Dragon Ball: 15 Characters Whose Power Levels Are Off The Charts

Oh, Dragon Ball. It's hard to think that the latest incarnation, Dragon Ball Super, is approaching the final episode of its anime series. Why does all of the randomness, the yelling, and the ten-episode stretches where main characters stand around powering up while muttering intensely to themselves have to come to an end? Why can't the party keep going on just like it always has?

There's a literal smorgasbord of powerful beings that populate Dragon Ball's visually inconsistent yet highly stimulating universe - but who is more powerful is always up for debate amongst fans everywhere.

However, this is not to say there are no pinnacles of mighty ki-power that the strength of all other characters is measured against. Believe it or not, there are at least fifteen. These figures include Angels, Gods of Destruction, Saiyans, Fusions and, of course, the world's favorite spiky-haired manga icon himself, Goku (or, rather, a version of him). Who are these insanely powerful benchmarks of angsty, muscly, laser-blasting power, and how do they compare to each other?

Sit up and take notice. Things are about to get real. Here are 15 Dragon Ball Characters Whose Power Levels Are Off The Charts.

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Blue Vegito
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15 Blue Vegito

Blue Vegito

Okay, what's the deal? Is this Super Saiyan Blue form of Goku and Vegeta's Potara fusion stronger than Beerus or not?

As with other entries on this weird and wonderful exercise in power scaling fun, assessing Blue Vegito's actual strength is complex, head-scratching, and chock full of ambiguity. There are conditions that are related to the technicalities of the Potara earrings, such as time limits and all that jazz. However, this is still a matter that doesn't have much of a clear answer online, although those who have done the math claim that it Beerus would most definitely win out.

However, Blue Vegito can't be more powerful as Grand Zeno, Great Priest, Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku, or Infinite Zamasu - can he?

14 Infinite Zamasu

Listen up: Infinite Zamasu is incredibly powerful. Because of his ability to merge with time and space itself (which, admittedly, sounds like something a being of immense power would do) some people have proposed the argument that I.F. might be stronger than Great Priest.

Although this isn't a matter that could ever easily be settled - partly because there are conflicting accounts of how the storyline played out between the anime and manga -  it's safe to say Infinite Zamasu's strength would rival that of Jiren, Toppo, and the Gods of Destruction.

But. what about Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku?! Is he on even playing field with "Zamasu's Will"? The answer might be no, actually. Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku lives up to his long and overcomplicated name, but Infinite Zamasu is someone that only Future Zeno can stop.

13 Kefla

Kefla Dragon Ball

Since Kefla is a unique character - and technically two separate characters combined - accurately measuring her power level is also tricky.

Kefla, the fusion of Kale and Caulifla  - and also the first female fusion in Dragon Ball history - is a figurative garden salad of raw Super Saiyan power. She embodies the merged potential of these two BFFs from Universe 6, multiplying it considerably.

Kefla was born thanks to the power of the Potara earrings, which only Supreme Kais are supposed to wear. These grant the wearer special privileges like, for instance, the ability to fuse strengths with someone else.

Fuwa, one of these Kais, gave Kale and Califla these glamorous fighting accessories to use as a last resort in the Tournament of Power. Kefla made Goku sweat a little, but he eventually evolved to Ultra Instinct and blasted them in the face. Just another day at the office!

12 Champa

Champa Dragon Ball Super

Champa, Beerus’ brother and fellow God of Destruction, isn't as strong as his slimmer, more disciplined sibling. He might not be as well-liked either. Either way, a Super Saiyan would need more than a spray bottle to take this kung-fu kitty down.

Often described as emotionally mature, Champa is a sore loser with a major sweet tooth who is known to throw tantrums when he's not getting his way. He's also incredibly lazy.

His lack of control and social grace doesn't stop this chunky furball from laying the celestial smackdown when he needs to.

Champa was erased along with the rest of Universe 6 towards the end of Super's climactic Tournament of Power Arc right in front of Beerus' eyes.

11 Belmod (Vermouth)

What, you think this guy’s funny? Funny like a clown? Does he amuse you?

