta at Super Saiyan 2.

Though he ends up losing, Basil goes hand-to-hand with Buu in his powered-up state, so we can assume he is beyond Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta in DBZ, who in turn would naturally be more powerful than Cabba at Super Saiyan 1. There’s some logic in there somewhere.

9 Zamasu

Zamasu Dragon Ball Super

For our benefit as much as yours, let’s just recap exactly how many Zamasus are spread across the various timelines in the Future Trunks arc. The first Zamasu is killed by Beerus in the altered version of the present. The second is from the original present timeline (before Trunks traveled back to the past), and is saved from being erased out of existence by his Time Ring. The third is from the future. There is no reason to suggest that any Zamasu is more powerful than the other (pre-Goku Black), but we’re looking specifically at Future Zamasu, who is most often seen in action.

Future Zamasu is overpowered by Super Saiyan Blue and Trunks’ Super Saiyan Rage, although he manages to hold his own for a short period of time against both forms. This Zamasu also has the added bonus of immortality, which prevents his death several times through the arc, as Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks at full-power have the upper hand against the apprentice Supreme Kai.

8 Goku Black

Dragon Ball Super, Goku Black attacks

Goku Black is the second Zamasu. Fueled by his hatred for Goku, and by the idea that a mere mortal would dare challenge him in combat, Zamasu takes control of Goku’s body as the first part of his Zero Mortals plan. The resulting base form is said to be on par with Super Saiyan 3 Goku, but Zamasu learns through a rematch with Goku that his new Saiyan body is capable of growing more powerful in short spaces of time.

He quickly develops his own equivalent of Super Saiyan Blue, which he names Super Saiyan Rosé. The form is initially far beyond Super Saiyan Blue, as Black impales Vegeta and even matches Goku after his rage-induced power-up.

Vegeta manages to outmatch Black upon his return to the future, having trained extensively in the Time Chamber, but Black only further increases his power when he learns that the key to a Saiyan’s power is in his anger.

7 Hit

Dragon Ball Super, Hit vs Goku tournament match

Easily the strongest member of Team Universe 6, Hit first faces off against Goku in the penultimate match of the Multiverse Tournament (but with only Monaka yet to fight, this is essentially the deciding round). After making short work of a worn-out Vegeta, Hit and Goku go through the motions as they make their way up to full power. Goku figures out Hit’s Time-Stop technique just as Hit improves instinctively with every blow he takes, and the pair battle to a virtual standstill. Hit is put on the back foot by Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken combination, but eventually gets the win when the Kaio-ken wears off.

Hit’s physical attributes don’t do justice to his full power set, however. A Universe 6 assassin, his power lies in his killing techniques, which he later uses on Goku (who then restarts his own heart with an energy blast sent into the sky before the event). Even after Goku has faced Zamasu, and significantly increased in power, he is still unable to do much damage to Hit during their rematch.

6 Champa

Champa Dragon Ball Super

Champa is the Universe 6 God of Destruction, and even Hit is visibly shaken when Champa threatens to wipe out his entire team for losing to Universe 7. Champa is also Beerus’ brother, trained by Vados as a Destruction God. Like his brother, Champa is capable of destroying planets simply by touching their surface, and during one of their several clashes through the series, they are knocked out by Vados and Whis for fear of destroying the entire universe with their combined power.

Champa is roughly equal to Beerus in power, though his stamina is significantly inferior due to his obvious weight gain and lack of any work ethic. Vados implies that it should be obvious just by looking at them that Beerus would defeat Champa if they were ever forced to battle, and on Champa’s suggestion that they see for themselves, Beerus responds only by laughing in his brother’s face.

5 Beerus

Beerus Bills in Dragon Ball Z

Beerus’ power was evident from his very first appearance in the franchise, nearly killing Super Saiyan 3 Goku with a single chop to the neck on King Kai’s planet. At the same suppressed power level, Beerus dominates some of Earth’s most powerful warriors – including Ultimate Gohan, Super Gotenks, Rage Vegeta, and Majin Buu – without ever breaking a sweat. He asserts barely 70% of his full power in his battle with the Super Saiyan God, which he wins having taken only minor blows.

