Dragon Ball: 10 Gods Weaker Than Mortals (And 10 Stronger)

One of the most unique elements of the strange world of Dragon Ball are the gods and deities we meet throughout the franchise. The gods of Akira Toriyama's hit series are unlike deities seen in other media, or even those seen in real-world mythology. There are tiers to the gods; some work under others, some act as attendants to others, some reign free or grant wishes. It is a complex hierarchy that makes up the universes shown in the franchise, which is one of the things that makes Dragon Ball so interesting. With this hierarchy, we know that some gods are not as strong as others.

In terms of the main hierarchy of gods in Dragon Ball, there are the planet guardians, the quadrant Kai, the Supreme Kai - who work in tandem with the Gods of Destruction, both of whom report to Zeno, the king of everything and the omnipotent deity who rules over the entire multiverse. That's just scratching the surface of the higher beings within the world of Dragon Ball.

Among these deities, some have fallen behind in terms of power and strength as the series has progressed, making some of them weaker than the mortals that they watch over.

With that, we present 10 Gods Weaker Than Mortals (And 10 Stronger).

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To start us off, we have one of the more forgotten deities of Dragon Ball: Korrin. While Korrin trained Goku in the early days of the franchise, these days he's nothing more of a Senzu Bean farmer. Though this is an important part of the world of Dragon Ball, everything else about Korrin has become obsolete and outdated.

Where he was once a great teacher to seek out at the top of Korrin tower, he is now just a side character who occasionally shows up when Goku needs those dang Senzu Beans.

Korrin's power was once though of as great, which is why he served as a teacher to Goku and others who have reached him, but now, he is easily surpassed by most mortals - even the weakest ones like Yamcha and Chiaotzu.

Heck, even Videl might outclass Korrin at this point! Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but there is another lower-tier human who also outclasses Korrin by this point: one of his former students, Master Roshi.

While he might be thought of the god of martial arts, it is clear that this cat deity is no longer stronger than all the mortals on Earth.


This is kind of a weird entry, since Goku is a mortal, but this form turns him into a god, so how can we compare the power of a godly mortal to that of a mortal? Oh man, this is confusing.

Regardless, if this form truly turns Goku into a full-on god - which, based on the fact that this transformation turns him into a younger version of himself (which is reflective of the immortal nature of gods), it may very well do - that means that we can count him in this form as a god, so he's going on the list.

Apologies for that roundabout, run-on explanation, but here's the deal, Goku is a god in this form, and as such we can look at him compared to mortals.

This Super Saiyan God form is a huge step up from even Goku's strongest form prior, which would be Super Saiyan 3.

Based on this, we can easily state that Goku is stronger than his strongest mortal self, and since he was the strongest mortal on Earth (arguably), then it is easy to say that Super Saiyan God Goku is a deity stronger than mortal, at least for the time that the form lasts.


Dragon Ball Mr. Popo

Next up in the "weaker than mortals" category, we have the lovable Mr. Popo, who, though an attendant, is still technically a deity.

Though we don't know the exact origins of Mr. Popo, we know that he is actually quite the powerful individual despite being an assistant god. In fact, not only is Mr. Popo shown being stronger and more skilled in martial arts than Goku, he is also seen sparring with Super Saiyan Goten and Super Saiyan Trunks without being injured. Mr. Popo is clearly more than he seems, but he is still one of the lower tier gods.

Not only is Mr. Popo weaker than Kami, the deity he assists, but his power has also been surpassed by quite a few mortals.

Goku and Vegeta are clearly stronger than Mr. Popo, as are Piccolo and even Goten and Trunks by the time of Dragon Ball Super. Mr. Popo might possess a great power level and be highly skilled, but he doesn't really use his power much and his skills as a teacher are far greater than his skills as a fighter. Thus, he is one of the gods on this list who is weaker than at least some of the mortals he has encountered.


Featured Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Powers Up

Like Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue is a bit confusing. See, when a Saiyan becomes a god through the Super Saiyan God form, they retain access to godly ki, and when they filter that through their regualr Super Saiyan form, they achieve Super Saiyan Blue.

