25 Hilarious Goku Vs Superman Memes That Show Who's The Real Hero

Superman Screaming in Terror after killing Zod

Superman and Goku are two of the strongest heroes in pop culture. Both characters are one of the last survivors of an extinct planet who find a true home on Earth. Instead of considering themselves above others due to their superior strength, Kal-El and Kakarot both assimilate to human values and come to view themselves as defenders of innocent life. The two alien warriors have a lot of unique character traits that distinguish them, but they are also dedicated champions of justice who have no problem sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

Since both characters are notorious for being powerful and unbeatable, debate has raged for years about who would win in a potential fight. Even when both characters have their backs against a wall, they somehow have a way of tapping into a deeper well of strength and overcoming their foe. Superman has laser vision and Goku has the Kamehameha wave, so their powers somewhat cancel each other out.

Unfortunately, there will never be a real answer to this question since the characters live in different universes, so the fan debate will likely live on forever.

Stop spiking your hair up and come check out these 25 Memes about Goku Vs Superman!

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Goku Superman Meme Steel Breaker
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25 Steel Breakers

Goku Superman Meme Steel Breaker

Superman has many nicknames, but The Last Son of Krypton and The Man of Steel are his most popular. The character isn't actually made of steel, but the name is a reference to Clark Kent's strength and impervious skin. Similar to steel, not even extreme heat is enough to melt away at Superman's positive attitude or his willpower when he is on the battlefield. As long as Superman has access to the rays of Earth's yellow sun, he is essentially impervious to pain and injury - unless someone has kryptonite or uses magic to constrain him.

DC's Man of Steel may be powerful, but Goku has shown that he has no problem breaking steel.

Katchin, also referred to as Kattin steel, is the strongest metal in the Dragon Ball universe. The steel has made multiple appearances in the Dragon Ball franchise, most notably as a training obstacle for Gohan to prepare with the Z-Sword before Kid Buu arrives.

In Dragon Ball Super, Goku has to team up with Vegeta in order to take down the Trio De Dangers and the combined power of their final Kamehameha wave breaks the supposedly invincible material. Many fans think Goku could have a similarly easy time breaking the Man of Steel.

24 Batman's Skills

Goku Superman Meme Batman Victory

This meme brings together two classic fan debates and shoves them into one confused meme. One of the biggest problems with modern pop culture is how intense fandom can become and how closed off fans can be to outside information that challenges their opinion.

If someone is an intense DC fan, they will think Superman is the strongest hero in the world, but if someone prefers Dragon Ball, they likely think Goku is the more powerful of the two and no amount of debate will make them change their mind. The creator of this meme wants people who think Batman can beat Superman but Goku can't to realize the hole in their logic.

Making fun of Batman fanboys, this meme is calling out the specific reasons Batman is able to defeat Superman. Thanks to kryptonite, Batman can take down Superman, but he has no similar secret weapon if he is forced to fight a Saiyan. If Batman and Goku were forced to fight, the Saiyan warrior would quickly tear through Batman without even breaking a sweat.

Clearly, whoever made this meme thinks Goku would win in a fight between the two heroes because he frames Superman's potential defeat at Batman's hands as preposterous.

23 Saving The World

As two of the galaxy's strongest heroes, both Superman and Goku have saved the world numerous times. Whether they are fighting other alien warriors or foes from Earth, both heroes try their best to diffuse situations before things become too intense.

Goku and Superman may be extremely strong, but even they take on villains who sometimes overpower them. No matter how hard these heroes try, sometimes they are unable to control a battle as efficiently as they may like.

Of course, this meme really just references Superman's actions in Man of Steel and a specific instance where Goku was successfully able to move his opponent away from the city. 

Superman, like Goku, always tries his best to clear citizens from surrounding areas, but sometimes they fail and innocent people lose their lives. Even with the loss of life, these heroes should both take pride in the fact that they have prevented more destruction than they have allowed.

Plus, Goku is lucky in that he can essentially wish away all of the loss and destruction with the dragon balls while Superman constantly has to deal with the consequences of each one of his battles and can't sweep the events under the rug.

22 Conspiracy Theory

Goku Superman Meme Flat Earth

The internet has always been a safe place for people who peddle and consume conspiracy theories, but the last few years has seen these confusing tirades explode in popularity. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Earth has been a confirmed sphere for hundreds of years, some people have gotten the idea in their head that the planet is actually flat. Like people who believe any conspiracy theory, no amount of truth or information can make them see things differently.

