Dragon Ball: The 10 Deadliest Races In The Universe, Ranked

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball is full of unbelievably powerful beings and when we finally witnessed what Dragon Ball Super had in store, we realized how superior many races were. While it was long believed that Dragons and Saiyans were some of the most powerful, our logic is now turned on its head. Saiyans can, in fact, have the ability to possess god-like powers and alternately, there is a Dragon to rule all Dragons. Additionally, we now know of the Destroyers, who are essentially Thanos, as well as their Angels, who seem to possess identical abilities.

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So who would win in a grand showdown? With everything we know so far, we think we've finally nailed down the list. In order of the weakest to the most powerful of races, here's everyone in the DBZ universe that would have us wishing for Shenron.

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Dragon Ball Gohan Z Sword Supreme Kai Kibito
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10 The Kai

Dragon Ball Gohan Z Sword Supreme Kai Kibito

While the Kai in Dragon Ball Super didn't offer much more than comedic relief, there were a few characters in there who had Goku and his gang a bit nervous. Their race made the list simply because of their almost god-like powers, and that alone makes them superior to many other races. Out of all the races on this list, they're likely the weakest, but it doesn't mean they can't hold their own in battle. They're also well-respected which automatically puts them ahead of the game.

9 Namekians

While Piccolo, in particular, is always the first to get wiped out in a fight, it's only because his ultimate attack takes so long to prepare. If he had the speed that many other races possessed, he would undoubtedly be much further up on this list.

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However, when his ultimate attack is ready, it's powerful and effective. He'll always be the one to go first in a fight due to his increased risk of being beaten within minutes, but his brute strength is unparalleled in many cases. Additionally, he has the agility to make up for where his speed fails him.

8 Androids

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 17 And 18

Androids are another race that functions based on brute strength and the unsurpassable ability to focus and dodge. Their speed is something that gives them the edge in battle while their precision allows them to land surprising hits, leaving their opponent winded and stunned. This is something Goku figured out quickly when he went to find Android 17 and was pleasantly surprised; while not the strongest, they can certainly hold their own. They make for a worthy opponent in battle and have mastered the art of agility.

7 Supreme Kai

Dragon Ball Supreme Kai Eye Blast

The Supreme Kai are a bit further up on this list due to the shocking power we witnessed in Dragon Ball Super. In an attempt to fight for the dark side, Goku had a tough run with a battle he almost lost when it came down to him and one powerful Supreme Kai in the making (semi-spoiler-free).

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They're much stronger than the average Kai and have much more power behind their attacks, should they choose to use it. They're also cool, calm, and collected much of the time, setting them apart in battle.

6 Frieza And The Like

While Frieza's race is still a bit of a mystery, we can't deny that there aren't more of him. His race, though unnamed, has quite a few members and is surprisingly strong in their own right. Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin know this well, as they've faced their opponent multiple times during the last few sagas. Though Frieza was an early opponent, he was one worthy of Goku's time, and he managed to come back even stronger in Dragon Ball Super. This leads us to believe that his race is not only powerful, but also knows how to evolve, similar to the Saiyans.

5 Majins

Slim Majin Buu Dragon Ball Super

Despite his rather large size, Buu is one of the most powerful characters in the entire DBZ universe. Not only was he nearly impossible to defeat, but he actually came back. That's why he's chosen so often in Dragon Ball Super for the tournaments that Goku loves so much. His strength is obviously inhuman but he also has a natural defense which allows him to get 'hurt' without actually dying. Unless an enemy was to completely obliterate him (such as a Destroyer) there's simply no way that he would take on damage easily. Now, if they could just keep him awake...

4 Saiyans

It might come as a surprise that Saiyans aren't higher on this list but when you realize which three races are in front of them, it'll make sense. Obviously, this wouldn't be possible without the most recent saga in which we finally found out what a Destroyer actually is.

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Even compared to them, though, Saiyans have finally mastered god-like powers in their Super Saiyan God form. This chaotic mix of powers allows Goku and Vegeta to be some of the most powerful opponents in the universe, even when paired with someone as superior as Beerus.

3 Dragons

Now that we've finally seen the true size and form of a Dragon, we're well aware of how powerful they can be. After gathering planet-sized dragon balls, the crew realized what it's like to have infinite power. However, the power was not theirs. The wish-granting ability of Dragons is what gives them such hype but it's also what makes them so superior to other races. They're wildly set apart as they don't fight in tournaments or willingly choose to fight anyone, yet, should they choose to, it would likely be an unfair pairing.

2 Angels

The Angel race is only second to the Destroyers. Destroyers obviously need assistants who are worthy of sustaining the same power which they possess, hence their great strength. While it's unclear whether they have the same or just similar power, it's more than obvious that they possess something which goes far beyond the understanding of any universe. The ease at which they can move and fight allows them the keep up with their Destroyers, almost putting them on par with each other.

1 Destroyers

Last but certainly not least are the Destroyers. Having the ability to destroy (hence their race name) planets with a single motion is far beyond the capabilities of any other race in the universe.

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While there is one person who can compete with a Destroyer, the Saiyans have come close but aren't quite there yet. Beerus is the first Destroyer we see who truly incites fear in the hearts of the humans on earth and for good reason. While his insatiable hunger is likely what keeps them protected, he could destroy every single human, along with every other race on this list, easily, if he so chose.

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