Whis suggests that Goku and Vegeta at Super Saiyan Blue would pose a threat to Beerus if they fought together, but even Golden Frieza, whose initial power belittles that of an individual Super Saiyan Blue in Resurrection ‘F’, is terrified of crossing Beerus during his rematch with Goku. Perhaps Beerus’ finest display of power to date is his total disintegration of present Zamasu, although he does also destroy two suns simply by sneezing at them.

4 Whis

Whis in Dragon Ball Z

Although we have never seen Whis fight seriously, his brief attack on Beerus and various sparring sessions with the Saiyans tell you all you need to know about his power level. Akira Toriyama himself has even chimed in; the series creator suggests that if Super Saiyan God Goku were a six on the imaginary power scale, and Beerus a 10, then Whis would be a 15, and yet he still finds himself as low as fourth on this list.

At least in terms of speed, Whis is actually the fastest in all the universe, nonchalantly traveling to the 65th Nebula and back for a spot of lunch (although he is beaten to Earth by Goku’s Instant Transmission). Whis is also fast enough in battle that he is able to sign his emblem onto Goku and Vegeta’s gi as the pair attack him early on in Resurrection ‘F’, and in the same movie, he knocks out a rampaging Beerus with a single blow to the back of the neck.

3 Vados

Vados Dragon Ball Super

If we have seen little of Whis in action, we have seen even less of his older sister. Vados’ only major contributions to the series so far have been to order Hit to assassinate Goku (as part of a plan Goku himself put in place), and knock out Champa as he and Beerus threaten to destroy Earth with their squabbling.

The only thing we have to go on in ranking her above her brother is Vados’ own word. Vados claims to be far beyond Whis in strength, although Whis rebuts the claim with one of his own – that she has not trained him for over 1000 years. If anything, the fact that Vados had previously trained Whis is a good enough reason for her higher ranking, and the guidebook for the Universe 6 arc seems to concur. In the “Preparing for the Tournament” volume of the manga, her profile suggests that she is Whis’ superior.

2 Grand Priest

Grand Priest Dragon Ball Super

Whis and Vados’ father, the Grand Priest, sits just above them on this list, although there is actually a fairly sizable gap in their power levels. Whis, the strongest fighter in Universe 7, tells Goku that the Grand Priest – also known as the High Priest or the Great Priest – far outranks his own power. It is said that he is one of the five strongest warriors in the universe, and there is a case that he could even be number one, although we’re yet to see the extent of his power.

In the manga, Whis actually refers to the Grand Priest as the greatest fighter in all 12 universes, although we’re not quite sure whether he was counting our number one pick (who should be obvious by now) as a contender. The Gods of Dragon Ball all appear to have an angel attendant, and in the case of Beerus and Whis, Champa and Vados – the angel is question is superior to the God they protect and attend.

The Grand Priest may well be the greatest fighter in all of Dragon Ball, which doesn’t bode well if the rumors of his villainy are true, but when it comes to straight-up power, it’s hard to top the literal King of Everything.

1 Zen-Oh

Zen-Oh Dragon Ball Super

Unlike the Grand Priest, we have seen a glimpse of what Zen-Oh can do. The King of All appears on Future Earth just as Trunks has split Fusion Zamasu in two, declaring him “annoying”, before erasing all trace of the immortal villain from existence. But that doesn’t tell anything like the whole story. Even after Black and Zamasu had destroyed all the Gods in the future timeline, the Supreme Kai insisted that they would not dare have attacked the Omni-King, and that he is essentially invulernable.

The Omni-King holds authority over everything across all 12 universes, and Beerus notes that his power is beyond comprehension. According to Whis, there used to be 18 universes before Zen-Oh destroyed six of them during a particularly unpleasant mood swing. He may not fight hand-to-hand, but when you can wipe a universe out with a single thought, you generally don’t need to enter close combat.


Who is your favorite character introduced in Dragon Ball Super? What are your predictions for the Tournament of Power? Let us know!

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