Dragon Ball: 20 Crazy Details About Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla

After an 18 year-long television hiatus, Dragon Ball finally made its way back to the small screen in 2015. The new  anime series Dragon Ball Super would take viewers on an adventure across multiple universes. In addition to brand-new planets, the series offered infinite amounts of action and lots of new characters to detest and adore. Universe 6 was the first to be introduced and has remained the most beloved thanks to its fierce Sayian fighters—Cabba, Caulifla and Kale—who quickly became fan favorites.

On their journey through the Tournament of Power, the trio’s members steadily achieved new abilities and grew ever closer. Even though they sometimes bumped heads, they would usually band together to protect their universe from destruction. In the end, their team turned out to be the one that managed to stay intact the longest during the tournament.

Being the twin universe to Universe 7, characters from Universe 6 had strong links to preexisting characters which made them easy to understand and embrace. But this was not met with enthusiasm from across the board; some fans were irked by the lack of innovation and development that went into these new additions. Fan discontent aside, the characters still provided plenty of new dimensions to the Saiyan race and to the Dragon Ball universe as a whole.

This list examines some of the lesser known facts about Cabba, Caulifla and Kale and highlights some aspects of the characters that only dedicated fans of the Dragon Ball manga know.

Here are 20 Crazy Details About Cabba, Caulifla and Kale.

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20 Cabba Was Universe 6's First Super Saiyan

Cabba first learnt about his potential to transform into a Super Saiyan when he met Vegata and Goku from Universe 7. On his own planet, no one had ever achieved the form.

Vegata decides to mentor Cabba in battle in an attempt to unleash the transformation. He provokes Cabba by insulting him, but gets nowhere. It is only when he starts threatening Cabba's planet that his tactics pay off and Cabba finally transforms into his planet's first Super Saiyan.

After his encounter with Vegata, Cabba finds a way to use his newfound abilities for good. Back on his home planet, he recruits other Saiyans in the fight to protect their universe by teaching them the form.

19 Cabba Protects His Universe From Criminals

While the Saiyans from Universe 7 are known as a fierce warrior race, their counterparts from Universe 6 have a slightly different temperament. Universe 6's Saiyans prefer to use their fighting powers for good and act as protectors of their universe instead of destroyers and pillagers of foreign planets.

They are so good in fact, that they have even earned the title of Heroes of Justice. 

As his slender build might suggest, Cabba is a particularly gentle Saiyan.

Before Vados recruited him to participate in the Tournament of Destroyers, Cabba spent his days riding around the universe in a tiny spaceship fighting criminals and lawlessness.

18 Caulifla Was The First Female To Go Super Saiyan

Before Universe 6 was introduced, the major Saiyan fighters were pretty much only men. The reason for this was supposedly that Akira Toriyama didn't know how he would draw a female Super Saiyan. When Dragon Ball Super played out across the screen fans finally got to enjoy some powerful female warriors.

The first of them was Caulifla, who Cabba had been encouraged to seek out by his former captain Renso. Caulifla showed great potential, but had little interest in joining Cabba on his quest to protect the universe.

Faced with her refusal, Cabba demonstrated his Super Saiyan powers to entice Caulifla to change her mind. She immediately took the bait on the premise that he would teach her how to transform. Just like that, Caulifla became the first female to transform to the Super Saiyan form.

17 Kale Was The Second Female

Caulifla would not hold the title as only female to master the form for long. After Cabba taught her the transformation, the two joined forces to teach it to Kale as well. Unfortunately, they ended up getting a little more than they bargained for.

They first tried goading Kale into transfoming by hurling insults at her but it got them nowhere. After a while, Kale started getting incensed by the rapport building between the two.

Driven by jealous rage, she worked herself into a frenzy and unleashed the Berserker Super Saiyan state.

Caulifla fortunately managed to calm her down in the end, but there was no longer any doubt as to the feeble Saiyan's potential power - now the second female to achieve the Super Saiyan form.

16 Cabba Lost His Tail To Evolution

Goku Raditz Tail Squeeze

Fans of the Dragon Ball franchise are familiar with the characteristic Saiyan tail. The tail is similar to a monkey's and is connected to the Great Ape transformation. It can serve as an extra hand in battle, but it is also a sensitive part of the Saiyan physique.

The introduction of Universe 6 brought a different type of Saiyan on the scene – one without a tail.

Well-known Saiyans like Vegeta had been strutting around the Dragon Ball universe completely tail-less for a while, but only because their tails had been cut off. Cabba, on the other hand, reveals in the manga why he was born without. His people did in fact have tails once, but they disappeared through the evolution process.