Whoever created this meme starts byy calling out everyone who believes in flat earth. Taking it even further, the memer is taking shots at anyone who thinks Superman can beat Goku and lumps their apparent foolishness together with people who truly believe the Earth is flat. Superman may be strong, but he doesn't have successive power levels that replenish his energy and increase his strength in the middle of a fight. Even the Last Son of Krypton may could have trouble staring down a full Spirit Bomb, but luckily Superman will never have to truly put his strength to the test.

No matter how much fans may want the two characters to compete, the chance that they will ever come face-to-face in any official capacity is about as unlikely as the Earth actually being flat.

21 False. Black Bear.

Goku Superman Meme Dwight False

If Goku and Superman were to fight, odds are the battle would drag out for hours and result in a bloody mess where both characters were badly injured. At the end, Goku would likely be in one of his final Super Saiyan forms and Superman's costume would be in complete tatters. Some people think Goku is strong enough to take down the Last Son of Krypton in a fight, while others are steadfast in their belief that Superman is indeed the stronger of the two.

What many people don't realize is that there is no force powerful enough to make these two characters fight.

As long as Goku and Superman have a few moments to speak and express themselves freely, there is no reason for them to ever come to blows. Goku may be shown as a more rigorous trainer in Dragon Ball while Superman somehow just relies on a never ending well of power to defend the DC Universe, but that doesn't change the fact that they are both heroes who fight on the same side.

Next time people are arguing about who would win in a fight, make sure to speak up and tell anyone who will listen that there is no reason these characters should come to blows in the first place!

20 I'm Just Saying

Goku Superman Meme Just Saiyan

Goku may be a light-hearted guy who likes to kid around with his friends, but when it comes to defending the Earth he's no joke. There are multiple times throughout the Dragon Ball franchise when the characters around Goku look down on him or simply don't understand his childlike behavior because they expect him to have a personality that is as hard as his warrior capabilities. Only when Goku is in the heat of a battle does his jokester mentality disappear and he's truly focused on the fight.

It's hard to look at this meme without immediately imagining someone saying "daaaaamn" afterwards. Whether Goku would ultimately defeat Superman in a fight or not, the Saiyan warrior would likely be pretty cocky going into the battle. Even if Superman were able to defend himself and match his opponent blow-for-blow, Goku would likely just smirk and refocus his energy in order to defeat the last son of Krypton.

Odds are, if Goku were to win a battle with Superman in a low-stress skirmish match, he would come up with a lame pun like this and say it right after the battle. Goku may be an ultimate warrior, but he's also a wielder of terrible dad jokes, and nothing will ever change that part of his personality.

19 One Hit Wonder

Goku Superman Meme Just Saiyan One Hit Wonder

No matter how tall Goku's hair gets, DC fanboys will argue that the Saiyan warrior is no match for the last son of Krypton. Whether his hair is long and blond or sharp and black, Goku's strength is just no match for Superman's. Goku may fight aliens who can turn people into chocolate bars, but Superman has defeated Darkseid, the God of Evil who seeks to control all life in the universe with his anti-life equation.

The best part of this meme is how it also serves as a meta joke poking fun of how long fights go on for in Dragon Ball.

Villains in DC Comics certainly explain their plans, but the villains in Dragon Ball Z will often monologue for episodes at a time and stretch out their battle. As a result of the constant blabbing, Goku has probably grown used to slower fights. Superman, on the other hand, isn't used to his villains slowing down and will take any chance he gets to stop his opponent. Of course, this meme could have just as easily been designed to have Goku defeat Superman in one hit because no one really knows just who is the stronger of the two alien heroes.

18 Real Friends

Goku Superman Meme Real Friends

Since both Goku and Superman are alien defenders of Earth whose superpowers are charged by solar energy, it makes sense that fans have tried comparing the two of them. In each character's own universe, these guys are the seen as the most powerful heroes and the Earth's final line of defense when things get tough. Since both characters are so powerful, fans have endlessly speculated about whether the Kryptonian or Saiyan would come out on top in a fight. Since the two of them will never formally meet, there's no way for the question to ever officially be settled, but the internet isn't willing to let the hypothetical match up go and keeps bickering about an answer.