The form does not technically turn them into a god, but it does use godly ki, so we are going to count it. In fact, it might actually be stronger than Super Saiyan God, since it has the added bonus of the power multiplier that comes with the Super Saiyan form.

This is all to say that, while in Super Saiyan Blue, both Goku and Vegeta outclass their Super Saiyan God form and, by extension, the power of mortals. Again, it is sort of a technicality, since Vegeta and Goku still are mortals in this form, - just ones with access to godly ki. However, if we are to consider them gods, then they both outclass a lot of the gods on this list and outclass all of the mortal Z-fighters who, at one point, might have been able to match their power.

Again, it's a bit of a roundabout way of saying that the Super Saiyan Blue form is stronger than mortals, but the point still stands.


Kami from Dragon Ball Z

Like his assistant, Kami's power is more as a teacher and guardian than anything else. Don't get us wrong, Kami is still strong in terms of deities. In fact, he was said to be stronger than his other half, King Piccolo, and he was definitely stronger than Goku when he showed up to seek his training.

Yes, Kami has great power as both a deity and a martial artist, but, like a few other gods on this list, he has become yet another victim of the passing of time in the Dragon Ball franchise.

On top of perishing after fusing with Piccolo, Kami's power was soon surpassed by the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and even Gohan as the series progressed.

Kami would not have been chosen to be the guardian of Earth had he not been a capable warrior. But, at the end of the day, his power as a guardian is really more for the mortals outside of the Z-fighters. He can still do his job and protect those weaker than him, but the mortals who are stronger than him, like the Saiyans or possibly even Krillin, do not need his godly protection. That is why we put him in the "gods weaker than mortals" category.


Once more we have a bit of a technicality, but we can still argue that Goku Black is a god. See, Goku Black is actually Zamasu, the Supreme-Kai-in-training from Universe 10 who decided to switch bodies with Goku as a means to enact his zero mortals plan.

His body is mortal, but his soul and mind are that of a god, as is the energy within him. Our proof of this is his Super Saiyan Rosé transformation, which is close to Super Saiyan Blue with one key difference. Instead of being the Super Saiyan form with godly ki filtered through mortal ki, this is a Super Saiyan form using pure godly ki.

All this to say that Goku Black's energy is that of a god, thus we can consider him a god, and even if he isn't one normally, his Super Saiyan Rosé form classifies him as one. Regardless, while he might not have an immortal body, Goku Black could easily be considered a god whp is far stronger than mortals.

In fact, Zamasu would not have chosen Goku's power if it did not provide the power to allow him to enact his "zero mortals" plan, which involves, you guessed it, taking out all the mortals in the universe.


Dende in Dragon Ball Z

During the Cell Saga, Piccolo needed to get stronger so he could help protect the Earth. In order to give him the power he needed, Kami gave his life to fuse with Piccolo so the two could return to the warrior they once came from. After this, Earth's dragon balls became inert and the Earth needed a new guardian to reactivated them.

Enter Dende, who was able to revive Shenron and adjust his powers and rules for wishes. However, as great as Dende's magical abilities are, his power level is nowhere near as high as his predecessor.

It's not really a fair contest, since Kami was part of both the warrior class and Dragon Clan categories of Namekian, capable of both great magical ability and high fighting power. Dende on the other hand, is only part of the Dragon Clan, and while he might have had his potential unlocked by Grand Elder Guru, he is still only a magic user and not a fighter.

He does have great healing powers and can change the rules of the dragon balls rather easily, but he is still nowhere near the power of Kami, which puts his strength below the power levels of the Z-fighters.


We covered Goku Black, so lets look at his alternate timeline counterpart, Zamasu. For those who don't know, the Zamasu of the main timeline was the one who turned into Goku Black and traveled to Future Trunks' future.

He wasn't alone in his "zero mortals" plan. He had an ally in, well, himself; the Zamasu of the alternate timeline that already existed in Future Trunks' future. Confused? We don't blame you, we barely grasp it ourselves! Confusing timelines aside, Zamasu is a Supreme Kai in training, so there is no need to argue whether or not he is a god.

