Dragon Ball Game - Project Z Announced With New Trailer

Bandai Namco Entertainment America has announced Dragon Ball Game - Project Z for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with a brand new trailer that gives us our first glimpse of the game and shows us some of the characters and scenarios from Dragon Ball Z that you will be able to experience in its story.

Dragon Ball Game - Project Z was first announced on Twitter earlier this month, where it had the subtitle of "Action RPG", which has since been dropped from the name. The announcement trailer for Project Z has revealed a lot more about the game, such as the systems it will be released on and some the storylines from Dragon Ball Z that it will cover.

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Dragon Ball Game - Project Z will be set wholly within the Dragon Ball Z series, with the trailer revealing that the story will at least reach the Frieza Saga and Goku's first transformation into a Super Saiyan. It's worth noting that the trailer opened up with a brand new scene of Goku fighting Piccolo in the wild, which did not happen at the start of Dragon Ball Z, as the story progressed straight into the encounter with Raditz. We may be seeing some extra scenes in order to attract longtime fans of the series.

The development of Dragon Ball Game - Project Z is being handled by CyberConnect2, which is a company that has previously worked with Bandai Namco on other Weekly Shonen Jump franchises, such as the Naruto Ultimate Ninja/Ultimate Ninja Storm series and several games based on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. CyberConnect2 is a company that specializes in action RPGs and fighting games, so the Dragon Ball license is a good fit for them.

The past few years have seen some incredible Dragon Ball video games being released, with the Xenoverse series offering hundreds of hours of content involving every aspect of the franchise and Dragon Ball FighterZ stealing Marvel vs. Capcom's throne as the king of team-based fighting games. We will also be seeing several Dragon Ball characters taking on other heroes & villains from Weekly Shonen Jump in the upcoming Jump Force video game.

The narration of the Dragon Ball Game - Project Z trailer gives the impression that the game is being marketed towards a new audience, which is a strange tactic to take for a series that is as old as Dragon Ball Z. But the longtime fans of the series will still be interested if its a good game. It's still too early to judge Dragon Ball Game - Project Z on its quality, but the current wave of amazing Dragon Ball video games is a good sign of what we can expect from the franchise going forward.

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Dragon Ball Game - Project Z will be released for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2019.

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