Dragon Ball: 8 Strongest (And 8 Weakest) Gods, Ranked

Beerus Sly Attack

One of the more fascinating things about the lore of Dragon Ball is the utter ridiculousness of its theological scale. Goku, who has always pushed his physical and mental capacity to the extremes, has recently reached another plateau of power: Ultra Instinct, which gives the user the speed, strength, and limitless endurance of a god.

The sheer absurdity of the show’s size and scale over the years is no surprise. Dragon Ball is a shōnen anime after all, which means the more insanely powered the better.

Dragon Ball Super has reached the pinnacle of this concept with the introduction of gods and angels with jaw-dropping abilities who make everyone else seem downright puny in comparison.

Gods have been a part of the Dragon Ball world since the debut of Akira Toriyama’s original manga, but for these old-school deities, the ability to decimate planets is now dwarfed by the power to annihilate entire galaxies.

For this list, we’re counting down the biggest and baddest gods of the Dragon Ball universe, as well as the ones that just don’t measure up. While the power of a god is nothing to sniff at, half of the characters below are simply outclassed, outmatched, and outgunned by their more powerful counterparts.

Here are the 8 Strongest (And 8 Weakest) Gods In Dragon Ball, Ranked.

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Supreme Kai in Dragon Ball Z
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16 Weakest: Supreme Kai

Supreme Kai in Dragon Ball Z

Kicking off our list is the current ruling Supreme Kai of Universe 7, Shin, who first makes an appearance during the World Martial Arts Tournament in the Majin Buu Saga.

Just like the many Supreme Kai that came before him, Shin is endowed with power to create and destroy life. He has the ability to conjure entire planets out of nothing, but is also endowed with enough strength to wipe out those planets if he so chooses.

Unlike most of the deities on this list, we actually get to see Shin in combat, albeit it’s only a handful of times. He’s been said to be stronger than Frieza, but compared to some of the super-powered gods introduced in Super, Shin still just barely winds up on the weaker half of this list.

15 Strongest: Fusion Zamasu

Zamasu is the main big bad of the Future Trunks Saga and first appears as Goku Black, a mirror entity that resembles Goku, just in black clothing. In the original timeline, Zamasu takes control of Goku’s body through the Dragon Balls in an attempt to destroy humanity.

Though this is prevented by Beerus, Goku Black is kept from being erased from existence with the help of his Time Ring. He’s able to meet up with the Zamasu from Future Trunks’ timeline, a green-skinned humanoid, and the two join forces and eventually fuse into one.

Since Zamasu wishes for eternal life with the Dragon Balls, he’s already scary powerful, and with the combined strength of Goku, he’s definitely a guy even some of the Gods of Destruction might not mess with. Still, immortality aside, he's still outranked by some superior deities.

14 Weakest: Old Kai

The Old Kai in Dragon Ball Z

You might notice that Old Kai looks like the nursing-home version of the Supreme Kai. That’s no coincidence, given that this old guy was once the Supreme Kai himself.

He might not be much to look at, but Old Kai is given major points for his wisdom and vast magical powers. This stems from the result of accidentally fusing with an old witch, which zapped Old Kai of some of his godly might, but endowed him with some magical gifts as well.

After being freed out of the Z-Sword by Goku and Gohan, Old Kai spends his days as counsel to the current Supreme Kai Shin, helping out the Z-Fighters, and is responsible for unlocking Gohan’s full potential.

Though he’s able to lend a helping hand with his magic, Old Kai is still on the lower tier of gods at this point.

13 Strongest: Champa

Champa Dragon Ball Super

Champa may look like Lord Beerus if he lived on his couch binge-eating junk food, but this God of Destruction is still nothing to scoff at.

As the brother of Beerus and the Universe 6 God of Destruction, Champa is said to one of the strongest gods in existence. Despite his pudgy build, it’s implied that he has a power that nearly rivals his sibling’s.

Champa has also been trained by Vados, an Angel who is even more powerful than her brother Whis. Given his teacher’s amazingly-high power level, it can only be assumed that Champa has reached a high level of strength as well.

Still, even though Champa may be a God of Destruciton, his poor diet and lack of training/exercise lands him on the lower end of deities.

