20Hurt: Yamcha/Bulma

Yamcha and Bulma Together from the Dragon Ball Anime

Bulma grows irritated with Yamcha always training away somewhere and his constant flirtation with other women.

Yamcha and Bulma first meet as teenagers in the original Dragon Ball series. Bulma is smitten right away, while Yamcha has difficulty returning the feelings due to his fear of women. Despite this, the two ultimately begin a relationship but from the bat it is riddled with problems.

She still tries

to mend the relationship, which eventually comes to a head after the arrival of Vegeta. Her feelings begin to grow for the Saiyan, and Yamcha attempts to win her back to no avail. The two eventually break up after several years of dating, but with the amount of problems they put up with, it probably should have ended much sooner.

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