Dracula Miniseries Being Developed by Sherlock Creators

The creators of the hit mystery-drama series Sherlock are setting their sights next on an original Dracula mini-series. Collectively, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have quite the couple of professional resumes that stand behind them - most notably in Moffat's six season tenure as the executive producer of Doctor Who, and Gatiss' work as an actor and screenwriter, including a starring role in Game of Thrones - and their work together on Sherlock certainly didn't hurt either one of their burgeoning careers.

After four seasons on the air, Sherlock has become an undisputed classic of contemporary television production, and served to launch leading man Benedict Cumberbatch into the limelight of mainstream popularity and blockbuster success. Taking the original detective stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the 19th century as its immediate inspiration, and updating the original books to a contemporary London setting, Gatiss and Moffat have already seen unprecedented success in adapting a classic work of literature for modern TV viewers - and their latest work in the form of a Dracula mini-series aims to do the same.

According to Variety, Gatiss and Moffat have just been tapped to adapt Bram Stoker's classic Gothic horror novel of 1897 into a contemporary miniseries for the BBC. The two showrunners will write the Dracula miniseries in collaboration with producer Sue Vertue of Hartwood Films. Little else is known about the production at the time of this writing - including who will play the titular monster or when the show will be set - but with Gatiss and Moffat determined to bring the same limited series format previously utilized by Sherlock to bear on their new show, things are sure to develop in an interesting direction.

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Seeing as how Gatiss has spoken in the past of his love for Dracula - specifically the 1958 film version starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing - the new miniseries based on Stoker's masterwork should provide for plenty of creative fodder. Whether or not the series will prove to be as inventive with its source material as Sherlock was remains to be seen.

Sherlock saw Gatiss and Moffat reaching new creative heights in the miniseries format, and with any luck Dracula will see the two screenwriters come together in the creation of another contemporary small screen marvel. Until then, the duo will be wrapping up their efforts on Doctor Who, between the impending Doctor Who season 10 finale and the Christmas special that is slated to air this December.

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Source: Variety

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