The 30 Strongest Dragon Ball Gods Of All Time, Officially Ranked

Dragon Ball has developed an amazing hierarchy of deities in its dense world. These characters hold such immense powers that they can even go as far as to destroy entire universes.

It seems that, as time goes on, the power levels of these gods grow, as each new god becomes more powerful than the last and the older gods gain powers that helps even the playing field somewhat.

Despite this, it seems that every god that is introduced into the Dargon Ball series adds even more immense powers, leaving them on a level far above all others in the story's world.

Yes, the main characters in the world of Dragon Ball are Goku and his companions, but even they pale in comparison to the gods of whom they end up playing the games for.

With the most recent Dragon Ball Super storyline involving the Tournament of Power, where the survival of entire universes was on the line, it proved that the gods held all the power and the heroes were just pawns in their game.

However, while the gods are seemingly all-powerful, there are also a number of the deities that seem surpassed by the rest while there are others, despite how they look on the outside, that hold power over everything in the multiverse.

With that said, here are The 30 Strongest Dragon Ball Gods Of All Time, Officially Ranked.

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Dende smiling in Dragon Ball Z
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Dende smiling in Dragon Ball Z

Dende is a very important Dragon Ball god, taking over as the Guardian of Earth -- replacing Kami in the role -- at the request of Goku.

He watched over the Earth and helped out Goku and his friends whenever he could.

However, on a pure power level, Dende ranks near the bottom when it comes to Dragon Ball gods.

Dende is a healer but he is not a fighter, supporting Goku and his friends when they go into battle.

He also needed protection from Mr. Popo when his life was put in danger.


Karin Holding Dragon Ball in DBZ

Korin was around early -- he was the second master for Goku and actually the first ever deity he met in his story.

Korin is an 800-year old cat that lives in a giant tower and is a master of the martial arts. He is a very strict teacher who chose to teach Goku because of his decency.

Korin is not very strong, but he is powerful and has the very useful trait of sensing ki.

Korin stated that Goku possessed more power than him by the 22nd World Tournament, so his power level is lower than 180.


King Yemma rules over all ogres and judges the deceased. It is up to Yamma to decide if the deceased go to Heaven or Hell.

He looks different than other ogres -- with a unique color and a monstrous size.

When it comes to his power, he was able at one time to handle Raditz after that character passed on and started to cause problems in the Other World.

However, there is a limit to his powers, as he once told Goku that he was not as strong as King Kai.


Grand Guru With Dende in Dragon Ball Z

Grand Elder Guru is the wisest and oldest of the Namekian race. He created the Namekian Dragon Balls, and they only remain powerful as long as he remains alive.

He is also a true hero, saving his entire race after a climate shift.

Guru is never shown fighting in Dragon Ball, but he still has some powerful abilities.

He can create Dragon Balls and can unlock a being's potential by just touching them.

According to Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game, his power level is 2,000.


Dragon Ball Super Anger Super Saiyan Trunks

Whether or not Trunks is officially a Dragon Ball god is up to debate. He has used a form of God Ki, so that allows him to be added to a list such as this because.

This means that even if he is not a full god, he is at least a demigod.

Trunks always was a strong character, and the Goku Black storyline showed that he could power up to a level comparable to Super Saiyan 3 Goku. He also was able to fight on even ground with Merged Zamasu.

Thanks to his healing powers, he is always in the fight.


Dragon Ball Kami

There could be arguments made that Dende is stronger than Kami, who he proceeded.

Dende upgraded the Dragon when he took over, and since the Dragon Balls are as strong as the being that created them, it would seem that Dende is more powerful than Kami.

Kami created the Earth's Dragon Balls originally and also created King Piccolo.

When he debuted, he was more powerful than Mr. Popo and Goku, but as time went on and others powered up, Kami dropped in the rankings and became nothing more than a supporting player.


The Old Kai in Dragon Ball Z

Old Kai is seen as weaker than all the other Kai, as well as weaker than Shin.