Each one of them has super strength, speed and the ability to shoot off energy projections. Additionally, they also share a sense of humility and a dedication to their family. While fans may like to force the characters into conflict, the truth is these warriors would likely get along if they were to meet.

Superman may be caught off guard by Goku's seemingly never-ending appetite, but there's no reason that the two of them would come to blows instead of become friends.

17 Kneel Before Me

Superman Goku Meme Kneel Before Me

Both Goku and Superman are incredibly powerful characters who can overpower any of their allies in their respective universes. The people of Earth are lucky because neither one of these alien heroes has any interest in turning against their home planets. Superman and Goku are both positive individuals, but Goku has more of a jokester personality, so when the Saiyan warrior says something out of character, it's more likely that people would think he's just kidding around.

Unlike Goku, Superman isn't much of a jokester, so when he gives a command the people around him better listen.

Superman is the strongest hero in the DC Universe and has a seemingly limitless supply of power. During the Injustice video game series, Superman is pushed to the edge after Joker tricks him into destroying Metropolis and ending Lois Lane's life. Shortly after the incident, he essentially becomes a fascist ruler and leads a group of characters against Batman and his squad of rebels. He reverts against his life-long held values and begins to destroy his enemies as he goes about trying to establish a new world order. The plan even includes Superman leading an Amazonian invasion of the mainland to cement his new position.

16 Superman All The Way

Superman All The Way Goku Meme

When someone is a passionate fan of something, it's common for them to take their love to extreme, sometimes even dangerous, levels. For hardcore fans, people either like Superman or Goku, they're not allowed to like both.

This level of love goes far beyond thinking one of the alien heroes would win in a fight; some people think their favorite character is better than anyone else in fiction. If an employer or loved one ever asks you to choose between Goku or Superman, or any other duo of random fictional characters, remember to be as vague as possible - or there may be some dire consequences. Just because people's love for these characters is real, that doesn't make the characters real enough to save anyone who is thrown out of a window after a fan-fueled debate.

Luckily, there haven't been any fandom related assassination attempts, but there are still a few examples of people taking their pop culture passion too far. Back in 2010, two fans started arguing over a seat in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con and the incident ended with one of them in handcuffs and the other having been stabbed with a pen. It's just too bad one of the dozens of people dressed as Superman or Goku at the convention didn't spring into action and stop the attack.

15 Baby Warrior

Goku Superman Meme Baby Warrior

Goku and his allies in Dragon Ball Z have saved Earth and the rest of the universe numerous times. Without Goku's Saiyan strength, countless lives would have been lost and dark leaders would rule the galaxy. Goku is such a strong fighter that powerful foes even head to Earth to seek him out and challenge the legendary warrior to a battle. Even as a child, years before he unlocked his Super Saiyan abilities, villains tracked his power level and tried to come up with ways to overpower or outmaneuver their opponent.

No matter how strong Goku is, he's just no match for the raw power of a Kryptonian. Goku may be able to beat villains like Kid Buu and Cell, typically with the help of his son or rival Vegeta, but he's no match for foes like Darkseid or the Anti-Monitor who terrorize the DC Universe. Superman, on the other hand, is more powerful than Goku and has no problem going tit-for-tat with these powerful villains.

Whoever created this meme clearly thinks that even a baby Superman is powerful enough to take down Goku.

Following this meme's logic to the end, a full grown Superman would have no problem taking down Goku and the rest of the Z-Warriors.

14 Slow Down, Bro

Goku Superman Meme Yamcha

While Marvel and DC Comics have crossed over a few times over the years, the Dragon Ball universe has never crossed over with either. Popular anime franchises like Attack On Titan have crossed over with The Avengers, so there's a chance Superman and Goku could come to blows after a future arrangement, but the odds are slim. This may be a good thing, though, because the introduction of so many new powerful characters into the DC Universe may make a few popular heroes feel embarrassed or less significant.

Why would Gotham City need Batman if Gohan, a hero who is vastly more powerful and more willing to destroy his opponents, called the city his new home and started taking care of the villains there.

Superman and Goku are obviously the top dogs in each universe, so it makes that sense fans debate about who would win in a battle between the two of them. What some people don't realize is that even weaker characters in the Dragon Ball world, like Krillin and Yamcha, are extremely powerful. When they are all put on even footing, it very well could be the case that Yamcha is actually more powerful than Superman, so Goku won't even need to waste any of his time on the last son of Krypton.

