Dominic Cooper in Talks to Join 'Dracula' Cast as Turkish Sultan

Dominic Cooper in 'The Devil's Double'

The recent trailer for season 6 of True Blood promised the return of blood, mayhem and magic to our TV screens, but while we wait for the show to start airing again this summer, a long-standing project in the movie world is getting underway and heading into the heart of the modern vampire mythos.

Dominic Cooper has reportedly entered negotiations for a role in the latest adaptation of Dracula, which will be the feature directorial debut of Gary Shore, based on a script by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Though the screenwriters don't have any produced credits yet, they were selected by Alex Proyas to work on his adventure film Gods of Egypt, and are also working on Gore Verbinski's big-screen adaptation of the board game Clue.

According to ComingSoon, Cooper is most likely up for the role of Mehmed, a Turkish sultan who takes the young Vlad in as his friend and protegé, only to later find himself locking horns with him. The character is the main supporting role of the film, and Cooper would be starring alongside Luke Evans, who was recently cast in the title role, as well as Cosmopolis actress Sarah Gadon, who will play a beautiful Transylvanian woman who develops a relationship with Vlad.

Despite what the title might suggest, Dracula will reportedly be a historical fantasy that tells the origin story of Dracula by depicting his early years as Vlad the Impaler and the events leading up to him selling his soul and becoming the first vampire. An early synopsis suggested that Mehmed will be the one to put Vlad's wife and child in danger, and thus directly contribute to the young prince earning his fangs - and since Dracula himself reportedly isn't the bad guy of the film, there's a good chance that Cooper's character could end up being the main antagonist.

Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark in 'Captain America: The First Avenger'

Though Cooper is London born-and-bred, this wouldn't be his first time a character from that region of the world; in 2011 he starred as both Uday Hussein and Hussein's reluctant body double, Latif Yahia, in Lee Tamahori's true-life action thriller, The Devil's Double. The actor has enjoyed a steadily growing career ever since his breakout role alongside James Corden in the screen adaptation of The History Boys, and his more recent roles include Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger, photographer Milton H. Greene in biopic My Week With Marilyn and Abraham Lincoln's good friend Henry Sturgess in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Is Cooper likely to secure this return to the vampire genre with Dracula? He's currently filming the movie adaptation of popular video game series Need for Speed, and after that he'll be moving on to spy thriller November Man with Pierce Brosnan, but aside from those projects his schedule is looking more or less clear. He's a good fit for the role, having already proved his talent for portraying the wealthy and cruel, and has worked with Evans previously on romantic comedy Tamara Drewe.

Are you looking forward to seeing Dracula on the big screen once more, or are you feeling all vamped out? Tell us what you think about this possible casting choice in the comments.


Dracula will be out in theaters on August 8th, 2014.

Source: Variety & ComingSoon

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