Dr. Oz Gives Update on Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek’s Health, 'He's Struggling'

Alex Trebek on Jeopardy!

Dr. Oz, from The Dr. Oz Show, gives an update on Jeopardy host Alex Trebek’s’ failing health. The classic games show host is fighting every day to get healthier and has not left his podium post, which is giving fans hope.

Jeopardy is a timeless game show that first gives the answers and the contestants are asked to supply the question. There are six categories and three rounds, leading to the final Jeopardy question at the end of the show. Earlier this month Trebek spoke with Canada’s CTV News in an interview saying that he was not scared of his cancer situation. He elaborated by saying that he was not afraid of death and that he had lived a good, full life and that if it were to be the end, why should he be afraid.

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With the sad news that Jeopardy host Alex Trebek was still fighting his stage IV pancreatic cancer, the beloved TV personality has received a lot of support from his famous friends. One of his closest friends, Dr. Oz recently gave an update on the question wiz’s health on October 10th, saying the iconic host was feeling a bit depressed. In an interview with Closer Weekly, the TV doctor who found fame thanks to Oprah said that Trebek was "struggling with the different forms of chemotherapy that are being offered to him." The 59-year-old doctor told the host, "I do believe this, he’s soulful man who’s always been optimistic about life - keep his confidence. The longer he stays alive, the better able we are to catch up to his pancreatic cancer."

Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz also commented that he knows that his friend is strong enough to win his fight against cancer. He went on to rave about the host saying that behind the scenes Trebek is a “golden-hearted man” who delivers so much passion to the show, the contestants, and his fans. The doctor then spoke about when he filmed his 1,000th show and all he asked for was Trebek. The TV guru did not think that the network would be able to get him but low and behold his long-time friend was proud to support him on his achievement. Dr. Oz spoke about that moment, saying, "I asked for only one guest to surprise me and I didn’t think they’d get him, and it was Alex Trebek, and in fact he walked out and surprised me!"

Fans and friends alike wish nothing but Trebek a speedy recovery. Trebek who is 79-years-old often jokes that no one will ever say he was taken too soon when it comes to giving his eulogy. If there ever was a Jeopardy question of which person was the best game show host of our time, the answer would have to be "Who is Alex Trebek?"

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Source: Closer Weekly

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