Dragon Ball: 20 Crazy Facts About Angels Only True Fans Know

Dragon Ball is a series with extremely extensive lore, characters, worlds, and fans. It’s been around since the 1980s and has persisted when nothing too new was coming out of its creator, Akira Toriyama.

However, somewhat recently, Dragon Ball came back in a big way with Dragon Ball Super, the first new piece of Dragon Ball fiction in nearly two decades. It serves as a sequel to the original series, taking place sometime after the defeat of Majin Buu, with Goku discovering more dangerous threats while he himself is ascends to the power of a god, meeting new and different deities along the way.

Among these new deities are the Gods of Destruction, who are trained and attended to by Angels, who then serve the king of all universes, Grand Zeno. These characters end up being some of the most powerful characters encountered in the Dragon Ball universe, posing new threats, as well as alliances, to veteran characters in the series.

The Angels are a particular set of interesting, since they don’t appear to be your average angels. With insane power and intelligence, along with being deities, the Angels are unique beings that stand as some of the franchise's most fascinating. We’ve compiled various facts and trivia surrounding not only these Angels, but any associated angels in Dragon Ball, as well as info on the originator of the Angels, Zeno.

Feel free to indulge in these 20 Crazy Facts About Angels.

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20 Angels can't function if the God they're assigned to passes away

On a surface glance, it appears that Angels primarily exist for the sole purpose of attending to the Gods of Destruction, training them, giving them advice, the same way a manager would for a fighter. With this information, one might wonder what an Angel would do if they didn’t have a God to attend to, other than mingle with fellow Angels. The answer, as it turns out, is more of a pity than one would normally imagine.

Mortality is a pretty odd thing in the world of Dragon Ball, since many a deceased character has “come back” in some form or another. So what of beings that are, basically, beyond mortality, such as the Angels?

If they don’t have a God to attend to, they stop functioning; this includes when a God they are attending to passes away. However, in a fun twist, if the God an Angel is attending to is erased (and not strictly speaking “ended” in the usual sense of the word), then the Angel does not cease functionality and will continue existing as if the God never had. Considering how erasure works, this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. After all, you can’t be deceased if your existence is completely wiped.

19 The first "Angel" was Gatchan from Dr. Slump

Before Dragon Ball there was Dr. Slump, creator Akira Toriyama’s other series about the doctor Senbei creating the perfect android, Arale. While the crux of this series involved Senbei passing Arale off as a human, and Arale having a hard time being human (due to her intense strength and nativity), the series dealt with other beings, including otherworldly ones.

The most prominent of these is a short angel that is known by the name Gatchan, whom Slump and Arale adopt. During a trip through time, an egg is discovered and taken back by Senbei to his own time. It later hatches and reveals Gatchan, who, aside from eating anything, has a peculiar taste for metal. Gatchan also splits into two, creating two beings with insatiable appetites. They speak their own bizarre language, one which Arale is able to understand, and they follow her around just about anywhere.

As for where it came from, Gatchan was created by God to prevent civilization from advancing any further, staying primitive and innocent in the days before humans roamed the Earth.

However, Senbei’s time traveling prevented this from successfully occurring, upsetting God to the point of wanting to destroy humanity; he later changed his mind.

18 Angels are some of the smartest and strongest beings in the Multiverse

It should come as no surprise that other worldly beings have a leg up in most respects to humans. Even among the strongest and smartest of mortals, there’s always someone bigger and more powerful than you in the world of Dragon Ball. So with all the powerful characters destroying entire towns, cities, and planets that the series is populated by, it should be no real surprise that the Angels are some of the most powerful out there.

That they’re otherworldly, ethereal beings would say enough, but it doesn’t really go into what makes the Angels some of the smartest and strongest characters in all of Dragon Ball.

They are stronger than the very Gods they train and attend to - able to stop fights with ease, especially among fellow Gods, as they can get quite rowdy.

However, there’s more to their strength than what can be displayed with physical might. Like the Supreme Kais, the Angels have the power to create; they can also materialize things, resurrect the fallen, heal, and even manipulate space time and timelines. One other “power” they have is their ability to be spared by their master, Zeno, as was done during the Tournament of Power.

