10 More Dragon Ball Storylines We’ll Never Get Closure On

Dragon Ball has had some critically acclaimed seasons, but some storylines were simply abandoned.

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While Dragon Ball's main narrative isn't particularly convoluted, several incomplete storylines have been referenced along the way. Most haven't been expanded upon more than when they were briefly mentioned, and as the years go on, we've begun to think that we'll just be left in the dark when it comes to a few of these stories.

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We've assembled a list of just a few storylines in this franchise that we're certain we'll never get closure on. Hopefully, Toriyama sees this article for himself and decides to fill in some of these blanks so that we can all sleep more soundly at night.

10 Tien And Launch's Romance

Tien and Launch

Upon meeting Tien, Launch fell head over heels for the three-eyed bald warrior. The same couldn't be said for Tien, who was more focused on his training than anything. Launch traveled with him for a while, becoming a nuisance more than anything, but after Nappa killed Tien, Launch turned to the bar to guzzle down her grief.

Since Tien was later revived, we would've expected Launch to run into him at some point, given both of their nomadic lifestyles, but as far as we know, this never happened. Still, we wish we could at least learn a bit more about how Launch, Tien, and Chiaotzu managed to coexist in the first place. Poor Chiaotzu probably had to dodge more bullets than he can even count.

9 Tarble's History

Tarble in Raging Blast 2

Although the Dragon Ball Z OVA entitled Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! may not be canon, Vegeta's younger brother Tarble definitely is. Even if fans haven't seen the OVA, it's clear that Tarble isn't as strong as his older brother, but we can't help but wonder just what he was doing when he got the news of Planet Vegeta's destruction.

We know that Toriyama won't give us the privilege of exploring this Saiyan's story, but we know it would make for a very interesting story. Plus, we'd be able to see some of his techniques in action in his battles against Abo and Kado.

8 Garlic Jr.'s Escape From The Dead Zone

Garlic Jr and the Spice Boys

Yes, we know Dragon Ball Z's Garlic Jr. Saga is all just filler, but it can fit perfectly in the story's canonIn the first official Dragon Ball Z movie, Dead Zone, Garlic Jr. had been sealed in the Dead Zone, but he somehow managed to escape after the Makyo Star drifted close to Earth. He was also able to assemble a squad of four powerful minions known as the Spice Boys, in no time at all. But how exactly did he go about doing this so quickly after being sealed up for years?

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Did he still have enough followers outside of the Dead Zone who were jumping at the bit to serve him? And how exactly did he claw his way out of the Dead Zone? When the Makyo Star neared Earth, did an EXIT sign merely pop up to show Garlic Jr. the way out?  Unfortunately for us, the chances of Toriyama giving us the closure we crave are just as low as Garlic Jr.'s chances of ever beating Gohan.

7 Goku's Experiences On Planet Yardrat

Goku on Planet Yardrat

Even though we've seen a Yardrat in action during the Tournament of Power, Goku's specific experiences on Planet Yardrat have never been illustrated in the series. It would be amazing to see Goku struggle to learn Instant Transmission, or even see him devouring pounds of whatever they serve on Planet Yardrat.

The only forms of Dragon Ball media that have made an attempt to shed some light on Goku's time with the Yardrats have been the card game Harukanaru Densetsu, as well as the 3D RPG Dragon Ball Z: Sagas. Other than that, we've got nothing.

6 How Frieza Assembled A New Frieza Force After His Second Resurrection

Frieza with his New Frieza Force

Frieza had been dead for years, but upon his first resurrection, he still had loyal supporters like Sorbet, who kept the remains of his army intact. After the Z-Fighters incapacitated this fighting force, he not only destroyed them by powering up, but even Sorbet met his end, reducing Frieza's numbers to 0. So how was he able to assemble such a massive force in Dragon Ball Super: Broly?

Sure, his name carries weight throughout Universe 7, but even Rome wasn't built in a day. He even managed to get a kind-hearted soul like Cheelai to join his new army, leaving us to wonder just what kinds of benefits Frieza had been offering to recruit these new members.

5 Goku's Experiences During The 7 Years He Was Dead

Goku Flying in Other World

After being dead for seven years, we can confidently say that Goku didn't run out of things to do in the Other World. We know for a fact that during this time, he discovered his Super Saiyan 3 transformation, trained with fighters from all corners of the Universe 7, and even picked up the Fusion Dance from the Metamorans.

He could've even hung out with his dead family members, Grandpa Gohan included, but Toriyama's never felt the need to expand on the years he spent as a dead man, and honestly, he doesn't need to. The story moves along just fine without it! Still, we'd be lying if we said that 7 years wasn't a long time. Seeing what Goku did in the Otherworld could only add 7 years back onto our own lives.

4 Bardock In The Past

Bardock Becoming the First Ever Super Saiyan

The OVA Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock told the story of Goku's father after Frieza's Supernova took him to a time where Planet Vegeta had not yet been conquered by the Saiyans. In an insane turn of events, Bardock becomes the first Super Saiyan in history, using his newfound powers to defeat Frieza's ancestor, a space pirate by the name of Chilled.

The story never shows Bardock making it back to his own time, so we're left to believe that he was stuck in the past. Why not allow us to track his experiences in this foreign time? Maybe we'd also get the chance to see how he learned to master other forms of Super Saiyan as well. More Bardock is never a bad thing.

3 Trunks And Mai In An Alternate Universe

Whis Tells Trunks and Mai Their Future Situation

After Future Zeno erased Future Universe 7, Future Trunks and Future Mai found themselves with nowhere left to go. After Whis agreed to go to a time where Universe 7 still existed so that he could warn Future Beerus to destroy Zamasu, the two would be allowed to live in this alternate future universe, but the caveat was that a Trunks and Mai would already be living there.

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Yes, we know, we're still trying to wrap our heads around this too, but can you imagine the hijinks that would ensure with two Trunks's and Two Mai's?

2 The Fate Of The Arcosians

The Saiyans Make a Deal with the Arcosians

After taking over Planet Plant, the Saiyans ran into the Arcosians, who supplied them with battle armor and other technologies that allowed the Saiyans to conquer planets for them. This partnership carried on for years, and yet we haven't seen the Arcosians at all during the main canon of the events.

Did Frieza's people wipe them out so that they could take full control of the Saiyans instead? Did the Saiyans eventually turn on them? Honestly, it's been so long that Toriyama probably even forgot about the Arcosians just like he forgot about Saiyan tails.

1 Beerus and Champa's Family History

Beerus and Champa Arguing

Not much is known about the actual process of becoming a God of Destruction. After Goku and Vegeta headed to Beerus's planet to train under Whis, we learned that Beerus, Universe 7's God of Destruction, is actually twin brothers with Champa, Universe 6's God of Destruction!

We've seen them bicker, and we definitely see the resemblance, but we've never been allowed to take a glimpse into their family history before they both became almighty deities. Unfortunately, Champa and Beerus just aren't the sharing type, so we may never get to experience the entirety of their family feud.

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