Dragon Ball: Every Majin Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful

Dragon Ball is a series that prides itself in its rogue’s gallery of super-strong villains. It can be a difficult task to continually raise the stakes when each new villain seems to be impossibly strong in the first place, but Dragon Ball’s Buu Saga really hits a sweet spot with this material.

What’s important about the Buu Saga is that before this point there have been plenty of strong foes, but they were all individuals, rather than a force of nature like Buu. Even the mighty Frieza knows to revere the Majin and up until the Gods of Destruction enter the picture in Dragon Ball Super, since these Majin are the most powerful, most feared force in the universe.

The Majin are an ancient evil that are a destructive presence known to rampage galaxies and then hibernate for extended periods of time. The Majin have been increasingly fleshed out and given a full backstory courtesy of the later Dragon Ball video games.

The evil pink species are now no different than Namekians or Saiyans, but it doesn’t change the fact that these characters are conduits of destruction in Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z throws a lot at the audience, but a lot of the Majin followers and their ways are still largely a mystery.

Let’s dig deeper and really learn the hierarchy of the Majin, such as who’s their best warrior and everything in between.

With that said, here is Every Majin From Dragon Ball Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful.


15 Masses Of Elite And Super Majin Fighters

Majin Fighters are either humans or aliens who have all fallen under Babidi’s mind control spell. The aliens all look similar to Pui Pui's race, but are still nondescript. These soldiers are split into various categories, such as Majin Shield Soldiers, Elite Majin Soldiers, Super Majin Soldiers, and Super Majin Shield Soldiers

These guys are all cannon fodder that are meant to invade and collect energy. They're dispensable fighters that rank below Babidi's lowest minions, Yamu and Spopovich, but are strong in numbers (they allegedly would be the challenge on the fourth level of Babidi’s ship).

These soldiers are so unimportant that Yakon even carelessly eats two of them... with zero consequences.

Most of these fighters are eliminated by Gohan when he and Supreme Kai launch an attack on Babidi's spaceship. These forces help illustrate just how many devoted followers Babidi has, but it’s more the idea of them that’s frightening.

14 Yamu


A lot of Yamu’s thunder gets stolen by the stronger, bulkier Spopovich, but these two are a crucial presence of dread at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. Yamu is just a typical Earthling, but after he undergoes Babidi’s mind control, he receives a healthy upgrade.

Yamu unfortunately doesn’t get his own match to show off his strength, but he tag teams the Great Saiyaman with Spopovich. Yamu is smaller than his partner, but appears to be slightly more intelligent and wields more common sense when it comes to the use of Babidi’s Energy Suction Device.

After Yamu and Spopovich both poach enough energy for Majin Buu’s revival, they no longer serve a purpose to Babidi. Pui Pui kills off Yamu and it’s clear that the brute force are meant to be more of a means to an end in gathering power rather than actual allies to fight alongside Buu.

13 Spopovich

Spopovich isn’t the strongest, most evil enemy in all of Dragon Ball, but he has a vile reputation as one of the most violent, ruthless foes from the series. Sure, other villains might make more of an overall dent in the show, but Spopovich’s fight against Videl is one of the most brutal, cringe-worthy moments from the entire series.

Spopovich is already triple the size of Videl, but he doesn’t hold anything back against her. The vindictive mass of muscles strangles Videl in an aggressive bear hug that breaks bones and has her cough up blood.

Brute strength is nothing in comparison to the energy and magical attacks that the greater Majin have at their disposal, but Spopovich’s aggression is one of the first glimpses of how evil the Majin are. Spopovich proves that the next set of enemies the Z Fighters are up against aren’t the typical bad guys.

12 Majin Future Cooler

The Dragon Ball video games have a lot of fun with the Majin lore and they take the opportunity to place the demonic alignment on a lot of fan-favorite movie villains. Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road really runs wild with this, as it introduces Future Majin Buu to the mix and he brings a lot of reinforcement with him.

Before Future Cooler receives his Majin power upgrade, he does a decent job against Super Saiyan Goku. Future Cooler is considerably stronger when he becomes Majin, but it still seems like he’s weaker than Pui Pui and Yakon.

Goku needs to become a Super Saiyan 2 to get rid of Yakon, which implies that he's more of a challenge than Cooler's Majin counterpart. Even though Cooler has drastic energy attacks and can transform, Yakon and the rest of the Majin crew all have feared, notorious reputations.

