Dragon Ball: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Broly

Broly is without a doubt one of the most awesome characters to come out of the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Take one look at him and you know you're dealing with a seriously cool villain. This guy has some serious power, and when he gets angry, even the strongest characters know to get out of the way. He attacks people in a  violent and intimidating way, and never gives his opponents a minute to catch their breath. This merciless fighting style is probably why Broly is so popular and why fans have been begging for more Broly action.

Well, they certainly got their wish. This past December, we were treated to the newest Broly movie, and tons of people had been waiting a long time for it. This was Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and it helped us end 2018 with a bang. A totally new Broly was introduced to us – one that had a different appearance, personality, and motivations. Looking back, it makes sense why certain parts of Broly's character were changed, but they just didn't really make much sense. Although Broly is a popular character, there's a lot of criticism surrounding him as there are parts of his backstory and overall character arc that are just plain confusing. In this article, we'll explore 20 Things That Make No Sense About Broly. At the end of this article, you might be just as confused as we are, but hey, a character doesn't necessarily need to make sense; they just need to be awesome, and Broly is definitely one awesome character.

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20 His Face Literally Breaks Apart When He Transforms

Even though Broly's transformation doesn't make much sense, it's still one of the coolest things about this character. Fans of the series already know that this Super Saiyan's transformation isn't exactly... pleasant. It's actually very painful for the poor warrior and it takes quite a toll on his body.

More specifically, his face literally rips apart when he transforms. Other parts of his body also undergo painful tears and rips as he bulks up. Why? Who knows, but it's definitely awesome to witness. Broly is a character who can't control himself, and that's pretty much the entire theme of his story. His painful transformations are just another part of this whole theme.

19 The Reason Why He Dislikes Goku

Another big part of Broly's character is his dislike for Goku. Fans of the series know that this is nothing new when it comes to villains. Vegeta, Android 16, Cell, all these guys (and many more) all seem to have a deep dislike for our favorite Super Saiyan.

So, the fact that Broly doesn't like Goku shouldn't be that surprising. But, it's the reason why Broly doesn't like Kakarot that gets us all confused. The main reason is that Broly heard Goku crying in the pod next to him when he was a child, but is this really enough to cause this level of disdain? It just seems a little far-fetched.

18 Broly Becomes Bulkier When He Transforms, But His Speed Doesn't Decrease

Hardcore fans of Dragon Ball Z know that there are a few basic rules when it comes to transformations. Yes, power increases when characters “bulk out,” but that doesn't always translate into increased combat effectiveness. For example, when Trunks goes Super Saiyan 3, he becomes much more muscular and more powerful, but there's one big problem with that form: it's too slow to actually hit anything.

Speed is everything when it comes to fighting, but for whatever reason, Broly can become bulkier than any other character and still retain incredible speed. Does it make much sense? Not really, especially when you consider the already established lore. One thing's for sure, though, it's awesome to see such a massive, hulking character move so fast.

17 No One Actually Knows How Strong Broly Is

Every fan seems to have a different opinion on this crucial matter: no one seems to know how powerful this guy really is. Sure, we can make some educated guesses, but Broly's power level is never fully revealed. If it was revealed, it would probably cause a lot of problems with the lore. After all, Broly is supposed to have virtually limitless power.

It wouldn't make sense for him to be stronger than some of the “gods” that are introduced later in the series. The only real benchmark we have is the amount of destruction Broly causes, as well as the characters he is able to defeat. Both of these factors point to an incredibly high power level.

16 Broly Is Not Considered Canon By Many Fans

Everyone knows that most of the characters introduced in the Dragon Ball Z movies aren't considered canon. There are many reasons for this, but the main ones include the fact that this character wouldn't make much sense if he was thrown into the main series. Later on, in Super, Broly was woven into the story, but in order for that to happen, his character had to be totally changed.

More on that later. The main point here is that Broly is something of an anomaly in the Dragon Ball Z world and he only really makes sense within the context of his own movies. It just causes tons of confusion, even today.

15 He Somehow Retains A Lot Of Sanity When He Goes Berserk

Broly isn't the first character we've seen go “berserk.” Vegeta is another character that went into a “rage mode,” and there have been many others (mostly Saiyans). But, Broly is unique in that he still retains his sanity and a tactical mindset even when he's gone completely berserk. Does this make much sense? Maybe.