17 Half of the universes were destroyed

The gods of the Dragonball Universe

At the start of Dragon Ball as a series, and as far as anyone is aware, there existed twelve universes. As we would later see and know, the Angels and Gods reign over those twelve, each one assigned to exactly one universe (except for Zeno and the Grand Minister). But something happened before any Angels ran into any main characters, or before Zeno met his future self: the amount of universes shrunk from eighteen to twelve.

As much as it can be deciphered, Zeno, due to being in what is described as an “unpleasant mood,” destroyed six of the then eighteen universes.

This event essentially exists only as what is called a “noodle incident,” which is something that has happened and is referred to in canon, but it all happened off-screen. The audience never gets to witness Zeno's unpleasant mood - at least not at the time in which the incident itself is first mentioned).

Considering who Zeno is, and what can be known about him, it should come as little surprise that, at some point in the timeline, he destroyed universes because he was peeved. After all, Future Zeno eventually destroyed all universes, leaving next to nothing and no one left.

16 There's a difference between "Angels" and "angels"

As one is likely to figure out from naming and grammar conventions, Angels is spelled with a capital “A”, making it as much of a title as a description of what they are. In many respects, Angels are indeed one type of otherworldly spiritual being, while angels (with lower case “a”) are a bit different.

As anyone who has consumed enough Dragon Ball knows, many of the characters are able to continue being on the show even after their passing, usually seen hanging out with fellow deceased peopel in the afterlife. Those beings can still be known as angels, and they have halos above their heads, as well as have the ability to grow wings. This can be seen with quite a few well-known characters in the series, such as everyone’s favorite deceased guy, Goku, as well as everyone’s other favorite deceased guy, Piccolo.

In this respect, both capital “A” Angles and lowercase “a” angels are essentially are similar, if not the same, types of beings, with the major differences being that Angels are overwhelmingly powerful and serve purposes dictated to them by much higher powers than themselves. Lowercase angels instead are able to hang out in Heaven, as well as keep their bodies if they’re great enough heroes (like Goku and Piccolo).

15 Zeno can't fight well, but he can Erase

Zeno using his powers

You would think the creator of the Angels would be extremely and frighteningly powerful, and in most respects you’d be right.

Zeno, if Dragon Ball's characters are to be believed, does not fight, or at least does not fight well. He can’t even keep track of fights that occur, which likely says a lot about his lack of skills. This is probably why he created the Angels to train the Gods of Destruction.

But there’s a bit more to it, because Zeno is still the most powerful of being that exists. Why? Because he can cease the existence of all things with ease. Along with his future counterpart, Zeno can use Erase, which causes anything and anyone to cease existence.

Zeno’s ability to essentially erase all that exists is a primary reason why everyone bows to him and is insanely afraid of him.

After all, he erased 5 universes on a whim!

This is also why Goku making such quick friends with him came as a shock to so many, as he approached Zeno with such ease (and a hug!) that Zeno himself found a quick liking to Goku for approaching him in a way no one else ever had.

14 The Grand Minister is the only Angel whose halo is above his head

You no doubt have noticed the way the Angels look: their attire, and that their skin tone isn’t exactly the most common among humans.

Among the common things that distinguish the Angels are include their halos, which is a common trait among angels as seen in just about anywhere, from paintings to other forms of art and entertainment. However, the halos worn by the Angels who attend to the Gods of Destruction are fairly unique in their placement. Instead of being right above the head (which is the common way many are used to seeing halos on angels), the halos hang around their neck, which can even include their hair.

However, this is not the case for the Grand Minister; his halo does not hang around his neck, but instead is right above his head, or rather, right behind his head. In this respect, his “halo placement” seems to make the most sense to anyone who may already be familiar with depictions of angels and their halos.

There doesn’t seem to be an over reason for this, but the Grand Minister is Zeno’s aid, and might likely be the first Angel to be created, which could explain it, if vaguely.

13 Whis' (and Beerus') name has an amusing origin

Whis and Beerus are a common pair who have shown up quite often in the world of Dragon Ball. Goku and friends have come into contact with the two, particularly because Beerus has a dream about a Super Saiyan God, which eventually leads to them coming into contact with Goku and friends. Eventually, while friendly with Whis, Goku becomes less friendly with Beerus, who becomes an antagonist during the God of Destruction Beerus Saga; however, he later becomes a regular, non-villain supporting character.

While naming conventions in Dragon Ball can often have patterns and puns attached (see the Brief family), the origin for the names of Whis and Beerus are a little more tangled.

