20 Things Wrong With Dragon Ball We All Choose To Ignore

When it comes to Dragon Ball, there is certainly a lot to remember. As a show that spanned well over ten years, multiple universes, and movies, it has a very rich history. There are plenty of characters with multi-faceted personalities - sometimes they are good and sometimes they are evil. It is up to the fans to remember each point of information to consider themselves experts. Things get particularly dicey when alternate universes and other timelines are introduced. This makes it even more difficult for even super-fans to keep up with the product.

With such a deep history comes a higher likelihood of errors and contradicting storylines. Whether it be inconsistencies with character's backstories or with the supposed rules of the universe, things are bound to slip through the cracks. Particularly when it comes to extreme fantasy shows that live outside of the realm of Earth's regular rules, it is easier for fans to forget things that don't make sense.

But sometimes when a show's universe has so many fantastical elements, it can even get too "out there" for fans. Dragon Ball sometimes approaches this cliff, as it has flirted with things that are too absurd, even for a Super Saiyan. With characters coming back from ungodly endings and surviving even harsher attacks, fans have had to suspend their disbelief beyond possibility.

Fans have been taught to expect the unexpected when it comes to Dragon Ball, but the real question is - where will the line be drawn?

Here are 20 Things Wrong With Dragon Ball We All Choose To Ignore.

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Vegeta in Dragon Ball over 9000
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20 It’s Over 8,000?

Vegeta in Dragon Ball over 9000

Is it over 8,000 or 9,000? Fans want a final decision! After the infamous dubbing of Vegeta's famous line about Goku's power level, the Internet broke out into memes. Upon taking a measure of Kakarot's power level, Nappa and Vegeta are wowed by the revelation that he is incredibly powerful.

While this was meant to be an intense moment in the series, it has devolved into hilarity.

Some fans are in the camp that 9,000 is technically over 8,000, while others want a definitive answer. The fact that Toriyama has never given a straight answer after all these years is laughable. While fans may never get a final read on Goku's power level, they can take comfort in all of the memes and videos.

19 Master Roshi’s Questionable Behavior

Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z

He may be a widely respected warrior, but he is certainly not an angel. Despite his look of an aging fighter, Roshi has had his share of awkward and uncomfortable moments. The entertainment world has been on notice over the past few years for harassment, so Master Roshi would not be a widely embraced character in this climate.

From ogling passing women to reading dirty magazines in public, he is the definition of a "dirty old man". The final straw for him is the numerous time she has attempted to grope women he finds attractive. Dragon Ball was marketed as a kids show in North America. Why has there never been a serious inquiry in to Roshi's behavior on a children's program before? It certainly would not be acceptable by today's standards.

18 Saiyans And Oxygen

Dragon Ball Jiren In Space

Super Saiyans are some of the most powerful beings in the universe. However, even they need to obey the basic laws of physiology. The relationship between Saiyans and oxygen is very inconsistent, and fans are divided on how much humanity is inside of these warriors. Despite seemingly catching their breath while on Earth, there are instances of characters travelling through space and not needing oxygen.

Fans will accept fantastical elements, but they need to be clearly defined in order to enjoy the show.

For instance, Vegeta is able to travel through space from planet-to-planet without the use of an oxygen tank, but requires one when shown submerged underwater in a regeneration tank. Furthermore, Goku has a fear of being in space as he is unsure if he will be able to breathe or not.

17 The Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Hyperbolic Time Chamber Outside

Television shows often suffer when their actors age too quickly in the real world. This means that they do not keep up with their ages portrayed on the show. Despite being animated, Dragon Ball has created a similar issue for itself. In order to have some of their younger characters grow up faster to be ready for battle, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was introduced.

When someone enters the chamber, time is adjusted drastically. One day in the real world is akin to one year in the chamber, which means that residents will age faster. This is a method of training to ensure that young warriors are aged quicker to engage in battle, but it seems that it was just created to rush characters like Goten and Trunks into battle instead of letting it happen naturally.

16 How Did Popo Find The Dragon Balls So Quickly

Dragon Ball Mr Popo Worried

Mr. Popo certainly sticks out like a sore thumb. Particularly when standing next to hulking characters like Goku and Picolo, his short and plump stature makes him look weak. However, Popo is actually one of the strongest people in the entire series. Should that mean he is able to find Dragon Balls faster than anyone else?

During his search for the Dragon Balls while the rest of the group fights Frieza, Popo is able to find them in seemingly a matter of minutes.

While his magic carpet can travel around the planet in a few moments, how did Popo know exactly where the balls were hidden? Fans were expected to just accept Popo's quick work, instead of questioning the logic.

