Dragon Ball: 10 Hilarious Krillin Memes That Are Too Funny

Of any character that's had it rough in Dragon Ball Z and the many other series around Dragon Ball, with getting his ass handed to him every big bad universe ending fight, Krillin is the one getting blown up first before taking 4 hours of episodes of abuse.

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As the old saying goes Goku will win, Vegeta will get his ass handed to him, and Krillin will die. However, Krillin still goes out and fights anyways, and even lands an android for a wife. These 10 proceeding hilarious memes go through Krillin's wins and losses that any fan can appreciate.

10 Resurrection K

While this is missing a couple, if GT even counts anymore, they were the major deaths of Krillin. His face there says it all, another major bad guy appears and he might be one of the ones to fall. Our brave monk goes out to fight again to delay for Goku to appear, even if it means giving his life.

After so many times you can't blame him for retiring in GT, but it's questionable why he shrank to child-sized again in that series when he was at least teenage Gohan height at the end of Dragon Ball Z.

9 A Wish to be Saiyan

That's a solid point that was never explored in all of Dragon Ball. Frieza wanted to be immortal and the dragon could give it. So if someone wanted to be a Saiyan so they could get stronger, every human can do that. Any of the Dragon Balls should be able to accomplish that, whether Regular, Black Star, Namekian, or Super.

If you're using the Namekian ones you could raise the classes of 3 of your friends. So many deaths would be saved and fighter like Krillin would be badasses saving Goku trouble

8 Most Interesting Krillin in The World

He is pretty interesting. fighting planet-destroying aliens, being a monk since he was a kid, being found out of nowhere as a kid, searching for mystical items, Going to other planets, knowing a time traveler, coming back to life multiple times, marrying an android and then having a kid with her.

He may die screaming for Goku, and not put up much of a fight against big bads, but he sure has been through a heck of a lot that in itself is an interesting story. He may die but he dies like the rest of us but on a grander scale.

7 Incoming Roast

When that person keeps rambling on and on, but you have a huge mic drop coming in retaliation. When you have that face, you have something big to say, with some swagger, that alone can devastate your enemy by crushing their soul with how badly they got roasted.

The idea of Krillin having that against any bad guy in the Dragon Ball series is hilarious with how much of a glorified punching bag he can be at every power level step there is. But from the original Dragon Ball, Krillin was a sarcastic egotistical little jerk.

6 When They're Trying to Hide it But You Don't Know

When you are certain it's going to happen, but your friend doesn't know yet that the next most logical step from his actions is to get killed. Plenty of online gaming moments can be summed up like this with this meme. Especially considering how much Krillin dies or nearly dies every fight in the Dragon Ball series.

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Your friends know it's going to happen and they're getting their distraught over with before it finally happens. This is definitely the pre-curser meme to that shark jump you're going to make that your friends know you aren't going to make.

5 Rejected

Having a tail to swat away nuisances would be pretty useful. You could be like a cat and swat anything you don't like and even blame the tail for it. It even makes for a handy Indiana Jones whip.

The meme itself is reminiscent of the Batman smacking robin meme in format but with Krillin blood over a dominant looking Raditz. Everyone's had that feeling of getting rejected being similar to being whipped in the face. It fits for Krillin because he's usually the first to go down in any big bad fight.

4 The Infinity Balls

Well, that pretty accurate to what Frieza did. When you think how he essentially ended most of the universes he visited and killed all of Namek. The blast he used to kill Krillin even was the equivalent of a snap as far as power level.

It's easy to see Frieza chasing the Infinity Gauntlet instead of the Dragon Balls in search of ultimate power and immortality. Being a planet seller, Frieza would just snap his fingers anytime he wanted a population gone. e may even be unstoppable for the most part with the Infinity Gauntlet.

3 Acting Surprised

Well, seems like Krillin or Yamcha bit of more than they could chew again. All the villains know they're the weakest link. After some point, you'd think their presence on the battlefield would be redundant with how death prone they are. Especially when fighting higher power level villains.

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So "Oops," Krillin and Yamcha got blown up again because they went up against 3 resurrected mega god form Friezas. Go grab the Dragon Balls and bring them back so they can rise and die again to the next higher power bad guy who can also manipulate time.

2 Crab Rangoons

Shout from the rooftops and the woodwork because you just tasted the best crab rangoon of your life, and the face you're making is that of Krillin. It can be interpreted as pure life-threatening horror or screaming overjoyed happiness. To make this better or worse, this scene is a shot taken right before Krillin's second death during the Frieza arc.

Whether good or bad, Krillin is blowing up about those crab rangoons. Fittingly enough, that high level of taste bud excitement of your life flashing before your eyes is the equivalent of Krillin's pre-death scream out for Goku.

1 Strongest Human

Yeah with all the crud we as the fans put Krillin through, of all the original human Z Fighters in Dragon Ball Z and Super, he's the only one strong enough to at least keep high power level bad guys at bay.

They can destroy planets and Krillin can hold them off from doing so. If Goku would stop entering tournaments there would be a chance to see Krillin fully shine. But Since Dragon Ball Z is about how cool Goku is, no one will get a chance to see that.

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