11 Pui Pui

Pui Pui is pretty smug over the fact that his planet, Zoon’s, gravity is ten times stronger than the gravity on Earth. It’s a detail that the alien-like character continually brags about, but it’s not something that gives him any real advantage in his battle against Vegeta, especially since the Saiyan’s trained in 500 times Earth’s gravity.

That being said, it means that “regular” Majins like Spopovich and Yamu don’t stand a chance against Pui Pui.

Pui Pui has an arsenal of enemy projectiles, but his arrogance holds him back and keeps him in the “middle management” level of Babidi’s warriors. The sorcerer mentions that Pui Pui's strength is equal to half of Innocent Buu's power level, but Vegeta is able to easily eliminate him with his Double Galick Cannon.

10 Yakon


Yakon looks a little like what would happen if a Xenomorph had babies with a praying mantis. This is a creature that makes Pui Pui look handsome. Yakon comes from the pitch-black planet, Dark Star, and he appears to eat his victims rather than simply defeat them.

He extends this strategy into his fighting technique, where he absorbs the light from his opponent’s energy. Goku pushes this technique to the limit and Yakon explodes when he attempts to swallow all of Super Saiyan 2 Goku’s energy.

Babidi claims that Yakon is powerful enough to destroy four planets with a single attack, but he still only places him at a quarter of Super Saiyan Goku's strength at the time. It’s respectable that Babidi tries to split up his fighters and turn his spaceship into a tiered death camp, but Yakon would do a lot better if he fights alongside Pui Pui instead of alone.

9 Majin Frieza And Majin Cell

Before the threat of the Majin enters the Dragon Ball universe, Frieza and Cell were the most dangerous opponents that the Z Warriors had come up against. It’s therefore an understandable temptation to imbue these villains with Buu’s power and make them even more evil than normal.

When many of the Dragon Ball video games had run through the number of storylines from the anime, titles started to turn out “What If?” stories to experiment around with the series’ many characters and events.

For instance, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 allows Cell and Frieza to get enchanted by Babidi and become Majin fighters (not to mention, Majin Cell can also be absorbed by Super Buu).

Majin Cell and Majin Frieza don’t make much of a dent in the game and their appearance is more like glorified fan service than something that shatters Dragon Ball’s status quo.

8 Babidi

Babidi is a little instigator and it’s clear that he’s not going to beat Dabura, Yakon, or even Yamu in a fistfight anytime soon. The sorceror’s physical strength might not be grand, but he has a number of psychic abilities that can bring even the strongest warriors down to their knees.

For instance, Babidi can use telepathy to not just read or influence other people’s minds, but to make people explode, which is exactly what he does to the massive Spopovich.

Babidi functions like a slick cult leader as he tricks many strong warriors across the galaxy to donate their energy to Majin Buu and to take up his cause.

It’s Babidi’s impressive manipulation skills that make Buu’s rebirth possible in the first place. Babidi’s death becomes sadly ironic when Majin Buu, the powerful entity that he works so hard to resurrect, becomes fed up and brutally kills him.

7 Bibidi

Bibidi is a villainous alien wizard who has that classic dream of ruling the universe. Bibidi puts his magic to impressive use and is the one responsible for originally summoning Buu into the world. Bibidi uses Buu to swiftly knock out the Supreme Kais until Bibidi himself is killed by the East Supreme Kai in battle and Buu lies dormant.

Dragon Ball doesn’t officially state who is stronger between Bibidi and Babidi. The series indicates that Bibidi’s dopplegangers will be weaker according to how many of them that he creates, but he never creates more than one copy.

It’s likely safe to assume that Bibidi and Babidi are of comparable strength, with comparable techniques. However, since Bibidi came first and has been around for longer, perhaps he’s a tiny bit stronger than his doppleganger ancestor. He has the power to summon and seal away Buu, which is significant.

6 Dabura


When it comes to Babidi’s henchmen, Dabura is right at the top of the list and essentially the sorcerer’s right hand man. Dabura is the King of the Demon Realm and appropriately enough he looks like Satan if he had a killer gym routine.

Dabura is ruthless in his carnage and is determined to bring Majin Buu to life and destroy the Earth in the process. Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan can all hold their own against him and Goku remarks that he’s about as strong as Perfect Cell.

