Dragon Ball: 10 Gods Weaker Than Fans Thought (And 15 Who Are Way Stronger)

The collective Dragon Ball series have spawned hundreds of episodes of wonderful adventures. As the series has gone on for so long, it’s only naturally that the boundaries of its universe would continually expand and that the show would get bigger.

The craziest thing that the original Dragon Ball throws at its audience in its early days is that Goku can turn into a Giant Ape. However, the progression of the series has gradually added aliens, interplanetary missions, and even time travel into the mix. The prospect of evil doppëlgangers doesn’t even make these fighters flinch anymore.

Dragon Ball has become a series where anything feels possible and that’s something that’s especially true when it comes to the super powered beings that are on the top of command.

Dragon Ball has gotten to the point where there isn’t just one God in the show, but several. The series has introduced multiple Gods and deities into the mix, but there are now so many of them that it can often be difficult to keep track of them all and where they all fit in.

When there are multiple universes and dozens of different Kais to put into consideration, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or forget who the beings are that you should be really frightened of.

We've narrowed down all of the best and worst Gods with 10 Gods From Dragon Ball Who Are Weaker Than Fans Thought (And 15 Who Are Way Stronger)!

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Dragon Ball Mr Popo Worried
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25 Stronger: Mr. Popo

Dragon Ball Mr Popo Worried

Mr. Popo might not exactly be a God— in fact, the jury’s still out on what he is exactly. One thing’s that’s clear is that he spends his time up on Kami’s Lookout and is good friends with those that are Gods.

Mr. Popo isn’t one of the strongest characters out there, but his cutesy, unassuming appearance makes him look like a real pushover.

Even though Mr. Popo’s appearances in Dragon Ball are largely ornamental in nature, he does actually fight against Goku back in the original series.

Not only that, but he actually defeats Goku on one occasion and his ability to swallow Kamehamehas is pretty impressive.

Don’t underestimate this guy.

24 Weaker: Shenron

Dragon Ball Beerus Scares Shenron

Make no mistake, Shenron is certainly on the higher tier of power as far as Dragon Ball is concerned. The ability to grant wishes is kind of incredible and if that wasn’t enough, Shenron also has a rather intimidating appearance, too.

In spite of Shenron’s mighty stature, Dragon Ball still shows him acting frightened and foolish whenever Beerus is around. It kind of ruins the illusion.

Furthermore, King Piccolo even manages to destroy Shenron for a period of time, which shows that even a character like this can be defeated by “regular” individuals.

It doesn’t take another God to take down Shenron.

23 Stronger: Black Star Dragon Ball Dragons

Dragon Ball Black Smoke Dragon Cigar

Dragon Ball GT still gets a lot of hate and conjures up rage in many Dragon Ball purists. Even though opinions for the series are mixed, one of the more interesting ideas that they put into practice is the threat of the Black Star Dragon Ball Dragons.

Basically all of the past wishes from the series become corporeal and Goku and company need to fight against seven unique and evil versions of Shenron.

These Dragons have plenty of strength, but none of them are an obstacle for Goku for more than one episode.

Due to the larger number of this enemy, these Dragons have a tendency to go down easy and therefore have more bark than bite.

22 Weaker: Gowasu

Dragon Ball Gowasu Zamasu

Gowasu is the Supreme Kai of Universe 10 who finds himself on the way out and training a new replacement, Zamasu.

Gowasu is technically as strong as any other Supreme Kai, but the reason why he gets docked so many points is because of how oblivious he is to his volatile Supreme Kai-in-training.

The series shows Gowasu to be older and it’s likely that he’s beginning to lose his sharpness.

Gowasu shows suspicions towards his apprentice, but if it wasn’t for Universe 7’s intervention, humanity might have been erased. The humbling experience at least seems to put some spark back into Gowasu.

21 Stronger: Old Kai

Dragon Ball Old Kai Shocked

Old Kai makes for an unusual case of why it’s smart to not judge a book by its cover. Old Kai is a former Supreme Kai and he currently exists in the capacity to mentor the existing Supreme Kai.

