Dragon Ball: 8 Most Powerful (And Completely Useless) Non-Canon Characters, Ranked

One of the long lasting discussions among fans of Dragon Ball is what stories and which characters are a part of official canons. Most of the content clearly fits into one or the other.

Canon is anything in the manga and non-filler episodes of the anime of Dragon Ball, as well as the latest two movies -- Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F. There are a few gray areas, however, and a few characters whose place in canon is still debatable.

In any event, fans have always loved to conceive fantasy match ups between their favorite series' canon regulars and those from the movies and other non-canon sources. How would Broly stand up against the Z fighters after the Cell Saga? Would Pikkon be a significant player against the forces of evil outside of the Otherworld Saga?

However, for every strong fighter there is a weakling. There are a number of non-canon characters whose inclusion is baffling based on their power levels-- or lack thereof.

With that in mind, here are the 8 Most Powerful (And 8 Completely Useless) Non-Canon Dragon Ball Characters, Ranked.

14 Useless: Androids 14 and 15

This duo made their first and only appearance in Super Android 13! after Dr. Gero’s sentient supercomputer completes them. Wasting no time in going after Goku, they work as a team underneath the stronger Android 13. They are quickly paired off against Trunks and Vegeta, respectively, and put up a pretty decent performance for a bit.

The thing is, the heroes were just leading them on without coming close to their full power. Once Vegeta and Trunk turn Super Saiyan, these two Androids become a joke and are dispatched easily and with style by the father and son Saiyan team. In a way, their purpose was to lose and be destroyed so 13 could absorb them.  They aren’t the worst on this list, but are ultimately useless in the Red Ribbon army against anyone but the lower level fighters.

15. Powerful: Cooler

The eldest son of King Cold and older brother to mega-baddie Frieza, Cooler was the first non-canon villain worthy of starring in two movies. He is a lot like his father and brother, but perhaps more dangerous because he is not an egomaniac, and less likely to lose a fight because he underestimated his opponent.

Cooler has gone through several transformations and upgrades, and none of them are a pushover. His base form is equal to that of post-Namek Goku, and Goku himself states that Cooler’s ki at that point is stronger than his younger brother. He is outclassed by Super Saiyan form, but balances things out again in the second movie as Meta-Cooler.

Cooler is remembered as one of the strongest and most popular non-canon villains because of his strength and the quality of his two films

13 Useless: Bardock

Bardock is one of the characters whose placement in the canon is questionable because of contradicting qualities, but he still serves as little more than a plot device with limited power.

The father of Goku and Raditz, Bardock is a low-level Saiyan warrior who stands out from most of his Saiyan brethren. He shows great love for his kids, loyalty to his team, and is humble. Bardock may be likable but can’t hold much of his own beyond fighting soldiers in Frieza’s army. His children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are all stronger than he is or will grow to be.

He can fight high-level Frieza soldiers but falls short of the power of Dodoria, and Frieza himself could swat him like a fly. Bardock’s place in the series is not for power, which is unfortunate because he is quite popular and has been included in many games.

12 Powerful: Broly

There isn’t much more to say about Broly that hasn’t been said already. Introduced in Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly brought overkill and destruction to new levels when he powered up, and in many ways set the standard for villains to come.

Able to take on the entire Z team alone and nearly kill every one of them, it took serious effort to bring him down. Broly was very strong, but because he was back before the Cell Saga, there are stronger non-canon characters. It stands to reason that if Broly were canon and had a chance to improve and grow stronger like all Saiyans, he could developed even further.

That’s all speculation, however, and although highly dangerous, Broly has been eclipsed by most fighters at this point.

11 Useless: Lord Slug

Lord Slug is a Super Namekian and the main villain of the fourth movie, which shares his name. While a Super Namekian isn’t exactly something to scoff at, they just don’t have the power that Saiyan warriors do, and have a reputation of underperforming in big fights (besides Piccolo).