13 Impossible Odds

Goku Superman Meme One Punch Man

Since Goku and Superman are the two most recognizable characters in two major franchises, it makes sense they are the focus of intense fan debate. Both characters are extremely powerful heroes with similar abilities who were born on another planet before being sent to Earth as one of the last survivors of their former home.

What some fans don't realize is that neither one of them is the strongest hero in pop culture.

The top dog is Saitama, better known as One Punch Man, who is capable of defeating anyone he fights in just one punch. Instead of being an alien with super cells, Saitama is just a normal human being who has trained his body to perfect condition thanks to an intense regiment that includes push ups, crunches and running.

One Punch Man is a satirical series that follows Saitama, a bored hero who confronts the world's growing super villain problem as he waits for a real challenge to come along and test his abilities. Unfortunately, not even the combined might of Superman and Goku have it in them to overpower One Punch Man, so people arguing about who would win in a fight need to realize neither of them is number one anyway.

12 What Did You Say?

Goku Superman Meme Justice League

Dragon Ball fans have no problem asserting that Goku is in fact more powerful than Superman. Additionally, some of them even think that the Saiyan warrior could take down the entire Justice League if he's successfully able to take Superman off the map. Fans who prefer the DC Universe couldn't disagree more, and think that Superman is, in fact, the more powerful of the two.

Since Superman has super hearing, if anyone on Earth challenges or talks ill of him, he immediately becomes aware and gets to choose how he wants to react. Luckily, Superman is a humble guy who doesn't mind when people talk trash, but if he took himself more seriously there's a very real chance he would approach Goku for claiming he could take him down.

Normally Superman is a kind person who doesn't seem like he would even hurt a fly, but if someone double-crosses or upsets him, his good ol' American boy charm disappears and he unleashes his inner anger on whoever is in his way. Goku may be a hero now, but if he disrespects or endangers the people Superman loves, there is no reason for the last son of Krypton to show the Saiyan warrior any mercy.

11 It's A Fun Time

Goku Superman Meme Fight Fun

Two powerful warriors who were born on different planets, both characters have saved the world numerous times and taken on some of the universe's deadliest foes. If Goku and Superman did exist in the same universe, odds are citizens would still want to see the two heroes fight. Hopefully people aren't twisted enough to want to see the characters fight to the end, but there's a chance they could fight in some sort of charity event if they did live on the same Earth.

The panel this meme comes from was originally from the '90s storyline that saw Superman lose his life after fighting Doomsday.

In an effort to shake things up, DC decided to take its most popular character off the shelf for a few months and introduce a series of replacements, but fans knew Superman was set to return at some point.

Superman may have a smile on his face most of the time, but he's not really one for fun in the middle of a fight. He views his role as one of Earth's strongest defenders very seriously, and he isn't someone who will dive headfirst into a fight simply because people are telling him he will have fun.

10 Genius and Stupidity

Goku Superman meme genius limits

Despite the fact that both characters have existed for more than two decades, the upper limits of Superman and Goku's power levels still haven't been clearly laid out. As long as Superman is under the rays of our solar system's yellow sun, he has a nearly unlimited amount of strength he can tap into whenever he is fighting evil.

According to Albert Einstein over here, his lack of limits makes him a stupider character because whoever is writing his stories can come up with a cheap mechanism to have him overpower his enemies. Goku, on the other hand, is a bit more limited than Superman, giving the writers a bit more of a challenge when they figure out how to have him overcome his opponents.

This meme seems a bit over-embellished, though, because in Dragon Ball Super, the show where this picture of Goku originates from, Goku himself essentially reaches a power level without limits. Sure, sometimes he needs to rely on others to help him transition into the new Super Saiyan God status, but when he's achieved that he is capable of fighting gods by himself.

At some points in the comics Superman is badly defeated and has even lost his life, so the character certainly does have limits - they're just a bit more obscured than Goku's.

9 Good Guy Goku

Goku Superman meme good guy

Goku may punch holes through people and shoot energy blasts hurtling towards villains, but deep down he's a good guy. He may like competing in tournaments for fun, but he is unwilling to use his full strength unless it is completely necessary because it might hurt someone. A hero through and through, Goku always makes sure that his friends and family are okay before he turns his attention to himself.

