15 Crazy Facts Only True Dragon Ball Fans Know About Goku’s Body

Like many popular anime and manga series, Dragon Ball originated in Japan in 1984. Writer and illustrator Akira Toriyama worked on the original Dragon Ball manga series from December 3, 1984 to June 5, 1995, and made an astonishing 519 chapters. His work was originally published in Weekly Shōnen Jump but was later released in 42 separate volumes.

The plot of Dragon Ball revolved around a character named Son Goku. Goku was an incredibly strong young man who excelled in martial arts. The manga and the first anime series followed Goku as he journeyed to find all seven of the mythical Dragon Balls.

When you collected all seven of the Dragon Balls, a dragon would appear that could grant the collector one wish. With a power such as this, the Dragon Balls gained some unwanted attention from people who would later become enemies for Goku.

While Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were two of the most popular series in the franchise, there were plenty of additional TV Shows, books, movies, and video games that have given Dragon Ball worldwide recognition.

Even though there are several characters throughout the Dragon Ball franchise Goku has remained not only the main character but a fan favorite for a good portion of the Dragon Ball fan base.

So screech your favorite Z-Soul and collect the knowledge of 15 Crazy Facts Only True Dragon Ball Fans Know About Goku’s Body.

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15 He Can Transfer His Ki To Others

Ki is often seen throughout the Dragon Ball Universe. In short, Ki is a type of energy that the characters can use to fight their enemies.

This energy comes from within the characters and they can manipulate the energy in a variety of different ways. While Ki can be built up to make its owner stronger, Ki can also be lost if the user is attacked or critically injured. 

Ki is a powerful asset for a warrior to have and Goku can actually transfer his Ki to other fighters, which gives them a boost.

On the show and in the manga, this Ki transfer is referred to as the Circle of Power, Energy Transfer, or Ki Pass. 

While Goku is not the only person in Dragon Ball who is able to transfer Ki, he is skilled in the process. 

14 He Has The Ability To Use Telekinesis

Telekinesis in Dragon Ball

Telekinesis is often seen in the Dragon Ball anime. It is usually used by the villains in the show, but others have been known to use it as well.

While Goku does not use the power very often, there was one instance where Goku revealed that he had this ability.

After the Saiyan attacks, Goku is recovering in a hospital and actually uses telekinesis to life water out of a glass. It may not seem like an incredible feat compared to some of the other telekinesis users, but it shows that Goku does have the ability and could possibly improve his power.

King Kai had previously shown Goku telekinesis during his training for learning the Spirit Bomb move, which indicates that Goku could have picked up telekinesis by using mimicry.

13 He Has Super Human Hearing And Sense Of Smell

While Goku has some special abilities that seem to be straight out of the pages of a comic book, he does have some superhuman abilities that are somewhat more normal.

Throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku has been depicted to have superhuman hearing and an incredible sense of smell. 

His heightened senses prove to be useful at several points in the show. When Goku was younger, he would use his amazing sense of smell in order to track down people and food.

Later on in the series, it was shown that Goku was able to use his superhuman hearing in order to battle his enemies with his eyes closed. 

While fighting with your eyes closed might seem impractical, it may be necessary for certain situations and it makes Goku even more intense knowing what his body is capable of. 

12 His Mind Can Learn New Skills After Only Seeing Them Once

Some people have photographic memory while people like Goku have something called Mimicry.

While people with photographic memory can remember anything after only seeing it once, Goku uses mimicry to learn powerful fighting techniques and moves after only seeing them once. 

This becomes an incredibly useful skill since Saiyans are known for being a warrior race. By using mimicry, Goku has the opportunity to learn many more strategies and abilities quicker than a normal person would.

Since he learns them instantly after seeing them, it gives Goku an edge over people who have not learned the skill.

Mimicry has been an important aspect in all of the series of Dragon Ball. It shows how Goku can not only learn quickly from his teachers but also his enemies. 

11 He Used To Have A Tail

Goku flies Without Ki in Dragon Ball

Saiyan tails are extremely sensitive and can be very painful if touched. They can be used to transform a Saiyan into a Giant Ape but only when they look at a full moon. That being said, Goku does not have his tail as an adult. 

Goku actually had four tails in his life but always ends up losing them. However, Saiyan tails do have the ability to grow back if a Saiyan is in grave danger. 

 The first time his tail was cut off by Puar after he transformed into a pair of scissors because Goku transformed into a Great Ape and scared him. The second time his tail is accidentally torn off by Grandpa Gohan, and the third time it was removed by Kami. 

In Dragon Ball GT, his tail was regrown once again using Old Kai but it did not last for long. 

10 He Can Breed With Humans

Obviously, humans do not have tails and the ability to turn into a Great Ape, but Saiyans to have humanistic traits. Even though Saiyans look very similar to humans ,they are actually an alien species. 

Although humans and Saiyans are two separate species, they are similar enough that they can have offspring together. This is proven since Goku has two children with Chi-Chi, who is a human. 

Gohan and Goten are the names of Goku’s children. Once Gohan becomes older, he marries Videl and has a daughter named Pan. 

Goku helped prove that the anatomies of Saiyans and humans must be very similar. Even his son, Gohan, was still able to produce a daughter even though he was a hybrid of two species. 

9 He Has A Better Lung Capacity Than Most

Goku in Space

Even though many people think that Saiyans can breathe in outer space, they still need oxygen to survive. There are many battles that take place in space.

However, Goku is able to survive in outer space because of his lung capacity. 

Goku is seen in many dire situations where no oxygen was present yet he is still able to function in such situations. Underwater battles first debuted in the manga titled Under Water Battle and also in the episode Clash of the Superpowers. 

