Dragon Ball: 21 Things Future Trunks Can Do (That Vegeta Can’t)

Let's explore the personal triumphs, losses, and powerful techniques that set Future Trunks apart from his father, Vegeta, in Dragon Ball.

Within the Dragon Ball universe, the similarities between Vegeta and Trunks aren’t very surprising. In the main timeline, Trunks grew up with the Saiyan Prince’s influence on most aspects of his life. He regularly trained, always challenging himself to be better than his peers and as great as his dad. He took on many of his personality traits as well, including that trademark cockiness.

Future Trunks, however, missed out on this influence due to the elimination of his father and the other Z Fighters from his timeline. The absence of Vegeta in his life led the warrior down a much different path than his main timeline counterpart. Not only did he exist in a very bleak and hopeless world, but he had to rely on the guidance of Future Gohan as his mentor, friend, and (somewhat) father figure. Instead of being highly competitive and battle focused, Future Trunks took a more emotional path, being very protective of his family and friends. Also, his choice to travel back in time to the past were greatly influenced by his deep concern for the future of the Z Warriors. He was willing to do whatever it took to keep them from facing such a war-torn existence.

Though some aspects of their lives tend to mirror one another, Future Trunks still managed several achievements his father never could. In this article, we will explore the differences between the two fighters and the ways that Future Trunks took on various roles, abilities, and powers that Vegeta didnt.

Here are 21 Things Future Trunks Can Do (That Vegeta Can’t).

21 He Can Time Travel

The introduction of Future Trunks into the world of Dragon Ball Z brought with it the futuristic ability to time travel. Using the time machine build by Future Bulma, he tried to help his current timeline. In his first appearance in "The Mysterious Youth", he traveled back to the past to warn the Z Fighters about the arrival of the Androids to their world.

He also hoped to find a weakness in the villains in order to stop them in his future timeline. In addition, he brought medicine for Goku to take to prevent his passing from an unknown heart condition. Since then, Future Trunks made additional trips throughout the DBZ timeline and into the new Dragon Ball Super series.

20 Wield the Z Sword

Dragon Ball Future Trunks Slices Android

In the past, we have seen some of the Z Fighters and their enemies use weapons in their battles. Although the majority of their fights consisted of only physical strength and ki, some fighters still relied on real weapons to get the upper hand in their battles. For Future Trunks, his weapon of choice became a sword.

First appearing with the blade in the “main” DBZ timeline, he skillfully combined it with his ki to defeat Mecha Frieza and his father, King Cold. He demonstrated advanced swordsmanship and abilities that accompanied his superhuman strength, skills, and capabilities. When his sword eventually broke during Dragon Ball Super, he later became the owner of the legendary Z Sword. Although Vegeta never used the blade, its previous owners included Goku, Gohan, and Future Gohan.

19 Be a Genius Inventor

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Future Trunks Time Machine

The father and son share similarities when it comes to their innate talents and abilities. Growing up, Vegeta was regarded as a prodigy of sorts, being a very powerful Saiyan in his youth. Rasied in the Saiyan culture where they focused on being the strongest, he learned tactical skills to help him overpower his enemies with ease. His greatest strength, however, became his sheer willpower and determination. Whether resisting the overpowering influence of an enemy or motivating himself to greater power levels, Vegeta proved to be a truly dangerous opponent.

While Vegeta's strength came from his physical prowess, Future Trunks took after his mother as a technological genius. The absence of his father left him to be greatly influenced her guidance. Following in her footsteps at Capsule Corp, Trunks became skilled in the family business and thrived an inventor.

18 Survive and Defeat Frieza

Dragon Ball Future Trunks Slices Frieza

The Frieza Saga proved to be a real test for dedicated DBZ fans. The episodes leading up to the arc contained very drawn-out fights, extended training sequences, and so many days spent on Snake Way. Once the action finally moved to Namek, we all patiently waited for the now iconic moment when the fighters would ultimately destroy Frieza for good. Along the way, many of the Z Fighters lost their lives to the villain, Vegeta included.

