Dragon Ball: 25 Wild Revelations About Goku And Chi-Chi's Relationship Fans Miss

Chi-Chi never forgot about Goku or the promise he made her, even if he didn't quite understand what marriage was.

Goku first met Chi-Chi in the original Dragon Ball series. Goku was only concerned with training with Master Roshi and his friends. He considered Chi-Chi a good friend but was clueless about her romantic feelings for him. After she completed her mission, she asked him to promise her that they'd get married once they were older. Clueless, even as a young child, Goku agreed, believing that marriage and a wedding were a type of food.

Chi-Chi never forgot about Goku or the promise she made him. Her days on Mt. Frypan were not spent learning how to be a Princess, but how to be a martial artist. She prepared herself for her fateful reunion with Goku.

Goku traveled the world, but didn't think about Chi-Chi very often, as he had his hands full with new adventures until they eventually reunited with one another at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. Their reunion wasn't as special as Chi-Chi hoped, but it was still a major milestone that no one in the series would ever forget.

Chi-Chi and Goku's childhood romance soon blossomed into the marriage she always dreamed about. Goku's feelings about his family and responsibilities posed more questions than answers. Fans doubt he ever wanted to get married at all. These doubts were not due to a rival love interest, but because the desire to fight seemed to be more important than taking care of his family.

Our list has some surprising revelations many fans may not have realized about the long-time Dragon Ball couple.

25 It Was Her Idea

After spending some time together, Chi-Chi fell for Goku. She knew at 12-years-old that this was the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Chi-Chi knew about marriage and family and wanted to share that with Goku. She was the one who brought up the topic of marriage with Goku first.

She asked him to promise to marry her one they were older. If Chi-Chi had never brought up marriage, the couple would have never wed as Goku would never have come upon the concept of his own, and not once showed romantic attraction towards another character in the series.

24 They Had An Unusual First Date

Chi-Chi told Gohan about her first date with his father in the Majin Buu arc episode "Gohan's First Date." Chi-Chi and Goku's first date wasn't typical. As 12-year-olds, Chi-Chi asked Goku what he would like to do the most. Goku was honest: he wanted to fight. Chi-Chi was surprised, expecting something more romantic, but agreed. Their first date was a proper martial arts battle, but Chi-Chi didn't just let Goku win. She gave him a genuine fight to remember, preparing him for their brief bout during the 23rd Budokai. Chi-Chi wasn't upset and recalls that it was a great first date.

23 She Doesn’t Want Him To Fight Anymore

One of the most common sources of Chi-Chi's disdain towards Goku is that he would rather fight than work. It's nothing new to Chi-Chi. She knows that he considers fighting to be the most important activity in the world. She would simply rather him get a job like other husbands and provide for their family.

Goku isn't interested in putting on a suit and tie every day, though. He'll accept any chore that Chi-Chi assigns him, but refuses to work. Chi-Chi doesn't fully register that as one of Earth's top defenders, Goku needs to be prepared to fight off any threat at any time.

22 He Saved The Dress

After their engagement at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, Goku and Chi-Chi decide to tell her father. The couple immediately travel to Mt. Frypan with the good news. Gyumao is thrilled to hear his only daughter will be married and they immediately begin planning the wedding.

Gyumao suggests that Chi-Chi wear her mother's wedding dress, and Chi-Chi agrees, but the mountain catches on fire before they can retrieve the dress. Goku helps to obtain the Bansho Fan and rescue the precious dress in a five episode filler arc that caps off the original Dragon Ball.

21 Goku Knows How to Make Her Happy

Chi-Chi doesn't like it when Goku runs off to train. She realizes that once he leaves to train, he may not return for months on end, preferring to spend time with Kaio or Whis. Chi-Chi is forced to take care of all household duties while Goku's away.

As long as Goku brings home plenty of money, either by winning whatever Tenkaichi Budokai the series is currently on, or simply being given hush money from Hercule, Chi-Chi allows Goku to do what he pleases. She isn't happy that her husband would rather train, but she's glad to have money to survive.

20 Forever Farming

Goku didn't grow up with the common belief that one attends school to get a good job, being raised int he wilderness by his adoptive grandfather. Goku has also never had a "real" job since Chi-Chi handles almost everything. Their family is simply more unusual than others.

When Chi-Chi lost their primary source of income, she decided to start a radish farm. Their farm became wildly successful, especially since Chi-Chi was already interested in general outdoor activities. As a result,  Goku is forced to help work. He isn't happy about it but never refuses to do his part. Besides, he gets some training in whenever he lets Goten handle the farming for a bit.

19 Both Grew Up Missing A Parent

When Goku crash-landed on Earth as a baby, we was taken in by a man named Son Gohan. The man tried to help Goku, but the wild infant was out of control. After bumping his head as a baby, however, Goku softened up and became the man we know today. Goku never met his birth parents.

Chi-Chi was fortunate enough to grow up with her father from birth, but lost her mother at an early age. Goku and Chi-Chi both grew up without their mothers- and missing a major parent- but they grew up to become successful and powerful warriors.