While a normal person can only stay underwater for so long-- 22 minutes and 22 seconds to be exact-- Goku can have entire battles underwater and be alright. 

His extra lung capacity could also explain how he can scream so much and not pass out!

8 He Uses Telepathy

Goku possesses a lot of abilities that basically make him a superhero. One of those abilities has to do with telepathy.

Goku has the power to read peoples' minds without them knowing and also command people to do what he wants by using telepathy.

While it isn’t something he does in every episode, he does have the ability and uses it occasionally throughout the show.

For example, Goku used telepathy on Great Ape Gohan and ordered him to battle Vegeta. Goku has also read Krillin’s mind and speaks with him through telepathy on several occasions. 

Other figures also have this ability, but telepathy is one element of Goku that some people may forget about.

Currently, Goku may not be as popular as certain superheroes, but he most definitely has superhuman abilities.  

7 He Ages Very Slowly

It is hard to get an exact age for Goku since he has passed away twice, been in a hyperbolic time chamber, and ages like a Saiyan. People estimate he is around age 48 at the end of Dragon Ball Z, but a definite answer is almost impossible to get. 

Saiyans age differently than humans. In episode 68 of Dragon Ball Z: Kai titled "And So The Monster Makes Its Move… Take Off! It’s the Super Namekian!"Vegeta explains why Saiyans age differently than humans.

Since they are a warrior race, their bodies age incredibly slowly and remain youthful until old age so that they can continue to fight. 

It may seem like they are immortal since it takes such a long time for them to age but it’s really just part of the Saiyan genes. 

6 His Body Can Heal And Regenerate

Again, even though Saiyans seem like they are immortal, they can pass away. This may not seem like the case since Goku has regenerated himself on more than one occasion. 

Not only can Goku bring himself back to life, but he can also heal others. Some may say that Goku is simply transferring his Ki to other people, which is true in certain cases.

After Frieza perished in his battle with Goku, Goku gives Frieza some of his Ki which brings Frieza back to life. 

Goku has also revived animals in some of the Dragon Ball movies. In the film Cooler’s Revenge, Goku is seen bringing a dead bird back to life.

Goku may have been in his Super Saiyan form, but he still has the option to bring things back to life. 

5 His Saiyan Appetite

Gohan Goku Eating Dragon Ball Z

Goku’s appetite was often used as comedic relief in the show when he was younger and also once he grew up. Goku and other Saiyans have an unbelievable appetite for food. 

While it may have been used as a gag in the shows and movies, his appetite is actually part of the Saiyan genetic makeup.

Since Goku’s lifestyle allows him to burn hundreds of calories in a single day, he has to eat a massive quantity of food in order to remain strong and healthy. 

All Saiyans have this type of metabolism but many may look past it since this aspect of Goku’s body is played off as a gag most of the time. It must be nice, Goku, must be nice…

4 He Has Perished And Been Resurrected Twice

Goku Dies DBZ

Being a great warrior, Goku has had many close calls.

The first time Goku passed away happened when he was battling his brother Raditz. Goku quickly realized that he was not going to be able to overpower Raditz, so he sacrificed himself by holding on to his brother while Piccolo blasted them both with his Special Beam Cannon.

Soon after, Goku would train in the afterlife on King Kai’s planet and be wished back to life by his friends through the Dragon Balls. 

Goku also perished while trying to stop Cell from destroying Earth. He used Instant Transmission to transfer himself and Cell to King Kai’s planet, which ended with his passing along with King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory.

Again, Goku was revived after seven years of training to become a Super Saiyan 3. 

3 He Can Transform Into A Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan Goku Dragon Ball

While Saiyans are already incredibly strong, there is another step up called the Super Saiyan. A Saiyan can turn into a Super Saiyan after they have gained a huge amount of S-cells. 

S-cells are microscopic cells that build up in a Saiyan after they increase their battle power and also when a Saiyan has a soft spirit.

Not everyone has the ability to turn into a Super Saiyan, but Goku was able to build up a lot of S-cells when he passed away for seven years because he was constantly training to increase his battle power. 

One can transform into a Super Saiyan by feeling incredibly sad or angry. Goku transforms by using anger after Krillin, his best friend, has his life stolen from him.  

2 His Heart Is Pure

Goku is seen to be a super nice guy in the Dragon Ball series. While there are a lot of people who could fit into the “nice guy” title, most of them could not say that they have a pure heart.

Heart purity can either mean someone is 100% good or 100% evil. Thankfully, Goku’s heart is 100% pure good.

Since Goku has a pure heart, he is able to refrain from even the most common sinful desires such as lust or greed.

Goku avoided having lust for years by refraining to become romantically involved with Chi-Chi until after their marriage.

While Goku does indeed have a pure heart, he still does end the lives of some of his enemies. You wouldn’t think that this would be something that a person with a pure heart could perform, but his enemies really left him no other option.

1 He Has Experienced Massive Head Trauma

As explained in the anime, Saiyans are a violent race of people who love fighting and battle.

While some Saiyans control their rage through sports and necessary battles like Goku, others know no boundaries and harm others for the fun of it. Goku may have turned out like any other Saiyan if it wasn’t for the head trauma that he sustained when he was little.

Grandpa Gohan found Goku when he was young and adopted him despite Goku being incredibly stubborn and aggressive.

Early on in the show, Goku fell from a ravine and hit his head, which caused him to not only lose his memory but to also lose the violent demeanor he had as a child.

From then on, Goku appeared to be much happier and it allowed him to quickly learn martial arts from his grandfather.


Are there any other unique Dragon Ball facts that you know about Goku or his body? Let us know in the comments!

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