15 Caulifla Would Rather Be Eating Than Protecting The Universe

Caulifla does not genuinely care about protecting her universe. She only participates in the tournament to bolster her skills and because she gets a kick out of fighting. If it were up to her, she would rather spend her time taking naps and eating instead of acting righteous.

In the anime, she was actually first introduced sitting on a throne, chomping away at a piece of meat.

Then again, a restless fighter like Caulifla probably needs all the proteins she can get.

While her heart may not always be in the right place, her taste for action (and venison) make her an invaluable addition to her team.

14 Kale Might Seem Innocent, But She Has A Dark Side

Kale stands out from the rest of her companions in Dragon Ball Super because of her extreme shyness and her subservient nature. These personality traits are in fact so pronounced that she is looked down upon by her fellow Saiyans.

Even though she might seem puny at first glance, a whole other side of her lurks right beneath the surface.

When Kale is overcome with jealousy or self-loathing, she will lose control of her temper and transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan.

In this form, Kale's character does a complete 180 as she becomes gleefully vicious and unexpectedly rude. Her desire for destruction grows uncontrollably as she feeds off of the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan. It's a complete character reversal that may remind viewers of Broly's transformations.

13 Cabba's Hairstyle Doesn't Change When He Transforms

When Akira Toriyama drew the first Super Saiyan transformation, the choice to alter Goku's hair color was one of convenience rather than aesthetics. Changing the color from black to white in the manga meant that less time would be spent coloring it in. This choice would eventually lead to the iconic neon hairstyles sported by Super Saiyans in the anime iterations.

Saiyans do not just experience a change in hair color when they transform; their hairstyle also changes. Cabba seems to be an exception to the rule.

His hair does shift from black to blond, but other than that, it remains unchanged.

This makes him the only Saiyan whose hairstyle stays the same when he transforms to Super Saiyan.

12 Caulifla And Kale Are Not Always As Close As They Seem

In the Dragon Ball Super anime Caulifla and Kale act as if they were sisters, with Caulifla taking on the role of mentor and protector to the timid Kale. When Kale’s powers spin out of control, Caulifla is the only person able to get through to her and calm her down.

Fans of the series will probably be surprised to hear that their bond is not always as strong as it seems to be in the anime. In the manga, the two have a wildly different relationship and show very little affection for one another.

Caulifla actually only recruits Kale because she sees potential in her. She's otherwise disinterested in her fellow Saiyan.

11 Cabba Will Transform To Protect The Ones He Loves

When Vegeta first tried to goad Cabba into transforming he had difficulties pushing the right buttons. He would quickly discover that playing with Cabba's heart strings was the best way to set him off.

Whenever someone threatens anyone Cabba holds close, his otherwise polite demeanor will turn to broiling anger in no time.

It was his concern for others that prompted him to finally achieve the Super Saiyan 2 form.

Only when Frieza threatened Caulifla and Kale was Cabba able to muster up enough anger to transform into Super Saiyan 2 for the first time.

Opponents should take note not to mess with Cabba's nearest and dearest.

10 Kale Likes To Change Up Her Look

Kale's temperament is not the only thing about her that changes. She also changes up her look depending on where she appears. In the anime, for example, she is usually depicted wearing a pink lipstick that she never seems to apply in the manga.

Meanwhile, in the manga she will change into a long, somber robe when she goes off to do Caulifla's bidding. This wardrobe staple has yet to appear in the anime.

Her radical hair change in the Super Saiyan form along with her on-trend crop top and skirt set further cements Kale as Planet Sadala’s reigning fashionista.

9 Cabba Might Have A New Predecessor

Most fans have by now caught wind of the new Dragon Ball feature film set to release in 2019. What many may not know, however, is that new characters have also been added to the Dragon Ball Legends mobile game.

A new Saiyan warrior named “Shallott” is among the recent additions.

Shallott comes from “an incredibly long time ago” according to Akira Toriyama and resembles Cabba in many ways. Not only do their outfits look alike, but Shallott's role as gatherer of warriors also sounds strikingly similar to Cabba's pursuits in Dragon Ball Super.

It will be interesting to see if Shallott will make an appearance in next year's film and if we will get to know more about him there.

8 Caulifla Does Not Fight Fair

Caulifla is known for her arrogant and hostile nature.These qualities align her priorities closer to the ruthless savagery of Universe 7's Saiyans than to the altruistic ideals of her own people.

