Dragon Ball: The 10 Strongest (And 10 Weakest) Fusions, Ranked

Dragon Ball is a series that has characters who are constantly growing in power and ability. New techniques serve as benchmarks for the ever changing power rankings, and sometimes the characters turn to alternative means to keep up. Fusions can happen several ways in Dragon Ball, but all of them serve the same purpose -- to combine two characters in order to make an even stronger one. There are three types of fusions. First are the Namekian fusions, which are unique to their race. This technique is a total assimilation of two Namekians, and there can only be one host body, which means that the stronger of the two serves as host and the weaker is essentially gone forever as an individual character.

Second is the Fusion Dance, which Goku learned from the Metamorans in Other World. This fusion is a merger of two characters into a new character who retains abilities and characteristics of both participants.

Last is the Potara Fusion, which is performed with the Potara Earings that the Supreme Kais wear. This fusion has strict rules where a mortal can fuse for one hour only, but a Supreme Kai fusion will become permanent. There are also absorbing techniques that have similar effects as fusions that are used by several villains. All are powerful but not every shot at fusion works out well. Ritual mistakes and even poor character choices can impact the effect.

Here are the 10 Strongest (And 10 Weakest) Dragon Ball Fusions.

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17 Best: Zamasu

As the arrogant and powerful Supreme Kai of Universe 10, Zamasu is thus far the strongest character the Z fighters have faced in Dragon Ball Super. Zamasu has a strong sense of order in the universe, and doesn’t like mortals very much. These feelings are amplified when he meets Goku, who defeats him in battle.

Convinced that mortals are now too dangerous to be left alive, he sets his plans in motion. He betrays his fellow Kais in the future timeline and uses the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku, and went on a reign of terror as Goku Black. He then fuses with his future self, creating a Potara fusion between Goku and a Supreme Kai.

Zamasu reached an insane level of power at his peak in this arc, able to fight Super Saiyan Blue Vegito until the latter’s Potara Fusion runs out, Zamasu is eventually stabbed by trunks and later erased from existence by Future Zen-Oh. Though never properly tested, it’s quite possible that Zamasu was stronger than Beerus. Regardless, he’s one of the strongest fusions in all of Dragon Ball.

16 19: Worst: Aka

Abo and Kado were two remnants of the Frieza arc, way back in the earlier days of Dragon Ball Z. Debuting in the movie Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!, they somehow made it all those years without encountering any of the Z fighters.

As with most soldiers in Frieza’s army, they are arrogant and proud, but they didn’t seem to realize that their power level was outright laughable at this point. Ranked about the same level as the Ginyu Force in power, Abo and Kado still use scouters to size up their foes, despite the scouters being obsolete for ages.

They fight the youngsters Goten and Trunks and lose handily when the kids focus their ki, which prompts them to fuse intp Aka. They brag that they are now as strong as Frieza, only it’s the Frieza from decades back, who is no match for the heroes today.

Abo and Kado arrived far too late to be relevant, and are thus one of the weakest fusions ever seen.

18. Best: Gotenks

Gotenks is one of the most talked about characters in Dragon Ball, despite having limited screen time. A Fusion between Goten and Trunks, Gotenks sports all of the cool aesthetics of a Super Saiyan turned up to 11.

When he first debuts during the Buu arc in Z, he immediately becomes the coolest thing around for fans who can't wait for the self proclaimed “King of Justice” to vanquish Buu. Though he does possess a level of arrogance that is usually unseen in the Z fighters, Gotenks is a true hero who will give his all, fearlessly taking on the strongest of foes with his considerable power.

Able to achieve Super Saiyan 3 form in the fusion, Gotenks ranks among one of the most powerful characters at peak level even past Z and into Super. With his booming, dual voice, dramatic moves, and undeniable charisma, Gotenks consistently ranks among the most popular characters in fan polls, and is certainly one of the best fusions.

15 Worst: Old Kai

Once, the being known as Old Kai was a young Kai, but became the way he is through foolish carelessness. One day when he was reading a comic book, an Old Witch who also inhabited Other World snuck up on him and stole one of his Potara Earings. Accidentally causing a fusion between the two, they merged into one and Old Kai was born.

For the most part, fans don’t have many good things to say about the Kais of our universe because they never do much fighting-- and Old Kai is no different. He does contribute by drawing out Gohan’s hidden strength, but he has always been a rather lackluster character who is still around today but strictly as a background character.

There really isn’t much at all to like about this character. A silly origin story and a nearly blank resumé make Old Kai one of the lamest fusion characters in the series.