His power level, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. While the Supreme Kai of Universe 7 are astonished by the power of Goku and the other Z-fighters, finding them to be stronger than they are, we don't know if the same is true of the Universe 10 Supreme Kai. If this is the case, then there is one thing that does put Zamasu above the power level of even the strongest mortals: his immortal body.

Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to wish for an immortal body so that, even if he was hurt, he would not lose his life.

This means that power level is irrelevant and his immortality places him above mortals by the literal definition of the word.


King Yemma sits in judgment in Dragon Ball Z

King Yemma is an interesting deity in the world of Dragon Ball. He is the king of all the ogres of the Otherworld who judges the souls that come to the afterlife, deciding whether they go to heaven or hell.

As such, his power is mostly in his status and the magical abilities that come with it, including being able to send souls back to Earth if needed. He also seems to have the power to allow a spirit to keep their body after they lost their life, but that's neither here nor there.

What we're looking at is the fact that, despite his job not really requiring it, King Yemma still has a notable power level. When Raditz came to Otherworld, King Yemma was apparently able to hold him at bay with his own strength, stopping him from destroying everything in Otherworld.

Why King Yemma has such power is never really answered, but we can easily say that, at this point in the series, it is nowhere near close to the strongest of the Z-fighters.

Heck, even the second tier Z-fighters like Piccolo and Krillin might be able to take on King Yemma if they wanted to. In fact, how did he stop the other villains when their souls came before them?


Champa Dragon Ball Super

Now we start to get into the deities stronger than mortals who are actually true gods. Before we get to his obviously more powerful brother, lets take a look at Universe 6's God of Destruction, Champa.

Champa's status as a God of Destruction is enough to prove that he is far stronger than any other mortal, but let's take a closer look at what that means.

Unlike the other gods in the world of Dragon Ball, Destroyer Gods are not born into divinity. In fact, they, along with planet guardians, are the only deities who are appointed gods.

Being a Destroyer is not easy, and the requirements for being chosen to become one are rather steep. Before one can be granted godly ki and the use of destruction energy, a God of Destruction candidate must first prove their power. The very fact that Champa was indeed chosen to be a Destroyer shows that he has what it takes.

Add to that the actual power that he gained when becoming a Destroyer and it is clear that Champa far outclasses all the mortals in his own universe. Of course, there are a few things that place him below his brother, but that's a whole other conversation.


As we mentioned before, some gods in the world of Dragon Ball are not necessarily about power. Some of them have great value in their power to teach others and/or their magical abilities. King Kai is of the former category, since his ability to teach Goku has been crucial throughout the franchise.

In fact, the first time he took Goku in as a student tells us a lot about King Kai's power and why he is weaker than mortals. See, when Raditz gave King Yemma some trouble, King Kai stated that he was stronger than King Yemma, but he also stated that the Saiyans coming to Earth were stronger than him.

Right away this tells us that King Kai, despite being a god with godly ki, is not as strong as some mortals. However, he was able to train Goku to be stronger than himself, which is worth noting.

While he might not be able to defeat any of the Z-fighters, King Kai has been able to increase their power to far beyond what they ever thought possible.

So, King Kai is definitely weaker than mortals, but he can also train them to be stronger than him, which is a power all on its own.


We already covered Champa, so lets look at his brother Beerus. We already know that Beerus far outclasses every mortal in his universe, and perhaps even the mortals of Universe 6, but what makes him outclass his brother?

Champa and Beerus' species have bodies that can be affected by poor diet. While Champa is about as powerful as Beerus, the fact that he is out of shape means that he has less stamina and would therefore lose in a long-term fight.

However, that is mostly an assumption, so let's relaly look at what makes him stronger than mortals. We already covered this when looking at Champa, but if you need further evidence that Beerus is stronger than mortals, then just take a look at Super Saiyan God.

