Dragon Ball: Every Fusion Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

Vegito Dragon Ball Z Goku Vegeta fusion

While we didn't see any fusions in the original Dragon Ball, from Dragon Ball Z onward, it played a prominent role in each series, the games, and even the movies. It has become not just another useful move for the heroes, but for the villains of the franchise as well. It's gotten to the point that if you're talking about the strongest fighters in the franchise, fused characters are going to make up the majority of the candidates. So we've decided to rank all the fusions we have seen so far

To be clear, with the new Dragon Ball Fusions game, the number of fused characters has blown up, so we're not going to ranking any of the fusions exclusive to the games or we'd be here all day. Also, with how pathetically weak failed fusions like Veku, Fat Gotenks, Skinny Gotenks, and others are, it would feel silly to try and say who among them was stronger. They're all pretty much useless and would comprise the very bottom of this list, so we're only going to focus on successful fusions.

With that, here is Dragon Ball: Every Fusion Ranked From Weakest To Strongest.

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The Old Kai in Dragon Ball Z
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The Old Kai in Dragon Ball Z

There's no arguing this one. The Old Kai is our introduction to fusing via the Potara Earrings, and he's just puny. You could chalk that up to his age, but Master Roshi is no slouch as a fighter despite his many years. Sure, the Old Kai has strong mystical knowledge, but in a fight, he's pathetic. The Saiyans even initially assumed he must be super powerful, so they tested him by attempting to attack him. All that did was anger the Old Kai, though, since his feeble appearance was no ruse.

This fusion is a perfect example of why the Z Fighters don't use fusion carelessly. When Goku was desperate to fuse with someone against Buu, he contemplated fusing with Dende and Hercule, but this probably would have just decreased his power. The original Kai and the witch who fused with him likely weren't exactly powerhouses individually, but this accidental fusion was just bad for both of them.


Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Kami

Whether we're talking about Piccolo fusing with Nail, or Piccolo fusing with Kami, his placement would still be the same on this list. He's absolutely stronger than the Old Kai, but just about every other fused character we've seen has proven stronger than Piccolo. That's not to say Piccolo is weak, though. He was once the strongest hero among the Z Fighters after his initial fusion with Kami. The thing is, even with all that power, we saw that he was only able to match Android 17 in strength. Then when Imperfect Cell came along, Piccolo was nearly killed.

Piccolo could probably boost his power again by fusing with another Namekian, but it doesn't look like he's likely to find any volunteers for that any time soon. So even in Dragon Ball Super that puts him around the level of someone like Gohan, who was very powerful at one point, but now usually has to sit on the sidelines while someone else takes care of the tough battles.


Android 13 Dragon Ball Z

Before fusing as a result of earrings or dancing became a thing, the androids were already using the technique to power themselves up. You might immediately think of Cell in that regard, but there was actually another antagonistic android who did basically the exact same thing as Cell (albeit resulting in a far less interesting or popular character). Super Android 13 was yet another representative from the Red Ribbon army, and his big trait was being a redneck. It's already easy to see why he wasn't destined to be a powerful character.

Unlike with Cell, Android 13 was at least courteous enough to wait until his other android buddies were destroyed before assimilating them. Androids 14 and 15 were equally stereotypical characters, but they helped Android 13 reach a super form where he was nearly impervious to attacks. The thing is, this fusion wasn't even that tough, despite combining three characters. He was a challenge for the Z Fighters for like ten minutes, but was soon destroyed and forgotten.


Kibito Kai in Dragon Ball Z

You probably don't picture any of the kais being overly powerful (because they're not, oddly enough) but Kibito Kai wasn't a pushover either. We'd bet money he could have whooped Super Android 13, hence why we're placing him higher. On his own, the Supreme Kai was fearless enough to face Dabura and Fat Buu. Plus Supreme Kai was able to totally paralyze a Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (who admittedly had lost significant power).

Supreme Kai's fusion with Kibito, aka Kibito Kai, admittedly never got in any big fights, but he does still have some very useful powers. He's one of the few characters besides Goku who can teleport, and he can lend aid to other characters to keep them powered up. Obviously he's not a fighter, but if he were ever pushed, we have no doubt he could hold his own against the majority of the Z Fighters (basically any of them who aren't Goku or Vegeta).


Dragon Ball Z, Imperfect Cell transformed into Semi-Perfect Cell and Perfect Cell

Regardless of whether you're talking about Semi-Perfect Cell or Perfect Cell, he would still fit into the same spot on this list. Super Android 13 was able to dominate Piccolo about as well as Imperfect Cell was able, so it should stand to reason that Semi-Perfect Cell would be stronger than either of them. And Perfect Cell was obviously stronger than everyone, save for Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, when they were around, so that's pretty clear cut.

