25 Dragon Ball Fan Theories That Were Confirmed To Be True

There are a lot of Dragon Ball fan theories out there, but these 25 have actually been confirmed to be true of the popular anime.

Goku Dragon Ball Z

With a fan base as large as the one that Dragon Ball has, there have been no shortage of theories created over the years. While many fan theories are too wild to be real, these 25 have actually been confirmed to be true. The incredibly popular manga was first created in 1984 by Akira Toriyama and followed the story of Goku, a martial artist who searches the world for the seven Dragon Ball orbs, which would give him incredible power.

The success of the manga saw the Dragon Ball story turned into an anime franchise. The expansion started with the Dragon Ball anime series and continued with Dragon Ball Z a few years later. But, the world has continued to grow from that point on, as new stories were created in movies, shows, video games, and more. Through it all, the continuity of the franchise can become difficult to follow, but this hasn't stopped fans from trying to piece everything together with elaborate theories.

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In Screen Rant's newest video, we take a look at 25 theories about Dragon Ball that have been confirmed to be true. Theories such as the true inspiration behind Android 16 have officially been confirmed to be true in the movies or anime themselves, but interviews with Toriyama have revealed the truth behind others, like him not being a fan of Vegeta and repeatedly tortures him as a result. Check out the full list of confirmed Dragon Ball theories in the video at the top of this post.

Goku Dragon Ball Z

While many of these theories are attempting to make sense of certain character arcs, there are others that want to see the official canon of the Dragon Ball franchise reduced. Many fans who did not like Dragon Ball GT have theorized that it didn't actually happen, and even though the franchise hasn't gone that far, the short-lived series has been viewed as a side story to the larger narrative. Most of the Dragon Ball movies have also received a similar designation, as Toei Animation says they think of the films as one-shot adventures that don't fit with the main canon.

Since these fan theories for Dragon Ball have actually been proven to be correct, there is the chance that many other ones could be confirmed in the future. The franchise is still going strong, especially after Dragon Ball Super: Broly performed surprisingly well at the box office, so new adventures from this world are sure to come. The exact future of the Dragon Ball franchise and canon isn't clear at this point, but maybe some other existing fan theories could be used to determine what comes next.

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