Goku wasn't even able to take on Beerus in his normal state, and it took a special ceremony and transformation to put him on the same level.

Even then he was not strong enough to beat him, as Beerus wasn't using his full power during their fight. This means that not only is Beerus stronger than mortals, but he is stronger than a mortal that can turn into a god.


In the larger hierarchy of the deities of Dragon Ball, the dragons are sort of outliers. See, they all originate from the dragon god Zalama, who we did not include because we don't know that much about him.

Zalama created Super Shenron and the Super Dragon Balls, which were then used by the Namekians to create Poruga and, in turn, Shenron and the Earth dragon balls were based on the Namekian balls. The dragons still have great magical power and are capable of impossible magical feats, which is why we can consider them deities in this world. However, they don't really report to a higher power aside from those who summon them. They do seem to know about the other gods in existence, since Shenron was afraid of Beerus and his power.

So, why did we specifically choose Shenron? Well, partially because he is the first dragon we met in the franchise and partially because he is the only dragon with sensible rules and limitations, which help us to argue that he is weaker than mortals. Where Porunga has gotten stronger as time has gone on thanks to ridiculous retcons, Shenron has always had power limitations that keep his godly power in check, since it is tied to his creator, Kami.

If Kami is not stronger than some mortals, then neither is Shenron, putting him in our "weaker than mortals" category.


By this point in our list of "stronger than mortals" category, we don't even need to argue that these deities are more powerful than the mortals that they rule over. Why do we say this? Because as we go up the hierarchy of gods, we find that they are getting stronger and stronger, and once we got to the point where the gods we're listing are undeniably stronger than mortals, then the point is moot. All we need to argue is that each of the remaining gods are as strong as or stronger than the ones listed before them.

Still following? Good. So, who is stronger than Beerus, a god whose literal power and job description is to destroy just about anything? Why, his angel attendant, of course.

Whis is not just an assistant to Beerus, he is also his teacher, which tells us he is much stronger.

Then again, we just argued that King Kai is weaker than the mortals he teaches, so if you need more proof that Whis is stronger than Beerus, then consider the fact that he was able to stop fights between Beerus and Champa. That, and he's said it himself that he is stronger than Beerus. He's also gifted with great magical abilities.


The inner hierarchy of the Supreme Kai is kind of confusing. We know that there are five Supreme Kai at one time, and that one acts as Grand Supreme Kai - or do we? This rule has not been established when it comes to the Supreme Kai of other universes, and it doesn't explain one character, Kibito.

If all the other Supreme Kai were destroyed by Buu, then who the heck is Kibito? We know that he is the assistant to Shin, but he himself is not considered a Supreme Kai? What gives?

Lore questions aside, let's take a look at Kibito's power. We know that since he is the assistant to Shin, he himself is not as strong as a Supreme Kai, which tells us all we need to know about Kibito's power in comparison to mortals. See, when Kibito and Shin approached the Z-fighters, they were amazed by the power they exhibited, so much so that Kibito himself was proven wrong in his assumption that these mortals were not as strong as they claimed they were.

In fact, he was proven way wrong, since they exceeded all expectations, which means that Kibito's power is nowhere near the level of the strongest Z-fighters, by which we mean the Saiyans.


As mentioned, we don't even need to argue that the rest of these strongest deities on this list are more powerful than humans. We just need to argue that they are as strong or stronger than the deity we listed before them.

Since both Whis and his sister, Vados, are Angels, then right away we can argue that they are of the same power level. Both deities are assigned to Gods of Destruction to help them hone their godly ki and Destroyer energy, which is what tells us they are stronger than Destroyers. We also know that Vados is the stronger of the two Angel siblings.

We don't really have any hard evidence to back this up other than the fact that Vado herself claims she is stronger and faster than her brother. However Whis argues otherwise, and there is no way to prove this since we have not seen Vados in action as much as Whis. Regardless, since the claim is out there, we can at least take it at face value and rank Vados a bit higher.

Of course, it doesn't really matter which of the two Angels is stronger since we know they are both miles ahead of every mortal within their two universes.