During the Frieza saga, Goku even gives the alien dictator a senzu bean because he wants a more fair fight after achieving Super Saiyan status for the first time. Luckily, Goku was able to beat Frieza, but his good guy mentality sometimes gets in the way of him actually doing his job!

If the Superman and Goku were forced to fight in some kind of inter-dimensional tournaments, odds are whoever comes out victorious will feel terrible about what he's done to his opponent.

Luckily, the Dragon Ball universe has senzu beans, a magical food item that restores people back to full health from the verge of death. So, whoever loses in a fight between these two heroes will hopefully have a senzu bean on hand so none of the damage leaves a permanent mark.

8 Everything is Awesome

Goku Superman meme awesome

Google search is a wonderful tool. Type in one or two words and the search engine will auto generate a plethora of options for you based on other popular queries using those key terms. Goku and the rest of the characters in the Dragon Ball universe are fairly popular, so it makes sense typing Goku into the search bar auto-populates so many interesting questions revolving around the character.

Apparently, a lot of people are interested in who would win in a fight between Goku and Superman because the image shows his name twice on the pulldown list and states that he is both "stronger" and "better" than Superman.

The list even put Goku up against his own son Gohan and Naruto - another popular anime protagonist whose strength has achieved godlike levels. Unfortunately, a lot of these questions are subjective and impossible to find conclusive answers to on the internet.

Clearly, a lot of users were interested in why Goku is awesome because it's one of the recommended questions on the list, but if these people have to ask why he's so awesome instead of just understanding it on their own, maybe they need to rewatch some of Goku's finest moments. They're clearly missing something.

7 Arm Wrestle

GOku SUperman Meme Arm Wrestle

Since Goku and Superman are such powerful fighters, people have been fantasizing about a matchup between them ever since Dragon Ball first became a staple in the American pop culture landscape.

Two alien warriors who call Earth home, these characters are the most powerful heroes in their respective universe and have both saved their homeworlds numerous times. If they thought their family's lives were on the line, both heroes would give it their all in any fight between the two heroes. Ultimately, if the two were to fight, any battle between them would likely drag on for hours and end in a bloody mess.

Odds are, the characters would get along and see the world too similarly to fight. Instead, Superman would find a spot on the Z-Warriors or Goku would join the Justice League as they continue trying their best to save the world.

The artistic change between the two illustrations here even references how relaxed the characters would actually be if they hung out.

Showing the two arm wrestling allows them to have their muscles bulge out, but it also shows them in a comfortable position that reinforces how friendly the two characters would be to each other.

6 Everyone Wants It

Superman Goku Meme End Me

Just because two characters live in different pop culture universes doesn't mean they will never cross paths. Godzilla and King Kong, two of cinema's most beloved monsters, are finally going to appear together in 2020 when Warner Brothers release Godzilla Vs Kong as part of their ongoing monster cinematic universe that started in 2014 with Godzilla.

A matchup between Superman and Goku could excite fans just as much as the upcoming Kaiju battle, but this face-off unfortunately doesn't seem likely in the near future. Neither one of these characters are taller than a skyscraper, but a battle between these two heroes could be just as destructive as any battle between Godzilla and King Kong.

The fans may want these two characters to come together, but that doesn't mean the heroes necessarily want to battle. Neither of them have a problem laying down their lives to defend the Earth, but they may not be as willing to compete in such a vicious battle for sport. No one really knows who would win in a fight between the two of them, but it makes sense that the last son of Krypton would be nervous about a battle between himself and the Saiyan warrior.

5 Street Fighters

Goku Superman meme Street Fighter

One of the most common abilities for heroes and villains across pop culture is shooting energy blasts from their hands. Not only are many of these heroes strong enough to punch through buildings or mountains, but they can also use their hands to launch explosive blasts at their enemies.

Energy blasts are just as common as super strength, speed, or flight, but not all characters wield their powers in the same way.

Some people have to store up chakra or energy to shoot off a projectile, while others don't have to prepare in any way before bombarding their enemies with energy blasts.