Since movie villains get progressively stronger, Lord Slug is stronger than the villains of the first 3 movies, but that isn’t saying much. Defenders of Slug might point out that in Great Namekian form he could beat Frieza, but the fact that he is weak to something as easily produced as whistling negates that entirely.

His heightened sense in his top form make him even more vulnerable to high frequencies than normal, making him possibly the easiest non-canon villain to defeat.

10 Powerful: Pikkon

Pikkon is one of the strongest of the hero characters to appear in non-canon material. The strongest warrior of the West Galaxy, Pikkon surprised everyone when he swiftly put down the villain rebellion in Hell. In one of the most shocking debuts of the series, he knocks out Frieza and King Cold with a single hit each, and then goes on to squash Super Perfect Cell in two. This clearly establishes Pikkon as one of the strongest heroes and one who could have a place in the main canon Buu Saga.

Although Goku outthinks him in the tournament and wins their match, he acknowledges that Pikkon is extremely strong and has no discernible weaknesses. He would be a welcome addition to the Z team in a perfect world, but is still a refreshing and powerful hero

9 Useless: Turles

Turles is a Saiyan warrior and main antagonist of the lacklust movie The Tree of Might. Virtually everything about Turles is derivative; he looks just like Goku and Bardock, making him a 3rd string carbon copy in the design department. He’s also a low-class Saiyan, able to pose a limited threat to most of the Z fighters.

The only reason why he was able to put up a better fight than he normally could was because he ate fruit from the Tree of Might. Excluding the fruit, and given that he wasn’t such a big threat even this early on in the series, Turles would have no chance at all against the heroes even a little bit later. He’s a forgettable character from a forgettable movie, and is never much talked about in the fandom

9. Powerful: Bojack

The main villain from the ninth Z movie, Bojack Unbound, is the strong, silent type with plenty of power to make up for a lack of personality. Leading a group of similarly powerful fighter called the Galaxy Soldiers, Bojack is a serious threat even in base form, in which he defeats Super Saiyan Vegeta and Future Trunks with no difficulty. It takes a Super Saiyan level 2 Gohan to outmatch him; the same form that took out Super Perfect Cell.

Despite this, Bojack is extremely strong, more so than Broly, and has a similar disregard for life. There is virtually nothing good about Bojack as a person. He’s bloodthirsty and domineering, seeking to rule the galaxy after killing as much as he can. He’s a more-than-worthy enemy and stands out as one of the stronger non-canon characters.

8 Useless: Tarble

Appearing in the TV special Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return, Tarble is the younger brother of Vegeta and youngest child of King Vegeta. If there was ever a black sheep of a family, it’s Tarble.

Sent away by his father at an young age because he lacked the ability and fighting spirit of a Saiyan, Tarble is a young man born into not just the wrong family, but the wrong species. Besides his past, his time on screen is not spectacular, as he is able to fend off low-level villains Abo and Cado for only a short time. They are somewhat less than base-form Frieza, making Tarble weak enough to almost never have been a viable fighter had he been in the canon. He’s a family man like Gohan, which is probably for the best.

7 Powerful: Janemba

The antagonist of the min-bending twelfth movie, Fusion Reborn, Janemba is one of the most unique villains the series has ever seen. He is technically not a single being but an amalgamation of evil energy released by the soul-cleansing machine in Hell, which then possessed the body of the teenage demon guarding it.

Janemba’s abilities are like nothing the fans had ever seen, able to bend and warp reality itself at will, along with many other Godlike powers. He is extremely powerful, defeating Pikkon without breaking a sweat and even taking down SS3 Goku. He is also the only movie villain to break the streak of his successor being stronger, which makes him the strongest non-canon Z villain before Beerus, many years later.

Janemba may be gone, but he certainly left his mark for the short time he was here.

6 Useless: Garlic Jr.

The Makyan antagonist of the first movie under the Z banner, Dead Zone, Garlic Jr. was a tiny sorcerer who had gained the power of immortality through Shenron. Although he possessed an array of magical powers and access to the Dead Zone dimension, Garic is only able to cause minimal trouble for Goku and Piccolo. When he transforms to his second phase, he bulks up considerably but his speed is greatly decreased, allowing the heroes to easily outmaneuver him.