However, that does not mean that Old Kai is not powerful in his own right.

He is the Old God from the fifteenth generation of Kai and is the advisor of the Supreme Kai.

Goku fired an uncharged blast at Old Kai and injured him, showing vulnerability.

However, while he is not as powerful, his wisdom and immense magical abilities make him a formidable opponent, as well as very useful since he can unlock the potential of others.


Shin is the East Supreme Kai and is also known as the Supreme Kai. He rules the eastern area of the living and other worlds.

However, as important as that sounds, he was unable to combat powerful beings such as Majin Buu and is on a lower raw power level than many Saiyans.

He is more powerful than Piccolo, and while he was once more powerful than Frieza, he has since fallen below his power as well.

With that said, in the manga, Shin fought toe-to-toe with Future Zamasu, although he could not defeat him until Goku and Vegeta arrived to help.


Grand Supreme Kai ranks above the Supreme Kai in Universe 7. While he is very mysterious, in the Majin Buu Saga it was said that he was the highest of all the Supreme Kai.

However, there is little known about his power.

He is an overseer -- that much is known. Interestingly, the Grand Supreme Kai of Universe 7 is the only one that has been seen, although there surely much be versions for all universe's -- possible working behind the scenes.

What is known from the aforementioned storyline is that he is much more powerful than Shin.


Dragon Ball Grand Kai

Grand Kai is the Great King of the Worlds and he oversees the four Kais -- North, West, South and East.

This puts him over the beings that rule over all four quadrants of the entire universe.

He is also a character that appears in the anime but never physically appeared in the manga.

He is stronger than the other Kais and might be the greatest fighter in the four quarters of the universe.

However, he is not as strong as Super Saiyan Goku due to Grand Kai neglecting his training.


Dragon Ball Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Advanced First Time

Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans -- and second to Goku as the main character in Dragon Ball.

Goku has been a god longer than Vegeta, but this warrior has closed the gap quickly when it comes to power levels -- with Dragon Ball Super showing how great his power is.

When it comes to warriors, Vegeta stands alongside Goku and Frieza as the most powerful in Universe 7.

Once he reaches Super Saiyan 4, he should on the same level as Goku.

In the manga, his new transformation in the Universal Survival storyline helped bump him up as shown in his battle with Beerus.


Goku Super Saiyan God

In Dragon Ball Super, the Super Saiyan God transformation was showcased and Goku developed almost unmatched power on the battlefield.

While Super Saiyan Blue replaced that, the fact of the matter is that the God transformation is more powerful, as Goku developed the full powers of a god for a short time.

Super Saiyan Blue is also really powerful, but it only offers godly kai whereas Super Saiyan God actually makes Goku into a god for the battle.

Goku -- when in this form -- could possibly beat all Supreme Kais, but it is only temporary.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse Chronoa

Chronoa is the Supreme Kai of Time and it is her job to watch over all the cosmos flow of time.

While she never appears in either the manga or anime, Chronoa is in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games and is one of the major characters in that series.

She is also the second oldest being in Universe 7, following only Old Kai.

As for power, Chronoa was able at one point to beat Demigra, Putine, and Gravy at the same time.

However, over time Demigra grew more powerful and Chronoa needed Goku to help defeat him at that time.

Her control of time, including freezing it, gives her an advantage over the other Supreme Kais.


Dragon Ball Sidra

Sidra is a very passive god in the world of Dragon Ball. He is also very indecisive and hasn't destroyed much over time, showing to be a more benevolent god than his counterparts.

This should not be seen as a sign of weakness or a lack of power, though.

When compared to other gods, such as Beerus, Sidra is not as powerful but he has stated that he believes that he could destroy Frieza if he wished to.

He also showed his power in the manga when he reacted first to an attack by Beerus, shielding the other gods from danger.


Dragon Ball Rumsshi

Rumsshi is the God of Destruction in Universe 10. Much like Sidra of Universe 9, Rumsshi is not much when it comes to the destruction of planets.

