30 Crazy Dragon Ball Fan Theories (That Were Actually Confirmed)

Featured Zamasu Goku Black Energy Attack

Dragon Ball is a series that has been running and providing new content for fans for over a decade now.

It’s understandable for any series that’s been on for so long to culminate a large, sprawling fandom, but the Dragon Ball fans are particularly obsessive. There are many corners of the internet full of countless arguments over certain Dragon Ball details that are now dozens of years old.

It’s fans who care a lot about the show who are the reason why the property has seen such a robust revival in recent years.

This results in viewers picking apart and debating certain elements of a program, but it can also lead to them predicting what will come next. Who better to figure out major plot twists and upcoming arcs than the very people who are beyond committed to the series?

It’s one thing for fans to predict what’s going to happen in the next episode, but some viewers have been so perceptive that they’ve been able to call out major developments that would later be revealed.

Dragon Ball, more than many other anime out there, shares a special relationship with its fans. Therefore it’s extremely fascinating when these two communities can overlap and actually influence each other.

Even now, fans are still hard at work trying to connect dots and figure out plot points from the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie, and there are definitely going to be some people out there who are completely right with their predictions.

Accordingly, here are the 30 Crazy Dragon Ball Fan Theories (That Were Actually Confirmed)!

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Dragon Ball Frieza In Chair With Army
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30 Frieza Is Naturally Powerful

Dragon Ball Frieza In Chair With Army

Dragon Ball Super dropped a major bombshell on audiences not just with the return of the mighty Frieza, but with the fact that Frieza also has a new powerful form at his disposal.

Frieza explains that he achieves Golden Frieza status after he finally decides to take on some training and see what he can do if he actually makes an effort.

Due to Frieza's sedentary appearance in his floating chair and how he was always in his first form, most fans assumed that he was born with severe strength that he never really had to dip into until he met Goku.

This was then confirmed with the arrival of Golden Frieza.

29 Goku And Chi-Chi’s Marriage Is Romantically Barren

Dragon Ball Chi-Chi Attacks Goku

Goku’s naïve, obliviousness nature when it comes to women has never been a secret. It’s something that’s come up numerous times in the series, and yet Goku somehow has two children, so clearly he’s not totally ignorant.

Fans suspected that something was up between Goku and Chi-Chi, but in Dragon Ball Super audiences got a lot of validation on the matter.

In a conversation between Goku and Vegeta, Goku reveals that he’s never even kissed Chi-Chi before.

Clearly they have certain blind spots in their marriage and it’s unclear if there’s any romance left at this point.

28 Cabba, Caulifla, And Kale Are Universe 6’s Counterparts To Vegeta, Goku, And Broly

Dragon Ball Cabba Caulifla Kale

Before Dragon Ball Super brought a whole slew of other universes into the mix, it introduced audiences to Universe 7’s counterpart, Universe 6.

There are many similarities between these two universes, as they’re meant to compliment each other.

However, one area that’s particularly interesting is the Saiyans that occupy Universe 6.

Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale have quickly turned into memorable characters, but Toriyama has said that he wanted to intentionally draw parallels between these characters and Universe 7’s Saiyan heroes.

Vegeta is drawn to Cabba and his attitude, Caulifla shares traits with Goku, and Kale is clearly a counterpart to the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly, and his Berserker Mode.

27 Fans Came Up With The Name For Super Saiyan Blue

Dragon Ball Goku Super Saiyan Blue

Dragon Ball is always eager to offer up new, exciting transformations, but it doesn’t always reveal their corresponding names.

Accordingly, fans have gotten creative and come up with their own names until the series tells them otherwise.

The original name for the power level that comes after Super Saiyan God was Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, which is admittedly super clunky.

Due to how the transformation’s main feature is its blue hair and aura, fans started calling it “Super Saiyan Blue” before they knew its official name.

Toriyama eventually conceded that this name mode more sense.

The Super manga even mocks how clunky the transformation’s original name is and what a mouthful it can be.

26 Ki Works Like Body Armor

Dragon Ball Laser Shot Pierces Goku

The physics and specifics on how ki and energy work in the Dragon Ball universe have never been explained to great detail, but many fans have built theories around how it might work.

