15He’s The God Of Destruction, But He’s Not Down-Right Evil

Beerus is like a land mine. He gives the appearance that “all is good” when he has the capability to destroy just about anything.

This is why Beerus is arguably one of the few characters from Dragon Ball that can have you laughing one moment, weeping the next, all while sitting

on the edge of your seat. Despite being assigned the title of God of Destruction, he’s polite, well-spoken and well-mannered ─ for the most part.

When Beerus is in a good mood, he can be a social butterfly. Since meeting Goku, his personality has taken on more of a comedic depth with brief moments of lightheartedness. Beerus has even been accused of not being evil enough by the Omni-King Zeno because all he does is “sleep and pig out.”

Beerus was particularly non-evil when he played a part in saving Earth after Frieza destroyed it, by allowing Whis to use his Temporal Do-Over. Naturally he had selfish motives for being nice ─ like having Goku around instead of Frieza and his love for Earth’s food.

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