Once Goku and Piccolo remove their weighted clothing, the fight is a one-sided beating that marks the beginning of the end for the villain. Garlic Jr. even notices himself that infant Gohan is stronger than he is, making him one of the weakest non-canon villains in the series.

5 Powerful: Super Android 17

Perhaps more than any other character, Super Android 17 is different from his canon and non-canon incarnations. While he keeps getting better in canon and is now one of the strongest and reliable Z team fighters, his GT stint was far off.

Created in Hell by Dr.’s Gero and Myuu, Super Android 17 becomes one of the prime villains of the series. He is able to beat Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Oob with minimal effort, and takes virtually no damage from their attacks. He is able to fight at least equally with Goku and forces the hero to go SS4.

Super 17’s main strength is his ability to absorb energy directed at him, which frustrates Goku until he realizes that 17 is vulnerable while absorbing. He is quickly defeated after this, but was incredibly strong during his time in the series

4 Useless: Maron

This is perhaps a bit unfair because Maron is just a young human woman, but she is so annoying that she is remembered to this day. Maron is the ex-girlfriend of Krillin, and looks a lot like Bulma, with blue hair and full figure. However, that’s where their similarities end; Maron is ditzy, childish, and shallow, with none of Bulma’s smarts and maturity.

She was never in much danger because Krillin hid her away in Korin Tower to fight Garlic and the Spice Boys, but her short time on screen was marked with a series of selfish acts. Krillin breaks up with her for the wrong reasons, but that was a great thing for him in the long run. She is last seen driving off with a new flame, who coaxed her into dating him with nothing more than ice cream.

3 Powerful: Baby

The first major villain of the much maligned Dragon Ball GT, Baby started small and went on to become extremely powerful throughout his arc. For those who don’t know, Baby is of a race called Tuffles, a peaceful race which once inhabited a planet with the Saiyans, but the Saiyans' warlike nature eventually led them exterminating the Tuffles.

As the last of his kind, his mission is to exterminate the Saiyans. Baby proves to be resilient from the get go when he tanks a kamehameha blast from Goku. Toward the later parts of his Saga, he is shown to be able to hold his own for a while against SS4 Goku, and it is later said that when he achieves Golden Ape form, he is even with him. Baby is eventually beaten but is among the strongest non-canon villains.

2 Useless: Dr. Kochin

Dr. Kochin is the secondary antagonist of the second movie under the Z banner, The World’s Strongest. Appearing as an elderly scientist, albeit one that is clearly insane, he doesn’t seem to be much of a threat at first glance. We soon learn that he is actually a robot who hides a few nasty surprises, such as a machine gun for an arm and a cane that shoots energy blasts.

Aside from these gadgets, though, Kochin has almost no power to speak of and can theoretically be beaten by a strong human. His evil plans with boss Dr. Wheelo are thwarted, but not before Kochin is accidentally knocked off a platform by his boss, where his body burns and eventually explodes in mid air. He’s surprisingly weak, especially since he is a robot, and is one of the most useless movie villains ever.

1 Powerful: Gogeta

The fusion dance counterpart to the potara fusion character Vegito, Gogeta makes appearances only in the movie Fusion Reborn and in Dragon Ball GT. Much like Vegito, he’s only brought out when things are in dire straits.

Easily one of the strongest heroes in the series, he is far stronger than Janemba, and in GT he takes on Omega Shenron in SS4 form. The only real danger to Gogeta is his own power level, which is so high that the strain overpowers the physical body and he is in danger of hurting himself through exhaustion.

There is debate on which version of the fusion is stronger, but it stands to reason that Vegito is more powerful because the nature of a potara fusion is considered “pure,” while the fusion dance can have inaccuracies, even if they are minor. Regardless, Gogeta is at the top level of power in non-canon material


What other non-canon Dragon Ball characters are extremely powerful or weak? Let us know in the comments!

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