BioWare Reveals New Dragon Age Game at The Game Awards 2018

New Dragon Age Revealed

BioWare dropped a major bombshell on the industry by revealing a first look at the newest Dragon Age game, revealing a trailer that announced The Dread Wolf Rises. Whether or not that's the title of a new game or just a revelation from its story, it's brand new information regarding the direction of one of BioWare's biggest properties.

Dragon Age was last seen as Dragon Age: Inquisition, a massive fantasy RPG that contained open world elements, army building, and refined combat that made it one of the strongest titles in the series thus far. It was also one of the most liberal with its character designs, allowing a lot of freedom for players in how they chose to have their protagonist behave. Ultimately, the game left fans with a strong desire for more, as it was seen by many as yet another open-ended close to a series that has had a few of them already.

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The new Dragon Age trailer indicates that fans will be getting their wish sooner rather than later. The trailer opens with a look at some ancient art, perhaps on a cave wall or on a tablet of some kind. In it, there is a picture of the Dread Wolf and what appears to be Solas reaching out towards it. Those characters, fair warning, are one in the same, and Solas was at the center of the Trespasser DLC. He's last seen dissolving the main character's left arm, preventing the Anchor from killing them.

If the trailer is indicative of where the franchise is heading from that point, then it appears we're going to have much more Solas in our lives soon. The trailer features Solas stating "I suspect you have questions," which is how he greets the Inquisitor during the DLC that revolves around him. All signs point toward a continuation of that storyline, but it also leaves some interesting questions behind: are we returning to the Inquisitor's story once more? It would be an interesting decision, given that much of what made them powerful was taken away during the narrative.

Much more likely, then, it seems that we'll have a continuation of Solas' story through the eyes of another character. None of this is confirmed, of course, and the trailer was frustratingly vague. Whatever the case may be, though, we're getting a new Dragon Age game and BioWare is working on it now, with Solas a main piece of it - and that's news enough for a community as passionate about these games as the one that surrounds Dragon Age is.

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