While both names appear to be puns on the Japanese word for “virus,” Akira Toriyama thought Beer's name was a pun on the beverage.

As a result, Toriyama gave the name of his attended Whis, a pun on the alcoholic drink “whiskey.”

This is also because the name of Beerus did not come from Toriyama but Yusuke Watanabe, who wrote the screenplay for the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the first part of the Gods of the Universe Saga, and where Beerus and Whis appear as main characters.

12 The Angels names come from alcoholic drinks

Building on the previous entry’s mention on naming conventions, the naming of Whis and Beerus further resulted in the naming of almost every other Angel. Similar to how everyone in the Brief family is named after some sort of underwear, almost every Angel (or at least every Angel that attends to a God of Destruction) is named after some kind of alcoholic drink. Some of these names can be easy to figure out, while some others are a bit more specific.

Awamo's name is a pun on Awamori, an alcoholic drink unique to Okinawa, Japan. Sour’s name is a pun on “Sour mix,” a yellow-green mixer used in cocktails. Campari’s name comes directly from the Italian drink of the same name; Cognac’s name also comes directly from a drink by the exact same name.

Cukatail’s name comes from the very obvious “cocktail,” and Mojito’s name comes very obviously from the popular drink. Vados’ name comes from an apple brandy called Calvados. Korn’s name does not in fact come from the metal band, but from the German drink Korn, aka Kornbrand aka Kornbranntwein. Cus’ name comes from the Peruvian beer Cusquena; Marcarita’s name comes from margarita; and Martinu’s name comes from martini.

11 Campari and Cus are the only Angels to show genuine emotion

Something noteworthy about the Angels is their general indifference to just about anything. Maybe it’s because they’re so high above almost every other being on the planet, or maybe because they attend to Gods whose sole purpose is to balance out the universe via destruction, but the Angels, for the most part, show next to no emotion toward things such as the livesof others.

However, there are at least two Angels that are a bit more emotional than others: Campari and Cus.

Campari seems to actually be capable of fear and has been seen to care about his fellow Angels.

He also cares about the fighter he attends to (Mule), even saving his life when possibly offending Zeno. He has also shown in frustration and shock when things didn’t go his way during the Tournament of Power. Additionally, when his universe lost, he was surprised when Mule bid him farewell before being erased.

Cus, possibly for being the most childlike of the Angels, seems to have a more energetic and fun attitude, as well as getting upset over things her fellow Angels are very indifferent to. When her universe is erased during the Tournament of Power, she is visibly saddened and mourns the erasure of the Gods, mortals, and the universe as a whole.

10 Zeno cannot be eliminated

Zeno surrounded by energy

As it is understood, there exist few, if any, beings as all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-scary like Zeno and his future counterpart. With the power to create beings like the Angels and able to erase everything with ease, Zeno is not someone you’d want to make upset, nor is he someone who can be easily hurt.

While something like Rummshi’s Battle Roar notably affects Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction, it leaves Zeno and Future Zeno unaffected like nothing had happened. As a result, it’s no wonder everyone bows down to Zeno when they seem him, as it’s unlikely he can even be hurt.

Also, as if being able to wipe out everything in existence wasn’t scary enough, Zeno cannot be eliminated himself. Maybe it’s because he’s named the Omni-King, but it should be little surprise that Zeno is essentially immortal. When all the gods of Future Trunks’ timeline were eliminated, it was said that Zeno was absolutely and irrefutably still alive.

This is also shown to be true when Future Zeno wipes out existence in the future— including the Angels— leaving only Future Zeno. Zeno’s personality makes for a very frightening enemy or ally, and it’s only more frightening knowing he is effectively undefeatable.

9 The Grand Minister doesn't attend to a God of Destruction

The primary function of the Angels is to attend Gods of Destruction, and as long as there are Gods of Destruction causing destruction (read: balancing out the universe), the Angels effectively have a purpose for hanging out and maybe trying out new foods on various planets. But, as has been stated, Angels become defunct if their Gods pass away; if they’re erased, however, the Angels are not affected, though it’s possible they could still be rendered defunct.

The Grand Minister, being so special, does not have this same problem lingering over his existence. He exists to serve Zeno, which means people bow to him, as well as to Zeno.

Whereas every other Angel is attending to a God of Destruction, the Grand Minister essentially has a full-time job of making sure Zeno isn’t acting up or doing anything rash.