However, Old Kai seems to have powers beyond that of the typical Supreme Kai because he’s able to dig into individuals and unlock hidden reservoirs of power within them (like he does for Gohan).

Old Kai has a lot of power, but the fact that he is a decrepit old man means that he doesn’t look like much of a challenge.

Plus, once people hear that you’ve been trapped inside of a sword, nobody takes you seriously.

20 Weaker: God Of Destruction Toppo

Dragon Ball God Of Destruction Toppo Finishes Frieza

Universe 11 is one of the bigger obstacles in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power. Toppo is a member of the Pride Troopers and one of the strongest individuals from his universe.

He's also one of the few characters in the series who the audience actually gets to see become a God.

During the final stage of the Tournament of Power, a cornered Toppo taps into unknown strengths and ends up turning into a God of Destruction.

The transformation poses a challenge for Universe 7, but Vegeta is able to overcome him.

It's unclear if Toppo's God form is stronger than that of Beerus, but he's certainly defeated much faster and it’s a little underwhelming.

19 Stronger: Supreme Kai

Dragon Ball Supreme Kai Eye Blast

All of the Kais wield a certain degree of otherworldly power, but the Supreme Kais are unsurprisingly even more important.

While a regular Kai will look over one of the four quadrants of a universe, the Supreme Kai monitors the entire thing. They also have responsibilities that involve the security of the timeline and their tasks become even more cumbersome once Dragon Ball Super begins.

Universe 7’s Supreme Kai, also known as Shin, looks like any regular Supreme Kai, but he’s taken part in some particularly vicious battles.

He also still lived to fight another day after an encounter with the likes of Majin Buu and worse.

18 Stronger: Chronoa

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Chronoa

The Dragon Ball video games have plenty of source material to pull from, but in later years, they’ve increasingly turned to original stories and tried to create new characters.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse gets creative in this regard and introduces Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time.

Chronoa’s purpose is to oversee the flow of time, rather than the universe itself (something that gets conflated to regular Supreme Kais and the King of Everything in Dragon Ball Super).

Chronoa is as strong as a regular Supreme Kai, but she's also able to manipulate time and looks super innocent, too.

17 Stronger: Grand Supreme Kai

Dragon Ball Supreme Grand Kai

The Dragon Ball series has been going on for so long and has introduced so many characters and rules along the way that it’s quite easy for even the creators to lose track of some characters along the way.

This seems to be the case with the Grand Supreme Kai, who is meant to be in charge of the regular Supreme Kais.

This character appears in Dragon Ball Z via flashback regarding one of the earlier attacks of Majin Buu. In spite of how this deity survives, he never appears again.

The fact that Dragon Ball Super eventually introduces more powerful characters into the mix makes it feel like this middle management Kai has been erased.

16 Weaker: Super Saiyan God Goku

Dragon Ball Super Saiyan God Goku Attacks

It doesn't exactly seem right to put Goku on a list of Dragon Ball’s strongest Gods, but it stands to reason that he technically qualifies when he reaches the plateau of a Super Saiyan God.

Goku is forced to unlock this new power when he faces Beerus for the first time.

Goku has to perform a special Super Saiyan God ceremony that involves five other Saiyans who need to be present and donate their energy to another pure-hearted Saiyan.

Even though Goku becomes a God and has a slightly more mystic demeanor, he still looks like a relatively ordinary human. He's not suddenly Zeus.

15 Stronger: Grand Priest

Dragon Ball Grand Priest

The Grand Priest looks like some plucky little guy who could maybe qualify as Garlic Jr.'s more affluent, kind-hearted twin who was separated from him at birth.

The Grand Priest doesn't look like the strongest character that's out there, but he's essentially the Supreme Kai of all of the Angels from the 12 universes.

This means that he's even stronger than Angels, who have proven themselves to have unheard levels of strength.

The series never really shows a Grand Priest putting their powers to work, but it might be because it's simply too much to display. When a character reports directly to Zeno, it means that he's got to be overwhelmingly strong himself.