12 Weakest: Grand Kai

Grand Kai

With red gloves and a white beard as long as Santa’s, the Grand Kai is responsible for looking over the four other Kais of Universe 7. Though he’s absent from Akira Toriyama’s original manga, he does make a couple appearances in the anime.

This is another god whose power is a little hard to gauge. We don’t really see him in action much, but given his position as a head Kai, we can assume he’s stronger than the other four of Universe 7.

However, given his Rip Van Winkle-esque beard and scrawny build, we can also assume that the Grand Kai hasn’t kept up with his training over the years. He might be the teacher of some of the most powerful Kais in the universe, but given their own laissez-faire nature, that’s not saying much.

11 Strongest: Beerus

Beerus Sly Attack

While Champa is crazy strong, his brother Beerus outranks him on this list for his slimmer build and higher rate of stamina.

First seen in the movie Battle of the Gods, Lord Beerus is one of the scariest fighters who’s ever gone up against the likes of Goku. After awaking from a long slumber, Beerus goes out of his way to journey to Earth and fight its mighty Saiyan protect, swatting away a Super Sayain 3 Goku with just his finger.

Beerus is strong enough to wipe out any planet he feels like depending on which side of the bed he woke up on. The only reason he spared Earth after Goku's defeat is because his love of human food.

But although he has crazy destructive powers, his might is still trumped by some Angels and a few other divine beings, landing him at the 11 spot for this list.

10 Weakest: King Kai

King Kai Bubbles And Gregory

King Kai is introduced in the first season of Dragon Ball Z, and he’s the first in a long list of Kais (a Japanese word meaning “world king”) who make an appearance throughout the series.

After dying during his battle with Raditz, Goku seeks out King Kai in the afterlife in order to learn new fighting techniques from this master.

Though King Kai is responsible for teaching Goku the legendary Kaio-Ken attack, as well as the spirit bomb, we’ve never actually seen the stumpy blue deity fight anybody.

In fact, King Kai is usually more concerned with cracking one of his corny anecdotes than he is in demonstrating his fighting ability. He might be a master of innovative techniques, but if he had to square off against another god, we doubt a lame joke would save his skin.

9 Strongest: Belmod

Belmod is the God of Destruction of Universe 11. With his orange hair, white skin, and deranged smile, this creepy clown from outer space makes his first appearance during the Universal Survival Saga.

This scrawny, pale humanoid resembles Bozo the Clown and looks like he would haunt your dreams. However, Belmod is surprisingly one of the more peaceful Gods of Destruction.

Unlike his deity counterparts, Belmod gets along relatively well with his Kais and is far more humble when it comes to his fighting ability than Beerus or Champa.

Though it's kind of hard to compare the power levels of the various Gods of Destruction, it's hinted at by Whis that Belmod's power surpasses that of even Lord Beerus, making Belmod a viable contender for one of the strongest gods out there.

8 Weakest: Guru

Namekian Elder Guru

Grand Elder Guru is a deity who was the wisest and oldest living Namekian at the time of his existence. He's responsible for creating Namek’s Dragon Balls as well as leading his race of people before their brief destruction at the hands of Frieza.

Guru may be morbidly obese and old (it looks like he’d have a tough time lifting himself off of his throne), but there’s more to true power than being able to punch a hole in your opponent.

Unlike almost every other name on this list, though, Guru was largely a pacifist who would use his divine powers to help others. In fact, he’s probably the godliest creature in the show for just this fact.

Still, though we give the guy some points for his gentle nature, Guru would easily be destroyed by almost anyone on this list who doesn't share his pacifist attitude.

7 Strongest: Vados, Whis, and Alternate Universe Angels

The Angels are blue humanoids who serve as the entourages/aides of the Gods of Destruction. Though they take commands, the Angels are actually the far more powerful teachers of the gods who they serve.

Technically speaking, the Angels themselves are not gods. However, they do possess a godlike power and are vital to the framework of the divine pecking order, so they barely qualify for a spot on this list.

Out of the bunch, siblings Whis and Vados are said to be the most powerful Angels. Whis is famous for his ability to travel through space at light speed, and is seen effortlessly sparring with a Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta at one point.

Even more powerful is Whis’ sister Vados, who may not be as fast, but is believed to possess an even greater destructive power than that of her brother.