The Grand Minister’s extremely high position also likely explains why he’s known as the father of several Angels, notably Whis, Vados, and Cus. It would also explain why nearly everyone holds him in extremely high esteem - second only to the guy who’s able to wipe out all of existence. By extension, the Grand Minister, while not super serious or threatening, is able to keep fellow Angels (as well as non-Angels) in-line when need be.

8 Vados wears shoes different from every other Angel

In case you didn’t know or forgot, the Grand Minister is the father of several Angels, which include Whis, Vados, and Cus. Vados is the elder sister of Whis, and she is the attendant of God of Destruction Champa - the brother of Beerus, whose attendant is Whis, make it quite the sibling affair.

Due to Champa being overweight, Vados also acts as his dietitian, telling him how best to eat and so forth, as well as teasing him from time to time. She’s also the only one Angel who shows Goku any respect, stating that Goku’s friendship with Zeno is what allowed all the universes to fight for their right to exist when Zeno could have erased the universes outright—the Angels included. Along with being upfront about things and occasionally being mischievous, Vados is a more interesting Angel than is usually seen.

This unique way of being doesn’t just stay with her personality, but also extends to her attire. Even though all the Angels look extremely similar and wear the same sort of get-up, there’s one aspect of Vados that is highly original. Whereas every Angel wears black and white heels (black on the toe, white elsewhere), Vados wears completely white heels (only black on the bottom), further making her a one of a kind deity.

7 Future Zeno and Zeno have the highest body count

Zeno with Future Zeno

It’s been established that Zeno is all powerful and that he can erase anything and everything in an instant. However, it may not have been emphasized just how many lives have been lost due to Zeno. For each universe being erased, that’s countless lives and gods no longer existing, with Zeno uncaring and amoral for it. With the Tournament of Power, the body count only got higher, especially when you include Future Zeno into the mix.

On his own, Zeno has a staggering body count, but Future Zeno’s is double of regular Zeno’s.

In Future Zeno’s timeline, Infinite Zamasu is taking over the universe; due to him being such a major threat— as well as hating his constant laughter— Future Zeno decides to erase the entire timeline that he’s in. As a result of this, not including the very few survivors that there are (such as Future Trunks), every single thing that could be is no longer, leaving only Future Zeno.

During the Tournament of Power, the body count only gets higher, as both Zenos are present and erase the losing universes. So essentially, their body counts are the exact same, until Future Zeno’s entire erasure of the Future timeline is accounted for, in which case it’s doubled.

6 Angels don't sleep

What’s something all beings need? If you answered sleep, you’d be right: except that Angels don’t need sleep. While Angels like Whis and Vados love their food, sleep is something they need not trouble themselves with (nor indulge in). While it shouldn’t be surprising, considering they’re otherworldly and all, it’s likely something fans will forget, since they seem to partake in some other humanoid activities. We can’t stress enough how some of these Angels love food!

Ironically, sleep is also sort of a big deal among the Angels and Gods, because the Gods of Destruction do indeed sleep, as well as eat, so these sorts of habits can be known to interfere with their work.

Zeno once held what was known as an All Universe Hide and Seek Tournament, which involved the Gods of Destruction. It sounds like fun enough, though one can only imagine how a game of hide and seek successfully works among multiple universes.

It turns out the game was never completed and had to be canceled due to Beerus falling asleep for fifty years. Zeno was furious, and it took the Angels to calm him down; this led to Beerus being held with disdain from that point forward.

5 Future Zeno is left-handed while Zeno is right-handed

It’s a weird thing when you come across another version of you. While it’s unlikely many have indeed done that, it’s a curiosity when you’re able to come face-to-face with someone that is exactly like you, from top to bottom. If it’s a future you that  you’re looking at, things can get pretty crazy if you’re unlucky. However, if you’re Zeno, maybe meeting the future you is exactly what you’ve needed all this time.

Since Future Zeno is essentially Zeno, only from the future, the two are pretty much the same person, making them exceptional friends right out of the gate.

What’s amusing is that, even though the two are the same being, Future Zeno is known for being left-handed, while regular Zeno is right-handed.

It likely doesn’t mean anything too crazy, but there could be two major reasons behind this.

The first is the more abstract belief that Future Zeno and Zeno aren’t one-hundred percent the same, meaning Zeno could have changed in some way or another before becoming Future Zeno. The other reason, which is much simpler, is that this change in which hand they use helps everyone (in-universe characters, series creators, and the audience) know which Zeno is which.