Dragon Ball Super's “Resurrection F” and the return of Frieza arc added a lot of fuel to these arguments when Goku gets taken down by a simple laser gun.

At this point, Goku should be more than strong enough to resist such a blast, but the series brings up how Goku should never let his guard down.

This implies that ki can be used as a barrier to prevent such attacks, but only when the user is prepared and paying attention.

25 Goku Black’s True Identity

Dragon Ball Goku Black Insane

As soon as a villainous Goku doppléganger became the new big bad in Dragon Ball Super, fans immediately began to assume that someone had stolen an alternate timeline’s version of Goku to use to their advantage.

Only the most perceptive of audience members suspected Universe 10’s Zamasu as the perpetrator, but with each passing episode it became increasingly obvious.

Some fans wanted to hang onto the theory that Goku Black was actually a grown up evil version of Goten, but this other theory that Zamasu had body snatched Goku to exact revenge on humanity proved to be correct.

24 War Of The Vegeta Voice Actors

Dragon Ball Copy Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue

A mini-arc in Dragon Ball Super introduces an evil Copy Vegeta that the heroes need to face off with in what makes for an exciting excuse to have a villainous Vegeta in the mix again.

Curiously, many people thought that Copy Vegeta had quite the familiar voice when he showed up in the dub.

It turns out that Christopher Sabat specifically recruited the show’s original Vegeta voice actor, Brian Drummond, to portray the role as a nod to fans.

It adds a nice dimension to the Vegeta vs. Vegeta showdown, which means a lot more than if Christopher Sabat voiced both parts.

23 Saiyan Hybrids Are Stronger Than Purebred Saiyans

Dragon Ball Goten Trunks Excited

The fact that hybrids are stronger than pure Saiyans has never been outright stated, but it can pretty much be inferred based on all of the evidence that the various Dragon Ball series provide.

Gohan, a half-Saiyan, has incredible strength at an early age, and Goten and Trunks, who are an even greater divide, can turn into Super Saiyans at an even earlier age.

Pan, Goku's granddaughter, can even defeat criminals and fly as an infant, so this trend seems to continue.

Now, if these Saiyans actually train and choose to play into their potential is another issue entirely.

22 Goku Cannot Combine His Super Saiyan And Kaio-Ken Transformations

Dragon Ball Kaio-Ken Blue Goku

When Goku gains the ability to turn Super Saiyan, he also suddenly stops using his typical go-to power-up, the Kaio-Ken Attack.

Kaio-Ken was Goku’s typical way out of binds, but people were wondering if he simply forgot about it or couldn’t use it.

Many people assumed that the attacks couldn’t be used in tandem because the sheer overload of power would destroy Goku’s body.

This was more or less confirmed in Dragon Ball Super when the Kaio-Ken Attack makes its long-awaited return.

Goku can use the ability with Super Saiyan Blue since that transformation is all about controlling and limiting power.

21 Android 16 Is Based On Dr. Gero’s Son

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 16

The pacifistic Android 16 is certainly the outlier amongst Dr. Gero’s androids, and it’s got a lot to do with how the character is actually based on Gero’s son.

Toriyama has confirmed that Gero had a son in the Red Ribbon Army who met an unfortunate end. This son acted as 16’s inspiration, but it also explains why 16 is such a mystery to those who should be in the know.

Gero likely doesn’t activate 16 because he doesn’t want to see him face combat, which is why Future Trunks doesn’t recognize him.

However, Cell also has no information on him, which probably has to do with Gero trying to protect his son one final time.

20 Frost's Voice Actor Bears A Certain Resemblance To Frieza's

Dragon Ball Frost Frieza

The introduction of Universe 6 adds a lot of possibilities to the Dragon Ball universe, especially when it comes to voice actors.

The dub has taken advantage of this on a number of occasions, but a big one is what they do with Frost.

Frost is Universe 6's answer to Frieza, and so the series naturally decides to have them sound quite similar.