Superman's projectiles are closer to what brothers Cyclops and Havoc wield in the Marvel Universe than characters like Goku and Street Fighter's Ryu. Instead of shooting off energy blasts from his external appendages, Superman has laser vision that he can tap into at any time. His laser vision is much stronger than a regular ki blast, and if Superman focuses his strength enough there's a chance he can push back an entire Kamehameia wave with his laser beams. As if that's not impressive enough, Superman also has extreme cold breath that can probably deflect the path of some of Goku's weaker ki blasts.

4 It'll Be Easy

Fight Superman Easy Goku Meme

The problem with people forcing Supeman and Goku to fight in their heads is they don't think about what would happen after the battle. Odds are a fight between these two powerful warriors would likely end with one of them in the ground and the other badly wounded. Not only would the Earth be down one of its best heroes, but the remaining hero would need a substantial amount of time to recover. In the meantime, villains can attack the Earth and its people without fear because two of its finest protectors are incapacitated.

Ever since the early days of Dragon Ball, Goku has been shown as someone who loves to pig out on big meals and immediately nap. As he's grown older and become more powerful, his tendency to sleep for long periods of time after a big battle or intense training regiment has stuck around.

Odds are, if Goku was victorious after a fight with Superman, he'd rest for quite a long time in order to recooperate. Chi Chi will be happy her husband won and survived the fight, but she may not be happy with how much rice she'll have to make for her husband as he recovers.

3 Ultimate Warrior

Goku Superman meme Chuck Norris

Since both Goku and Superman are notoriously strong fighters, everyone thinks about what a battle between the two of them would be. Any possible skirmish would likely last for hours as both heroes tap into all of their strength to take their opponent down. Not only would their bodies be badly scared, but any battle would likely have destructive effects on any nearby cities or mountain ranges.

People are too focused on the chance of them fighting to think about the only possibility that is even more epic: the two characters fusing into an even stronger hero.

Fusion is a common occurrence in Dragon Ball, with Goten and Trunks turning into Gotenks and Goku and Vegeta combining into both Gogeta and Vegito to fight Buu. In DC Comics, though, fusion isn't as popular a story mechanic and most characters just fight as themselves whenever they are facing dangerous foes.

If Superman and Goku aren't enough to take down a foe, there's really only one person who may be able to get the job done. Luckily, if Superman and Goku focus their energy and perform the fusion dance correctly, they are able to become Chuck Norris, the strongest warrior in the entire universe.

2 You Mad, Bro?

Goku Superman Meme Real Pals

Since Superman and Goku are both incredibly powerful individuals, the fan community constantly pits the two heroes against one another. As two aliens with similar abilities, it makes sense that so many people want to see them fight and finally crown one of them the stronger contender. At times, both characters come across as essentially invincible and they have both even risen from the grave, making any battle between the two of them a nail-biter.

Unfortunately, what these sick fans clamoring for a fight between these two heroes don't realize is that the two characters would have no reason to fight. Both characters are extremely light-hearted, positive individuals who put their family's well-being above everything else.

Lois Lane and Chi Chi may be there to console their husbands when things get too difficult, but both Superman and Goku have a large group of friends they are able to rely on when things get challenging. If Superman and Goku lived in the same universe, odds are they would constantly be teaming up so they can more adequately keep the world safe. No matter how hard fans push, there is nothing that can get these friendly souls to fight each other.

1 Family Squables

GOku SUperman Meme Pawn Star

Fan debates do a lot more than just tear friends apart, sometimes it can even put a wedge between father and son. Superman and Goku are both powerful characters, but sometimes the strongest thing in this debate are the feelings of the fans involved in whatever argument is going on. Both characters have achieved god-like status and have saved the galaxy numerous times, so it's understandably difficult to choose between which of these fictional characters is stronger. Unfortunately, some people let the debate get a little too heated and furniture ends up flying through the air.

What this meme points out is that many of the events Superman fans refer to when labeling him a stronger character may no longer be canon thanks to DC's universal changing initiatives The New 52 and Rebirth.

Goku's power levels have exploded in Dragon Ball Super, unlocking the potential of the Super Saiyan God status that actually keeps his hair black instead of turning it blonde like many of his other power levels. When Goku is in this form, he is able to fight and hold his own against Beerus, the God of Destruction, a feat that Superman would likely not be able to accomplish.


Which of these Goku vs Superman memes was your favorite? Sound off in the comment section below with some of your favorite Dragon Ball versus DC humor!

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