4 Whis has unreal reflexes and knows all forms of communication that exist

Whis is probably the most popular and well-known among the main Angels, being the attendant of Beerus and hanging out with such important people like Goku. He’s also noteworthy for being powerful enough to be the master of a couple things, such as Ultra Instinct and being Omni-lingual.

Omni-lingual means he’s able to communicate with anyone from anywhere, due to his ability of being fluent in every language and form of communication that exists in the universe. Ultra Instinct is a special skill very few are able to master; Gods such as Beerus have trouble mastering it, though Angels apparently don’t have a hard time learning it.

Ultra Instinct allows the wielder to dodge attacks without actually needing to be aware of it; the body automatically reacts to almost any and all attacks. However, it has its limitations, such as the user not being able to do it for a prolonged amount of time (for mortals, anyway), lest their body become overwhelmingly exhausted.

Goku has learned a way of channeling Ultra Instinct only subconsciously, when he has endured prolonged stress against another fighter, and even then, it’s only for a limited time and leaves him utterly exhausted after his time limit is up.

3 Future Zeno erased the Future Angels

Zeno the lonely god

It’s been mentioned that Future Zeno wiped out his entire future timeline. It’s also been mentioned how Angels primarily exist to attend to Gods, and that if those Gods lose their lives, their respective attendant Angels would no longer function. However, if the God they were attending to was erased, the Angel wouldn’t cease functionality.

Well, what happened in Future Zeno’s timeline was that he wiped out everything. If something or someone was present during the erasure, they completely vanished once Future Zeno had his way with the universe. Surprisingly, this means that the Angels that would have been created by Zeno ceased to exist in the Future timeline.

To put it simply, there exist no Future Angels due to Future Zeno erasing an entire timeline out of existence.

The possibilities of seeing the adventures of a Future Whis and Future Beerus were squashed when Future Zeno decided he’d rather see the timeline he was in disappear, due to the scary and all-encompassing influence of Infinite Zamasu. In one fell swoop, any and all Angels vanished from that future, further proving that the only being safe from Zeno’s decisions to erase everything from existence is Zeno himself.

2 Whis can teleport so fast that he can travel through time

Whis and his wonderful abilities don’t stop at being able to subconsciously dodge attacks or communicate with all beings in the universe. He’s also able to teleport at speeds far quicker than most anyone in the Dragon Ball universe.

Using Warp, Whis (as well as other Angels) can teleport anyone he wants to with him to just about anywhere, efficiently and without much hassle. Due to how it works (a shaft of white space is created for the purposes of transport anywhere through space), one can avoid attacks through travel, due to the travelers not even being in the same space as those attempting attack.

However, Warp doesn’t just let characters go from one physical realm to another—it can also let them travel through time. This one’s a bit tricky, as it has only happened a handful of times, but it has indeed occurred successfully.

Whis was able to travel to a point in Future Trunks’ timeline where no Supreme Kais had been eliminated (as well as no Future Zeno erasures), thus creating a new future timeline in the process.

Amusingly, Warp is a skill that Whis can use in the video games Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2; it allows him to evade attacks without harm, though he is unable to attack when doing so.

1 The Angels of Hell exist, are separate from the other Angels, and watch over Frieza in Hell

In the world of Dragon Ball, Hell is indeed a place that exists, though it may not be what you’d normally expect. From what can be seen, Earth’s Hell consists of a variety of locations, which include a flower field, a volcanic area, frozen tundra, as well as an underwater section.

From the sounds and looks of things, Earth’s Hell doesn’t seem so bad, but that’s only because it’s absolute torment for people like Frieza, who get stuck there and are forced to endure onslaughts by the Angels of Hell.

The Angels of hell don’t appear to be terrible spawns of anyone, let alone demonic in any way.

No, instead they’re colorful, cheerful, lovable fairies and stuffed animals. They love to hold parades, create music, and party innocuously, thus resulting in Frieza having the absolute worst time of his eternal damnation. To hear Frieza tell it, Earth’s Hell and the Angels who inhabit it would play songs and dance “asinine jigs as if their only care in life, was when they would get their next warm, fuzzy hug!” It truly must be horrible torture, being “serenaded by teddy bears,” and it’s only worse when someone like Frieza is able to escape from Hell, only to be returned and be welcomed back with open arms by his tormenters.


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