While one approach would be to simply use the same voice actor for both roles, fans noticed that something was going on here and figured out that Frost is voiced by Greg Ayres, the brother of Chris Ayres, who voices Frieza.

19 Frieza Would Betray Universe 7 In The Tournament Of Power

Dragon Ball Tournament Of Power Frieza Punches Goku

The moment that Goku decides to enlist Frieza’s help as an ally in the Tournament of Power, viewers were quick to speculate that the former villain was just waiting for the right moment to stab everyone in the back.

Fans predicted Frieza’s big game plan quite far in advance, but the character proved to have more layers than they expected.

Frieza does only think about himself and turn his back on his allies, but in the end ,he’s still beholden to Universe 7 and fights as a team.

Frieza benefits in a big way from his actions, so it’s still possible that all of his good work actually is in service of ulterior motives.

18 Ultra Instinct And Advanced Super Saiyan Blue Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Dragon Ball Goku Ultra Instinct

As soon as Goku starts to toy with Ultra Instinct, fans were already eager to see when Vegeta would unlock the transformation for himself. However, it never happens.

Ultra Instinct remains reserved for Goku, but Vegeta obtains his own next level power-up, Advanced Super Saiyan Blue.

With the characters’ power-ups verging in these two different directions, the audience speculated that both of these transformations focus on different aspects (speed for one, strength for the other) and that they’re actually complimentary.

In fact, if the two were to fuse, they would then become the ultimate warrior.

The latter hasn’t happened yet, but their distinct transformations still remain.

17 Pikkon Met His End From A Heroic Sacrifice

Dragon Ball Pikkon

Many fans have grown to love the anime-only character, Pikkon, who becomes a partner and competitor of Goku’s during his stay in the afterlife.

Pikkon proves to be exceptionally strong and can keep Super Saiyan Goku on his toes, which poses the question of what could have sent him to the afterlife in the first place?

Since Pikkon gets to keep his body in the afterlife and also receive training from a Kai, it implies that he met a heroic end of sorts.

The likely answer here is that Pikkon either sacrifices himself for a greater cause or passes by natural means, which the limited evidence in the series supports.

16 Turning Super Saiyan Is About Ki Focus And Not A Rage Catalyst

Dragon Ball Cabba Tail

The first time that Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks become Super Saiyans, it has a lot to do with a rage-filled event that pushes them over the top.

This was initially fundamental, but it bears less and less importance as the series continues.

Fans started to speculate that there may be more involved to the transformations.

Furthermore, the Universe 6 Saiyans all become Super Saiyans incredibly quickly simply by Goku talking them through it.

These sequences explain that gaining this power actually involves focusing on the ki around the base of your spine (or tail) and creating a “funny feeling.”

This becomes the new standard for transformation.

15 Super Was Born Out Of Toriyama’s Disappointment In What The Franchise Had Become

Dragon Ball Super Cast Insert

Akira Toriyama wasn’t a part of Dragon Ball GT and he was entirely happy to leave his franchise behind.

At that point, Dragon Ball lived on through video games and tons of ancillary cash-ins that were of questionable quality.

One of the biggest disasters was the live-action movie, Dragon Ball Evolution, which was apparently the final nail in the coffin for Toriyama.

Due to how far the series’ stock had dropped, Toriyama was determined to redeem the property and return to it in a big way.

Fans suspected that the anime’s debut was meant to be a course correction of sorts and they were right.

14 Goku Would Use Zeno’s “Save Me” Button Against Zamasu

Dragon Ball Zeno Erases Zamasu

As soon as Goku gets his “Get Out of Jail Free” card from the King of Everything, many people assumed that it would be the deus ex machina that inevitably saves him from the next big situation that he winds up in.

This more or less is what happens, but it takes a lot of time to come to fruition.

Fans have basically forgotten about this magic button when it eventually comes out at the end of the Zamasu arc.

Granted, Future Trunks initially defeats Fused Zamasu, but when things get really messy, it’s Zeno’s button that wipes the slate clean in the end.

13 Potara Earring Fusions Are Only Permanent For Kai

Dragon Ball Goku Offers Potara Earring

Dragon Ball has introduced two varieties of fusion into the mix, the fusion dance and the Potara earrings.

