Dr. Phil Agrees to Help Jackass' Bam Margera After Plea for Help

Dr. Phil Agrees to Help Jackass' Bam Margera

TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw has agreed to help Jackass' Bam Margera after the reality TV star posted an emotional plea to Instagram. During their one-on-one session, Dr. Phil may urge Margera to enter into a rehab program.

Margera was one of the stars of MTV's Jackass, a show created by actor Johnny Knoxville that followed a group of friends as they did over-the-top (and extremely dangerous) stunts, including attaching themselves to fireworks and playing in a ball pit with an actual anaconda. After the reality TV series was canceled in 2002, and following subsequent Jackass feature-length spinoffs, Margera laid low, admittedly struggling with alcoholism and addiction. For more than a decade, Margera has been in and out of different rehab facilities, unable to maintain his sobriety. Most recently, he was admitted to rehab after having a meltdown at a comedy club earlier this year. He was also kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight after getting into a verbal argument with an employee. Feeling at the end of his rope, Margera then asked Dr. Phil for help via Instagram, begging him to save him and his family.

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In a video on Instagram, Margera said he needed Dr. Phil's help to save his family from "falling apart for good." He said they were in "shambles," discussing issues he has with his wife, Nicole Boyd, and saying some pretty nasty things about her. Margera said he "can't stand" Boyd and fears she'd use their 18-month-old son, Phoenix Wolf, as "bait" in a custody battle. The Jackass star looked visibly distressed in the Instagram clips. He went on to say negative things about his mom, April, claiming he "disowned" her after she didn't express enough worry when he had a recent near-death experience. She'd acted like "the Phillies lost," Margera said.

Now, sources told TMZ that Dr. Phil has agreed to sit down with Margera one-on-one, after which time the Jackass star may head to rehab. The insiders said there will be no studio audience for Margera and Dr. Phil's conversation, and that the entire discussion will be filmed in a green room. Margera, along with his old friend Knoxville, confirmed these rumors recently when they posted on social media from the Paramount lot, where Dr. Phil's show films. Sources said the conversation will air next month when the new season of Dr. Phil premieres. They added that they suspect Margera will need "aftercare," in the form of a rehab program, funded by Dr. Phil.

Regardless of what happens during the conversation between Dr. Phil and Margera, fans will be glad to see the reality star getting the help he needs. Hopefully, for Margera's sake and the sake of his family, he and Dr. Phil will be able to find a program that will work - and Margera can begin the long road to recovery.

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Source: Bam MargeraTMZ

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