15 The Inconsistent Dragon Ball Rules

Dragon Ball Summon Shenron

When there are all-powerful orbs which can grant any measure of wishes, there needs to be rules involved. However, it seems that these rules were made to be broken. When initially introduced, the Dragon Balls had a specific set of rules - that only one wish would be granted after all the balls were gathered, that the balls would turn to stone for one year after a wish was granted, and that no one could be revived twice by the spell.

However as the show progressed, these rules changed for storyline purposes. These days, three wishes are granted, the balls no longer turn to stone, and people can be revived multiple times. Each rule has been adjusted to fit the needs of the story - so why do they exist in the first place?

14 How Does the Afterlife Work?

The Dragon Ball team has made sure to address the afterlife in the series due to the amount of characters who pass away in battle. However, due to the popularity of these characters, they also made a point to ensure that they are never there for long.

Fans need a book of their own just to keep track of all the rules of the afterlife, as many are often bent for the sake of storylines.

Either known as the "Other World" or the "Next Dimension" (depending on child-friendliness), it is a place where everyone goes after losing their lives. While this sounds straightforward, the rules are very unreliable. There seems to be a defined "Heaven" and "Hell," but there is also a limbo area where people can reside before they are "wished back" by the Dragon Balls. However, these different areas seem to differ for different planets. Also, only some people can be wished back, not all.

13 Goku Doesn’t Use All of His Powers

Dragon Ball Super Saiyan God Goku Attacks

There is no doubt that Goku is one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball, and perhaps all of anime. His abilities range from flying to regeneration, making him unstoppable to his enemies. Why doesn't use all of these powers in every fight?

Goku has faced a variety of enemies in his time, and has been down-and-out in some fights. Since fans have seen him utilize so many different abilities before, it is surprising when he does not use them. For example, his numerous fights with Vegeta or Frieza show telekinesis used against him. Goku has also shown that he has these powers as well, but never used them to his benefit in a fight. With a laundry-list of powers to choose from, perhaps Goku has forgotten what he has in his arsenal.

12 The Many Different Timelines

Dragon Ball Future Trunks Slices Android

Usually when a series introduces time-travel, it is a sign that they have jumped the shark. While Dragon Ball has used this plot device fairly effectively, it did leave some fans confused.

With so many distortions to time dimensions in the Dragon Ball universe caused by characters perishing, it has altered history. In addition, time machines have been introduced into the series at various points, causing different timelines to be maintained in separate universes.

The most wonky timeline of all involves Trunks and "Future Trunks."

With so many time-travel trips, Trunks has had to lead two different lives at different points in time. Both characters are incredibly different due to the way they grew up. While the concept of time travel is interesting to hardcore fans, it does nothing but confuse casual viewers.

11 How Did Goku Flee Namek?

Goku as a Super Saiyan on Namek in Dragon Ball Z

The loss of a superhero is the most difficult part of any series. Many different series have handled it with grace and have left fans with weeping memories of eulogizing their departed heroes. Dragon Ball did not do that, and instead pulled the rug out from under their fans.

Following the explosion of planet Namek, Goku was seemingly left to perish on the planet with Krillin by his side. After determining that their hero is not coming back, the group attempts to wish him back with the Dragon Balls. Fortunately, they learn that he somehow escaped the planet unscathed. Goku would return four episodes after his fate is revealed, but there has never been an explanation given to how he survived. Fans are supposed to suspend disbelief when watching shows like this, but they deserve an explanation!

10 Cell’s Regeneration

If a hero is unable to defeat a villain, it makes things seem hopeless. Thankfully all villains have some sort of weakness. Well, except for Cell. Cell's ability to regenerate limbs which have been removed instantly makes him an interesting villain.

He does not play his own rules.

Cell initially states that he is only able to regenerate if his head remains intact as that is where his nucleus is, yet he ultimately survives a fight with Goku even though his head is removed. He amends his original statement to say that as long as one single cell of his is alive, he can regenerate.

9 Saiyans Stop Growing Tails

Dragon Ball Raditz Tail Whips Krillin

One of the defining physical characteristics of Saiyans in Dragon Ball Z is their tail. Completely out of place from the rest of their muscular bodies, the tail is a symbol of their strength and power. It disappears throughout the series and is never mentioned again.

Both Goku and Gohan are shown with tails during their debuts, but eventually they are forcibly removed in battle. Saiyan legend says that their tails are supposed to grow back, but they don't. Furthermore, Saiyans like Trunks and Goten are never shown with tails at all. The tails were a big part of the series during its debut, yet they are left off the table without thinking twice.

8 Body Restoration For Heroes

Dragon Ball Majin Buu Eats People Chocolate

While death is not an important factor in the Dragon Ball world since deceased friends can be wished back by The Dragon, characters often get wounded. Considering the overwhelming power of Saiyans, there at some fairly devastating injuries that occur in battle.

Do most heroes even need to worry about getting hurt anymore?