Understandably, the reappearance of Frieza in mecha form stunned many viewers. Though they tried to fight their returning enemy as quickly as possible, their efforts fell short. Future Trunks showed up and easily defeated him in minutes in "Another Super Saiyan?", a feat his father could not accomplish in the past.

17 Burning Attack

Although past Z Fighters may have influenced Trunks' fighting styles and techniques, he still managed to create his own special attacks. With his debut in the Dragon Ball Z series, his fights with Mecha Frieza and King Cold became the perfect demonstration of his unique fighting abilities. His attacks were swift yet powerful, easily overtaking the two villains in no time.

One particularly intriguing technique that helped to end Frieza’s existence was the Burning Attack. After blocking and dodging their initial attacks, Future Trunks performed the signature attack which included a series of rapid arm and hand movements followed by a colossal ki attack. This attack became a staple for the character in both the past and his future timelines.

16 Stop Majin Buu Without Sacrificing himself

Goku And Vegeta Inside Majin Buu

One of the most touching moments in Dragon Ball Z took place during the Majin Buu Saga in "Final Atonement". Faced with the unstoppable creature, Vegeta took it upon himself to sacrifice his own life to defeat the enemy. In a rare moment of kindness and vulnerability, we see Vegeta risk his life to save his friends and loved ones. After having Piccolo remove Goten and Trunks from the scene, he utilized the Final Explosion to attempt to take Majin Buu out. Unfortunately, Majin Buu later regenerated after the incident, effectively negating the hero’s valiant sacrifice.

Future Trunks managed to take a different route to defeat the enemy by eliminating his existence altogether. He beat both Dabura and Babidi in his timeline, effectively preventing Buu from ever being resurrected.

15 Have a positive father-son bond

Dragon Ball Future Trunks Future Gohan View

Vegeta’s presence in Trunks’ life resulted played a major role in shaping the young warrior. In the main timeline, we saw Trunks growing up with the same cocky attitude and demeanor as his father. He often bragged about his father’s superior strength and took an early interest in being as powerful as his dad. He focused more on becoming a powerful opponent verses following in the family business of invention. F

uture Trunks, however, lacked the authoritative Saiyan in his life. With so many of the Z Warriors destroyed because of the Androids, he turned to Future Gohan for guidance and a fatherly upbringing. His presence provided to be invaluable in shaping Future Trunks, making him a kinder person and more unselfish fighter.

14 Super Saiyan Transformation Due To His Deep Love

The steps to become a Super Saiyan have never been fully explained in the series. The rumors of the legendary Super Saiyan don’t’ specify exactly how the level can be achieved but that it requires great power. Though the remaining Saiyan Z Fighters train mercilessly for their battles, they never made a breakthrough to the desirable title until they reach an emotional limit.

For Goku, the loss of his best friend, Krillin, pushed him over the edge. Gohan also achieved the transformation after being instructed by his father to imagine the loss of his loved ones at the hands of Cell. It’s no surprise, then, that Future Trunks also achieved the status thanks to his deep emotional ties. After the loss of his beloved mentor, Future Gohan, he received the emotional push needed to transform.

13 Learn the Mafuba

Future Super Trunks Using the Mafuba aka Evil Containment Wave on Zamasu

Fans of the original Dragon Ball series may have recognized a particular technique used in Dragon Ball Super episode 64 that originated from the TV series almost 30 years ago. The Mafuba (translated as "Evil Containment Wave") first appeared in the series when Master Mutaito used it to capture King Piccolo in an instant rice cooker. Even though the use of the technique could lead to the user’s destruction, fighters were still willing to sacrifice themselves for the safety of others. Though the legendary skill took years to learn, future fighters seemed to be able to use the move with significantly less training.

In Super, Goku managed to learn the technique by practicing all night to perfect it. However, Future Trunks learned it after watching a five-minute cellphone video. Battle genius or just lazy writing? It's unclear.