In many instances, these two states seem to come into conflict with each other, and it seems a little strange. For instance, even when Broly is completely overcome by rage, he is still able to anticipate traps and speak in a pretty elegant way. One would expect the rage inside his mind to completely overcome his ability to think properly.

14 Bio-Broly Makes No Sense

For many fans, Bio-Broly represented a low point in this character's story. First of all, it wasn't the real Broly. It was some kind of clone... Or something. That in itself was kind of disappointing. But, then things get even weirder when Bio-Broly turns into some kind of sludge after getting most of his body completely melted.

We get it, he's the Legendary Super Saiyan. He should be able to survive a lot of punishment. But, even with incredible power, the body can only take so much. Does it really make sense that he was still walking around, even with his skin dissolving? And we won't even talk about that part at the end, when he literally becomes a puddle of goo...

13 How Was Goku Able To Defeat Him?

Make no mistake, the fact that Goku was able to defeat Broly was a major accomplishment. We're talking about a Super Saiyan that was leagues ahead of Goku and was completely pulverizing him before the tide of the battle turned. But, wait a second. How exactly was Goku able to defeat this guy?

Yes, we all know the story about how the other Z Fighters gave Goku their energy, but does that really make any sense? After all, Broly has a near limitless amount of power. If Broly's insane strength is already established in the series, then how does it make sense that Goku's strength magically rises enough to beat him? It's just a little far-fetched.

12 How Was Broly Defeated By A Simple Comet?

Yes, we know that Broly actually managed to leave the planet in an escape pod before Comet Camori smashed into its surface. But, there's no denying the fact that the comet was a deciding factor in Broly's eventual defeat. If the comet never appeared, Broly might have been more successful in his quest to defeat the Z Fighters and his own father.

The comet seemed to be a convenient way to wrap up the story. Broly was assumed to be gone, and the Z Fighters appeared to be victorious. But, did it really make sense? It's just a comet, after all. Broly should have been able to handle it long before it even came close to the planet. After all, we're talking about a guy who has the power to eliminate entire solar systems...

11 Some People Don't Understand Why Broly Is So Popular

For some people, the most confusing thing about Broly is why he's so popular. Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular characters to ever come out of the Dragon Ball Z franchise; and we're not just talking about the west, we're talking about Japan and the entire world. Everyone seems to love this guy. But why?

A lot of people don't get it. He's just a really big Super Saiyan. He's not even that unique of a villain, and some would say that his backstory is poorly written. Probably the biggest contributing factor to his popularity is his fighting style. He's much more lethal, merciless, and destructive, which makes him pretty awesome to watch.

10 No One Really Took The Third Movie Seriously

Talk to any fan. Ask them what their favorite Dragon Ball Z movie is. We guarantee you that no one will ever say Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly. In fact, it's widely regarded as one of the worst (if not THE worst) Dragon Ball Z movie of all time.

We've already stated that Brio-Broly made no sense, but there's more to it than that. The actual character design was uninspiring. He just looked like a puddle of mud the whole time. It's even worse when you consider the fact that Broly never had that deep of a story to begin with. It's fair to say that pretty much no one took the third movie seriously.

9 His Style Of Fighting Was Unlike Any Other Villain

Most villains have pretty much the same fighting style. Sure, there are some minor differences, but the general formula remains the same: it's usually some incredibly strong character who has long monologues that last for several minutes. Villains usually play with their enemies, taunting them and humiliating them before delivering the final blow. But, Broly has a completely different fighting style.

There's no holding back and no snide remarks. Broly is violently headbutting people and clotheslining them from the moment the fight begins. The sheer rage and merciless nature of Broly is actually pretty unique. This isn't really something that doesn't make sense, but it is pretty strange to witness in the world of Dragon Ball Z.

8 Why Did Vegeta Refuse To Fight Him?

For many fans (especially those that admire Vegeta), one of the most surprising moments was when Vegeta became struck by fear at the mere thought of fighting Broly. This is definitely unlike Vegeta. Remember, this is the ruthless, determined Saiyan Prince who doesn't back down from any fight: he even fought Frieza to the end and he allowed Cell to become perfect just so he could fight the villain at full strength.

It's odd that Vegeta would allow fear to control him in this way. Many of us expect Vegeta to fight no matter the stakes, and to do so with that sly grin on his face the whole time. Sure, it made the audience realize just how strong Broly was, but knowing Vegeta's personality, it didn't make much sense.