14 Best: Super Android 17

As a prime antagonist in the non-canon series Dragon Ball GT, Super Android 17 was serious trouble for the heroes. He is a fusion between Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17, who was created in Hell by evil Doctors Gero and Myuu.

Like some other Androids before him, Super 17 believes that he is the ultimate Android, and might have a claim to that title since he has easily wiped the floor with several Z fighters, including Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks.

His personality is mostly that of Hell Fighter 17-- he is evil to the bone. During his arc, he absorbs several powerful attacks from Z members and increases his power to the point where he could take on Super Saiyan 4 Goku on even ground.

Goku, ever the perceptive fighter, notices that Super 17 is vulnerable to attack during his absorption technique, and is thus able to defeat him with a Dragon Fist. Maxing out at a power level just shy of 1.8 billion, Super 17 had a rightful spot as a main villain in GT and is one of the more dangerous fusions the heroes have ever contended with.

13 Worst: Imperfect Cell

While Cell’s ultimate form of Super Perfect Cell is extremely powerful, it took him a while to get there. Cell first came from Future Trunk’s timeline after he killed the hero and stole his Time Machine. However, he couldn’t fit and had to revert to larva form to take the trip.

Once he’s back in the past, he waits four years and emerges from his cocoon as Imperfect Cell, sporting a lizard-like appearance and a beak for a mouth. Imperfect Cell is still dangerous and has the ability to absorb others, but no one that is too powerful at the time.

He is confronted by Piccolo and is losing the fight when he uses Solar Flare to escape, licking his wounds and forced to absorb humans because he cannot absorb strong fighters yet.

Imperfect Cell is focused on his goal but simply lacks the strength to realize it until he absorbs tens of thousands of  lowly humans, who can’t hope to put up a fight. The only Cell form weaker than this is the cocoon stage, making Imperfect Cell one of the weaker fusions we’ve seen.

12 Best: Piccolo (Nameless Namekian)

The Namekian fusions are permanent, so it can be easy to forget that the Piccolo we have now and have had for most of the story is the one who fused with Kami way back in the early Cell Saga.

After the fusion with Kami, Piccolo returns to fight Imperfect Cell and forces him to retreat. Later on, he is shown to be on equal power with Android 17, which means that he is very powerful and thus astonishes his teammates.

This arc established Piccolo in as a serious player in the Z team going forward. Besides showing great power, Piccolo is extremely tough. This is especially evident when he survives a full blast through the chest from Cell, which would have killed someone else.

This was a turning point for Piccolo because, without his fusion with Kami, he would have been left in the dust. Though he is never the strongest member, he is always strong and reliable, and is a great member of the Universe 7 team in Dragon Ball Super.

11 Worst: Piccolo (Fused With Nail)

Piccolo has been around since the very first Dragon Ball series. During the Frieza Saga, Piccolo arrives on Namek and comes across a dying Namekian warrior named Nail. Beaten nearly to death by Frieza, Nail offers to fuse with Piccolo.

After being assured that Piccolo will be the host-- or at least the dominant personality-- the two combine and Piccolo emerges as the Super Namekian. Piccolo has always been a true warrior, and he attacks Frieza with everything he has and manages to match him for a small time.

However, this was only Frieza’s second form, and the third form completely outclasses Piccolo and provides him with a terrible beating. Even though he had all of Piccolo’s heart and spirit, Super Namekian Piccolo barely managed to fight mid-form Frieza, making him nothing more than a sideline character for the rest of the arc.

He’s grown a lot since then, though, becoming much more powerful, but Piccolo’s fusion with Nail was ultimately futile and best left forgotten.

12. Best: Vegito (Buu Arc)

It’s well known that Vegito is the strongest character to ever fight in Dragon Ball. Vegito is the trump card for the hero side, and has only been used a couple of times and only when necessary.

As a Potara Fusion between Goku and Vegeta, his power level crushes that of Super Buu, who at the time was the strongest character alive. He was the one to finally take the wind out of Buu’s sails by utterly embarrassing him in a fight and then purposely getting absorbed to free the other absorbed fighters and power Buu down.

This was the payoff in an arc that was designed to keep fans on the edge of their seats, as we watched hero after hero fall to the pink terror. Even the mighty Gotenks and Gohan were victims.

Vegito’s personality seems to be more dominated by Vegeta-- he has a bold and forceful arrogance that lacks the childish charm of Goku’s friendly competitive nature. Personality doesn’t mean much with him, though, since his multi-trillion power level can vanquish any villain.

10 Worst: Fat Gotenks

The Fusion Dance is a process that leaves no room for error. The motions, timing, and connection must be absolutely perfect or the end result will be something far worse than what was planned. Such was the case in the Buu arc, when they turned to a new means of power to battle Buu.