18 A Painful Past

Goku's had a rough life. He lost his caretaker, Grandpa Gohan when he was very young. He was later taken in by Master Roshi at the Kame House and devoted his entire life to training and fighting. He never had the opportunity to go to school or play with others his age, besides Krillin who he trained alongside while living with Master Roshi.

Chi-Chi always felt terrible that Goku didn't have a proper education. She made sure that their sons, Gohan and Goten, had tutors and she later helped Gohan enroll at Orange Star High School. Although she was more than comfortable letting him take time off to train for the 25 Tenkaichi Budokai.

17 He Didn’t Remember Her

Chi-Chi made Goku promise to marry her as soon as they were grown up. She never forgot him during all those years they were apart. She trained hard so that she could impress him with her fighting skills when they inevitably reunited with each other. When they finally met again in the future, Goku didn't recognize her. Chi-Chi was instantly upset and insulted him, ready to take her anger out during their quarter-finals match. She decided to fight him seriously in the 23rd Tenkachi Budokai, but he won with little to no effort, dodging most of her attacks. When she revealed her identity, Goku remembered her instantly.

16 Yamcha "Announced" His Love To Her

Immediately after leaving Mt. Frypan, Chi-Chi was threatened by dinosaurs. She feared for her life, running away until she then met Yamcha, who she wasn't sure was friend or foe. Yamcha watched as Chi-Chi destroyed the dinosaur with her helmet and didn't want to be next.

Yamcha told her he loved her and she believed his words. That said, Chi-Chi did not return his "feelings" and was immediately smitten with Goku. Yamcha never told her he was lying. She believed he was in love with her for years until she turned down his offer at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. Bulma, his girlfriend at the time, wasn't happy at the news.

15 Always on His Side

Chi-Chi has never particularly liked Goku's enthusiasm in regards to martial arts and fighting. She realizes that sometimes Goku has to fight to protect the planet, but she doesn't enjoy i in the slightest. That said, she does support her husband when the time comes. During the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, Chi-Chi refused to leave Goku's side whenever he wasn't in the ring. She diligently watches the Cell Games on the news for as long as she can, and she eagerly roots for Goku in both the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai and the Universe 6 Tournament. For all their differences, Chi-Chi genuinely supports her husband.

14 Her Priorities Changed Over Time

Chi-Chi has loved Goku since they were children. She always wanted to raise a family with him and she finally got her wish with Gohan. After giving birth to Gohan, though, and especially Goten later in the series, she places a lot of emphasis on her children. They will always be her babies, even after they're married and have children of their own.

After Goku sacrifices himself during the Cell Games, Gohan is left to watch over the family which naturally leaves Chi-Chi devastated. In losing her husband, she dedicated her life entirely to her children, making sure Gohan gets a good education and even going so far as to train Goten.

13 Still A Princess

The Dragon Ball series isn't just a story about aliens fighting other aliens, it also features day-to-day, slice of life content to help dilute all the action. The Z-Fighters have to survive from day-to-day and Goku trains daily to prepare for future battles, but that doesn't mean there isn't a humanity to the other characters. Just look at Chi-Chi.

For years, Chi-Chi relied on Gyumao, otherwise known as the Ox-King, her for financial help. As a king, he had large piles of treasure to give his daughter. It's only thanks to Gyumao that the Son family was able to survive financially- a rather realistic approach to money in an over the top series.

12 Started Off As An Innocent Friendship

Goku grew up alone in the wilderness for years, interacting with absolutely no one after his grandfather passed. He didn't have any friends until he met Bulma at the start of the series and she was his only female friend until he met Chi-Chi. Where Goku saw friendship, though, Chi-Chi saw love.

It took Goku much longer to reciprocate her feelings. He didn't know what romance or marriage was. Goku was just glad that he had a new friend. Even though Goku didn't immediately return her feelings, Chi-Chi had fun adventuring with her love interest as friends.

11 Chi-Chi’s Outbursts Are A Bonus

Following their wedding, Chi-Chi doesn't just let Goku have his way. They have disputes like any couple does, which makes sense. Chi-Chi and Goku are fairly different people. While they're certainly compatible, Goku's priorities are fairly self-centered meaning they do tend to clash, especially on her end.

Other characters in the series, like Vegeta, wonder why Goku would want to be with Chi-Chi. Goku admits that he likes Chi-Chi's fiery personality. Vegeta, who is married to Bulma, completely understands. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta realizes that Saiyans tend to like others that are strong-willed.

10 Chi-Chi Did All the Work

After Chi-Chi made Goku to promise to marry him in once they were adults, they ended up parting ways for years. Chi-Chi went back to Mt. Frypan to help her father while Goku went off on other adventures on his own and stopped to trained with Roshi, Karin, and Kami along the way. Chi-Chi never forgot about Goku during their time apart, though.

Needless to say, Goku never returned to find Chi-Chi. She sought him out at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai and had an elaborate plan to surprise him. Goku didn't understand why Chi-Chi would go through the trouble but was happy to see his old friend, and soon-to-be-wife, nonetheless.

9 Goku Always Asks Permission

Goku is one of the strongest martial artists in the entire series. The world ends up threatened fairly often so he has to be prepared. Dragon Ball Super shows what happens when he isn't prepared as the Universe Survival arc opens with Goku uncharacteristically taking damage from a stray bullet.