If he does, feel free to yak it up. This guy's one of the more comical looking Gods of Destruction, which, as we all know, is really saying something.

Belmod - Vermouth if you’re feeling frisky - is treated like a straight-up villain in the Tournament of Power arc, but that’s because he’s trying to defend his universe from being erased in favor of Goku’s.

Belmod trained Toppo, Jiren’s fellow Pride Trooper, to be his successor as God of Destruction for Universe 11 - which he wound up doing in the middle of the tournament, of all times. That said, it’s not for certain if Toppo is equally or more powerful than Belmod now.

10 Toppo

Toppo is a pretty big deal. He achieved God of Destruction status in the middle of the Tournament of Power. This led to many civilize debates which turned into heated arguments that eventually devolved into flame wars.

Toppo, who occasionally attacks his opponents by giving them is one big bone-crushing bear hug, comes from Universe 11 along with his Pride Trooper team member Jiren, who you may have heard of before.

Speaking of that guy, because Toppo is a G.O.D. now, is he more powerful than Jiren? Maybe, maybe not.

Whis said Jiren is "a mortal that even a God of Destruction can't defeat," remember. Also, Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku's levels are high up there, perhaps even beyond Beerus.

9 Jiren

Needless to say, the final villain of the entire Dragon Ball Super series puts Goku through a lot. Said to be as powerful as a God of Destruction by Whis (if not more so), this Pride Trooper turned down the opportunity to actually become one.

Calculating his power level is tricky. Yes, he’s a mortal being who has strength equal to cosmic deities, but the Gods of Destruction aren’t born as equals. Some are stronger than others, which means Jiren would have to be measured against their ranks to have his level accurately determined. Yet some fans argue that Toei all but officially states that Jiren is more powerful than all the Gods of Destruction. Who knows.

However, in Chapter 29 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, Toppo told Goku that Jiren is stronger than both Belmod and himself. So that provides a point of reference - sort of.

8 Beerus

Beerus in Dragon Ball

Beerus is the most popular God of Destruction. He also happens to be a big ol’ kitty kat. Is there a correlation? Probably.

Beerus was modeled after Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama’s pet Cornish Rex named Debo who had miraculously recovered from a near-death experience. However, scriptwriter Yūsuke Watanabe originally designed his character to look like a malevolent lizard. Boring!

Beerus, who uses only a portion of his strength, is actually somewhat polite, despite his occasional short temper.

He also likes to sleep a lot, which makes him just like every other cat ever. Despite indulging in bouts of laziness, he’s one of the only figures in Dragon Ball that instills fear in the heart of Vegeta.

Beerus isn’t that hardcore, though. In the manga, it was revealed he lost an arm wrestling match to Quitela - a mouse.

7 Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku

Without a doubt, Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku is the most powerful of Goku’s forms. It catapults him into the leagues of the Gods of Destruction, significantly more so than adjectiveless Ultra Instinct. What better way to end the entire Dragon Ball Super run than with the most souped-up version of our beloved Kakkarot?

Perfect Ultra Instinct is the “complete” version of Ultra Instinct. It’s the form that the gods said they couldn’t master.

Beerus has in fact utilized Ultra Instinct before - most notably in the manga version of the Zen Exhibition Match, where he uses it to combat all the other gods. Apparently, Whis taught him the technique. Again, neither of these gods have achieved Perfect Ultra Instinct before. But Goku, a mere mortal who surrendered his heart and soul to the process, did.

6 Marcarita

Marcarita is an angel being, so obviously she’s going to have the powers of the multiverse backing her up. She’s officially known as Belmod’s attendant teacher. Whether or not she tutored him throughout clown college is anyone’s guess, but it’s obvious that she is much, much more powerful than her attendee.

Some fans theorize that she’s the most powerful entity in Universe 11, but whether or not she is stronger than fellow inhabitant, the formidable Grey mortal Jiren, hasn’t been decided yet. Figuring out Jiren’s power levels is complicated enough, as we’ll soon see.

It’s safe to say that Jiren is nowhere near Angel status, so Marcarita could probably take him in a fight. The question is: would she want to?

