Dragon Ball: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Gohan & Videl's Relationship

Videl and Gohan had one of the strongest relationships in the Dragon Ball franchise. They fully understood and supported each other.

Gohan was willing to train Videl and she was willing to put up with his silly Great Saiyaman dancing. They seemed to balance each other out after they married-- he became a dedicated family man and she reigned in her fiery temper just a bit.

It's actually quite impressive that these young lovebirds were able to reach such a strong point in their relationship, seeing as how Gohan's parents spent so much time apart and Mr. Satan was apparently a single father.

Gohan and Videl's relationship often played a prominent role in many important moments in the Dragon Ball franchise.

From Videl's secret pregnancy being the key to Goku reaching Super Saiyan God status to creating the Dragon Ball universe's strongest flyer, here are the 15 Things You Didn't Know About Dragon Ball's Gohan & Videl's Relationship.

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15 She Blackmailed Him When They First Met

Videl had heard a lot of talk about the Golden Warrior and attempted to hunt him down. The Golden Warrior was, in fact, Gohan still in his high school uniform but with the golden hair of a Super Saiyan as his superhero identity, à la Clark Kent's glasses.

Realizing that he would be found out super quickly if he kept wearing so many identifiable items while fighting crime, Gohan transitioned into the goofy Great Saiyaman instead.

Videl was still able to connect the dots and realized that the Golden Warrior and the Great Saiyaman were one and the same.

She used this knowledge to blackmail Gohan into teaching her to fly.

This was not exactly a healthy start to the relationship, but it seems to have paid off for them in the end.

14 She Was A Lot Like Gohan's Mom

Gohan basically married a woman who was just like his mom. Chichi and Videl are actually quite similar.

Chichi met Goku at the World Martial Arts Tournament and ended up betrothed to Goku under false pretenses because he thought a bride was a type of food.

Videl similarly won Gohan through bribery and blackmail. First by insisting that he train her to fly and then by forcing him to fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament along with her.

The similarities don't stop there. Both Chichi and Videl’s mothers are absent in the show, only their fathers seem to be present in their lives.

To top it all off, Chichi and Videl's fathers were both successful fighters, each earning the title of World Martial Arts Champion at different points in their competitive careers.

13 Watching Her Lose A Fight Reawakened His Higher Powers

Gohan Super Saiyan 2

During Videl's fight against Spopvich in the World Martial Arts Tournament, the young Miss Satan became brutally battered and nearly crushed to death by her oversized opponent.

Gohan witnessed the entire incident, becoming more and more enraged as Videl's outcome worsened.

He eventually hit a level of anger that induced his Super Sayain 2 form despite having not trained or transformed into an ascended Saiyan for years at that point.

Gohan promised Spopvich that he would avenge Videl and took her to the hospital.

Gohan's feelings for Videl were powerful enough to awaken SS2 in spite of the fact that they hadn't even started dating yet.

Chichi yelled from the stands about how Videl would make the perfect wife for her son but she feared they would never get together if Videl was unable to survive the match.

12 He Was Tricked Into Kissing Another Woman

Gohan didn't exactly cheat on Videl willingly, he was manipulated by yet another woman. Cocoa was an actress hired to portray a damsel in distress in the movie Great Saiyaman vs Mr. Satan.

Naturally, the film starred Mr. Satan as himself, and Gohan acted as the stunt double for his Great Saiyaman alter ego, while keeping his true identity a secret, of course.

Like Videl, Cocoa figured out that Gohan was actually the Great Saiyaman and held this against him to force him to fly her around town, but she didn't stop there.

Cocoa threatened to reveal Gohan's superhero persona if he did not give her a kiss. Gohan felt compelled to go along with Cocoa's demands, feeling as though he had no other choice.

11 An Actor Tried To Steal Her Away From Him

Things looked bad when Cocoa manipulated Gohan into kissing her, especially when a hidden photographer captured pictures of the incident, which Videl ended up seeing. But nobody in this sordid love triangle was actually at fault.