6 Weakest: King Enma

Fans of Dragon Ball have debated for years if King Enma is really a god at all. However you slice it, the guy is in charge of deciding who goes to heaven or hell, and in our book that definitely qualifies him as a divine being, albeit a pretty weak one.

Aside from his role as a glorified, mystical clerk, King Enma does have some stats we can use to cross-compare. He’s said to have been the only other person besides Goku to run the entirety of Serpentine Road, and he was even able to subdue Raditz fairly quickly after the Sayian's death.

However, aside from a few tidbits of info, there’s not much that supports the theory that Enma has a high power level. He’s only used on a handful of occasions, and it’s usually only for some well-timed comic relief.

5 Strongest: Zen-Oh’s Bodyguards

The Omni King is said to be the strongest being alive, so we can only assume that the guys watching his back have to be insanely strong as well.

Zen-Oh's Royal Bodyguards are the DBZ equivalent of Emperor Palpatine's Red Guards from Star Wars: they look cool, appear intimidating, move in unison, and don't say all that much.

However, with such alleged power, the Bodyguards don't have to say a whole lot to rank of this list. It's believed that each of the guards has a power level as high as Vados and Whis, and we can't even fathom what they're like when you account for their combined strength.

Although we haven't seen the Attendants get into any brawls as of yet, their reputation is more than enough to earn them a high ranking.

4 Weakest: Kami

Kami from Dragon Ball Z

As one of the oldest characters of the series, Kami was the guardian of Earth for over 300 years, and despite looking disheveled enough to keel over at any moment, he had a pretty decent track record until the time of his death.

Before he was the planet’s ancient protector, Kami was part of the psyche of a nameless Namekian who separated his personality into two. The evil portion spewed out and became King Piccolo, while the righteous half became Kami.

Kami is an old, wise sage who also has divine healing powers and an extensive knowledge of magic. While that definitely counts for something, the guy couldn’t last five minutes in the ring with most of the names on this list. Kami just barely misses the bottom spot due to his weaker Namekian successor.

3 Strongest: The Grand Priest

Grand Priest Dragon Ball Super

Whis and Vados might be two of the strongest Angels, but they’re still nothing compared to their father. The Grand Priest is said to be the most powerful of all the Angels, and serves as the right-hand man to the Omni King himself.

In addition to being Zen-Oh’s attendant, the Grand Priest is considered to be one of the most powerful fighters in the universe. Like a lot of other gods on this list, the Grand Priest hasn’t really gotten the chance to strut his stuff yet, but Whis has stated that his father’s power is far beyond that of his own.

Comparisons to other power levels in Dragon Ball are always a bit tricky. Angels are known to have limitless strength, speed and endurance, so if the Grand Priest is the strongest Angel of them all, we can’t wait to see what he can do in action.

2 Weakest: Dende

Dende in Dragon Ball Z

Dende might be the current “guardian” of Earth, but would you really trust the fate of the planet in the hands of this little, green pipsqueak?

Born on the planet Namek, Dende was never a fighter. Though his brother was a skilled warrior, this little guy was always more interested in helping people using his healing abilities.

Along with his therapeutic powers, Dende also has the ability to create Dragon Balls, a handy skill that’s helped the Z Fighters out of a jam on more than one occasion.

However, even with all of his talent, Dende is probably the weakest of the gods in Dragon Ball. Sure, he’s the protector of Earth, appointed by Goku no less, but if one of the other deities on this list wanted to annihilate the entire planet, there really isn’t much little Dende could do about it.

1 Strongest: Zen-Oh, aka The Omni King

Zen Oh Omni King in Dragon Ball Super

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the strongest god in Dragon Ball-- or strongest being for that matter-- is the adorable, multi-colored pipsqueak you see above you.

Sure, Zen-Oh, also known as the Omni King, might look cute, but that little guy actually has the power to erase the entire universe without lifting a muscle. Not even Goku's toughest opponents could muster a fraction of that kind of raw strength.

Zen-Oh is the ruler of the entire multiverse and watches over all 6 Universes. While Beerus points out the Omni King does not fight, he states that it's because he possesses a power that's beyond comprehension.

According to Whis, there were originally 18 Universes -- until Zen-Oh got bored and destroyed 6 of them. Now that's the kind of power that trumps every other god and earns Zen-Oh the number one spot on this list.


Can you think of any other incredibly powerful or worthless Dragon Ball gods who we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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