However, instead of being indecisive and benevolent, Rumsshi is actually quite lazy and just wants to have his people worship him.

With that said, Rumsshi still remains very powerful.

In the manga during the Zen Exhibition March, he knocked out everyone who was at the Supreme Kai level of power but he was finally taken down by Beerus.


Dragon Ball Heles

Heles is the God of Destruction in Universe 2. She is an arrogant and vain god who hates everything that she considers ugly.

However, despite that arrogance, she is a being that also despises all forms of evil. Heles was horrified at the Tournament of Power destroying universes.

With that said, Heles will destroy anything she considers disgusting and her Universe has the second highest mortality level of any Universe involved in the Tournament of Power.

Despite this, she is one of the Gods that fell in the tournament.


Dragon Ball Liquiir

Liquiir is the God of Destruction for Universe 8. He is a vengeful god and destroys anyone that dares lower the Mortal Level of his Universe.

At the same time, he is also proud and respects others.

He even showed a level of discomfort when he saw the destruction of Universe 9 in the Tournament of Power.

In the manga, Liquiir had lower power levels than others.

In the Zen Exhibition Match, he couldn't hurt Belmod and almost fell to Heles' arrow. He was also captured by Mosco and could not break free from his grip.


Dragon Ball Mosco

Mosco, real name Mule, pilots his old robot and is the God of Destruction of Universe 3.

There is a major difference between Mosco in the anime and manga. In the manga, he has a distinct hatred for Beerus, while in the anime, he has a respect and does not hold a grudge against Universe 7.

Mosco showed his power in the Zen Exhibition Match when he was able to actually capture Beerus in a hold temporarily.

He also was able to take the advantage in a battle with Heles and Liquiir, although how much power he has outside of the robot is unknown.


Dragon Ball Iwan

Iwne is the God of Destruction for Universe 1. He is also likely the most successful of all the Gods of Destruction, as Universe 1 has the highest mortal level of any other.

In a sparring battle with Arack and Liquiir in the anime, he was able to evenly fight both of them.

His high mortal level was able to keep his universe out of the Tournament of Power, but while he is compassionate for his own universe, he didn't seem fazed when Universe 9 was erased.

On the other hand, in the Zen Exhibition March, Quitela was able to take him down, so he is clearly more powerful in the anime than on the printed page.


Dragon Ball Arack

Arack is the God of Destruction from Universe 5. He is also extremely smart and is very careful about what he destroys, working hard to increase the potential of his universe with a little destruction as possible.

He is also a step above many other gods, as he is not lazy and regularly continues his training.

Arack has proven in the anime to be able to fight evenly against both Iwne and Liquiir.

He also has a value for life and was openly affected when both Universe 9 and Universe 10 are destroyed.


Dragon Ball Geene

Geene is the God of Destruction for Universe 12. When looking at all these gods side-by-side, Geene is the only one that looks like a conditioned warrior and actually looks like a physical threat.

He is such a great god that it was his Universe that they developed time travel for mortals.

Geene was also bored and was one of the few who was excited about the Tournament of Power since it meant more destruction.

Geene is overly confident and felt his power was great enough to beat Beerus if not for Sidra throwing up a shield.


Dragon Ball Quitela

Quitela is the God of Destruction for Universe 4.

Quitela is not a god that likes to do his own fighting, as he is a lazy god who prefers to have others do his work for him while he plays video games and eats junk food.

Unlike many of the other Gods of Destruction, Quitela has no compassion at all and was actually amused when Universe 9 was erased.

In the manga, Quitela was strong enough to beat Beerus in an arm wrestling competition but he was unable to land a blow in the Zen Exhibition Match.


Belmod is the God of Destruction in Universe 11. He resembles a clown but he is a peaceful god, despite his appearance.

He refuses to tolerate evil and will not abide by it.

He also freely listens to advice from his Angel attendant, while he remains pompous and brags about his Universe's power.