The Old Kai in Dragon Ball Z

Remember how confused we were with the hierarchy of the Supreme Kai? Well the existence of the Old Kai doesn't really help matters. Since there can only be one Grand Supreme Kai at a time in Universe 7, when the Old Kai was sealed away, another Supreme Kai took his place. Much farther down the line, Shin took the place of Grand Supreme Kai, otherwise known as "the lord of the lords" in certain dubs. Regardless, this doesn't help us to know how strong the Old Kai is in comparison to other Kais or, more importantly mortals.

The one piece of evidence we can pursue is the Potara earrings. See, the Old Kai wasn't always the old, magically powered man we met in Dragon Ball Z. He was once a younger Kai who accidentally fused with an old witch due to a mix up with the Potara earrings. This granted him the Witch's great magical power but at the cost of his youthful appearance.

Did the fusion also cost him some of his power? We think so, because Goku said that using the Potara with the wrong person could make him weaker.

If this is true, then combining with the old witch depleted some of the Old Kai's power, which, as a Supreme Kai, was already lower than mortals like Goku and Vegeta.


Grand Priest Dragon Ball Super

Who is Grand Priest? Well, that is a very good question. We don't actually know that much about Grand Priest, but, fortunately, what we do know tells us a bit about his power level.

We know that Grand Priest is the head of all the Angels and is the father of some of them. This tells us that he has the same power as all the Angels - and then some.

As the head Angel, Grand Priest is stronger and more powerful than both his children and the other Angels beneath him.

This tells us right away that he is stronger than any mortal. Beyond that, we don't know much about this guy - just that he works for Zeno in some way. He acted as a referee of sorts in the Tournament of Power, but his exact job description isn't exactly clear. Nor is it clear why he is the father of only some of the Angels who act as attendants to the Destroyer gods.

Of course, none of these questions really matter, since we are just looking at how powerful Grand Priest is - a power that we know exceeds that of any mortal, even someone as powerful as Jiren the Gray.


Supreme Kai in Dragon Ball Z

The power of the Supreme Kais is stated to be rather high - so high, in fact, that they are all said to be capable of defeating Frieza (at his original power level in DBZ) in a single blow. However, this power level is nothing when it comes to the power of the strongest Z-fighters by the time of the Buu saga and beyond.

Shin is stated to be the weakest Supreme Kai in history, which should tell us how much weaker he is than the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan.

For even more proof that Shin is weaker than mortals is the fact that he believed himself to be incredibly strong. In fact, he was so proud of his strength that he was oblivious to the potential of mortals, which is why both he and Kibito were astonished by Gohan's power when he went Super Saiyan 2 at the world martial arts tournament.

Furthermore, the fact that he sought the help of the Z-fighters to help fight Buu in the first place shows just how much weaker he is than the Saiyans. Well, actually, he recruited them to stop Buu from being awakened in the first place, but he is still clearly weaker than Goku, especially by the time of Dragon Ball Super.


Happy Zeno

Last, but quite literally not least, we have the king of everything, the omnipotent lord of every universe and the gods that look over them: Zeno.

Zeno is the childlike god of everything in the Dragon Ball Universe, and as such he is easily the most powerful being in all of existence.

He rules over the Destroyers and Supreme Kai of every universe in the multiverse, and thus exceeds their power, though not in the usual sense of fighting strength or ki levels. No, Zeno's power comes from his status as the god of everything.

While Zeno might not have a measurable power level, his power is more under the category of omnipotence and godly ability. Zeno can erase entire universes from existence without a second thought, and the same goes for rogue timelines or pretty much anything he no longer wishes to exist.

He's not a fighter, sure, but there are different types of strength, and Zeno is basically what some religions would define as God. He's a true ruler and controller of all things in existence, setting him apart from the other, more hierarchical gods of Dragon Ball. There is no being stronger than Zeno, as he rules over the multiverse, the gods, and of course, all mortals.


Did we miss any strong or weak gods from Dragon Ball? Let us know in the comments!

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