14 Stronger: Champa

Dragon Ball Champa Makes Rude Face

Ah, Champa, the ugly ducking in the God of Destruction family. Let's be clear, any God of Destruction is going to be one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

However, Champa's larger appearance and lazy demeanor definitely mean a lot of the other Gods of Destruction are stronger-- his brother, Beerus, included.

Universe 7 may slightly outrank Champa, but his frequent appearances on the show still indicate how much of a big deal he is.

He never takes part in a fight quite like Beerus' battle with Goku, but even the friendly spats that he has with his brother put the planet's existence in jeopardy.

Champa is still someone you don't want to upset, though.

13 Weaker: Grand Kai

Dragon Ball Grand Kai

Grand Kai gets a bad rep simply because he came along too early in Dragon Ball's timeline.

In the period of filler between the Cell Saga and the arrival of Majin Buu, Goku finds himself in a Martial Arts Tournament set in the Other World. This tournament features passed fighters from each of the four quadrants of the universe, but it also introduces Grand Kai, who's in charge of the whole lot.

Grand Kai's role is identical to what Supreme Kai does and it feels like the latter replaces Grand Kai since he's never been seen since his initial appearance.

Supreme Kai has quite the serious character design, whereas Grand Kai looks like a joke.

12 Stronger: Beerus

Dragon Ball Beerus Attacks

Beerus holds a special place in the Dragon Ball universe, not only because he's the first big villain in Dragon Ball Super, but because he also marks the series' first foray with a God of Destruction.

Beerus raises the bar up from Majin Buu in a very considerable way. This is a being whose mere sneezes destroy planets. His purpose is to destroy and his mere touch can eliminate an individual.

Goku ultimately gets a "draw" against Beerus, but the God of Destruction has still only put a fraction of his strength on display.

Beerus' hunger and desire to take naps may hold him back, but his full strength would still be unbelievable stuff.

11 Stronger: Whis

Dragon Ball Whis Trains Goku Vegeta

If Gods of Destruction are a considerable threat, then their "partners" are even more dangerous adversaries.

Each of the 12 universes has their own God of Destruction and corresponding Angel. The Angels look innocent enough, but they're almost meant to police the Gods of Destruction and keep the entire universe in check.

If Beerus can eliminate a planet, then Whis can revive it, under the right conditions.

Angels have the ability to manipulate time and Whis has even saved the Earth before in this way. The true depth of the strength of Angels has yet to be seen, but Whis can take on both Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta with one hand.

10 Stronger: Vados

Each of the universes out there have a corresponding mirror universe that connects to them. It's for this reason that the Gods of Destruction for Universes 7 and 6, Beerus and Champa, look so alike.

Even though Beerus is stronger than Champa, the reverse is true when it comes to the Angels of these universes.

Universe 7's Whis is strong enough to train Vegeta, but it's been indicated that his sister, Vados, is slightly stronger than him.

There aren't really any great examples of Vados' strength, but it'd be interesting to see Vegeta and Goku train under her for a while and see what comes of it.

9 Weaker: King Yemma

Dragon Ball King Yemma

After the Dragon Ball series introduces so many otherworldly beings that operate on the higher end of the power spectrum, the series becomes less likely to check in with the supernatural characters that were there from the start.

For example, King Yemma, the gatekeeper to the afterlife, used to be as big as Dragon Ball got, and even though he plays a crucial role, he's slowly been made to look less powerful in comparison to what else is out there.

In spite of this, Yemma's opinion still holds a lot of weight and the fact that he can banish people to Hell is also quite the significant ability.

8 Stronger: Zamasu

Dragon Ball Fused Zamasu

No Supreme Kai should be underestimated, but a Supreme Kai scorned is a particularly dangerous thing. For the most part, Supreme Kais do what they're supposed to and uphold the integrity of their designated universe.

Even though Supreme Kais go through vigorous training to avoid corruption, Universe 10's Zamasu slips through the cracks.

Not only does Zamasu give up and rebel on humanity, but he also teams up with an alternate version of himself, steals Goku's body, and nearly eliminates all of Universe 7.

He's one of the biggest threats that Dragon Ball has ever seen and the gang nearly doesn't survive this one.