The actor playing the Great Saiyaman in Great Saiyaman vs Mr. Satan, Barry Kahn, was infatuated with Videl and wanted her for himself.

It was Barry's idea for Cocoa to blackmail Gohan, in an attempt to come become between Gohan and Videl's relationship.

When Barry showed Videl the incriminating photos of Gohan and Cocoa kissing she immediately caught on to his selfish ploy.

Videl refused to accept any of Barry's fake over her husband's supposedly cheating ways, she had complete faith in his loyalty, believing Gohan would never have kissed Cocoa without a justified reason.

10 She Is An Amazing Sister-In-Law

Videl is a steady presence in Goten's life. In the second Broly movie, she tends to Goten the entire time, without Gohan being around.

In the first episode of Dragon Ball: Super, Trunks and Goten spend a day zipping around trying to hunt down perfume to make her look younger... except the silly kids brought Videl regular water instead.

Being gracious, Videl didn't have the heart to tell the boys their gift wasn't what they thought it was. She didn't even mind too much when Goten and Trunks mocked Videl and Gohan when they saw them kissing.

Videl and Goten had a lot of time to bond, they were both trained to fly by Gohan at the same time. During a training session, Chichi discovered how rich Videl's family was and pushed Gohan to marry her. Goten showed great enthusiasm at the thought of Videl becoming his sister.

9 She Is An Incredibly Supportive Wife

The Great Saiyaman posing

The Great Saiyaman was... super embarrassing. He was goofy and danced around a lot. Despite his valiant efforts to do some good in the world, those around him couldn't help but notice what a cheese fest he really was.

For that reason, anyone in Gohan's life who knew about his superhero secret couldn't help but to give him some grief over it. The poor guy was mocked hard over his exuberant alter ego.

Gohan was mocked by everyone except Videl.

Sure, she held the knowledge of his secret identity over his head for a little bit in the beginning, but once Gohan and Videl actually began their relationship, she never once tried to make fun of him for his widely derided crimefighting character.

Videl even vocally cheered him on while he was performing his goofy superhero poses.

8 They Created A Crimefighting Duo

Being the daughter of the World Martial Arts Tournament champion, it makes sense that Videl would take to a life of fighting crime. She learned martial arts from her father, Mr. Satan.

Using what little she learned from her father, Videl aided police in capturing villains and stopping petty theft... at least until the Golden Warrior/Great Saiyaman entered the scene.

She not so promptly figured out that Gohan was both of these mysterious figures, and that it was not Hercule who saved the world seven years in the past but was in fact Gohan.

After things settled down in the Majin Buu arc, Videl continued her undying support for Gohan, going as far as putting on a ridiculous helmet and dancing around foolishly in public with her future baby daddy as the Great Saiyaman II, effectively creating a kick butt (but super cheesy) crimefighting team.

7 Their Great Grandchild Is Basically Baby Goku

Goku Jr. Dragon Ball GT

Lots of happy parents and grandparents marvel over the family's latest addition and how closely the little one resembles one of their ancestors.

They might have Grandma's eyes or perhaps their nose looks exactly like their Great Uncle's.

For Videl and Gohan, their great-grandson was pretty much a mini Savior of the Universe.

In the Dragon Ball GT  episode "Until We Meet Again", we met the appropriately named Goku Jr. who looked exactly like his Great Great Grandad, Goku. Naturally, young Goku Jr.'s debut took place during the World Martial Arts Tournament.

In Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy, we begin to learn the differences between the two Gokus, however. While Goku was obsessed with training, Jr. preferred to spend his time playing peacefully than training or fighting.

6 He Found Out She Was Pregnant By Accident

Videl helps Goku become a Super Saiyan God in Dragon Ball

In the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods some drunken antics and a hostage situation at Bulma's birthday party resulted in Videl getting shot in the leg.

