14He Dies If The Supreme Kais Of Universe 7 Dies

Supreme Kais from Dragon Ball Z

Due to the power and position that has been given to Beerus, there are only a few opponents who can match his power and are let alone capable of killing him off during combat. However, Beerus isn’t immortal -- he can be killed.

Beerus has a life-link to the Shin, the

only active Supreme Kai of Universe 7. If the Shin dies, so does Beerus. This puts the God of Destruction in an awkward position.

His job is to destroy, but he also needs to protect the Shin to prevent being destroyed himself. Beerus has no intention of being killed off any-time soon and has already proven his will to survive by existing for hundreds-of-millions of years.

There are only two things that truly terrify Beerus: Zen-Oh and the Shin dying.

Beerus Bills in Dragon Ball Z
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