The Fusion Dance was learned by Goku in Other World, and first to successfully implement it were Goten and Trunks. That success came after a few tries. In the first attempt of the dance, the boys’ fingers do not touch correctly and the result is a tubby fusion of the two.

Not lacking Gotenks’ confidence, Fat Gotenks showed off a few moves, shadowboxing in front of the team, and everyone looked hopeful... at least until he ran. Fat Gotenks didn’t make it ten steps before doubling over completely winded like a boxer in the 12th round. Like most failed fusions, this one didn’t last long, but fans will always remember this first version of Gotenks.

10. Best: Super Android 13

The second of the Super Androids on the list, Super 13 was the main villain in the seventh Dragon Ball movie, and proved to be a challenge for the core members of the Z team. Super 13 was created specifically to find and kill Goku.

Though far from the only character with that goal, Super 13 managed to absorb the leftover part of his comrades-- Androids 14 and 15--- and become an imposing figure both in stature and power. In base form, he is strong enough to destroy planet Earth, which is a serious benchmark. In Super form, his power increases exponentially, and he is therefore able to fight off Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks in Super Saiyan.

Additionally, he is extremely tough, as seen when Future Trunks actually breaks his sword trying to slice him. It takes Goku's Spirit Bomb to damage him, making him one of only a handful of villains that required it. Super Android 13’s time was short but memorable, and he is one of the strongest Androids the series has seen yet.

9 Worst: Old Gotenks

Gotenks makes the list once again with another of his failed fusion attempts. After the embarrassing but funny debacle that was Fat Gotenks, the kids manage to defuse and try their hands a second time. Once again they perform the dance and once again their fingers don’t touch properly.

This time the result isn't a fat version of the two, but instead an emaciated, quivering old man. Old Gotenks is even worse than his fat counterpart because he can’t even muster the strength to move.

With his ribs showing through his skin, he looks almost as weak as he is. Master Roshi comments that he looks older than he does. Lacking the spirit and albeit limited movement of Fat Gotenks, he can’t even talk or stand up straight because of his frailty. Old Gotenks takes the cake as the worst form of the character that there ever was and likely ever will ever be.

8 Best: Gogeta

As another fusion between Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta is the result of a Fusion Dance. The type of fusion makes a lot of difference because Fusion Dance transformations are only viable for 30 minutes, so potential users must pick their timing carefully.

Gogeta makes his debut in the 12th movie, which greatly affects the main antagonist, Janemba. Although it is said that Potara Fusion is the “purest” fusion, Gogeta manages to show off some incredible power in his short time.

Super Janemba is extremely powerful at this time, putting down Super Saiyan 3 Goku. That makes him stronger than Kid Buu, the strongest stand alone fighter in all of Dragon Ball Z, but it isn’t nearly enough in the end.

Much like his Potara counterpart, when Gogeta shows up it’s game over. Janemba has no chance against him and is vanquished in short order after Gogeta toys with him for a bit. He’s not as strong as Vegito, but Gogeta still ranks among the more powerful fusions we’ve ever seen.

7 Worst: Veku

Appearing in the same movie as his ideal version, Gogeta, Veku is the result of Goku and Vegeta screwing up the Fusion Dance. Goku blamed Vegeta for the misfire, but regardless of who’s fault it was, Veku is an obese version of Gogeta-- in much the same way that Fat Gotenks is a bigger version of Gotenks.

Not satisfied with an embarrassing appearance, Veku actually fights Janemba. The best thing that could be said about Veku’s fight is that he had a better showing than Old Gotenks would have. However, the fight is a one-sided thrashing that leaves Veku a bloody mess.

Veku has no stamina to speak of, extremely low ki, and no good attacks. He may be a rehash of Fat Gotenks but he is still amusing, especially after demonstrating his secret Rabbit Feet technique-- running away as fast as he can. Easily one of the worst fusions we’ve ever seen, let’s hope Veku's one brief appearance will be his last.

6 Best: Majuub

Uub is the human reincarnation of Kid Buu, the final villain of Dragon Ball Z. Starting off as a timid child, he grows into a confident and capable fighter under the tutelage of Goku with a strong sense of justice. He becomes the most powerful human ever in Z, taking the spot long held by Krillin.

It is during the Baby Saga that he fuses with Fat Buu and becomes Majuub. What’s interesting about this is that, while Uub was the human reincarnation of Kid Buu and Fat Buu is the good essense left when the evil part of him split, Majuub is essentially the reforming of Majin Buu, only this time there is no evil in him.