When she was healed by Dende it was discovered that she was pregnant but had kept it a secret from Gohan because she had wanted to surprise him with the news. The party continued to get out of hand after Mr. Buu ate all of Beerus' pudding, causing the God of Destruction to try to destroy the entire planet.

After many characters' failed attempts, Goku tried to stop Beerus' rampage by reaching Super Saiyan God but needed the power of six Saiyans to do it.

Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Goku combined their power but it wasn't enough until Videl came forward, allowing her unborn baby's power to be used.

5 They Created The Youngest Flier In The Dragon Ball Universe

Baby Pan Flies Off Earth

Pan was more Earthling than Saiyan, as Gohan was born to an Earthling mother and a Saiyan father and Videl was an Earthling.

However, no matter how much Saiyan she had in her blood, she was certainly a superpowered prodigy. 

Always a dreamer (and fiercely independent) Pan flew high enough to reach the stars before she was even a year old.

Her uncanny abilities, coupled with her independence, led to many adventures as she grew older. Throughout the series, a still quite young Pan was often shown traveling the world all on her, flying from place to place.

She was also very dedicated to her training, even from a young age, and showed a penchant for fighting as an aggressive infant, pulling Future Trunks' hair and kicking him.

4  4. Everyone Outshown Her Flying Skills

In the Majin Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z, Videl was forced to realize that her flying skills were sorely lacking when she found herself slowing down Supreme Kai and Gohan on their way to stop Majin Buu.

Videl gave up halfway through their journey and convinced Gohan to continue on without her, allowing him to reach the battle just in time.

A misunderstanding lead Videl and several other characters to believe that Gohan and Vegeta were killed by Majin Buu. Bulma seemed to fully believe in Vegeta's death and fainted from the shock.

However, Videl, though upset, showed her unending faith in her husband, refusing to believe he was really gone. She was right, of course, Kibito found Gohan and healed the injured fighter.

3 Her Dad Bought Them A House

Mr. Satan spread the rumor that he was responsible for stopping Majin Buu. Hercule attempted to bribe everyone to keep the truth quiet because he was afraid of losing his wealth and status.

Goku didn't really seem to understand he was being bribed, he thought Hercule was just being a nice guy, but he took the Zeni and gave it to Chichi so she would be taken care of while he trained with King Kai. Hercule attempted to give Vegeta a pay-off, as well... until he yelled him out of his house.

Hercule's generosity isn't all fake, though. He gave a giant house to Videl and Gohan just to spoil his beloved daughter.

Gohan used this leg up to his advantage, focusing on his studies and not worrying about bills, as Chichi had hoped he would.

2 She Might Have Kept Her Last Name

It's never been revealed whether or not Vegeta even has a last name, so it makes sense that Bulma would continue to go by her maiden name after marriage. Especially given her family's prominent status. Similarly, Chichi has never been referred to as Son Chichi, implying that she, too, kept her own name after marriage.

Videl has only ever been referred to as Videl Satan, making it rather obvious that she kept her own name even after marrying Gohan.

This makes sense, as early in their relationship she made it clear that she and her father had been famous for some time and had gotten used to it. It would seem the independent women of the Dragon Ball universe have no problems with breaking marital traditions.

1 They Were Never Married In An Alternate Timeline

In Future Trunks' timeline, the Androids destroyed most of the beings on Earth. In that timeline, many survivors took to hiding underground and Future Trunks took on the role of their protector.

When Future Trunks travels back in time to seek help, it is learned that Gohan was his teacher.

At no point in the future timeline are Videl or Mr. Satan ever mentioned. If their family was still wealthy in the future, it is possible that they found a means of escape.

Or, unfortunately, given the mass destruction of the planet, it could be surmised that Videl was murdered by the Androids. Either way, it's pretty much a given that Videl and Gohan never got married, and possibly never even met, in Future Trunks' timeline.


Can you think of any other interesting facts about Gohan and Videl's relationship in Dragon Ball? Let us know in the comments!

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