'Dracula Untold' Director Gives Ideas for Shared Monster Movie Universe

'Dracula Untold' Shared Monster Movie Universe

Since the tremendous success of Marvel's shared movie universe, the hottest thing in Hollywood has been finding ways to create continuity between films. While superhero films work well for this unique kind of storytelling, costumed crusaders aren't the only ones getting in on the action.

Recently, Universal confirmed its intention to build a shared universe of films that feature their collection of classic movie monsters, beginning with the just released Dracula Untold. Interestingly, Dracula's origin story wasn't originally intended to serve as the kick-off for this new universe and the film actually had to have a series of reshoots to accommodate the plans.

Screen Rant Editor-in-Chief Kofi Outlaw was able to sit down and talk with Dracula Untold director Gary Shore to get his thoughts on what monsters he'd like to include in follow-up films.

SR: Can you talk just a little bit about when this idea of this larger shared monster movie universe came into play? Was it at the beginning of the film or sometime during production? Just tell us what your thoughts are about that.

The studio was always thinking of this film as being part of a franchise. Any of these modern films of this scale, it’s always viewed as wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell the story over a long period? I think the way cinema has been serialized in the last few years based on what was going on with Marvel, and now it’s going on over at DC, everybody’s going to follow their trend. But really, what they are doing is taking what’s happened in TV to kind of binge watching and played it over what would probably be two decades long arcs.

I think the studios see that as being the future of long form story telling. Universal has been very successful already doing that with the 'Fast and Furious' franchise. Looking at this one, they see this as their monster universe. That’s their catalogue. They want to be able to tap into that and make use of it. How they are going to create that architecture, I’m not quite sure.

But it was always being viewed as being part of something else. I could only look at it and focus it as being one thing, which is I just want to be able to tell this story from beginning to end.

And then when we were in post-production, they had announced that they were going to do something with this universe, which was around the same time we were going back for reshoots. So it made sense to be able to try and tie it in in some way.

Universal rebooting classic monsters franchises

SR: Because this is the first step, a new story about this great character, and because it could potentially tie into other monster movies, for you, as a fan of this genre, what character would you love to see share the screen with Luke Evans as Vlad?

The Invisible Man. [laughs] It’s all just going to be Luke onscreen. [laughs] If you break down the monster universe or any kind of superhero analogy to that, I think when superheroes really work, it’s where an audience can relate to it; where you have that sense of wish fulfillment or involvement.

I think of all those characters, I don’t particularly want to be a wolf. I don’t particularly want to be a creature from a black lagoon or a mummy. However, I really would love to be invisible. [laughs] I’d say absolutely that would be my choice.

SR: I thought it would be great to have the mummy controlling the dead and Dracula controlling all the creatures of the shadows. That would be a great sequence.

Yeah. I’m sure VFX would have a blast.

Are you interested in seeing a shared movie monster universe play out on the big screen? If so, which two classic monsters would you like to see team up and how? Let us know in the comments.

Dracula Untold is in theaters now. Stay tuned for more information on Universal's shared monster movie universe.

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