The only thing that's a bit fuzzy on the topic of Cell is that he briefly had one additional fusion in Dragon Ball GT. You probably remember how he managed to absorb Goku temporarily, and said he felt overwhelming power from it. The problem is that before he could test his strength against anyone, Goku escaped from Cell's body. Cell might have warranted a higher spot based on that occasion, but that would just be speculation.

10 AKA

Aka from Dragon Ball Yo! Son Goku And His Friends Return!!

Appearing only in the special "Yo! Son Goku And His Friends Return!!", Aka was the fusion of the two main villains, Abo and Cado. The Z Fighters immediately recognize that the two remnants of Frieza's army are no challenge for the majority of them. Abo and Cado brag about how they're more powerful than Frieza was, but seeing as how the Z Fighters had already dealt with Buu by this point, that wasn't much of a threat. So Goten and Trunks got the pleasure of fighting them.

The two Saiyans knocked around the invaders enough that they decided to merge into Aka. Goten and Trunks responded by merging into Gotenks, and a fusion battle began between the two. Gotenks dominated this portion of the fight as well, and appeared to finish off Aka, but then the villain reappeared and began destroying the nearby surroundings. Goku and Vegeta realized playtime was over and stepped in to end the fight. It wasn't that Aka was stronger than Gotenks; it's just that Gotenks likes to play around too much, and didn't even go Super Saiyan 3.


Fat Buu fights Evil Buu in Dragon Ball Z

For this one we're counting both of the fusions that involved Fat Buu: Kid Buu's fusion with the kai that resulted in Fatt Buu being created, and Evil Buu's fusion with Fat Buu that resulted in Super Buu. So basically Fat Buu and Super Buu are who we're measuring for this ranking. Obviously Super Buu was the stronger of the two forms, but surprisingly enough that doesn't place him any higher on the list. We know any of the fused Saiyans were stronger than Super Buu's base form, so for the purposes of this ranking, he can be lumped in with Fat Buu.

When it comes to Fat Buu, he was resilient enough to beat a Super Saiyan 2 like Gohan or Vegeta, but started to have trouble against a Super Saiyan 3. Goku even basically says he probably could have beaten Buu in this form if Goku wasn't working under a time limit before he had to go back to the afterlife. Plus Goku wanted to give Goten and Trunks a shot at saving the world. Therefore there's no way Fat Buu would win an all-out fight against a Super Saiyan 3.


Gotenks in Dragon Ball

The first temporary fusion we saw in the franchise honestly hasn't been very impressive at all. Gotenks is so immature and obnoxious that he hasn't actually won a single fight against any of his opponents. The sad thing is it's not that he he loses because his opponents are so much stronger, but because he goofs around so much instead of going for the kill. He was actually strong enough to beat Super Buu, but he squandered the chance.

Despite his bad track record, Gotenks actually is quite strong. At such an incredibly young age, he matched the power of Goku by becoming a Super Saiyan 3. It looked like Gotenks was on track to be the Earth's greatest defender moving forward. Unfortunately, as Dragon Ball Super has demonstrated, Goten and Trunks have been nowhere as diligent in their training as Vegeta or Goku, so their status has slipped significantly.


Candy Vegito attacks Super Buu in Dragon Ball Z

Gotenks had all the tools he needed to take out Super Buu initially, but there were still people around for the villain to absorb and even up the odds. Though Buu continued to go through several permutations during this period, there's no need to rank them each individually since they'd all fall within the same place on this ranking. The only difference is Buu became increasingly powerful with each person he absorbed.

When Gohan arrived in his new mystic form to fight Buu, suddenly he and Gotenks were both Buu's equal. Buu only wanted one challenger to test his power, so he didn't need them both. He absorbed both Gotenks and Piccolo, giving himself the outfit of the fused warriors. That power boost slipped a little bit once Gotenks unfused inside him, and Buu now had Piccolo's gear on, but Buu picked up the pace again when he decided to absorb Gohan too, bringing him into his most powerful state. Even with all that fusion, though, Buu still wasn't the strongest fused warrior around.


Uub in Dragon Ball GT

The end of Dragon Ball Z had already poised Uub to be the next big fighter in the world. And his arrival in the story came hot on the heels of the Z Fighters dealing with Buu. With Fat Buu still around, and Uub now existing, there were essentially two incarnations of Buu in the world. We saw how much trouble Fat Buu was able to give the Z Fighters all on his own, so when Buu and Uub fused in GT, you'd have to imagine they were at least as powerful as Super Buu. They were probably even more powerful, since Uub had gone through extensive training under Goku.

Regardless, when Baby took over the Earth, Uub and Buu were two of the last remaining heroes around to defend it. In a desperate move, Buu offered to fuse with Uub to increase their power and offer a challenge to Baby. So they joined as one to make Majuub, a fighter who actually held his own against Baby fairly well. Unfortunately we never saw Majuub win a fight, so we can't gauge what his ceiling is for his power. But he did offer a challenge for Baby, so we have to imagine he was quite strong even compared to other fusions.


