Dragon Ball: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Beerus

Beerus, the God of Destruction, is one of the most unique gods in the Dragon Ball franchise. Here is everything you need to know about the god.

The Dragon Ball franchise has created some interesting characters over the years, but none quite as unique or controversial as the God of Destruction named Beerus.

He appeared firstly in Saikyō Jump #201304 and the Battle of Gods movie, followed by Resurrection F, along with a more supportive role in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Recently, Beerus has received plenty of screen-time in Dragon Ball Super, where he’s been showing off his power and martial art skills.

As the God of Destruction, Beerus was created and tasked to bring balance to the Kais (Gods of Creation) and Universe 7. He’s one of the most feared and powerful creatures in the Dragon Ball universe. Typical of a god, he has a high opinion of himself and a sense of aloofness.

However, his personality is unlike any of the other evil villains from the Dragon Ball franchise, which is why his mentor and martial arts master Whis is in charge of keeping close tabs on him.

Beerus has many cat-like features and enjoys taking naps ─ for several decades at a time. He also has a love for gourmet food. He’s been alive for several hundred million years and doesn’t follow orders well.

Dragon Ball is known for having some moments that don’t make sense, but fans will agree that Beerus is not one of them.

So grab an ice cream sundae and get comfortable as we disclose the 15 Things You Didn't Know About Dragon Ball's Beerus.

15 He’s The God Of Destruction, But He’s Not Down-Right Evil

Beerus is like a land mine. He gives the appearance that “all is good” when he has the capability to destroy just about anything.

This is why Beerus is arguably one of the few characters from Dragon Ball that can have you laughing one moment, weeping the next, all while sitting on the edge of your seat. Despite being assigned the title of God of Destruction, he’s polite, well-spoken and well-mannered ─ for the most part.

When Beerus is in a good mood, he can be a social butterfly. Since meeting Goku, his personality has taken on more of a comedic depth with brief moments of lightheartedness. Beerus has even been accused of not being evil enough by the Omni-King Zeno because all he does is “sleep and pig out.”

Beerus was particularly non-evil when he played a part in saving Earth after Frieza destroyed it, by allowing Whis to use his Temporal Do-Over. Naturally he had selfish motives for being nice ─ like having Goku around instead of Frieza and his love for Earth’s food.

14 He Dies If The Supreme Kais Of Universe 7 Dies

Supreme Kais from Dragon Ball Z

Due to the power and position that has been given to Beerus, there are only a few opponents who can match his power and are let alone capable of killing him off during combat. However, Beerus isn’t immortal -- he can be killed.

Beerus has a life-link to the Shin, the only active Supreme Kai of Universe 7. If the Shin dies, so does Beerus. This puts the God of Destruction in an awkward position.

His job is to destroy, but he also needs to protect the Shin to prevent being destroyed himself. Beerus has no intention of being killed off any-time soon and has already proven his will to survive by existing for hundreds-of-millions of years.

There are only two things that truly terrify Beerus: Zen-Oh and the Shin dying.

13 He Lied About Killing Off The Dinosaurs

Beerus Bills in Dragon Ball Z

Beerus’ manners might be improving slightly, but his arrogance is still in full force. The question of why dinosaurs are still wandering Earth-- when Beerus claims to have killed them all-- has produced some great fan theories over the years.

Either he missed some eggs, or just wiped out the ones that pissed him off, because Beerus is proven wrong about his statement in the movie Battle of Gods.

During his fight scene with Super Saiyan God Goku, a dinosaur can clearly be seen walking around in the background. A popular theory states that the dinosaurs were resurrected by a Jurassic Park-style Capsule Corp, but it's never been confirmed.

Why did he even attempt to kill them off? As the story usually goes with Beerus: they angered him.

Perhaps he realized that wiping them out completely would cause a shortage in dinosaur meat across the universe, so he only killed some of them ─ as Beerus has a taste for dinosaur meat.

12 His Name Was Supposed To Be Birusu

Beerus Shenron Scram Wish

Before landing his big debut in the manga or anime, Beerus originally had the name Birusu (ビルス). When translated, Birusu is a pun for the word virus.

Beerus was supposed to be a virus ─ not a god ─ upon Universe 7 that only knew how to spread and destroy. Thankfully, Akira Toriyama (the series' original author), thought his name was supposed to be a pun on the alcoholic beverage beer.

This misunderstanding led to Beerus getting his official new name while also becoming a God of Destruction. Toriyama decided to stick with the alcohol references by naming his mentor and martial arts trainer Whis, which is short for whisky. Because everyone knows that whiskey and beer go hand-in-hand.