12 Z Warriors' Signature Moves

Goku Using The Spirit Bomb in Dragon Ball Z

The heroes and villains of the Dragon Ball universe brought their unique skills and abilities to each fight. Depending on which team was involved, you could see that certain groups shared similar battle techniques and attacks. The Z Warriors, in particular, sometimes utilized techniques that originated from their team training (i.e., the Kamehameha being a signature move for members of the Turtle School).

Though they each brought their own unique attacks to the table, shared knowledge of specific abilities became a staple of the members. Future Trunks picked up certain moves only seen within the Z Fighters. These unique techniques included Piccolo’s Manseko attack (possibly learned from Future Gohan from his timeline) and even Goku’s go-to massive attack, the Spirit Bomb.

11 Convert a Spirit Bomb into a Sword of Hope

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Sword Of Hope Spirit Bomb

Among the many techniques in Goku’s arsenal, the Spirit Bomb certainly became one of the most recognizable. Invented by King Kai, the powerful attack incorporated all of the energy from surrounding living and non-living creatures in the area. Considering one must have a pure heart to harness this technique, Vegeta could not qualify as a user (yes, he has changed, but he is still Vegeta).

On the other hand, the selfless fighter Future Trunks proved to be a better candidate to use the technique. Strangely, we never see when he was actually taught how to create the Spirit Bomb. We only found out when he utilized the Give Me Energy technique in Dragon Ball Super against Fused Zamasu. He then converted the energy into the Sword of Hope and brought an end to the enemy.

10 Super Saiyan Anger Transformation

Dragon Ball Rage Super Saiyan Trunks

Most DBZ fans can remember the day they finally witnessed Goku transform into the legendary Super Saiyan. Whether seen during the show’s initial run or in syndicatio, the sight of Goku finally achieving the coveted level was well worth it. As we witnessed additional Saiyan levels develop over the years up until the Super Saiyan God (or Super Saiyan Blue) level, we finally witnessed one transformation that solely belonged to Future Trunks.

Triggered by uncontrollable anger, the Super Saiyan Rage transformation took his Super Saiyan 2 level even higher. This anime-only transformation in the episode "Zamasu's Ambition - The Awful 'Zero Mortal Plan'" proved to be the boost he needed to defeat their enemies. In this state, he was able to destroy Fused Zamasu's body quickly.

9  Create Multiverses

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Young Trunks

As with many stories that involve the idea of time travel, the consequences of using such technology always has a ripple effect on all timelines involved. Although Trunks utilized the technology to help his fallen friends’ past sselves, he also wanted to bring an end to the destruction of his timeline. However, his numerous trips from the future to the past inevitably created numerous timelines in the Dragon Ball universe, with each working as its own multiverse.

The actions of those within the multiverse (especial Trunks’ trips to the past) affected his own future in good and bad ways. Despite the inevitable timeline changes that resulted from his trips, he still focused on taking these risks for the good of his friends and family.

8 Save His Family From Destruction

Dragon Ball Future Trunks Timeline Survivors

Although Vegeta and Trunks seem like two very different individuals, they have both suffered very similar pain. Vegeta witnessed the destruction of his entire planet with the Saiyan race being nearly wiped out of existence. Unable to stop the damage, he later learned that Frieza destroyed the planet and he became the focus of Vegeta's revenge. Future Trunks watched as his friends and loved ones were eliminated by the Androids. In fact, the world’s population suffered tremendous casualties due to their cruelty.

However, whereas Vegeta can do nothing to restore his planet, Future Trunks discovered a way to protect his loved ones from elimination. Although their lives are lost in his future, he can protect them in the past.

7 Have a life outside of training

The Z Fighters always seem to be training during the series. Whether working on their abilities in their youth on Dragon Ball to preparing for the arrival of a new enemy in DBZ, the group rarely take breaks from their preparations. One of the most diligent (and stubborn) fighters, Vegeta always worked out and trained in the Gravity Chamber frequently. Once young Trunks became old enough to train as well, he would take his son inside for very long and rigorous training sessions.