Dragon Ball GT, Baby's first form, and transformed into Baby Vegeta

Technically Baby fused with almost every single person on the planet Earth, so suffice it to say: we're not ranking each of Baby's fusions individually. We're going to focus on his fusion with Vegeta since that was the most complete bond he had with another person, even causing Vegeta's appearance to significantly change. The other characters were under Baby's control, but it was more like mind control than a full merging of two separate characters.

As for Baby Vegeta, there's no doubt this was the best combination Baby could have found to take on Goku. In GT, Vegeta was really the only Saiyan besides Goku to keep up with his training, so he was the second strongest hero around. Baby Vegeta is also probably one of the most successful villains in the entire franchise, neutralizing almost all the heroes, beating Majuub, and even defeating Goku for a time. Baby Vegeta ruled an entire planet, so there's no doubt this was a powerful fusion.


Android 17 in Dragon Ball Z and Super Android 17 in Dragon Ball GT

One of the most powerful fusions in the franchise is also one that irks fans the most. Android 17 was never that powerful, but when merged with his counterpart built in Hell, he suddenly became Super Android 17, one of the strongest villains we'd ever seen. He easily brushed aside all of the Z Fighters, including the Saiayans; even Vegeta. Not only that, but Super Android 17 was dominating a Super Saiyan 4 Goku until Android 18 got her brother to expose his weakness. So really you could say he was the strongest character on the show at this point.

Logically two Android 17s only should have made a fighter as powerful as Semi-Perfect Cell, so most fans were not pleased at this insane power boost he got. Regardless, before Dragon Ball Super came out, he was definitely in the top two most powerful fused characters. He might even have ranked as the top of the bunch, since he could also absorb energy blasts directly into his body to become even stronger.


Gogeta elbows Omega Shenron in the face in Dragon Ball GT

It's pretty tough to rank Gogeta in comparison to Vegito since they're both fusions of the same two characters. For the longest time, people argued fusion through the Potara earrings made for a more powerful character because the fusion was permanent, but now Super has revealed that this actually isn't true. Whether through earrings or through dancing, the effects of the fusions are both temporary, despite resulting in different characters. So who is actually stronger? Fan consensus is still on Gogeta being the weaker of the two.

If we had been discussing this before Dragon Ball Super came out, we probably would have called Gogeta stronger. In GT, Gogeta is the fusion of two Super Saiyan 4s, an undeniably stronger character than Vegito in Dragon Ball Z. Of course that's changed because of Super, but that doesn't make Gogeta weak by any means. Fans call him non-canon, but Gogeta was still more powerful than Omega Shenron, and easily wiped out Janemba. If Goku and Vegeta fused into Gogeta now, it'd be really interesting to see how he compared to Vegito.


Zamasu Death - Dragon Ball Super

It didn't look like we were going to see any more fusions after the Buu saga concluded, so it was a cool surprise to see it not only brought back, but utilized by villains in Super. Zamasu was already powerful in his unfused state, but Goku Black was also incredibly strong thanks to his Super Saiyan Rose form. It seemed logical that the two of them fusing would be a great move. And, well... it did make them stronger. The only problem was the other side effect it had.

While Zamasu on his own was a god, the other timeline's Zamasu had given up godhood by taking over the mortal body of Goku. So by the two Zamasus fusing together, they became a mortal being. They were tough, but also finally killable. It made the fused Zamasu one of the strongest fighters in the franchise, but it was also really stupid to give up immortality for this fused form.


Vegito - Dragon Ball Super

Before Dragon Ball Super, we actually would have had to call Gogeta the strongest fused version of Goku and Vegeta. Remember, Gogeta was a combination of two Super Saiyan 4s in Dragon Ball GT. Vegito in Dragon Ball Z would never have been able to match up against that. DBZ's Vegito couldn't even turn Super Saiyan 3. But to the delight of many fans, Vegito returned last year and was more powerful than ever. In fact, this officially made Vegito the most powerful fused character in the entire franchise.

Fans weren't pleased that Vegito lost against Zamasu, but it wasn't for a lack of power. With Goku and Vegeta both being able to go Super Saiyan Blue, they were able to combine to form a Super Saiyan Blue Vegito. This was the first moment where the fused Zamasu finally looked beatable. But despite fusing together with the kai earrings, we learned in Super that non-kai characters can only join together for a limited time. So while Vegito was impressively powerful in Super, his power burned through his time reserves so quickly that he wasn't able to get the kill.


Is there any fused character in Dragon Ball you'd argue was more powerful than we're giving them credit for? Share your thoughts on our ranking in the comments!

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