Toriyama kept “the ball rolling” with the God of Destruction Champa (champagne) and his attendant Vados (vodka). Akira’s infatuation with alcohol led to some iconic names, and probably more than a few moments that don’t make sense in the anime and manga.

11 He Destroyed A Planet After Losing A Video Game

King Kai wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, as was demonstrated by the destruction of his planet over a game.

What is said to have been a car racing video game or an intense version of hide and seek (depending on who you ask), took place on King Kai’s planet around 327 years prior to the events of the God of Destruction Beerus Saga.

North Kai's Planet was known as a great place to train. The gravity on it, prior to it being blown to smithereens, was roughly ten times the strength of Earth’s.

After Beerus lost his cool, King Kai had a piece of debris from the planet turned into a sphere. He placed a single road around it and called it his new home.

That is, until "Showdown on King Kai's Planet! Goku vs. God of Destruction Beerus”, when Beerus would blow it up again ─ this time over bad food.

10 His design Is Based Off An Old Cornish Rex Cat

Akira Toriyama drew inspiration for Beerus’ character from an old Cornish Rex cat living with him. The idea originated when his cat became deathly ill and was only given a short time to live.

However, instead of dying, the cat ended up miraculously recovering. Toriyama’s vet joked that it must have been a demon, as he was sure that the cat should not have recovered.

Ironically, this wasn’t the first time that Akira Toriyama used a cat for inspiration in creating a Dragon Ball character. Korin, the 800-year-old wise martial art cat, was brought to life based on Toriyama’s previous cat.

The rest of Beerus’ design and personality came from the Egyptian deities Seth and Sekhmet. Seth was a humanoid with a jackal-like head who is the god of evil, strength, war, and chaos in ancient Egyptian culture. Sekhmet was the Egyptian Goddess of fire who carried out divine punishment, such as destroying things.

9 He Once Fought With Chopsticks

In Battle of the Gods, Beerus is at Bulma’s party when he starts a fight with the Z-fighters over pudding. In the screenwriting version, it was said that Beerus was to fight them with a fork and spoon.

However, animation director Tadayoshi Yamamuro changed it to chopsticks because he thought it would be harder for Beerus to fight.

Despite Tadayoshi Yamamuro’s reasoning for changing it, the chopsticks added amazing depth and humor to the fight scene. Watching Picolo get taken down in two chopstick pokes was highly entertaining while it also showcased the amazing strength that Beerus has.

In the end, the Z-fighters are begging for Beerus to take the pudding. Hopefully they learned their lesson in challenging a God of Destruction to a fight, who happens to be armed with chopsticks.

8 He Sealed An Elder Kai In A Z-Sword Because Of A Disagreement

Every 1,000 years, the Supreme Kais and the Gods of Destruction go to each other's realms to coordinate their actions in keeping balance across the universe.

Approximately 75 million years “before age," Beerus got annoyed over something the Old Kai said. Never one to be even tempered, Beerus had one of his infamous freak-out-sessions.

Unable and unwilling to destroy the sacred world of the Kai’s, Beerus took his anger out in a new and improved way by sealing the Old Kai away in the Z-Sword.

The Z-Sword, or Zeta Sword as it’s referred to in the English version of the Dragon Ball manga, was created by Beerus with the sole intention of punishing the Old Kai. The power stored in the sword would become legendary and sought after for years. It would even end up in the hands of Goku.

7 He Planned To Destroy Vegeta

DBZ Vegeta Dying

There’s been plenty of fan theories and controversy surrounding the destruction of Vegeta, but we’ve got the real scoop as to what went down.

Beerus had every intention of destroying Vegeta, but a three decade nap took precedence over destruction. While napping, Frieza took advantage of the situation and went about destroying it himself.

Frieza was taking orders from Beerus, but his reasons for eliminating Vegeta were personal. Frieza was paranoid about the possibility of a Super Saiyan emerging while Beerus was excited about the prospect ─ as he desired to have a challenging fight.

When Beerus woke up from his “standard nap," he was livid to hear that Frieza had destroyed Vegeta. He declared that Frieza was to be destroyed immediately and was then notified that those events had also already occurred by the soon to be next Super Saiyan ─ Goku.

6 His Sneezing Is Lethal

Beerus in Dragon Ball

Beerus has exceptional lung power, which is great for battling, but not so wonderful when allergy season is in full force.

Once, while enjoying an extended nap, Beerus was woken by a sneeze that ended up destroying two of the suns that his world rotated around. Whis came to the rescue and did his re-do time thing to prevent the damage from being permanent.