Goku knows he has to ask Chi-Chi if he can train. If he disappears without telling her, she understandably becomes irritated and worries about him. Since Goku wants to avoid conflict with his wife, he tries to get her permission before leaving. She often refuses his requests, but Goku tends to get his way regardless.

8 Chi-Chi Steps In To Help

After Goku sacrifices his life during the events of the Cell Games, Chi-Chi is left to raise both of her sons alone. Gohan enjoys his studies more than training, but still understands he needs to fight when necessary. Goten is much like his father, though, and likes to train. Instead of making him devote all his time to studying, she actually allows Goten to train.

Chi-Chi becomes Goten's teacher, and she's far stricter with him than Goku ever was with Gohan. She regrets being so harsh on Gohan and Goku and decides to take it easy with her youngest son. That said, she isn't a fan of the Super Saiyan transformation whatsoever and forbids Goten from transforming.

7 It Wasn’t Love At First Sight

Chi Chi in Dragon Ball


For as much as Chi-Chi loved Goku pretty much at first sight, he wasn't particularly interested in her as a romantic partner. Mainly because Goku, at this point in time, had no real concept of romance, love, or marriage but primarily due to the fact that Chi-Chi failed to make much of a lasting impression on him. Goku was content just meeting a new friend, and was far more interesting in seeing Master Roshi's power at full display. This isn't to say Goku disliked, Chi-Chi– far from it, honestly– but just that his priorities were far more martial arts oriented.

6 She Doesn’t Always Hold Him Back


Although the nature of Goku's relationship with Chi-Chi often means he needs to ask her permission before he can go off to train or fight, Chi-Chi doesn't always hold him back. She does understand, to some extent, that Goku is the only man capable of keeping the Earth safe. She's perfectly fine with him fighting so long as it's to protect the world.

During Battle of Gods, Chi-Chi fully expects Goku to show up and save the day once Beerus shows up to crash Bulma's party, quite literally "crashing" the party shortly thereafter. There is no question to whether or not Chi-Chi would let him fight. She assess the situation and understand her husband needs to do what he's meant to do.

5 A Devoted Partner

In one of Dragon Ball's more morbid moments of reality, Goku contracts a Heart Virus that ends up taking a serious toll on his body during the Cell arc. In Trunks' timeline, said virus actually takes his life, leaving the main cast painfully unprepared for when the Androids finally attack. While dark, Chi-Chi never left her husband's side.

This is something audiences get to see full on in the present timeline where, when Goku contracts the virus later than usual, Chi-Chi stands by him the entire time, taking care of Goku and making sure he pulls through. While the two often disagree, there is genuine love in their relationship.

4 Krillin Thought Chi-Chi Was Good Looking

Chi-Chi's anonymous appearance at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai sparked quite a bit of discussion among the Turtle School students. This mysterious female fighter not only made it into the final eight seemingly out of nowhere, but she also happened to fight with a style incredibly similar to that of Master Roshi's. Krillin, especially, was impressed.

Specifically, he was impressed with how cute she was. Ever the romantic, Krillin couldn't take his eyes off of Chi-Chi and was even a bit jealous when she revealed that she was engaged to marry Goku. Of course, Krillin's a decent guy so he never made a stink about his best friend marrying a girl he once thought was cute.

3 She’s Filled With Regrets

It's obvious to fans that Chi-Chi gives Goku quite a hard time when it comes to training and fighting. She doesn't always let him do whatever he wants, even using the fact that he wasn't educated as a child as her main justification for keeping Gohan and Goten in school.

After Goku passes away, Chi-Chi is naturally filled with regret over the way she interacted with her husband. Deciding to turn over a new leaf, Chi-Chi allows both her sons to pursue martial arts along their studies. As previously mentioned, Chi-Chi even trains Goten and allows Gohan to skip school so he can train for the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai.

2 Their Love Story Began Early

The original Dragon Ball series almost seems like a distant memory by this point. The first six story arcs came and went in less than three years meaning that fans barely got any time with the younger Goku and his early Earthling companions.

Goku and Chi-Chi knew each other during the original series and it was during this portion of the series where they became partners for life. It's quite interesting when you think about it. Chi-Chi was introduced in the series' first story arc, setting up a plot thread that wouldn't be picked up on until years later. While Goku didn't reciprocate her feelings, the seeds were planted quite early.

1 One True Pairing

Considering just how much Goku and Chi-Chi disagree with one another, it's not particularly difficult to wonder why the two stay together. Goku loves fighting, Chi-Chi prefers her children to work on their academics. Goku's a free spirit, Chi-Chi's a bit more hardened. On a surface level, one wouldn't be in the wrong to assume they were incompatible. They aren't, though.

Goku and Chi-Chi clearly love each other deeply. Even outside of the "opposites attract" mentality, Goku thinks about his wife often and Chi-Chi never leaves his side. They've been together almost their entire life. It isn't a typical relationship as it is a relationship with Son Goku, but it's one very much built on love, respect, and a mutual understanding of each other.

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