The main advantage of the fusion dance is that it only lasts thirty minutes, whereas the Potara earrings promise a permanent union.

However, the Potara fusion breaks when Vegito gets absorbed by Super Buu, and later, when they use it against Fused Zamasu, it wears off super quickly because their combined power level is so high.

Perhaps then, this fusion is permanent, but only for deities.

These Potara unions haven’t been broken on any of the Kai, and the same is true when Zamasu puts it to use as well.

12 Belmod And Marcarita Were Supposed To Be A Couple

One of the best things about Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is just how many new characters get introduced, including a whole new slew of Gods of Destruction and their accompanying Angels.

There are a lot of faces to keep track of, but two that definitely stand out are the God of Destruction, Belmod, and his Angel, Marcarita, due to their circus-like appearances.

Many fans instantly created associations between these two and Batman’s Joker and Harley Quinn, and Super’s Toyotaro even admitted that not only was this intentional, but the two were supposed to be romantically linked before Toriyama vetoed the idea.

11 Jiren Is Inspired By Buddha

Jiren is the ultimate threat that turns up in Dragon Ball Super, but for the bulk of his appearance, he doesn’t even take an offensive approach to fighting.

Jiren looks quite intimidating, but he spends multiple episodes alone in meditation where he is more focused on his breathing than what’s happening around him.

Some perceptive fans started to post theories that Jiren actually takes after Buddha due to his stoic style and focus on meditation.

As the Tournament of Power continues, fans got more confirmation of this with how much of Jiren’s approach comes down to his eyes and breathing.

His introspective approach also fits with the character’s fight for justice.

10 Vegito Would Fight Against Zamasu

Dragon Ball Vegito Blue Versus Fused Zamasu

When the heroes face off against Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super, none of their efforts seem to make any dents on this villain.

They repeatedly come up short, and when nothing appears to work, many fans were anxious that this would mark the return of Vegito and that he would be how they solve this problem.

It turns out that the fans were only half right here. Dragon Ball Super takes its time, but they finally pull the trigger on Vegito.

That being said, he’s hardly the solution to the Zamasu problem. He’s merely an exciting diversion.

9 Gohan Was Supposed To Become The Show’s Main Character

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adult Gohan Attack

The original Dragon Ball steadily depicts Goku’s growth and evolution from a young boy to a grown man.

Dragon Ball Z continues that growth, but also adds his son Gohan into the mix and starts to chart his growth, too. Toriyama's plan was to slowly shift the focus from Goku onto his predecessor.

After Goku passes away, Gohan was supposed to become the show's new figurehead during the Buu Saga, but Toriyama slowly gave into temptation and couldn't keep Goku out of the picture.

The original opening credits for the Buu Saga give plenty of proof of this, as the entire sequence revolves around Gohan, and Goku is only relegated to a minor cameo role.

8 Everyone In Frieza’s Family Can Transform Like He Can

Dragon Ball Heroes Golden Cooler

The introduction of Frieza’s brother, Cooler, and their father, King Cold, brings some interesting developments to the series.

Cooler gets to show off his second form, which implies that he and Cold are also capable of turning into the third and fourth forms that Frieza uses.

The problem is that Dragon Ball doesn’t spend enough time with these side characters to see what they can truly offer.

This theory gains even more support when, in the latest Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime, Cooler turns into Golden Cooler.

Heroes isn’t exactly seen as canon, but this transformation does confirm what many fans had assumed

7 Goku’s The Bad Guy In The Tournament Of Power Arc

Dragon Ball Tournament Of Power Universe 7 Entrance

Goku's flippant, irresponsible nature has often come under attack, but it hits new heights in Dragon Ball Super when he unwittingly causes the entire Tournament of Power to happen.

He puts the destruction of many universes up in the air when it's completely avoidable.

As a result of this, many fans suspected that Goku and the rest of Universe 7 would become early targets during the tournament's free-for-all, and they were absolutely right.

The series shows the other universes vilify Goku and treat him like the main target.

For once, Goku's naive nature actually has real consequences and, even though Universe 7 survives the tournament, things could have gone much worse because of Goku's attitude.

