Dr. Mario World Datamine Leak Reveals 11 Upcoming Characters

A datamine leak revealed that 11 characters are coming to Dr. Mario World. Nintendo's latest mobile game launched this week, and features a new spin on the classic Dr. Mario gameplay.

Since 2016 with the release of the now defunct Miitomo, Nintendo has entered the mobile market with mixed success. Super Mario Run was popular upon release, but lacked the staying power of other mobile titles. On the flip side, Fire Emblem Heroes might be Nintendo's most successful mobile title and remains popular today. Later this year, Mario Kart Tour will launch for mobile devices and attempt to strengthen Nintendo's mobile portfolio. In the meantime, fans can play Dr. Mario World, one of this summer's most intriguing mobile releases. Nintendo outlined all the game's details in June, saying it will be getting plenty of content regularly, including new doctor characters.

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In a Tweet by DrMarioWorldNA, a datamine into the coding of Dr. Mario World reveals the upcoming characters who will be getting doctor personas. Yes, it looks like Waluigi could potentially be playable. Check out the Tweet below.

Interestingly, it's quite possible that Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are going to be granted medical licenses. This does not serve as an official confirmation that these 11 characters will be added, of course. However, datamines tend to be the most reliable of leaks, so it's more likely than not these characters will be added to the game. Although, as a counterpoint, just because something is in the code doesn't mean it is intended for actual usage. It could be some of these characters were considered, but scrapped. Time will tell if a Luma from Super Mario Galaxy is good enough to be a doctor.

It's hard to say at the moment if Dr. Mario World will be a long-term success. The game has already been installed over a million times from the Google Play Store, which is not bad considering it's only been available for a few days. The game arguably succeeds in mixing Dr. Mario's gameplay with something like Candy Crush Saga. Dr. Mario World is easy to play, but requires careful strategy during the harder sections. There's a solid chance it could end up being one of Nintendo's most successful mobile games. Unlike Super Mario Run, Dr. Mario World will be receiving new content regularly, which will certainly give fans incentive to keep playing.

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Source: DrMarioWorldNA/Twitter

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