But that wasn’t the only time a sneeze from Beerus caused potential catastrophic events. Roughly four months later, Goku and Vegeta were training with Whis on Beerus’ planet.

The commotion woke Beerus up, which led to a butterfly brushing the nose of Beerus. The butterfly caused him to sneeze while producing a Ki blast, narrowly missing Goku and Vegeta while destroying one of the moons instead.

5 His Fight With Super Saiyan God Goku Is Longest In Super Anime

Super Saiyan 3 Goku attacks Beerus in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

In one of the greatest anime Dragon Ball matches of all time, Beerus and Super Saiyan God Goku go head to head for five full episodes. This is the longest running fight to date in the Dragon Ball Super anime.

What made this battle so epic was that Beerus was forced to use up to 70% of his power to eventually defeat Super Saiyan God Goku. Prior to this, he was used to only using around 10% of his power during previous fights.

After the long and universe-threatening fight, Beerus admits that Goku has shown great strength. During the battle, the sheer force of their blows could be felt throughout the entire universe.

Whis responds to the fight by saying that compared to Beerus, Goku and Vegeta are merely trees while Beerus is the equivalent of his castle.

It’s also stated in the anime and manga that, if Beerus were to use his full power, he could potentially destroy the universe.

4 He’s Been Pranked By Whis

It’s common knowledge not to piss off Beerus, as he’s likely to destroy things. Whis, however, has no reason to fear Beerus, since, according to power rankings, Whis is around a 15, Beerus is a 10, and Goku is an 8.

During a match in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Whis has fun with Beerus by drawing his symbol upon Beerus’ forehead with a permanent marker during the fighting. Whis accomplishes this task so quickly that Beerus is unable to counter or prevent the prank from occurring.

Furious, Beerus leaves the match and attempts to wash the symbol off. After the match is over, he is still rocking Whis’ symbol on his forehead.

The lesson to be learned from this prank? Don’t mess with either Whis or Beerus.

3 He and Champa Have An Agreement Never To Fight

Champa Dragon Ball Super

Champa is the overweight and rude version of Beerus. He’s also his twin brother. The two have never gotten along, and the tension came to a full blown hilt on one of their birthdays a long time ago.

On the birthday cake was a single Puff-Puff fruit that Beerus decided was his, so he ate it. Champa became furious because it was also his birthday, which led to them fighting throughout the universe. The fighting became so intense that planets fell to the wayside in the wake of their destruction.

The two were eventually stopped by their attendants (Whis and Vados) because their fighting was about to cause the end of the universe. Both Beerus and Champa were so mad, that they stated “they didn’t care."

A compromise was eventually reached as both parties formed an agreement-- no longer were the two allowed to have fighting showdowns. Instead, they would have food showdowns.

2 He Almost Destroys Goku Over Pizza

Chi-Chi Mad at Goku

Food has a special place in Beerus’ heart. When Goku and Vegeta’s training woke him up from a slumber, he found some pizza to munch on and became hooked on how good it was.

Beerus coordinated with Whis about sending Goku and Vegeta off to train elsewhere, but changed his mind while they were being transported. He decided that pizza was more important since he had eaten the last of what he had. Whis made adjustments and had his staff pick up a whole load of pizza with Goku and Vegeta still in tow.

Goku, having a bottomless pit of a stomach, ate the pizzas while being teleported. When they arrived on Beerus’ planet, Beerus was greeted with empty pizza boxes falling on his head.

The result? Goku was nearly destroyed.

1 He Destroyed Half Of A Planet Because Of Greasy Food

If Omni-King Zeno feels that Beerus is slacking in the destruction department, then perhaps he should use bad food as a motivator. After sleeping for almost four decades, Whis wakes Beerus to accompany him on a visit to a planet inhabited by pig-like humanoids.

Beerus is unfamiliar with the food presented to him and does a thorough sniff and touch test before ingesting it. Surprisingly, Beerus finds the food to be better than he thought it would be. He even compliments the salt usage in a dish he thought was a dessert at first. But he also complained about it having too much grease.

After a few moments of contemplation, Beerus taps on the table and destroys half of the planet. His reasoning behind such an action? Grease is unhealthy and can cause him to be sluggish. Beerus then goes on to justify his actions to Whis by saying he did the universe a favor.

Let’s hope he doesn’t realize how greasy Earth’s pizza is or it might have to be brought back to life a 5th time.


Can you think of any other interesting facts about Dragon Ball's Beerus? Let us know in the comments!

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