6 Vegeta As A New God Of Destruction

Dragon Ball Vegeta Whis

Once Goku and Vegeta hit the new plateau of Super Saiyan God, some fans started to wonder if the series might culminate with either of these Saiyans usurping Beerus’ position as God of Destruction.

After all, it certainly appears that they’re strong enough.

God of Destruction status doesn’t appear to be Goku’s endgame, but the Dragon Ball Super manga does contain scenes where Vegeta trains with Whis and they at least discuss the topic of becoming a God of Destruction.

It might not officially happen, but it’s comforting to see that Whis at least considers Vegeta to be worthy of such a responsibility.

5 Krillin Is The Strongest Human On Earth

Dragon Ball Krillin Destruto Disc

There have been countless discussions amongst Dragon Ball fans regarding whether the strongest human in the universe is Krillin, Tien, or even Master Roshi (nobody sticks up for Yamcha).

Krillin definitely stays in the picture for the longest, but he softens in his later years, and even though Tien is absent, his life of training might imply that he’s become stronger.

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power addresses all of this, and even though Tien performs well, Krillin survives longer.

Not only that, but Krillin’s Destructo Disc has proven to be one of the strongest attacks in the entire series.

Super even spends a two-episode arc on Krillin finding his fighting spirit again.

4 Vegeta Is Always Runner-Up To Goku Because Toriyama Holds A Grudge Against Him

Dragon Ball Goku Defeats Vegeta

Goku and Vegeta have proven to be excellent frenemies throughout the run of Dragon Ball. Nobody can motivate each other better than these two and it feels like they’ll always be locked in competition,= with one another to figure out who’s the best.

Goku consistently comes out on top and bests Vegeta, but there’s some disappointment in store for the fans who are hopeful that Vegeta might eventually overcome him.

Toriyama has been very upfront about how he prefers Goku to Vegeta. In fact, he's even stated that he’s actually quite indifferent to Vegeta.

It’s for this reason that the character always comes second to Goku and doesn’t get his due. Toriyama just doesn’t want to see him beat his number one guy.

3 Goku And Frieza's Fight On Namek Is In Slow Motion

Dragon Ball Goku Frieza Namek Fight

Many fans have discussed how such a short fight can last for so long. In fact, Goku’s fight with Frieza is still the longest battle in Dragon Ball history and it continues to get a lot of hate.

The biggest point of contention with this is that part way through the fight, Frieza brazenly states that Namek only has five minutes left until it explodes. However, their fight continues for nine more episodes.

Slowed down time is never officially confirmed, but it makes the most sense and speaks to the epic, distorted nature of this fight.

It takes place within the two huge egos of these fighters at their brink.

2 The Movies Were Never Meant To Be Canonical

Dragon Ball Bojack Power Up

There has been a lot of debate on whether the events of the Dragon Ball Z movies are supposed to be canonical.

The rule of thumb is to disregard them since they mess with the show’s timeline and cause inconsistencies.

Furthermore, the big reason why Dragon Ball Super’s first two arcs recapped the previous two movies is because it wanted to make those events canon because the films didn’t count.

Many fans were surprised by this, but TOEI said that the movies were always supposed to be creative one-shots.

The proof of this even goes back to the original Dragon Ball movies, which recapped the series and reimagined the material rather than tell new stories.

1 Future Trunks’ Timeline Is Actually The MAIN Dragon Ball Timeline

Dragon Ball Future Trunks Timeline Goku Vegeta

It might be a controversial opinion, but a lot of people’s minds were blown when fans considered that Future Trunks’ fractured timeline is actually Dragon Ball’s main timeline.

The reason for this is that everything in Future Trunks’ world up until the invasion of the androids is identical to what’s gone on in the other timeline.

This means that the idea of Future Trunks leaving his broken world to save another and hopefully restore his own holds a lot more weight when it actually applies to the prime timeline.

It’s a subtle distinction, but the fact that Trunks fights for the real universe and has to visit a similar world is the better story.


Can you think of any other Dragon Ball fan theories that were confirmed? Now’s your chance to sound off in the comments!

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