He becomes extremely powerful, nearly matching Goku at Super Saiyan 3 form. Able to hold his own with some very powerful foes, Majuub was still a young fighter with plenty of room to grow, and since Uub is a canonical character, there is a chance that, sometime in the future of Dragon Ball Super, we might see him once again.

5 Worst: Tiencha

Tiencha never made an appearance in the manga or anime, and is instead exclusive to the game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2.  No offence to the Tien Shinhan and Yamcha fans out there, but this has to be the most undesirable fusion someone could come up with from the Z team.

Yamcha has been the weakest member for a very long time, and Tien, while have a little power, is not even as strong as Krillin, who cannot compete at a high level anymore. A fusion always results in an even more powerful character, but how much power could you get out of fusing these two?

We can surmise from the game and our knowledge of their power levels that they might be able to keep up with lower level Saiyans like Raditz and Nappa and perhaps even some members of Frieza’s army, but that’s about as far as it will go.

Frieza himself would annihilate Tiencha, and that’s the version from the original saga. Tiencha is what you get when someone asks what would happen if you fused the two weakest Z fighters. 

4 Best: Kefla

As one of the newest characters, Kefla is a Potara Fusion between Kale and Caulifla of Universe 6’s fighting team in the Tournament of Power. They are not biological sisters, but rather sister-figures who treat each other as family.

As Saiyans, both have incredible potential, but Caulifla is the one who takes the leadership role. Kale is shy and timid, very unlike most other Saiyans, but her hidden power is staggering. She’s essentially the female version of Broly, and when she powers up she can handle herself very well.

After fusing via the Potara earings, Kefla is born and is revealed as Universe 6’s trump card in the tournament. Alone, both women are strong fighters, especially Kale when fully powered. However, together, they are among the strongest fighters we’ve seen.

Able to match and even overpower Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Kefla is still new and we haven’t seen her full strength yet, but we can bet on her being among the final participants in the tournament with her level of power.

3 Worst: Fat Buu

Fat Buu is the result of Kid Buu fusing with Grand Supreme Kai back in the early Buu Saga of Z. He’s a very recognizable character in the series and had a short run as a powerful villain, but ever since his fall from that spot he’s been treated as little more than a joke.

He is trounced by Super Buu, and though he did survive into Dragon Ball Super, his best contributions were being embarrassed by Beerus and eating copious amount of food at the banquet. There was a glimmer of hope that he would return to form when he was selected to be a part of Universe 7’s team in the tournament, and he showed drive by working out enough to lose a significant amount of weight, but it was not to be.

Instead he overeats and falls into a food coma, missing his training, gaining all of his weight back, and losing his spot on the team. He’s likable and serves as a background character well enough, but after his failure to make the team, it seems unlikely like Fat Buu will ever rise to the level he once had.

2 Best: Vegito Super Saiyan Blue

The trump card of the Z fighters made his second appearance before the Tournament of Power when the heroes had to take on Zamasu. Vegito’s status as the strongest fighter in Dragon Ball is well known, but he took it to a whole new level during Dragon Ball Super.

Zamasu’s god-like power seems unstoppable until Vegito goes Super Saiyan Blue, and he is now able to easily shrug off the Kai’s dreaded Holy Wrath attack. During the fight, Vegito is forced to use all of his power on Zamasu and diffuses because he runs out, but not before stabbing Zamasu with the Spirit Sword.

Although Goku and Vegeta diffused before they could finish Zamasu, they bought enough time for Future Trunks to step in and finish off the rogue Kai with his sword. This wouldn’t have been possible without Vegito because Trunks couldn’t hope to reach god-level power and he was able to take advantage of Zamasu’s arrogance.

Vegito technically didn’t defeat Zamasu, but it is because of him that, once again, just like the end of Z, he trumps the strongest villain as hope is running out.

1 Worst: Kibito Kai

Another character in a long line of underwhelming Kais is Kibito Kai, who is the result of a careless Potara Fusion between Shin and Kibito. Thinking nothing of the fusion, they both fail to realize that it is permanent, and are stuck like this forever.

Kibito Kai retains Kibito’s tall body and long hair, but also a sense of naïvety that is undesirable in Supreme Kai. As for his power level, Old Kai says that he is stronger than Shin and Kibito individually, but still not anywhere near as strong as the Buus. This makes Kibito Kai an obsolete character the moment he comes into existence.

Kibito Kai has an admirable personality-- he cares about humans and Earth, and even admires them for their resourcefulness and resiliency, and is thus an overall kind being. Kais aren’t supposed to choose a side when it comes to mortal conflicts, however, even if Kibito Kai chose to, he wouldn't stand a chance.


What do you think? Who do you think is the strongest (and weakest) Dragon Ball fusion? Let us know in the comments!

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