7 Weaker: King Kai

Dragon Ball King Kai Bubbles Gregory

Before there were Supreme Kais or Gods of Destruction, there was just King Kai, the simple-pleasured Kai from the North.

King Kai is Goku's first real mentor in Dragon Ball Z and the skills that he teaches him, such as the Kaio-Ken Attack, are still being used by Goku to this day.

He’s a character who is just as important to Goku’s development as Master Roshi.

The fact that King Kai has such signature attacks and can train fighters so effectively is a testament to his abilities, but he's also the only of the four Kais who has passed away (and remains that way still).

6 Stronger: Zeno’s Bodyguards

Dragon Ball Zeno's Guards

When Dragon Ball Super finally pays a visit to King Zeno, his royal chambers are adorned with intimidating looking guards.

These guards prove that they're ready to defend their leader if necessary, but they never get pushed to that point.

The Grand Priest is said to be one of the five strongest beings in the universe, so these guards probably rank below that, but they might be as strong as Angels.

Why a being that's as ultra powerful as Zeno would need any bodyguards, let alone a whole staff of them, remains a mystery. Maybe he just likes to live in bliss and let these guys take care of his dirty work?

5 Weaker: Dende

Dragon Ball Dende Goku Lookout

Dende stumbles his way into an incredibly comfortable position. Dende is originally just a young Namekian who is along for the ride when Gohan, Krillin, and company land on Namek.

Dende is just a child, but he gets to serve a fundamental role when he arrives on Earth.

Kami, the Namekian guardian who currently watches over the planet, is on his way out and Dende gets to replace him as Earth's protector.

Accordingly, Dende gets to inherit and absorb a lot of power from important Namekians who came before him.

Dende doesn't appear to do much training while he lives on the Lookout, but his abilities of perception and healing are surely on another level.

4 Stronger: Belmod

Dragon Ball Belmod Studies Jiren

One of the most exciting aspects of Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is that it puts many of the unseen universe’s Gods of Destructions and Angels on the sidelines.

Many of these characters get a few lines as they root for their respective universe, but one of the few individuals who gets a little more development is Universe 11’s God of Destruction, Belmod.

Belmod sticks out due to his insane clown appearance, but he shouldn’t be underestimated.

He mentally manipulates Jiren in a significant way and it’s also implied that he’s more powerful than Beerus. He seems to be one of the more revered Gods of Destruction out there.

3 Weaker: Kami

Dragon Ball Kami

Kami may not look like much or garner a lot of fanfare, but he's been watching over the Earth for long enough to have earned some respect. He has certainly put in his dues.

He has a fascinating backstory, as he's actually the "good half" of the evil Demon King Piccolo who tried to eliminate Goku and rule the world.

Kami is certainly weaker than his evil counterpart, but he still carries skill and the watch that he keeps over the Earth is invaluable.

Someone as low down on the food chain as Chiaotzu could likely defeat Kami in battle, but he still deserves his place as a deity-like individual.

2 Stronger: Zeno, King Of Everything

Zeno the lonely god

Good things come in small packages and Zeno is as strong as they come until Dragon Ball decides to pull the layers back further and introduce a higher echelon.

The character’s design is very much a bait and switch. Not only does this being look like a small, innocent alien, but he also has the same playful, carefree demeanor as a child.

It’s quite the sight to see Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction utterly terrified of this guy.

Zeno is the ultimate choice for when there’s no other alternative. He’s who gets called when even the elimination powers of a God of Destruction aren’t enough.

1 Weaker: Namekian Guru

Namekian Elder Guru

The grand Namekian Guru elder is merely a pit stop for the Z Fighters, but his humane nature makes a strong impression on Gohan and Krillin. The two encounter this aged, weak Namekian guardian after Vegeta has wreaked some havoc on an unsuspecting village.

The guru is able to awaken some hidden skills in Gohan and Krillin that arecrucial for their survival while on Namek, but when it comes to combat, it's clear that the elder is fairly disadvantaged.

He's a strong example that not all Gods are about massive destructive powers. Some heal and look inward instead.


Can you think of any other Drago Ball gods who are weaker or more powerful than fans thought? Sound off in the comments!

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