Belmod might be the most powerful of the Gods of Destruction.

In the anime, Whis actually said that Belmod is more powerful than Beerus.

In the manga, Belmod took down Sidra and could damage all the other Gods fo Destruction with Imprisonment Balls and Energy Cards.


Champa Dragon Ball Super

Champa is the God of Destruction from Universe 6 and is the twin brother and rival of Beerus from Universe 7.

He was even the biggest bad in the Universe 6 Saga when he wanted to take Earth away from Beerus and claim it for himself.

Champa was trained by Vados, making him one of the most powerful Gods of Destruction.

Champa can destroy a planet by just punching the surface and he and Beerus have almost destroyed entire universes if not stopped by Whis and Vados.

At the end of the day, Vados implied that Beerus is stronger than his brother.


Dragon Ball Beerus Attacks

Beerus is the God of Destruction for Universe 7. He is stronger than his brother Champa, as he's in better condition and very scary.

When he faced Super Sayain 3 Goku after waking from his long slumber, he was able to swat him away with a finger.

He can destroy any planet he wants and only allowed Earth to live because he loves the food there.

In the Dragon Ball manga, every God of Destruction teamed up against Beerus and he held his own against them all. He is at the level Goku wants to achieve but might never catch him.

Beerus is easily the most powerful of the Gods of Destruction, but there are other gods more powerful than he is.


Dragon Ball Fused Zamasu

Zamasu is a Supreme Kai apprentice who serves in Universe 10. He is also the former North Kai. He is an unskilled warrior.

However, despite this, Zamasu is also invincible.

Even if Goku and Vegeta could outclass him in the Tournament of Power, there is no way he can possibly perish.

He is also extremely dangerous, as he turned evil but believes in his heart that he is in the right and is justified in his actions.

He is a genius among the Kais.

However, his true power came in the future as Goku Black, where he was so strong that he no longer needed Super Saiyan.


Dragon Ball Vegeta Whis

Whis is the angelic attendance of Beerus in Universe 7. He is also the martial arts instructor to Beerus and is a child of the Grand minister.

This is also a case where, as the instructor, Whis is actually much more powerful than Beerus, although he is bound in service to the God of Destruction.

To prove the true power of Whis, he was able to take down Beerus with one chop and hold off both Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta at the same time with just one finger.

While not the strongest Angel, there are few as powerful in the Dragon Ball universe.


If there is anyone who is stronger than Whis among Angels, it might be his older sister Vados.

She actually told both Goku and Vegeta that she is more powerful than her brother, although Whis said that it had been a millennium since they trained with each other and he feels they are equally matched now.

With that said, if Vados was more powerful at one point and is the older of the two, there is some thought that she has improved in power as well.

Much like Whis is the Angel attendant to Beerus, Vados is the attendant to his twin brother Champa in Universe 6.


Daishinkan Dragon Ball Super

The Grand Minister is the Angel who serves in Zeno's palace and is the father of all 12 Angels that serve the various Gods of Destruction.

Seeing how powerful Whis and Vadas are, it is limitless to think of the power the Grand Minister possesses.

Whis himself said that his power pales in comparison to that of his father.

It is said that the Grand Minister is one of the five greatest fighters in the entire multiverse and both the Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kai bow when he arrives.

The Grand Minister is also very scary, seeming happy when entire universes are destroyed.


Zen-Oh is possibly the most powerful god in all of the Dragon Ball universe.

He has caused both Beerus and Champa to cower, scared, when he showed up. This is for good reason.

Zen-Oh is the king of everything everywhere in the entire multiverse.

While Zen-Oh doesn't get involved in fights, he is all-powerful and loves to watch others fight.

It only takes a mere moment for Zen-Oh to destroy anything and everything and it just takes a thought to completely remove something from existence.

There is nothing more powerful than this little, very cute, god.


What do you think? Which Dragon Ball god do you think is the most powerful? Let us know in the comments!

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