Her self-serving ways have often inspired comparisons to Goku, who shares her love of fighting, and the two seem to have a special bond in the series. It goes without saying that this connection has provided ample fodder to imagine the two as a couple.

Due to her selfishness, Caulifla often ends up using dishonorable tactics in combat. She also loves to hurl crude insults at her opponent and is, by all standards, a somewhat dishonest fighter.

7 Caulifla and Kale Share A Secret Weapon

Before heading off for the Tournament of Power, Champa gifts the pair with a powerful set of earrings known as the Potara earrings. They try to refuse the gift, but Champa will not take no for an answer.

Later on, they will be glad they accepted.

When they are close to defeat in a battle against Goku, Kale takes out the Potara earrings as a last resort.

That is when they discover that the adornments are actually a powerful secret weapon they can use to unite their powers. The Potara fusion melds Caulifla and Kale into a brand-new warrior—Kefla—who is stronger than the two individually.

6 Kale Has The Quickest Fingers In Universe 6

When Kale is first introduced in the manga, one of the first things she does is steal a gun from the hands of a Sadala soldier. Shortly after, she also manages to snatch a pendant from Cabba while he is in his Super Saiyan form. And she does all this without anybody noticing.

Stealing something from a Super Saiyan when you are in base form requires considerable skill and stealth. Kale's swift moves demonstrate that she undoubtedly has the quickest fingers in all of Universe 6.

Better keep your eyes on your belongings when this thrifty thief is around.

5 Cabba, Kale, And Caulifla Are All Full-Blood Saiyans

Dragon Ball fans love to discuss whether or not half-blood Saiyans are stronger than the full-bloods. After the destruction of Planet Sadala in Universe 7 full-blooded Saiyans have been in short supply. In fact, only a handful survived the destruction. These remaining few would go on to mingle with humans and create powerful half-blood offspring.

In Universe 6, however, Planet Sadala is still intact and thriving with all of its inhabitants. This means that all three of the planet's Saiyan warriors, Cabba, Kale and Caulifla, are full-blooded.

They are also the first full-blooded Saiyans added to the franchise since Broly.

4 They Might Not Be As Young As They Look

One of the unsolved mysteries surrounding Cabba, Kale and Caulifla is what age the characters are supposed to be.

Their tiny statures lead viewers to believe that they are most likely teenagers, but this might not be the case.

Considering that Cabba holds an elite position in the Sadala Defence Forces, it is highly unlikely that he is still in his teens.

Then again, if you also take into account Kale's coyness and Caulifla's insolence, it is hard to imagine them as grown women.

The cold, hard truth is that we may never know. Saiyans age at a slower rate than humans, so based on their appearance alone they could just as well be 14 as 40 years old. For the time being, it will remain a mystery.

3 Trying to End Them Will Only Make Them Stronger

Cabba from Dragon Ball

Delayed aging and different Super Saiyan forms are not the only perks in the Saiyan arsenal. Saiyans also have an incredible power known as Zenkai, or "Full Recovery."

The Zenkai power is passed down through the Saiyan genes and allows Saiyans to grow substantially stronger after a near fatal attack or incident.

This means that if a Saiyan is severely hurt in battle, he or she may bounce back even stronger.

Opponents gunning for them better not miss, because Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla all have the Zenkai power. Luckily, none of them have ever been in a position where they have had to access it.

2 They Achieve Transformations Incredibly Quickly

One of the things that has annoyed fans the most about the new Saiyans is how quickly they learn to master new transformations. The criticism is not unfounded, considering that Cabba, Kale and Caulifla all learnt to achieve the Super Saiyan form pretty much on their first attempt.

After mastering the first transformation they moved on to Super Saiyan 2 with similar ease. Kale even achieved the Legendary Super Saiyan form the very first time she transformed.

Team Universe 6's transformations may seem premature to some, but from a storytelling perspective it would have been difficult to keep them around in the tournament if they were visibly weaker than their opponents.

1 They Are All Named After Vegetables

The term Saiyan is an anglicization of the Japanese Saiya-jin. This term comes from combining an anagram of the Japanese word yasai (vegetable) with the suffix -jin (person). In other words; a vegetable person. Because of their leguminous denomination, all full-blood Saiyans get named after a vegetable in one way or another.

Vegeta, Kakarot and Broly are well known examples of this custom, respectively named after “vegetable”, “carrot” and “broccoli.” The same rule applies to the Saiyans of Universe 6 as well.

The mild-mannered Cabba is named after the hearty cabbage, while Caulifla gets her name from the versatile cauliflower. Kale, of course, shares her name with our century’s most popular leafy greens.


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