Fun fact: writer and illustrator Toyotarō originally wrote Marcarita and Belmod as lovers, but Toriyama objected because Angels and G.O.D.s wouldn’t mix like that.

5 Vados

Vados is the older sister of Whis, which also means she’s the daughter of Great Priest. Just like her little bro Whis attends to Beerus and teaches him celestial kitty-fu, Vados does the same for Champa, who is Beerus’ brother. Basically, it's like The Brady Bunch but with exponentially more martial arts training montages.

Here’s the thing: Vados claims to be more powerful than Whis, but Whis denies this, saying that he’s developed his fighting skills since their time training together (an entire millennium, in fact). As of this writing, there’s no way to find out which one is actually powerful than the other. All we have to go on is their separate and conflicting words, which aren't worth much to us anymore. With this in mind, they may or may not be equals.

Who’s keeping track of all this power level stuff in-universe, anyway? Nobody, that’s who.

4 Whis

No two ways about it: Whis is a whiz at kicking butt.

Just ask Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball. Reportedly, he named Whis after “whiskey” because he thought Yūsuke Watanabe named Beerus after “beer”. Toriyama was famously quoted saying this 75 million-year-old angel is stronger than Super Saiyan God Goku and Beerus. (That’s level 15, by the way.)

How can someone who never sleeps be so powerful?

Besides the Supreme Kai of Time, Whis is the only other being powerful enough to change the course of history from its beginning. Wait - three because of Zeno, right?

Maybe it’s because Whis likes to eat - a lot. He will literally stop the action in an episode just to give his critique on the flavor of a ramen broth, or to shove a heaping spoonful of strawberry ice cream down his blue divine throat.

Now that is true power.

3 Great Priest

Daishinkan Dragon Ball Super

He’s the strongest of the angels, he’s one of the top 5 most powerful fighters in the multiverse, and he’s got mad respect from Supreme Kais and The Gods of Destruction themselves. Well, not so much respect as straight-up fear and reverence. For a while there, some Dragon Ball fans went as far as to speculate that Great Priest was Super's main villain in disguise. Maybe that's because he named his one of kids "Korn."

That's because no one messes with Great Priest. Unless, of course, you’re an Omni-King or something. But even if you were, you’d keep him around as your personal advisor like the snuggly universe crushing deity Zen-Chan does. If you’re the proud father of Whis and other powerful angels who populate the upper echelons of the Dragon Ball universe, you probably have a killer resume.

2 Zeno’s Attendants

Although these two mysterious and pointy cosmic babysitters don’t bother to get into long fights drawn out over ten episodes, they're still entrusted to protect the cuddliest little king of all that exists - Zeno. That means they've got some heft to them, right?

Zeno’s Attendants are best described as emotionless and, well, motionless in general.

They’re kind of like the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace in that way, except they’re capable of way more interesting, reality-bending feats like warping through the space-time continuum and fly around where ever they want. Also, they're not big into bangers and mash.

Because they are assigned to watch over who is essentially the one true god, some fans out there speculate that Zeno’s Attendants are more powerful than the Angels, Gods of Destruction, and Supreme Kais combined.

1 Zeno

Aww. Look at the adorable universe destroying deity. It’s so cute! Who’s a little irresponsible god of the entire cosmos?

Don’t let Zen-chan’s cute and innocent exterior fool you: Grand Zeno is the Omni-King. That means he’s the god of everything. Okay, more like 18 universes, but still - that’s basically everything, right?

His idea of fun is playing cosmic games with his future self and destroying a few planets full of innocent lifeforms in the process. Because of this, he has the honor of obtaining the highest body count in the massively bloated history of the Dragon Ball franchise (so far).

But here's the thing: can Zeno fight? Uh, no. He needs bodyguards to protect him at all times. Should lack of defensive skills in combat be factored in when figuring out power rankings? Hmm. Maybe?

These are the questions that keep millions of people awake at night.


Does anyone out there have a concrete answer for these Dragon Ball power levels? Help out in the comments.

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