Strength aside, Dabura gains some serious respect over his trump card where his saliva can turn people into stone. Even a God of Destruction can get defeated by Dabura if he’s sly enough with this stone spit maneuver. Plus, he also has the deadly Darkness Sword to aid him in battle, too.

5 Majin Piccolo

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 presents one of the more interesting alternate history storylines in a Dragon Ball game. The Nintendo DS title explores a future where Babidi takes control of Piccolo instead of Vegeta during the Buu Saga. The events play out with Babidi actually wanting to possess Gohan, but Piccolo intervenes and gets taken over instead.

Majin Piccolo is pretty awesome. He immediately kills Babidi, revives Buu, and makes him and Dabura do his biding.

It's a little shocking to see just how efficient Piccolo is as a Majin character and how much more he gets done than Majin Vegeta. Not only does Majin Piccolo gain control of Super Buu, but he also defeats Vegeta and uses the Dragon Balls to revive Frieza and Cell! The green guy’s evil father would be proud.

The concept of an evil version of Piccolo would prove to be so popular that Majin Piccolo also appears in Shin Budokai - Another Road and Tenkaichi Tag Team.

4 Demon King Daccolo

In a lot of ways Dragon Ball Fusions feels like bad fan fiction come to life, but there are a few characters from the video game that make the bizarre title worthwhile.

The whole point of Dragon Ball Fusions is to introduce radical new fusions to the series and mix and match all of your favorite characters into crazy new fighters. There are of course the obvious fusion pairings like Nappa and Raditz or every member of the Ginyu Force, but it’s the less obvious ones that really resonate.

Demon King Daccolo is an EX Fusion between Dabura and King Piccolo and it’s a smart way to keep demonhood in the family and also combine two similar-- yet unexpected-- characters.

The fused fighter’s exact strength is unknown, but the game emphasizes how extreme his capacity for evil is, which is surely a major boost to these two demonic characters.

3 Majin Destruction Kings

Dragon Ball Heroes is the epitome of a "What If?" scenario and its various original and insane characters. The game goes out of its way to feature as many permutations of classic characters as possible.

This leads to Babidi and the Demon Realm having a large storyline where many old villains come back with a Majin upgrade. Dragon Ball Heroes goes pretty nuts here and Babidi’s Destruction Kings include Garlic Jr, Turles, Super Android 13, Bojack, Janemba, Broly, and Hatchiyack, plus, all of their respective henchmen.

These Majin Destruction Kings take on the typical demonic look where they lose their pupils and gain a dark aura. They're also capable of using the psychic heavy Mind Break technique, which is unavailable to non-Majin characters.

This force is merely a fun obstacle in Dragon Ball Heroes, but there’s no denying that such a collective team could pose a serious threat under the right circumstances.

2 Majin Vegeta


Dabura thinks that he takes advantage of Vegeta when he ”manipulates” him into donating his energy over to Buu’s resurrection in exchange for a hearty power boost.

Even though this new strength means that Vegeta has to cross over to the dark side, it’s exactly what the Saiyan Prince wants. Vegeta’s never-ending rivalry with Goku comes to a head in the Buu Saga.

Vegeta turns into Majin Vegeta and a whole bunch of innocent people die in the process.

Majin Vegeta’s main goal is take down Goku and he’s able to square off evenly with him when they’re both in their Super Saiyan 2 forms. That being said, Majin Vegeta is no match for Super Saiyan 3 Goku and he’s evidently much weaker than Majin Buu himself. This becomes clear when Majin Vegeta’s self-destruct maneuver leaves Buu alive.

1 Majin Buu

Majin Buu’s origins date back to the beginning of time itself and he’s one of the earliest manifestations of evil. Buu’s original powers are already so extreme that he’s able to kill two Supreme Kais and absorb the Grand Supreme Kai.

Buu can become even stronger when he absorbs other individuals, which results in the evil entity experiencing a number of different forms and sizes.

His raw energy, regeneration abilities, and his malleable nature all make him an incredible adversary, but when Buu gains the skillsets of the Z Warriors that he defeats, he’s practically invincible.

Plus, he has the ability to turn enemies into food and then eat them, which is insane. In a glowing demonstration of his strength, Majin Buu manages to kill the Earth’s entire population. He rightfully earns his spot at the top of this list.


These are our definitive rankings of Dragon Ball's Majin clan, but do your scouters come to a different conclusion? Should someone be higher? Lower? Sound off in the comments!

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