It Sounds Like Another Dragon Age Game is On The Way

Creative director Mike Laidlaw may have just hinted that we might be getting a new installment in the popular Dragon Age series. The high-fantasy role playing video game series received critical acclaim for its last game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, which debuted back in 2014, and since then fans have been waiting to see what BioWare has next for the saga.

In the last game, players were able to role-play as either a human, elf, dwarf or qunari (a half human, half bull race) specializing as either a warrior, mage or rogue, who becomes the Inquisitor to help stop the unrest of civil war in the land of Thedas and close a mysterious "Breach" in the sky releasing demons into the world with a mark on their hand, which has its own mysteries the player uncovers. On top of side quests, non-playable characters and magical items to discover, different romances to explore and a huge open-world map, the player must also work together with a group of side characters like Solas, Blackwall, Sera and Varric who have a vast array of personalities, abilities and storylines.

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In a recent interview on The 1099 podcast, creative director of Dragon Age Mike Laidlaw dropped some hints about a possible new installment in the series. In the interview Laidlaw said that, "Something is happening with Dragon Age," and that the BioWare Dragon Age team is, "hiring a lot of people." He also commented, "As I've jokingly said, I am the creative director for the Dragon Age franchise and they haven't fired me yet."

Dragon Age Origins the Deep Roads

While Laidlaw didn't go into any specifics about he the upcoming project, it's pretty clear that the BioWare team is most likely starting (or ramping up) production on a new Dragon Age game considering they are hiring a lot of people and Laidlaw is being very tongue-in-cheek about not giving away any new information prematurely. It also wouldn't be surprising to see a new game soon considering the series has a strong track record of releasing their main games roughly every two or three years with the first installment Dragon Age: Origins in 2009, Dragon Age II in 2011 and Dragon Age: Inquisition in 2014. If following their record, we should be due for a new game sometime this year, but if production is just starting we may be looking at a few more years until we see a fourth installment.

Laidlaw also commented on some other projects BioWare is working on without giving any information away:

"There are other things in process but unfortunately I can't talk about them until they are realized. I am pretty excited about a few of them. Things continue apace."

It's good to know that BioWare has other exciting projects lined up besides Dragon Age. The video game developing company is also known for their Jade Empire and Mass Effect series plus their massive multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic. So whatever new games or continuations BioWare has in store should make fans excited.

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Source: The 1099 [via GameSpot]

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