How Microtransactions Work In Dr. Mario World: Prices & Items Explained

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Dr. Mario World's diamonds are the game's microtransactions, and here's how they work - including prices and items you can purchase. While Dr. Mario World is certainly free-to-play in its entirety, considering that it's a mobile game, there are microtransactions available for those who want to play the game more often.

Dr. Mario World goes the usual mobile gaming route of featuring three different kinds of currency: Hearts, which are the game's version of lives; Diamonds, which are a premium currency that are bought with real-world money and can be used for a number of different purposes, and Coins, which can be earned during matches and can be spent on different items.

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The player is given an infinite number of Hearts during the tutorial section of Dr. Mario World, but after that, the Heart value is capped at five. A player needs to spend a Heart in order to take on a stage and they replenish at the rate of one Heart every half hour. The player cannot increase the five-Heart limit, even if they purchase more using Diamonds.

Dr. Mario World Diamonds Prices

Dr. Mario World Transactions

Diamonds are purchased using real-world money. The player can spend 10 diamonds on five more Hearts or 30 Diamonds for an hour of infinite play. The cost to buy Diamonds (in USD) is currently as follows:

  • 20 Diamonds for $2.99
  • 53 Diamonds for $4.99
  • 110 Diamonds for $9.99
  • 250 Diamonds for $19.99
  • 550 Diamonds for $39.99
  • 1,050 Diamonds for $69.99

What Diamonds Can Purchase In Dr. Mario World

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The Diamonds can be used in the Staffing menu to purchase new characters or assistants. In Dr. Mario World, you can play as characters other than Dr. Mario (including Dr. Bowser and Dr. Peach), with each one possessing a different super move that they can use in battle, such as being able to clear a row of viruses. The player can also equip two assistants, who are different Super Mario Bros. characters (like a Goomba) and they grant passive bonuses. Spending 40 Diamonds for a random pick from the character and assistant pool is also possible, with each character having a roughly 2% chance of being selected from the start. There is a chance that the player can pick the same character twice using this method, which raises the level of that character. Once the character's level has been maxed out, they will be removed from the pool. Otherwise, wining character and assistant tickets can be done by finishing worlds in the game.

If players fail a stage by running out of capsules, then they can purchase another five capsules for 10 Diamonds, which will allow them to keep playing. Capsule+ and Skill Up powerups can also be purchased before a stage begins for 19 Diamonds, which will make the stage easier. The Capsule+ allows more capsules to be used in the stage, while Skill Up makes it easier for characters to use their special moves.

The third currency is Coins, which can be earned by completing stages quickly and can be found as collectibles on the world map. Free Coins are also given out as daily log-in rewards. The player can spend 4,000 Coins for a chance at winning a character/assistant (in the same way as if they had spent 40 Diamonds) and they can purchase the Score+ or Random! powerups before a stage starts, at the cost of 500 and 200 coins, respectively. The Score+ powerup increases the player's score at the end of the stage, while Random! activates a random effect. It's entirely possible to enjoy Dr. Mario World without spending a penny, but the game does dangle the prospect of victory behind the Diamonds at times, especially due to the random nature of the color of the capsules.

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