Future Trunks, however, did not view training as something he needed to do in his spare time constantly. In fact, during the episode “The One Who Inherits the Saiyan Blood - Trunk's Resolve”, Trunks informed “Past” Vegeta that he only trained when he knew he had an opponent to fight.


DBZ fans soon recognized the pattern that presented itself whenever the heroes had to face a major opponent. Though they would be apprehensive and maybe even scared (with the exception of Goku loving a good fight), they knew they always had a backup plan for any future villain. We soon noticed that the many times, the fighters would go all out because they knew their lives could be resolved with the coveted Dragon Balls. Sure enough, after finally defeating one of the major enemies of the plot, they would wish to restore everyone that had perished.

Future Trunks, however, did not rely on the Dragon Balls like his father and peers. Despite his efforts to correct past mistakes, he always returned to a timeline filled with loved ones who would not be wished back to life.

5 Become a Supreme Kai Disciple

Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time, managed to use her influence and power to trick Future Trunks into becoming her assistance. She confronted the fighter and accused him of sinning by using the time machine. Also, he and his mother has committed a crime by building the device in the first place. Her solution was to have him serve as her assistant to gain forgiveness for his mistakes. Being the good-natured man that he is, he agreed to the terms of his redemption and took the position.

In turn, she left the all of the changes he had made to the timeline in place since his intentions were good. He turned out to be a great assistant, in the end.

4 Join Time Patrol

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Time Patrol Trunks

Outside of the Dragon Ball anime, Future Trunks played many roles that his father simply could never achieve. Specifically, he became a member of the Time Patrol, an organization brought together by Chronoa. In redemption for violating the rules on time travel and manipulation, he accepted a role as a member of the group dedicated to stopping others from committing the same kinds of acts. As such, he helped to police the use of time travel and prevent any additional disturbances to the various timelines and histories that existed.

The Time Patrol served as part of the storylines for numerous Dragon Ball franchise games including the Xenoverse series, Dragon Ball Online, and Dragon Ball Heroes. The team was also referenced in the 2017 Nintendo 3DS game Dragon Ball Fusions.

3 Heal People

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Anger Super Saiyan Sword

Though the Z Fighters possessed many outstanding talents and abilities, they still lacked the ability to heal themselves. The Senzu beans helped to restore their depleted energy and strength, but they still required extensive time to recover from their hardest battles. Only a few have actually possessed the healing ability, most of them being Nameks. In the manga, however, Future Trunks became one of the few characters with the ability to heal others.

He gained the ability after becoming the disciple to Future Shin while training for Babidi’s arrival. However, Future Trunks had no idea he had the abilities and actually used them without his knowledge. He managed to help save Future Mai and Gowasu thanks to his undiscovered skill.

2 Eliminate Many of The Major Enemies of the Franchise

Android 18 And 19

Despite his lifelong training sessions and unyielding willpower, Vegeta found he could not defeat certain enemies. As if being unable to surpass Goku wasn’t enough, he found himself falling short in battles as well. Although his list of defeated enemies remained quite extensive, he still could not successfully overcome many of the major enemies in the series.

Future Trunks, however, managed to gain the upper hand in his battles with these foes, taking them down at each encounter. Learning about the Androids’ weaknesses in his travels to the past helped him defeat them in his future. He also successfully defeated an unborn version of Cell as well as Future Cell in his timeline.

1 Be A Stronger Fighter Than His Father

The Saiyans strived to be the most powerful race in the universe. From very early ages, their children learned how to fight and practiced those skills by fighting each other. All aspects of their culture focus on one single goal: to become the most fearsome warriors around. Between their inherent physical prowess and long-standing warrior culture, Saiyans maintained their dominance throughout the known universe.

It wasn’t until Goku conceived a child with his human wife, Chi-Chi, that they discovered how much more powerful a child with both human and Saiyan blood could be. The offspring of this union demonstrated innate powers that far exceeded their fathers. With the right amount of training and focus, they could easily out power their Saiyan parent with ease.


What other things in Dragon Ball can Future Trunks do that Vegeta can't? Let us know in the comments!

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