The stakes of battle in Dragon Ball never really feel high since our heroes' wounds will just end up healed. In particular, both Majin Bū and Grand Kaiōshin are shown to have body regeneration abilities. This technique is able to revive those close to the grave and heal all manners of injuries. In a world where wounds can be healed instantly and death can be wished away, why is there even any fighting at all?

7 Launch's Disappearance

Dragon Ball Launch

Everyone's favorite sneeze-and-her-personality-changes-psychopath, Launch is no longer a prominent part of the Dragon Ball Z series. Despite fans enjoying her quirks as both good and bad Launch, she is seemingly cut from all stories on television and in manga.

While this does occur often for various reasons, the reason for Launch's may be the worst of all. Akira Toriyama seemingly forgot about her as a character and stopped writing about her. Fans despise having unresolved plot points without endings as it leaves so many unanswered questions. Perhaps there is still time for Toriyama to tie up the loose ends of this character, but too much time has passed to make it worthwhile.

6 Yajirobe Defies the Dragon Ball’s Physical Powers

Yajirobe certainly sticks out like a sore thumb when he is next the rest of the group. The portly warrior spends most of his time eating instead of fighting, despite being formidable in combat. However, he is also guilty of breaking the laws of the Dragon Balls. The titular Dragon Balls are supposed to be indestructible, mystical pieces of history. Some have tried to destroy them, but have failed. Others have accidentally struck the orb only to have it deflect their attack.

He is the first person to actually damage a Dragon Ball.

In the manga, Yajirobe gets the idea to drill a hole through the ball and place a string through it so he can wear it as a necklace. Did the writers forget that the balls were supposed to be indestructible?

5 Raditz’ Memory Of The Planet Vegeta Meteor Shower

Memory recall can be difficult for some people. However, when it comes down to a show's continuity, it is important that show runners can maintain fact from fiction. When describing the meteor shower which destroyed the planet Vegeta, Raditz' memory seems to get fuzzy during different time periods.

Sometimes he forgets the planet's physical characteristics, as he describes it with having rings and sometimes without. Other times he is unable to recall if the destruction of the planet was a cover-up for a much bigger scheme. Considering his importance to the show as Goku's brother, it is surprising that his backstory has not been flushed out better.

4 Frieza And Cell Should Have Been Erased In GT

Plenty has been said about Dragon Ball's inability to follow the rules that they set up. Many rules are established, but then unfortunately forgotten. Apparently this even applies when characters have been permanently removed from existence.Dragon Ball's rules regarding life are profound, as there are many layers to the afterlife. However, one of the basic rules is that after you pass on to the aforementioned "Other World" and then proceed to lose your life again, you cannot return to Earth. While seeming perishing twice would be painful enough, this kicks the stakes up for when a fight breaks out in the afterlife.

Goku proceeds to defeat both Frieza and Cell while in the afterlife, seemingly putting a stop to them for good.

However, they both end up reappearing during Dragon Ball GT, breaking the laws of this universe.

3 Can Gohan See Into the Future?

Elder Guru Unlocks Young Gohan's Potential

Saiyan powers are very robust, but very little has been mentioned about their being able to see the future. Pre-cognition is not usually in their arsenal. However, show-runners seem to have forgotten this point when introducing Cell.

Despite having never encountered Cell in the past, both Goku and Gohan see him in their dreams. During their stay at the Room of Spirit and Time, Gohan has a nightmare about Cell attacking his friends. While this could be normal, he pictures Cell in his "Perfect Cell" form, which Gohan has never seen before. It would make sense if he was picturing a form of Cell he has met before, but that is not the case.

2 Why Didn’t We Hear About King Cold Earlier?

King Cold in Dragon Ball Z

After only appearing in Chapter 329 of the manga series, it is difficult to understand why King Cold did not make an appearance earlier in the show's history.

With so many big villains to choose from, King Cold's first appearance was held off. Eventually he was introduced in the show following the destruction of the planet Namek. Despite being Freiza's biological father, he has never been mentioned before and the main characters were surprised to hear about him. Furthermore, he only lasted several episodes before Trunks did away with him in a fight.

This is kind of like The Avengers dispatching Thanos only twenty minutes into Infinity War.

While it was good to see him on the show, he certainly deserved better as a villain.

1 Are The Movies Canon Or Not?

With so many movies included in the universe, it is difficult to keep track of them all. Some incorporate elements from the popular television shows, while others seem to stand alone. This makes it very difficult for fans to tell exactly what takes place on the same timeline.

For instance, while the anime show may feature Piccolo losing his life, the Resurrection film shows him alive and well.

Others include changes to backstories and revisions of events which took place years in the past. The show may have long pages of history, but a basic story needs to be maintained. It would be impossible to say that each movie should be considered canon because it creates too much volatility.


What other problems with Dragon Ball do fans overlook? Let us know in the comments!

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