7 So, Who's The REAL Super Saiyan?

The entire concept of a Super Saiyan has changed a lot over the years. When we first got introduced to this amazing, blonde-haired form, it seemed like Goku was the only person who could ever achieve it, and Vegeta was the one who told us about the prophecy – that one day a Super Saiyan would emerge and his power would be unstoppable. This seemed to suggest that there would only be one Super Saiyan.

However, as time went on, more people attained this form. Still, there was always this sneaking feeling that Goku was special in some way, but when Broly appeared, it was confirmed that Goku wasn't the “Legendary Super Saiyan” after all. So, who's the real Super Saiyan here? It gets really confusing after a while, especially after you throw Kale into the mix.

6 Whatever Happened To Broly's Canceled Fourth Movie?

The end of Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly was left pretty wide open. But, there were many instances that led fans to believe that the next movie would also feature Broly once again. At the end of this third film, Goku learned that Broly was causing quite a ruckus down in the underworld and he needed to be confronted at some point,  which led some fans to assume that this would be the premise of the next film.

Well, some fans and sources believe that the next movie that came along, Fusion Reborn, was originally supposed to feature Broly. But, because of the poor reception of Bio-Broly, that idea was scrapped. So, what was this canceled fourth film all about? We'll probably never know for sure...

5 If Broly Loses Control, His Power Level Will Actually Make Him Explode

Fans of Broly and Dragon Ball Z in general know that Broly's power level is always rising. Well, that's not entirely true. Broly has so much power that it threatens to  overcome him. So, what does he do? He constantly expels Ki energy, which allows him to keep control of his body and his power level. But, what if he doesn't do this? What happens then?

Well, the truth is that his body would literally explode. That's right. If he ever stops expelling this energy, there would be too much of it and he wouldn't be able to contain it. Pretty spooky stuff, and it shows us just how much power we're really dealing with here.

4 How On Earth Did Broly Even Remember Goku Crying As A Baby?

How many of our readers remember what happened to them just a few days after they were born? Sure, we might have a few subconscious memories buried deep in our minds, but it's not like we can recall certain sights or sounds. So, how does Broly remember Goku crying next to him when he was just a baby?

We get that he's a legendary Super Saiyan and all, so he probably has all kinds of interesting abilities. However, this just seems like an unlikely scenario. It would make more sense if Broly disliked Goku and didn't quite understand why. But as it stands, we're left with Broly remembering that crying Saiyan lying next to him.

3 Why Does Broly Have Green Hair And Green Eyes?

One of the most common questions fans have about Broly concerns his hair color: why is it green? Well, there's no real answer for that. Some fans say that it's a result of the mind control device, but that doesn't really make much sense. At the end of the day, it's just one of those things that we have to accept without question.

Whoever designed the character probably just thought: “You know what would be cool? What if Broly had green hair?” Yes, it does look cool, and it definitely sets him apart from the other Saiyans, which is all that really matters in the end. Green hair is pretty awesome, we have to admit.

2 Broly's Character Was Randomly Changed For The Newest Movie

Right now, everyone's talking about the new movie that features Broly. Yes, we're talking about Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which came out in December of 2018. This movie introduced us to a completely different Broly than many of us were used to and it was only a matter of time until Broly showed up in another movie due to his incredible popularity.

However, for this movie, his character was drastically changed. He has a different outfit and a slightly different appearance, most notably, a large scar on his arm. Also, this Broly is not dwelling on a near-fatal experience as a baby. Does it make sense to change his character like this? Probably not.

1 Why Would King Vegeta Attack Broly As A Baby?

We all know that Broly experienced some enduring situations when he was just a baby. Right after he was born, there were quite a few major things that happened. First of all, Frieza decided to eliminate almost the entire Saiyan race, including their home planet, but on top of that, Broly was gored by King Vegeta. Why would King Vegeta do this?

Sure, he might have considered the young boy to be a threat, but with the knowledge of Frieza's sinister nature, why wouldn't he use Broly to defeat this villain and free his entire race? There's also the fact that King Vegeta doesn't seem like the type of person to end babies... It takes a special kind of wickedness to do that, and we don't really get that vibe from Vegeta's dad...


Notice any other details about Broly that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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